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Chapter 682: Spare No One!

Spare No One!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Dust and sand filled the air around the western area of Ling Tian City, and the large, majestic gates were gone. Only some fragments of the gates were left, and 100 metres of the walls on either side had collapsed. The ground in front of the city gates inclined inwards towards the city, looking as if it had experienced a large earthquake.

From the gates to a few kilometres within the city, there were Forgotten City's soldiers wearing all sorts of armour. They destroyed whatever they saw and ruined countless structures and streets that the Dwarves had poured their blood, sweat and tears into. Outside the city, there were still countless Forgotten City's soldiers flooding in, all of them giving off an excited air like that of a rabid dog. 100 metres in front of the city gates, the gigantic Mountain Giant was in an attacking pose, but it did not move at all. A massive silver beam of light had trapped its body within it… further away, Ling Chen could see Greenwood. He was currently fighting a man who was dressed in white and holding a long sword.

Greenwood was the only person he saw who belonged to Ling Tian City – everyone else was gone.

Ling Chen’s breathing became heavier, and flames of fury threatened to blow apart his head. An air of violence and ruthlessness burst out from his body as his body’s bones cracked… he instantly understood what had happened, and he knew where these rabid dogs who were destroying Ling Tian City had come from.

In his extreme rage, Ling Chen instead became extraordinary calm. He did not immediately attack these intruders, but he instead held his communication device and contacted Yun Meng Xin. Yun Meng Xin’s voice immediately sounded out, “Ling Tian… Ling Tian… where are you… Ling Tian City… Ling Tian City… already…”

“I just came back… where are you all? Are you alright?” Ling Chen did his best to suppress his emotions and tried to speak as calmly as possible.

“We’re all fine… we were all in the West, but somehow we were all sent to the east gate. We’re all there… and we’re all fine… but many Fairies… already…”

The hand that Ling Chen held the communication device in violently trembled, and he closed his eyes as he said lightly, “I see… just stay there and don’t come over. Don’t worry, I’ll chase them all away… and I’ll make them pay 100 times as much.”

Ling Chen spoke that last sentence incredibly calmly, and it was so calm to the point that Yun Meng Xin and the others who were listening felt a chill go down their spines.

After putting away the communication device, Ling Chen opened his eyes and deeply breathed in before summoning all of his pets, “Snow Cherry, Xi Ling, Leng’Er, and Cai’Er… prepare to fight. Don’t show any mercy or restraint against these enemies, and do your best to kill them as quickly as possible.”

Without any obstructions, the Forgotten City's soldiers destroyed whatever they saw incredibly quickly. At that moment, a thundering voice filled with killing intent and cold rage boomed out, “Forgotten City's rabid dogs, go die!!!”

The Forgotten City's soldiers looked up to see who it was, and in that instant, their jaws dropped and their pupils contracted… because they saw that the entire sky had become a dazzling golden colour. The golden sky was incredibly eye-catching, but the incredibly scorching heat and apocalypse like airs struck all of the Forgotten City's soldiers with fear.


The golden fire descended from the sky and landed in Ling Tian City. Given Ling Chen’s fury, Xi Ling naturally would not hold back, and she instantly cast a [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea]. This was one of the Golden Crow’s skills, and it contained boundless destructive power. Xi Ling’s flames were much more powerful than the Golden Crow’s, and her basic Magic Attack Power was now a monstrous 172,800. With the Capricorn Orb, it became a whopping 345,600! Adding on the might of the golden flames, it was evident just how powerful [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea] was.

An entire 1,000 metres area turned into a golden sea of flames, and countless Forgotten City's soldiers cried out in pain and despair. However, these cries only lasted for an instant because within the [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea], no matter if it were the ordinary soldiers, Elite grade soldiers, Silver grade soldiers… or even the Gold grade soldiers who had millions of HP, they were instantly annihilated. There was no one left within 1,000 metres area. At the same time, the golden flames had also reduced all of the buildings in that area into rubble instantly.

One of the Forgotten City’s experts, Wind God Black Demon, just happened to be at the centre of the golden flames. When the flames descended, he only looked at it with surprise before coldly harrumphing. He believed that he was the Forgotten Continent’s most powerful Mage God and had peerless control over magic and defence. He was arrogant to the point that he did not even put the flames in his eyes at all, but when the flames reached his body, the terrifying heat caused his expression to change.


The instant the golden flames enveloped his body, the Wind God screamed out in pain, something that he hadn’t done in many, many years… Ling Chen’s rage was Xi Ling’s rage. The flames she released were not only able to destroy anything, but they also had a cruel soul-burning property, making one’s soul feel unimaginable torment. 10,000 years ago, the extremely powerful Demon Emperor had been tortured to death by the Golden Crow’s soul-burning flames. How could a mere ‘Wind God’ survive the flames that not even the Demon Emperor could endure?

The damage figure of over 7 million damage caused the Wind God’s eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets. The 100% chance of triggering a 10 second ‘Burn’ effect was activated, and the golden flames continued to burn around his body, incinerating both his body and soul. He felt as if he had fallen into hell, and he screamed like a pig being slaughtered. He fell from the sky to the ground and writhed in pain, completely losing his composure as the Wind God.

Although the Burn only lasted for 10 seconds, those 10 seconds of his soul being burned seemed like 10 centuries to the Wind God. He had fought countless battles in his life and suffered countless injuries, but the pain from all of them could not even come close to the pain that he felt within those short 10 seconds. After 10 seconds passed, the soul-burning pain finally disappeared, but after those 10 seconds of torment, Black Demon had lost almost all of his strength. He lay on his back for a long time, blankly staring at the sky. The terror from the golden flames was firmly imprinted into his soul.

After being ravaged by the Heaven-Burning Flame Sea, the 1,000 metres area was reduced to blackened ground, and there were countless blackened corpses on the ground. This shocking scene caused all of the Forgotten City's soldiers, Greenwood, and White Eagle to stare, dumbfounded, unable to believe what they had just seen. However, this was just the beginning. As a bird’s cry sounded out, more golden fire rained down towards the Forgotten City's soldiers… although these flames would destroy Ling Tian City, these intruders had to be killed.

Every time Xi Ling released her golden flames, it spelled disaster for the Forgotten City's soldiers. They were the powerful Forgotten City’s army, not players, and they had tens, if not hundreds, of times more HP. However, apart from some Celestial and Heaven’s End grade commanders, no one was able to last even 2 seconds within the flames. At that moment, a loud roar sounded out as Ling Chen flew like an arrow on Snow Cherry towards the Forgotten City’s dispersing army. The instant he landed, he furiously sent out an [Eight Direction Annihilation].


The ground trembled, and sand and stones flew into the air. Ten or so of the Forgotten City’s soldiers were blasted tens of metres away and instantly died. Ling Chen did not pause at all, and he sped towards more of the Forgotten City's soldiers. There was a terrifyingly savage expression on his face, and his eyes were blood-red. Dark Samsara gave off a berserk black light, mercilessly bombarding the Forgotten City's soldiers’ bodies, and every time he sent out an attack, massive explosions sounded out.




Cries of despair sounded out as the Forgotten City's soldiers were sent flying like sandbags one after another. With a Mysterious God grade sword in one hand, a Heaven’s End grade dagger in the other, and the Leo Orb which had greatly increased his Physical Attack Power, Ling Chen’s attacks were simply terrifying. When facing Ling Chen’s attacks, the Forgotten City's soldiers felt a suppression that made it impossible for them to move or even breathe, and the instant they were hit, it was not like being hit by weapons but like a mountain smashing into their bodies, causing some of them to fly even 100 metres away… some were blasted tens of metres into the sky… others were blasted into structures, causing those structures to fall… some were embedded deep into the ground… every hit was a kill.

Everyone in the Heaven Rankings were able to kill Elites above their own level. However, in the entirety of China, only Ling Chen was able to insta-kill them with such ease.

By the time Ling Chen had descended from the air, he had clearly memorized where all of the Forgotten City's soldiers were, and he dealt with waves of them at a shocking speed. With Xi Ling’s flames and Ling Chen’s attacks, the Forgotten City's soldiers, who had previously forced Ling Tian City into utter hopelessness, were crushed like ants without any ability to retaliate. In less than 1 minute, their will had been completely crushed, and they were so terrified that they did not dare to approach to attack. They instead scattered in all directions, desperately running further into the city.

“You want to run? You’ll all die today… not a single one of you will be spared!” Dark Samsara swept out, blasting 2 soldiers away. If this sort of attack had been unleashed in the real world, their bodies would have been blown to bits with gore flying everywhere. Ling Chen looked over and said in a low voice, “Cai’Er, make them all sleep! Don’t let a single one get away!”

Cai’Er began to sing [Song of Tranquility – Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night], and the gentle song, which contained Cai’Er’s Nature energy, was transmitted to every corner of Ling Tian City, causing all of the Forgotten City's soldiers’ steps and minds to become heavier and heavier. They began to run slower and slower, and they fell to the ground in a deep sleep. They were quickly sent into the abyss of death by Ling Chen as easily as cutting wheat.

However, this was not the end of the nightmare for the Forgotten City's soldiers. After feeling Ling Chen’s fury and killing intent, Leng’Er slowly closed her eyes and put her hands together before her chest, and a black crescent moon flashed on her forehead… immediately, countless grey lights appeared in the West of Ling Tian City. This light came from the corpses of the Forgotten City's soldiers, and countless Undead slowly rose from their bodies, all of them giving off a berserk aura.

The LV2 [Summon Undead] skill summoned 1 Star Elites of the same grade, and it cost a certain amount of MP. After entering the Underworld Blood Lake, [Summon Undead] had been levelled up to LV3, which allowed her to summon 2 Star Elites. After Leng’Er’s Underworld King power was completely awakened, [Summon Undead] was levelled up to LV5, and not only was its range massively increased, but it also no longer cost any MP, and everything that it summoned… was Lord grade Undead!!