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Chapter 680: Mysterious God grade Sword

Mysterious God grade Sword

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“Happy! I’m incredibly happy with these earrings!” Ling Chen immediately shouted in reply. He simply felt like crying out praises to this old father-in-law. Thinking about equipment, he suddenly remembered about [Dark Samsara], which he had picked up from the fallen Undead War God. He hurriedly brought it out to the Underworld King and said, “That’s right, this sword is from the Undead War God, and the description says that only you can give others the right to use it, so…”

“Dark Samsara!” Seeing the massive jet-black sword in Ling Chen’s hands, the Underworld King stared for a moment before walking forwards and tracing along its cold surface as he said emotionally, “I couldn’t detect its aura in the destroyed Fire Purgatory, but it was in your hands. Back then, this sword was my personal sword, and it had been with me for 9,000 years. However, during those 9,000 years, I never used it once. A thousand years ago, Chi Xuan Wu Hen became the most powerful Undead here – apart from me, he was the most powerful being in all of the Underworld. It was a pity that his power was simply too strong – not only did he become an Undead, he also remembered his memories from when he was alive. As such, with his pride and dignity as a human expert, I was unable to easily command him. He was unwilling to serve under me or work with any other Undead. He was instead willing to stand guard at the solitary Fire Purgatory, so I allowed him to do as he wished. Dark Samara also followed him into the Fire Purgatory.

“Since Chi Xuan Wu Hen has died, so be it. After so many years, I’ve almost forgotten about his existence. Whenever I occasionally think about him, it’s because of Dark Samsara… whenever I thought about it, my heart always ached – why had I been so crazy as to give it to him? At least when you give a meat bun to a dog, it’ll bark in gratitude; after giving Dark Samara to him, he didn’t even give a fart… hmm, since you want this sword, I’ll give it to you. It’ll be a hundred times better than being with Chi Xuan Wu Hen.”

As the Underworld King spoke, he stroked the sword’s hilt, and a grey light flashed and entered the sword. The Underworld King took away his hands and said in a magnanimous tone, “Alright, this sword is yours now. Do what you want with it.”

Ling Chen hurriedly equipped all of his battle equipment, and [Dark Samsara] was also easily equipped into his right hand. Ling Chen instantly felt incredibly excited. He had just received a pair of Mysterious God grade earrings, and now he had obtained a Mysterious God grade sword! This was something that all players could only dream about… in fact, most wouldn’t even dare to dream about a Mysterious God grade sword!

[Dark Samsara]: Type: Double-Handed Sword, Grade: Mysterious God, Equipment Requirements: A weapon that has had restrictions cast on it by the Underworld King. Only those who the Underworld King chooses can use this weapon. Currently, only Ling Tian been given this permission. A sword forged by the Dwarf Clan 10,000 years ago using Starfall Metal and Extreme Darkness Chalcedony, it was fused with hundreds of thousands of dark souls. It devoured the blood of the Darkness God Beast, and it was bathed in the Underworld Blood Lake. In total, it took 130 years to forge the sword. When the sword was completed, the sky, sun, and moon became dark and a divine tribulation descended. It has the power to rend the heavens and destroy the earth and to annihilate stars and break moons. It was originally the Underworld King’s personal sword, but the Underworld King gave it to Ling Tian.

Stats: Physical Attack Power+5100, Magic Attack Power+2980, Strength+180, Constitution+10, Agility-60, Spirit+120, Critical Chance+127%, Pierce Chance+34%, Darkness Resistance+10%, all attacks deal an extra 3,000 Darkness damage.

Bonus Stats: Parry Level: 14. When attacking a target at close range, the dark aura around Dark Samsara will send the target’s mind into chaos. After parrying a target’s attack, damage is increased by 30% when counterattacking. When being parried by a target, there is a certain chance for the target’s weapon to be knocked out of their hands.

Bonus Skills:

[Darkness Corruption]: Releases the Dark Samsara’s Darkness energy, turning all attacks into Darkness attacks and adding a 10% chance to apply a 5 second [Darkness] status. Can be activated and deactivated at will.

[Darkness Soul Suppression]: When entering battle, Dark Samsara will release a powerful darkness soul suppression, causing all weapons within 50 metres that are below Mysterious God grade and LV90 to tremble in fear. If the target weapons cannot resist this soul suppression, the damage from the weapons will be reduced by 10%-70%, and they might not even be able to be used.

[Nirvana Samsara]: Unreservedly releases Dark Samsara’s power, causing a boundless dark light to explode out from the sword that deals massive damage to all targets within 50 metres, bringing all targets into the dark abyss of Samsara. Base damage is equivalent to 2000%, and it has a 100% chance of applying a 5 second [Darkness] status. Costs 920 MP, cooldown time: 1 minute.

[Final Samsara]: Releases Dark Samsara’s dark and dismal energy. After gathering the energy, it releases a massive onslaught to the area 2x100 metres in front of it, dealing 2000% damage to all targets within the range and knocking them up to 100 metres away. Requires 2 seconds to gather energy before releasing. Costs 460 MP, cooldown time: 1 minute.

Ordinarily speaking, a Celestial grade weapon would have 1 skill, a Heaven’s End grade weapon would have 2 skills, and a Mysterious God grade weapon would usually have 3 skills. However, Dark Samsara had 4 skills – 2 were support skills, while the other 2 were attack skills. As a Mysterious God grade weapon, its Physical Attack Power was naturally extremely high to the point that it was past 5,000! It had even given him a large amount of Magic Attack Power as well. With Dark Samsara equipped, Ling Chen’s base Physical Attack Power was 29,892, just a sliver away from 30,000.

After spending just a few days in the Underworld, Ling Chen had retrieved 2 of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs, obtained the Underworld King’s earrings and sword, 2 heaven-defying Mysterious God grade equipment that raised his overall stats and strength to become many times stronger, and Xi Ling had become Saint Destroyer grade. Before coming here, he had expected the trip to be incredibly dangerous and tough, and he had never expected this sort of conclusion. After lightly slashing with Dark Samsara a few times, Ling Chen happily put it away and decided to strike while the iron was hot, saying, “Underworld King, there’s something else I want to talk to you about… this will only bring benefits to both myself and the Underworld.”

The Underworld King nodded. “Mm, what is it?”

Following this, Ling Chen described the ‘trade route’ he envisioned between Ling Tian City and the Underworld, and he went into detail about the benefits to both parties. Throughout Ling Chen’s entire talk, the Underworld King did not reveal any expressions of displeasure. He only thought for a few moments before nodding and saying, “In actuality, I’ve considered what you’ve said before. The Underworld and the Forgotten Continent are 2 separate worlds, so the things they contain are vastly different. Many of the incredibly ordinary things in the Forgotten Continent are difficult to find even in a hundred years here and vice versa. However, when high-grade Undead enter the Forgotten Continent, they’ll lose their consciousness, and when living creatures enter the Underworld, their lifeforce will be drained. The only one who can freely enter the Underworld and Forgotten Continent is me – ah, and Chan’Er. The powerful Undead who are outside searching for new Undead are only able to temporarily leave the Underworld due to the protection of my power.

“In the past, the main issues were the physical restrictions and not having anyone who was completely trustworthy. As such, I gave up on this idea. A long time ago, a weirdo called ‘Qian Gun Gun’ appeared, who had a very unique constitution. Although he was human, he did not fear the deathly aura or miasma, and he could freely traverse the Underworld and Forgotten Continent. That man loved riches as much as his own life, and he often brought things from the Forgotten Continent to sell at the Underworld Royal City, and he often took some of our things to sell at the Forgotten Continent. Because all of the things that he brought were things that could not be found in the Underworld and were very useful to the Undead, he was greatly welcomed. Even I approved of this practice, and I allowed him to visit the Underworld Blood Lake. However, if you truly want to do this, as the saviour of the Underworld and my son-in-law, I see no reason to refuse. Since it’s like this, do as you just described. After you’ve made preparations, just let me know what we need to do. I’m sure that all of the Undead will approve of this ‘trade route’, but if this happens… heheh, that Qian Gun Gun fellow will suffer.”

“Alright, I’ll prepare everything as soon as possible,” Ling Chen replied as he nodded. Since the Underworld King had agreed, there were no problems at all. He already had a basic plan in his heart, and once the plan was set into motion, Ling Tian City would be even more attractive to players. In fact, Ling Tian City would be able to greatly increase its profits without much cost.

Ling Chen thought for a moment before raising his other request, “Also, there’s something else that I wanted to talk to you about, although it might put you in a difficult situation.”

The Underworld King confidently waved his hand. “You’re my son-in-law and you’ve solved a big problem for me; how could any of your requests put me in a difficult situation? Just say it. As long as I can do it, I won’t refuse.”

“Very well,” Ling Chen said as he nodded before continuing, “I heard that the Underworld has an extremely powerful defensive weapon called the [Underworld God Cannon], which was made by the Dwarves 10,000 years ago…”

“You want the Underworld God Cannon?!” Before Ling Chen could finish speaking, the Underworld King roared, and his eyes bulged outwards.

The Underworld King’s reaction was completely within Ling Chen’s expectations. He immediately shook his head as he replied, “Of course not! I coincidentally obtained the blueprint for the Underworld God Cannon, and through an even greater coincidence, I was able to find the Dwarf Clan and bring them to Ling Tian City. It’s just that the Underworld God Cannon is a Saint Destroyer grade weapon, so even though they have the blueprint and materials, it’s difficult to make one. Before I came to the Underworld, my Dwarf friends told me that if they saw the real Underworld God Cannon, they might be able to make one from the blueprint as well… so I was hoping that you would allow Ling Tian City’s Dwarves to come here and look at the Underworld God Cannon.”