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Chapter 667: A Night In The Underworld Royal City

A Night In The Underworld Royal City

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The things that the Underworld King had done today had been completely incomprehensible to Ling Chen, but now that he had time to calm down and think about it, he was unable to feel any condescension.

Even though he was the Underworld King, he was a father, and definitely wouldn’t do anything that would harm his daughter. This room, that he had maintained for 10,000 years, showed a father’s love for his daughter, which was as steady as a mountain. There were many reasons for him to make the somewhat-ridiculous decision that he had made today. He said that one of them was to help Leng’Er recover her memory, but a more important one was that after reading Leng’Er’s memory, he knew about Ling Chen’s status, background, as well as the fact that he had the Lunar Scourge. He also knew Ling Chen’s purpose in coming to the Underworld, as well as that he was unable to stay here.

Moreover, becoming the Lunar Scourge meant that he would become a Shura – this was something that both Qi Yue and the White Tiger had told him about. As the Underworld King who had personally experienced the Shura’s Devastation 10,000 years ago, he also knew this. In that case, the ‘Shura’ was definitely one of the considerations for wanting to hurry this entire matter so much.

Alright, all of these things weren’t important. The important thing was… how were they going to spend this night?

The Underworld King had raged about Ling Chen helping Leng’Er recover her memories so that she could at last call him ‘father’. However… However…

Leng’Er’s appearance was undoubtedly extremely cute and pretty. She liked dolls, and she herself looked like an exquisitely beautiful doll. However, even though she was over 10,000 years old, her mind was still like that of a young girl’s, so Ling Chen simply didn’t know how to act.

Leng’Er had already begun floating around the room, continuously caressing each of the dolls. Her eyes were incredibly hazy, and it was evident that although her soul was incomplete and her memories were dormant, she still felt that these dolls were quite familiar. This was the same as when she had stared at the Underworld Blood Lake. After a while, she floated towards the large bed and landed on the blanket, which was embroidered with many beautiful pictures… the blanket was an extremely luxurious item that most Undead in the Underworld had never seen before.

“Do you feel like this place feels quite familiar?” Ling Chen sat on the bed and spoke to Leng’Er, who was caressing the blanket.

“Mm…” Leng’Er looked up and softly replied before moving over and resting her head against his right arm, saying in a gentle voice, “Master, tell stories.”

After her favourability towards him rose to 40, Leng’Er liked to be close to him when they were along together, and she would practically stick onto him as she listened to stories.

Ling Chen was still feeling conflicted as to whether he really would do anything with Leng’Er. After all, it was so quiet here, and there was a bed. His father-in-law ‘forcing’ him was also stuck in his mind. As Leng’Er came near, a faint fragrance entered his nose, causing all sorts of thoughts to rush into his head as his breathing became somewhat ragged.

He turned to look at Leng’Er, who was incredibly close. She was kneeling on the blanket, resting the top half of her body against Ling Chen’s arm. In her position, her clothes naturally hung loose, and as Ling Chen turned to look at her, he could see a white suppleness as well as an alluring, shallow valley, causing him to stare.

Leng’Er looked at Ling Chen’s strange expression with confusion. She followed his gaze and looked at her chest, then coyly swung Ling Chen’s arm as she repeated the request she made every day, “Master, tell stories.”

Ling Chen gulped down a mouthful of saliva as some wicked thoughts spread in his mind like a flood, unable to be stopped. He looked at Leng’Er’s pure and naïve face as he asked, “Leng’Er, let’s not listen to stories today. How about we play a game?”

“Game…?” Leng’Er looked quite confused.

“Mm, it’s a game… that Leng’Er will like a lot.” It didn’t matter to Ling Chen whether Leng’Er understood at all. Facing Leng’Er, he found that the obstructions in his heart were gone – perhaps there had been no obstructions from the start apart from the reluctance to give in to the Underworld King.

“We need to take off our clothes to play this game… Leng’Er, can you take off your clothes?” Ling Chen looked into Leng’Er’s pure eyes, speaking as if he were a big grey wolf tempting a little white rabbit.

“Take off… clothes?” Leng’Er lowered her head and looked at her clothes before blinking with her black eyes as she naively asked, “Is master… also going to take off clothes?”

“Mm, we’re both going to take off our clothes… Leng’Er, do it like this.” Ling Chen gave a pure smile, but there was a hint of wickedness within it. As he spoke, he unequipped all of his equipment… in the virtual world, taking off one’s clothes was much faster than in the real world – it took only an instant.

Seeing Ling Chen take off all of his clothes, Leng’Er’s lips parted and dumbly stared at him for a while. Afterwards, she lowered her hands as a black light appeared around her clothes, and her clothes disappeared along with Ling Chen’s…

Instantly, a petite, snow-white, and flawless figure was revealed to Ling Chen’s eyes.

The Underworld King had clearly told him that although the Underworld King was the Emperor of the Underworld, they were not Undead but a very confusing type of creature. Leng’Er’s skin was not at all like those of an Undead’s – it was not horrifyingly white nor white-green, but it was instead snow-white like white jade and so supple that anyone would want to touch it. Although the Underworld King had repeatedly said that Leng’Er was over 10,000 years old and therefore hundreds of times older than Ling Chen, she still looked like a petite young girl. She had two small mounds on her chest without any proud curves. However, she still looked incredibly beautiful with her 2 small jade bowls, and the 2 dots on them glistening with a pink colour, looking like gemstones.

Her slim waistline was simply exquisite, and she had 2 slim and long legs. They seemed to be tightly closed in anxiousness, but Ling Chen could still see how white they were. Her 2 small, white feet lay on the blanket, her toes like fresh flower petals and delicate as gems.

Ling Chen’s breathing became more hurried. He never thought that such a beautiful figure would be underneath her black dress. Although flames of desire burned within him, he didn’t dare to move too quickly for fear of scaring Leng’Er. Instead, he gradually leaned forwards, bringing his face closer and closer to Leng’Er’s. Leng’Er had no idea what was going on, but remembering the ‘game’ Ling Chen mentioned, so she did not try to escape. While she was wondering about what was going on, her small, pink lips were kissed by Ling Chen… just like that, she had given away her first kiss.

Leng’Er’s lips were soft, tender, and slightly cool. Ling Chen opened her nervously-closed teeth with practised ease and sucked Leng’Er little tongue, causing her sweet saliva to flow into his mouth…

The strange feeling made Leng’Er breathing become ragged, and she did not move at all as her tongue entwined with Ling Chen’s. Without realising it, her body became softer, and she hurriedly pushed Ling Chen again, feeling incredibly flustered.

“Leng’Er…” Being pushed away by Leng’Er like this, Ling Chen regained some clarity and looked at Leng’Er, who had a hazy look in her eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Leng’Er deeply breathed in and out, not knowing why she felt so flustered, and she didn’t know why her body felt so soft. She looked at Ling Chen with a dazed expression before taking the initiative to kiss Ling Chen’s face… after lightly touching his face with her lips, she quickly ducked away and continued to stare at Ling Chen. “Is this… a game?”

“Mm… is it fun?” Ling Chen lightly touched the place where Leng’Er had kissed him.

Leng’Er thought for a long time, thinking back to that strange feeling, before lightly nodding. “It’s fun.”

“Then shall we… continue playing? It’ll become more fun.” Ling Chen’s eyes burned as he looked at Leng’Er, his hand stealthily creeping towards her soft breasts. A round softness entered his hand, and her breasts were so supple that he felt as if they had been covered with sweet and refreshing spring water. He rubbed the small bud with his palm, causing it to become perkier as he rubbed it.

“Is this also… part of the game?” Feeling a strange sensation from her chest, Leng’Er’s body started to tremble. She spoke with a misty voice, and she could feel her heart beating faster and faster as her body became hotter and hotter. Her body also started to subconsciously twist around.

Ling Chen put his arms around Leng’Er’s tender body and pressed her against his chest, using his body to feel her silky and tender skin as he moved his hand around her body. No matter where his hands felt, they were filled with a cool softness. After kissing her snow-white face, he softly spoke into her ear, “Of course it is. However, this is only the beginning of the game.”

Leng’Er felt an itchiness spread from her ears to the rest of her body, and her petite frame became taut from the strange new feelings. As Ling Chen continued to move his hands around, her heart tensed and relaxed repeatedly.

She completely didn’t understand what sort of game this was, but she allowed Ling Chen to do as he wished. Slowly, her body and mind were immersed in the game, and she subconsciously desired that the game would continue and not stop. In the end, her mind felt incredibly fuzzy, and both her body and mind had completely entered her first ‘game’. It was not until she felt a sudden hint of pain that she opened her eyes and stiffened her body, tightly wrapping her arms around Ling Chen’s neck.

“It hurts…” Leng’Er’s eyes were filled with tears as she curled up against Ling Chen’s body like an injured kitten, looking incredibly wronged.

“It’s okay, it won’t hurt anymore soon. In the future when we play this game, it won’t hurt anymore,” Ling Chen said in a soft voice as he petted Leng’Er’s soft back, not moving at all.

A few tears fell from Leng’Er’s eyes, and after a while, she spoke with an incredibly lovable voice that could break anyone’s heart, “Mm…”


Just like in the Forgotten Continent, there was no darkness in the Underworld… or to put it another way, it was always night in the Underworld. The ‘night’ in the Underworld merely referred to a period of time. During the first night Ling Chen spent in the Underworld Royal City, he spent the first half of the night gently playing the ‘game’ with Leng’Er, and he played for a long time. During the latter half of the night, he hugged Leng’Er’s soft and petite body as they slept together.

By now, all of the high-grade Undead that had celebrated in the Underworld King’s Residence for most of the night had left. The Underworld King was still wide awake, and he sat in the central hall of the Underworld King’s residence, standing guard against anyone who could possibly dare to disturb his daughter and son-in-law. He muttered to himself, “… Surely that boy can do it… what do I do if he doesn’t do anything during the entire night… hmm, maybe I should ask Qian Gun Gun to go to the Forgotten Continent and buy some high-grade aphrodisiac…”