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Chapter 677: Saint Destroyer grade Xi Ling

Saint Destroyer grade Xi Ling

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As if she heard Ling Chen’s uncertain call, Xi Ling silently opened her eyes. Within her beautiful, crystal-like eyes, there was a faint crimson-golden light flickering.

Following this, system announcements began to ring out.

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling’s grade has increased and has become a Saint Destroyer grade pet. All of her stats have been greatly increased, her passive abilities have become more powerful, and she has awakened her Phoenix God Heavenly Flames and Vermillion Bird’s Flames. Her [Fire Attack] has become more powerful, her passive skill [Rootless Flames] has disappeared, and she has unlocked [Golden Flames]. Skill [Heaven-Burning Flames] has been upgraded into [Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames], [Solar Laser] has been upgraded into [Solar Deathray], [Burning Fire Array] has been upgraded into [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea], [Pale Flames] has been upgraded into [Extreme Pale Flames], [Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns] has become more powerful, [Dazzling Red Lotus] has been unlocked, [World Burning Heavenly Flames] has been unlocked, [Phoenix Sky Dance] has been unlocked, special barrier skill [Barrier – Golden Heaven] has been unlocked, illusory skill [Golden Phoenix God Transformation] has been unlocked, ultimate forbidden skill [Pale Aria] has been unlocked.”

When the words ‘Saint Destroyer’ sounded out, Ling Chen almost couldn’t believe his ears.

“That’s right, he had heard ‘Saint Destroyer’…they were 2 words that described the absolute peak for the Mystic Moon world. It was a level that the strongest beings in the Mystic Moon world, the Moon Goddesses, were at, yet Xi Ling had suddenly risen to such a grade.

Even though Ling Chen was just a player, he clearly understood what Xi Ling’s step from the Mysterious God grade to the Saint Destroyer grade meant, and he understood just how difficult it was taking such a step. However, Xi Ling had just reached the Mysterious God grade 2 months ago, and now she had reached the Saint Destroyer grade that all beings looked up to! Only a matured Golden Crow would reach such a level.

He had somehow received the Fire God’s Bulwark for some reason, and Xi Ling had stepped into the unimaginable Saint Destroyer grade… Ling Chen stared at the extinguishing sea of flames, not understanding just what it was hiding.

Although Saint Destroyer grade Bosses were on a completely different level when compared to Saint Destroyer grade pets, it still represented the ultimate level that a pet could reach. As the system announcement sounded out, Xi Ling’s stats appeared before Ling Chen’s eyes, showing him just how powerful the new Xi Ling was.

[Crimson Spirit]: Type: Beast Pet, Level: LV62, Grade: Saint Destroyer, Master: Ling Tian. A descendant of the Golden Crow and Phoenix Royal Clan. After exhausting its lifeforce, it was brought back to life by the Vermillion Bird’s soul flames, and it received part of the Vermillion Bird’s strength, becoming a Fire spirit beast that possessed the 3 most powerful types of flames. It has a beautiful appearance and extremely powerful Fire attacks, and it can release pure golden flames at will.

Attributes: HP: 21,600, MP: 432,000, Physical Attack Power: 43,200, Magic Attack Power: 172,800, Physical Defence: 320, Movement Speed: 380. Elemental Resistances: Water: -30%, Fire: 200%, Wind: 90%, Lightning: 90%, Earth: 90%, Light: 90%, Darkness: 90%.

Passive Abilities:

Can fly up to 100 metres high and carry many people.
Automatically recovers 3% MP every second and is immune to all abnormal statuses debuffs, and restrictions on Magic attacks.
Can absorb any form of Fire damage and freely convert it to MP or HP, and owner and fellow pets become immune to Fire damage.
[Flame Attack]: Normal attack, cannot be upgraded. Unleashes a golden flame that burns all targets within a 20 metre range with rootless flames. Damage dealt is equivalent to Magic Attack Power, consumes 10 MP, no cooldown.

[Golden Flames]: Current Level: LV2, max level. A passive skill awakened after combining the Golden Crow’s bloodline and the Phoenix Royal Clan’s bloodline, which is unleashed from and controlled by one’s soul. It is an ultimate flame that does not require Nature’s Fire elemental essence to act as a medium. It ignores any Fire Resistance that any creature or item has, and it has terrifyingly high temperatures and destructive abilities. Effects: Ignores all Fire Resistance, and all Fire Magic does not require any casting time. All Fire type damage+100%, and all Fire attacks contain a powerful Destruction attribute, easily destroying anything that is weak towards fire. Can destroy or even completely melt equipment below Heaven’s End grade.

[Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Unleashes boundless Golden Flames that mercilessly burn all targets within 100 metres, dealing 500% Magic Attack Power to the targets and has a 30% chance to add a ‘Burn’ effect for 10 seconds. After casting, even the entire sky will become golden. Consumes 700 MP, cooldown time: 2.5 seconds

[Solar Deathray]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Condenses Golden Flames into a bright and burning light from the sun, shooting down a searing deathray from the skies to a single target. It deals Fire damage equivalent to 1500% Magic Attack Power, and it has a 100% chance to add a ‘Burn’ effect for 10 seconds. Destroys all equipment Celestial grade and below. Once locked on, it cannot be evaded. Consumes 1800 MP, cooldown time: 5 seconds.

[Phoenix Arrow]: …… (no change)

[Vermillion Judgment]: …… (no change)

[Heaven-Burning Flame Sea]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses Golden Flames to cover all directions, creating a destructive formation array of heavenly flames that burn all targets within its range. Covers 500 metres around the caster, dealing damage equivalent to (200,000 + Magic Attack Power x 10), and it has a 100% chance to add a ‘Burn’ effect for 10 seconds. Takes 2 seconds to gather flames for the array. Consumes 24,000 MP, cooldown time: 5 minutes.

[Nine Suns Rebirth]: …… (no change)

[Phoenix Sky Dance]: Current Level: LV6, Highest Level: LV10, Level Required to upgrade to LV7: LV70. A unique spirit skill of the Phoenix Royal Clan that uses the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames to condense many golden Phoenixes that can be used to freely attack. The golden Phoenixes can release an attack comparable to one’s [Flame Attack] every 3 seconds, and their attacks can be dispersed or focused. All of the golden Phoenixes cannot be destroyed, and the duration that they last for are equivalent to one’s level (currently 62 seconds). At most, one can create 6 golden Phoenixes, and with [Pale Flames], one can create (6x7) golden Phoenixes. Costs 60,000MP, cooldown time: 10 minutes.

Ultimate Skills:

[Barrier – Golden Heaven]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV2, Level Required to upgrade to LV2: LV99. A barrier skill unique to Xi Ling. Releases a unique fire that turns the 2,000 metres around her into a golden world of flames. Within the barrier, all creatures’ Fire Resistance is reduced by 100% regardless of level or grade (including Fire element beings). Causes those within range to take damage equivalent to Xi Ling’s [Fire Attack] every second. Costs 6,000 MP per second, and the maximum duration that it can be cast for is equivalent to Xi Ling’s level (currently 62 seconds). Can only be used once every day.

[Pale Flames]: Special skill, cannot be levelled up. A flame unique to Xi Ling that is created by combining the Golden Crow’s Flames, Vermillion Bird’s Flames, and Phoenix God Heavenly Flames, creating a terrifying white flame. Once activated, all flames that Xi Ling releases become white, and they completely ignore the target’s Fire Resistance, dealing 7 times the Fire damage and incinerating everything they come into contact with. After activating, all Fire skills can be instantly casted and do not cost any MP. Lasts for 30 seconds and can only be used once every day. After activating, Xi Ling’s flames will become dormant for 24 hours.

[Golden Phoenix God Transformation]: Illusory skill that stimulates the Phoenix Royal Clan’s blood and power, transforming one into a golden Phoenix God and allowing one to escape from the restrictions of ‘Pet rules’. After using this skill, one’s power becomes inauspicious. Costs 1 MP, lasts for (MP/10,000) seconds (rounding down, currently 69 seconds), cooldown time: 1 month.

Forbidden Skills:

[Dazzling Red Lotus]: The most destructive ability from the Vermillion Bird Clan, cannot be levelled up. Concentrates all of the Vermillion Bird’s origin power into a single point and releases it. The berserk Vermillion Bird’s Flames blossom like a beautiful lotus, and under its petals, all life withers and burns. The effects do not differentiate between allies and foes. Damage is equal to (Magic Attack Power x 3 x Current Level) and range is equal to (Current Level x 200), and it destroys all equipment below Celestial grade and destroys everything that is destroyable. Costs 260,000MP and cannot use any Vermillion Bird skills for 1 hour afterwards, cooldown time: 1 month.

[World Burning Heavenly Flames]: The most destructive ability from the Phoenix bloodline, cannot be levelled up. Releases the cry of 10,000 Phoenixes, filling the skies with extreme flames and turning the heavens and earth into a sea of flames. Causes boundless meteors and Phoenix flames to crazily rain down, turning the area into a purgatory of fire. The effects do not differentiate between allies and foes, and the surrounding area will be completely filled with flames, causing basic damage equal to (Magic Attack Power x 200%). The largest range is (Current Level x 500), and it can last for (Current Level) minutes (currently 62 minutes). Costs 420,000MP and cannot use any Phoenix skills for 1 hour afterwards, cooldown time: 1 month.

[Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns]: A destructive Forbidden Skill from the Golden Crow’s bloodline, cannot be upgraded. Releases one’s own source of power and condenses flames similar to nine suns into an ultimate flame that can burn anything. When it reaches the peak of its strength, the Flames of the Sun can be directly used. The effects do not differentiate between allies and foes. Damage is equivalent to (Magic Attack Power x 900% x Current Level). The maximum range can be controlled within a range equivalent to Xi Ling’s Magic Attack Power. Consumes all current MP and cannot use any Golden Crow skills for 1 hour afterwards, cooldown time: 1 month.

Ultimate Forbidden Skill:

[Pale Aria]: A forbidden ultimate skill unique to Xi Ling. When in absolute despair, it releases White Flames to turn everything into dust. The White Flames incinerate and destroy everything – the sky, the earth, all humans, the entire world, all evil, all impurity… causing everything to be reborn through a baptism in the White Flames, returning to a pure world. Effects: Sends all of the Fire elemental essence in the world into rebellion, incinerating the heavens and destroying the earth as well as all creatures within them. Can only be used once in Xi Ling’s lifetime. After casting, Xi Ling’s level falls to LV0 permanently, and she loses all of her flames.