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Chapter 662: The Ling Tian City’s 3 Unforgiveable Crimes

The Ling Tian City’s 3 Unforgiveable Crimes

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Knight in gold pitifully crawled up from the ground, his face bright red from fury. He hurriedly patted the ground around him, but found that he didn’t even know where his golden spear had landed. He felt incredibly ashamed, and in his anger, he almost coughed up blood. He pointed with a trembling hand towards Xuanyuan Dia Wu and roared, “You… You damned little girl, you dared to launch a sneak attack! If you have the guts, then fight properly with this Commander!”

When he said this before the people from Ling Tian City, they all started laughing. The Forgotten City’s army all lowered their heads… he had evidently claimed that he could defeat all the players from Ling Tian City by himself, and he had arrogantly wagged his finger, telling her to attack. And now, he had claimed that she had launched a sneak attack… all of the soldiers, especially the Commanders, felt that all of their face had been lost.

“Oi! Aren’t you ashamed?” Xiao Qi walked out as she mercilessly mocked. “You were so arrogant just then, and you provoked our side. Trying to bully those weaker than you is already shameless enough, but now that you weren’t able to defeat big sister Dia Wu, you actually dared to say that she used a sneak attack? Are your Forgotten City’s Commander’s faces on your bottoms?!”

After being humiliated like this in front of countless soldiers and the Forgotten Emperor, Su Zhi Zhan felt so ashamed that he could die. He felt an incredible amount of hatred towards Xuanyuan Dia Wu, but he also felt deeply fearful. Now that another female player had jumped out and started mocking him, he became incredibly furious and grabbed a silver spear from a Berserker near him as he roared, using the throwing skill ‘Meteor Spear’ as he launched the spear towards Xiao Qi.

“Goddamn!” Countless soldiers cried out together. Xiao Zhi Zhan’s attack was simply too sudden, despicable, shameless, and contemptible. He had just falsely accused Xuanyuan Dia Wu of launching a sneak attack on him, and he had just launched a true, gutless, sneak attack. What’s more, as a Commander of a Knight Regiment, he had attacked a female player – there was nothing more shameful than this.

Actually, after Xiao Zhi Zhan launched the attack, he immediately regretted it. Even though he was arrogant, he would never do such a thing normally. It was just that in his anger and humiliation he had lost all reasoning, and by the time he regretted it, it was already too late. The spear was already right in front of Xiao Qi. He was sure that female player would die from the strike, but even if she died, it would simply bring more shame upon him.

Seeing that the girl in red was about to die, some of the Forgotten City’s soldiers sighed. However, at that moment, a red glow flashed as her body burned with a crimson-red flame. Following this, the majestic cry of a bird sounded out from somewhere as a wave of flames burst forth from the young girl’s body towards the spear.

In an instant, the spear was completely drowned by the crimson-red flames, and as everyone watched on with dilated pupils, it melted into nothingness. The flames then continued forwards, bringing with it a scorching heat and slamming into Su Zhi Zhan’s chest…


Su Zhi Zhan was knocked to the ground by the flames as a damage figure of more than 100,000 rose from his body. However, that was not the end. After the flames hit Su Zhi Zhan’s body, it suddenly coiled around his body like a snake, turning into a ball of fire that continued to burn on his body…

-8000, -8000, -8000, -8000…

Su Zhi Zhan, who had turned into a fire-person, rolled on the ground screaming and wailing as damage figures quickly and continuously rose from his body. However, no matter how much he rolled and beat at himself, the crimson-ball of flames continued to burn. In fact, they became more and more intense, and the heat caused those around him to retreat in fear. They looked at the girl with 7 swords floating around her and the girl burning with fire in shock… wasn’t it said that players were incredibly weak? Why were these 2 so ridiculously strong to the point that the Commander of a Knight Regiment… had been beaten black and blue by 2 girls!

“Hmph, I’ll burn you a bit for now, but I’ll incinerate you to nothing if you dare to keep doing such shameless things.” Xiao Qi brought her hands back as the flames around her and Su Zhi Zhan’s body died down.

After the flames were extinguished, Su Zhi Zhan’s golden armour had been half-destroyed. After all, Xiao Qi’s Vermillion Bird’s Flames had a moderate Destruction effect. After escaping from the fire, Su Zhi Zhan did not immediately get up, but instead he lay on the ground, his eyes dimmed and his face deathly grey. He had been incredibly arrogant in front of the players before, but he had been utterly humiliated by these 2 girls. In fact, he had only survived because the other side had shown mercy to him. In just those few minutes, his entire world had collapsed, and his mind had gone completely blank. During the silence, a few people walked out and dragged Su Zhi Zhan’s body back within the army.

As Su Zhi Zhan’s body was dragged away, the atmosphere around Ling Tian City greatly changed. The Forgotten City’s army, which had seemed so high and mighty, started to avert their gaze, feeling as if they were inferior to the players. This was why Li Xiao Xue had asked Xuanyuan Dia Wu to meet Su Zhi Zhan – to kill their morale. Landing a blow on Su Zhi Zhan was not very important, but the massive decrease to the army’s morale was key. With Xiao Qi joining in, things had gone even better than Li Xiao Xue had hoped.

On the battlefield, morale heavily influenced whether an army lived or died. When the Forgotten City’s army had arrived, their morale had been extremely high, and they were completely confident in their victory. If they started fighting, Ling Tian City would not even have a chance at defending. However, now that the Forgotten City’s army’s morale had been decreased by half, the players’ morale was greatly boosted, greatly decreasing the pressure on Ling Tian City.

Seeing this, the Forgotten Emperor had to personally come out. As the army parted, a middle-aged man with the air of a revered leader came out on a large warhorse. He was wearing a purple-gold robe, and he had sword-like eyebrows. He also radiated a sense of might and dignity – indeed, this was the Forgotten Emperor. Beside him was the mysterious elderly man in white as well as a man in black with an expressionless face. The two of them flanked the Forgotten Emperor on either side, neither of them giving off any aura. If they weren’t by the Forgotten Emperor’s side, no one would have even given them an extra glance.

“Can the Lady of the City come out now?” The Forgotten Emperor looked at Xuanyuan Dia Wu and Xiao Qi with great interest, an amicable expression on his face. There was no fury or fear on his face, and it was as if nothing had just happened.

Yun Meng Xin nodded at the crowd and walked out, flanked by Mu Bing Yao and Ying Xue to face the Forgotten Emperor. She did not say anything, and she instead waited for the Forgotten Emperor to speak.

After meeting with her last time, the Forgotten Emperor knew that the beautiful young Lady of the City was not so easy to deal with. As Yun Meng Xin approached, his expression became colder as he said in a voice filled with an imposing air, “Lady Yun, we meet again. Although I didn’t want to see this day come, I have the duty to maintain the peace and order of the Forgotten Continent’s human world as the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent's humans. As such, I had no choice but to come again. Lady Yun, do you know of the 3 unforgiveable crimes committed by Ling Tian City?!”

3 unforgiveable crimes? A slight smile of condescension appeared on Yun Meng Xin’s face, but she did not say anything, waiting for the Forgotten Emperor to finish speaking. Her lack of anger, rebuttal, or even any mocking or ridiculing surprised the Forgotten Emperor, and he didn’t dare to meet her gaze as he forced out Ling Tian City’s ‘3 unforgiveable crimes’:

“The first crime is that Ling Tian City has used other clans’ skills and resources on a large scale without the consent of the Royal City, causing the order of the markets of the human world and player’s world to fall into chaos. The Forgotten City has been greatly harmed, and even some of the things left by the glorious Moon God Representative have been affected. The effects could last for over 100 years, which is a grave sin.”

“The second crime is that although we don’t know what you did, Ling Tian City bewitched the masses, poisoning people’s hearts and tricking people to move from White Tiger City and Vermillion Bird City to Ling Tian City. This has caused divisions within the White Tiger City and Vermillion Bird City, and it has negatively impacted both cities greatly. This cannot be forgiven.”

“The third crime is that not only was Ling Tian City constructed without the approval of the Royal City, but also, according to our investigations, the process of construction, the scale of your city, and the scale of development all clash with the Forgotten Continent’s laws. In other words, the existence of Ling Tian City is a crime!”

“Lady Yun, do you admit guilt to these crimes?”

Hearing these ‘3 unforgiveable crimes’, let alone Li Xiao Xue, Yun Feng, the others, and even the players who had come to spectate, they all almost laughed out loud. What did it mean by ‘one can always trump up a charge against another’, or ‘those without shame are invincible under the heavens’, or ‘speaking with one’s eyes open while saying blind words’. In those few sentences, the Forgotten Emperor had become the manifestation of all of those things, allowing everyone present to experience the ‘grace’ and ‘dignity’ of an Emperor.

Regarding the first unforgiveable crime, anyone who came to Ling Tian City and didn’t have a negative IQ would know that it was a load of rubbish. Ling Tian City had the help of the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan, but they provided a higher standard of living and only brought benefits. Chaos? Negative effects lasting for a hundred years? Was the Forgotten Emperor mentally unstable or was he blind?

The second ‘unforgiveable crime’ was also extremely laughable. The reason many residents had moved from White Tiger City and Vermillion Bird City was because Ling Tian City was superior to those 2 cities in many ways. More importantly, the White Tiger’s Representative and the Vermillion Bird’s Representative were both in Ling Tian City, and by residing there they could be closer to them. Living in the same city as these Representatives was a great honour for the residents of those cities. Moreover, all of the residents had taken the initiative to move here without anything done by Ling Tian City, so how could it be said that they bewitched them or poisoned their hearts?

As for the third unforgiveable crime… the clashes with the Forgotten Continent’s laws – list them out! Even if you have to twist some of them, at least list them out!

The people from Ling Tian City could only stare at the Forgotten Emperor in amazement and respect… it must have taken him a great deal of effort and time to make up these ‘3 unforgiveable crimes’, and it must have taken an astoundingly thick face to say them with such conviction… respect, respect!!

No less than expected from the Emperor. Even a fart from him was extraordinary.