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Chapter 661: Total Loss

Total Loss

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Ling Tian City’s West Gate.

100,000 soldiers marched in grandiose fashion towards Ling Tian City. Although there were only 100,000 of them, the might they radiated was much more powerful than those of the attackers’ in that previous battle. The instant they stopped in front of Ling Tian City’s gates, an incredibly imposing might covered half of Ling Tian City, making countless players who had no idea what was going on feel that something was suppressing their bodies.

The 100,000 soldiers were dressed in full sets of equipment, the worst of which was Silver grade. Their eyes were as cold and sharp as knives – evidently, they had made full preparations before coming here. Those at the front were normal soldiers, and the powerful Silver Corps was behind them. The Gold Corps was also behind them, and their members had at least the strength of a Lord Grade Boss. Their Commanders and Supreme Commanders all had Celestial if not Heaven’s End grade power, and since the Forgotten Emperor had personally come, it was possible that even peak-level Mysterious God grade experts were present.

When Li Xiao Xue and Yun Meng Xin arrived and faced the overwhelming might of the army, they looked at each other and simultaneously decided… they definitely couldn’t allow the two sides to fight. With the aura that this army was displaying, even if the entire city retaliated, they had no chance at winning.

Within the army, a Knight wearing an entire set of Gold armour with eagle-like eyes walked forwards. He pointed the spear in his hand towards the city gates as he roared, “Where is the Lady of Ling Tian City? Come out and greet His Imperial Majesty!”

Xiao Qiu Feng, Yun Feng, and the 3 Heavenly Kings were used to ordering others around, and they had never been yelled at like this before. They instantly became incredibly furious. Winter of That Year nocked an arrow on his bow with a ‘whoosh’, preparing to shoot the Knight in gold. Li Xiao Xue glanced at them and coldly said, “Calm down! Don’t you remember what I said just a few moments ago?”

Li Xiao Xue’s words contained the most weight and power in Ling Tian City. As such, they could only swallow their anger and glare at the soldier.

“Dia Wu… you go,” Li Xiao Xue said to Xuanyuan Dia Wu in a low voice. “And also… reduce their morale a bit!”

Xuanyuan Dia Wu understood and slightly nodded before expressionlessly advancing. She stood about 20 steps away from the Knight in gold, staring at him silently. Back when she was the Sword Emperor, her aura had been as sharp and cold as a sword. Anyone would feel as if there was sharp blade pressed against their throats when being stared at like this by her, feeling an iciness throughout their bodies. However, she was no longer that Sword Emperor – she had reached an extreme realm, and she could perfectly conceal her sword intent. No matter if it was her eyes or her sword intent, anyone who came near would only feel that she was an ordinary and cold woman. It was just that because Xuanyuan Dia Wu didn’t conceal her face, the Knight was momentarily stunned by her beauty. He hurriedly bit his tongue as he shouted out, “Are you the Lady of the City?”

“Are you the Forgotten City’s Emperor?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu coldly asked in response.

The Knight in gold stared and then loudly replied, “I’m the Commander of the Imperial Army’s 19th Knight Regiment, Su Zhi Zhan…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xuanyuan Dia Wu coldly harrumphed, “A mere Commander of a Knight Regiment thinks he has the right to meet our Lady? If you want to meet our Lady, ask your Emperor to invite her himself.”

“Impudence!” The Knight in gold frowned as he roared, “His Imperial Majesty is the highest authority in the Forgotten Continent’s human world; how could he be someone your lowly Lady has the right to talk with? With your players’ pitiful strength, I can defeat all of the players in your city by myself! As the Commander of the 19th Knight Regiment, inviting your Lady is already giving you an incredible amount of face!”

Yun Feng and the other men’s gazes became strange. They suddenly realised why Li Xiao Xue had asked Xuanyuan Dia Wu to meet with the Knight in gold called Su Zhi Zhan… facing these ‘weak’ players, even an ordinary soldier had the right to be arrogant, let alone the Commander of a Knight Regiment wearing a full set of Gold grade equipment.

However, no matter who he was arrogant towards, he shouldn’t be arrogant towards the Sword Emperor, who was not much weaker than Ling Tian…

“Defeat all the players in our city by yourself?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s eyes narrowed in condescension, “You?”

The Knight in gold started to laugh wildly as he spun the spear in his hands, causing the air to spin around it, “I don’t put your players’ strength in my eyes at all. Saying that I can defeat all of the players in the entire city by myself can even be considered to be praise. Anyone in my Knight Regiment would be invincible to all of you, hahahaha.”

The Knight was not arrogant enough to say the entirety of Ling Tian City, but only its players. After all, he knew about the Fairies – the Fairy Clan had powerful might and healing abilities, and in front of the Fairy Clan, he didn’t have any right to be arrogant. However, in front of players, he could be as unbridled as he wished. This was because he fully believed that even the experts among the players could be easily crushed by anyone from his Knight Regiment, let alone himself as the Commander.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu flipped over her hand as a slim, silver long sword appeared in her hand. It looked as if the sword was covered with crystal powder, and it glittered with an icy glow – it was truly an exquisite weapon. She pointed the sword down at the ground as she calmly replied, “If that’s the case, then let me personally witness the power that can defeat all of the players of our city.”

“You?” The Knight in gold stared at the weapon and the incredible beauty in front of him as if he had seen something unbelievable. He then started to laugh uproariously, “Hahahaha… you… want to challenge me? Ahahahaha…”

The Knight in gold laughed so hard that he was bent over backwards, and his spittle flew everywhere. At the end, he almost couldn’t breathe, and the army behind him also laughed as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world.

The Knight in gold spent a great deal of effort calming himself down, and he placed the spear on his shoulder as he wagged a finger on his other hand towards Xuanyuan Dia Wu. “Come, little girl, didn’t you want to challenge me? Come, attack me however you want…”

However, that was all the Knight in gold could say. In the next second, he couldn’t even laugh anymore.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu suddenly moved. Although her explosive speed wasn’t as fast as Ling Chen’s, it was at an incredibly shocking level to most people. The Knight in gold only saw a blur as the cold-looking woman suddenly disappeared and 7 sharp auras flew at him from different directions, causing his entire body to feel incredibly cold… he was completely unprepared, and adding on the fact that the attacks were simply too fast, he was hit by the 7 rays of sword qi.

-12,694, -12,633, -12,620, -12,543, -25,138, -12,229, -25,202.

As a Knight with Gold grade equipment, his Defence was incredibly high, but despite this, each of Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s attacks had dealt at least 10,000 damage. The 7 damage figures caused the Knight in gold to become incredibly dismayed, and the Forgotten City’s soldiers stared with bulging eyes, unable to believe what they had just seen.

The Knight in gold was incredibly flustered. After taking those attacks, even if he was an idiot, he could tell that this player girl was not as simple as she seemed. He instantly roared out in anger as he brought the golden spear in front of him and quickly searched for Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s position… however, before he could find where Xuanyuan Dia Wu had moved to, the 7 swords that had pierced through him once again flew over, stabbing towards his head, neck, back, waist, chest, and legs… unless he could move faster than these swords, it would be impossible for him to dodge or block these attacks even if he had 3 heads and 6 arms.

Chi, chi, chi, chi, chi, chi, chi… the Knight in gold was once again hit by the 7 swords. After passing through his body, the 7 swords flew out for a few metres before turning and flying towards him for a third time… this time, the Knight in gold had finally realised what was happening, and he was so scared that he felt as if his soul was going to escape from his body… it was common to see people throw their weapons to attack, but for weapons to attack and fly as if they had a life of their own, he felt as if he had seen a ghost!

After 3 rounds of attacks, they were followed by a fourth, then a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh… the 7 swords flew like meteors, continuously piercing through the Knight’s body, their trajectories unable to be followed. They were able to hit him every time. Under the perfect combined attacks from the 7 swords, the Knight in gold was forced back repeatedly, and in a short period of time, he had been stabbed an innumerable number of times, causing him to scream. He desperately swung his spear around, and he would occasionally be able to hit 1 or 2 swords away, but after flying out a few metres, they would quickly return and once again savagely pierce through his body.

This sort of situation was much more terrifying than 7 sword experts surrounding him and repeatedly attacking him. This was because he could knock the people back and defend against their attacks. Moreover, people could feel pain and be killed, while these swords could not. They could not die, they didn’t fear his attacks, and he couldn’t predict their trajectory from the wielder’s hands. The Knight in gold continuously screamed as he was attacked by the swords, feeling incredibly bitter. Let alone counterattack, he was unable to even come close to Xuanyuan Dia Wu… in fact, he didn’t know where Xuanyuan Dia Wu was even now.

“Arghhhh! Bastard!!!”

The Knight in gold, who had been tortured to the point that he wanted to die, roared out as he raised his hands, stabbing the golden spear in front of him, creating a large storm of energy. This was his strongest skill, and under the might of the Celestial grade power, the ground in front of him was split as sand filled the air, knocking the 7 swords away… however, before they fell to the ground, they once again rose up to the same position.

In the air standing on the back of the Lightning Falcon, Xuanyuan Dia Wu flicked her right wrist as the 7 swords gathered, piercing down towards the Knight in gold at a terrifying speed. The power of the 7 swords became one and passed through the energy storm released by the Knight in gold, heavily piercing his chest and causing him to be sent flying from his mount. He flew tens of metres and crashed into the army behind him, knocking a few soldiers to the ground.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu slowly descended from the air and looked forwards extremely calmly. The 7 swords returned to her side, floating around her and pointing at the Forgotten City’s army, giving off incredibly sharp sword qi.

The Forgotten City’s army was completely dumbfounded, and they stared at Xuanyuan Dia Wu with shock and disbelief… the powerful Gold Commander, Su Zhi Zhan, had lost at the hands of a tiny player, and he didn’t even have the strength to retaliate. What’s more, the enemy was a young girl… how was this possible? How could something like this happen… weren’t players the weakest existence in the Forgotten Continent? How could a player be so strong?!

To Ling Tian City, this sort of result was completely expected. Yun Feng bent over backwards laughing, “Hahaha… that was too funny… that slap to their faces was even louder than thunder, hahahah…”