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Chapter 685: Killing Intent!

Killing Intent!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The gold coloured world was filled with booms, and explosions of energy fused with the golden sea of flames, turning it into a storm of energy that seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and earth. There were 30 or so high-level Celestial grade commanders who were instantly brought to critical HP, and they fell one by one under the continuous assault of the flames… They all saw the waves of damage figures before dying, all of which exceeded anything they knew. They simply couldn’t understand how this terrifying damage, which the Sword Saint and Wind God could not deal with even if they worked together, could come from a human and pet from a mere player’s city…

The Celestial grade commanders were all annihilated in an instant, and only the fearful Heaven’s End grade commanders were left. In the human race, they were without a doubt all experts, and each of them commanded tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Wherever they went, they would act high and mighty, receiving the worship and adoration from those below them. After reaching the Heaven’s End grade, apart from the Mysterious God grade existences, they were essentially invincible as humans went… however, when they faced this man, who was radiating bloodlust, and that golden, fiery bird in the air that could destroy anything in the instant and deal damage figures in the millions… they felt like they were so incredibly small, and they did not even have the right to fight against such a person.

In actuality, although Ling Chen had become much more powerful, killing a high-level Heaven’s End grade Boss was not very easy, and facing multiple Heaven’s End grade Bosses was still quite dangerous for him. This was because although Xi Ling and he have incredibly powerful attacks, their lifeforce was quite weak. If a Heaven’s End grade commander’s attack even grazed Xi Ling, she would be insta-killed. Any ultimate skill from them would be able to insta-kill Ling Chen, but after seeing Ling Chen’s devastating attacks, they fell into complete despair. Adding on the fact that the entirety of the Forgotten City’s army was being completely suppressed by the Undead army, these Heaven’s End grade commanders didn’t have even a shred of battle intent or courage to retaliate. After all of the Celestial grade commanders died, they all did the same thing… they turned and ran.

Heaven’s End grade experts also could feel fear and reluctance to dying. Before today, they had always seemed brave and courageous because they had never truly faced death before. As such, the will of these experts was completely shattered by what they experienced in this battle.

Running away? How could Ling Chen allow that? With [Broken Shadow] activated, it seemed like they were standing still to Ling Chen. In just an instant, Ling Chen caught up to a Heaven’s End grade Mage. He sent 2 [Heaven-Destroying Slashes] towards his back, and the mountain-like impact caused the escaping Mage to slam into the ground and tumble far away… despite tumbling away, Ling Chen’s attacks and Xi Ling’s flames still followed him, constantly attacking and burning his body. At that moment, a Heaven’s End grade Fire Mage and a Heaven’s End grade Lightning Mage gritted their teeth and stopped running away after seeing the escaping mage’s condition. They simultaneously released powerful magic attacks as a 1 metre long fireball and a bolt of lightning that was half a metre wide shot towards Ling Chen, accurately landing on his body.


+119,420, +100,083.

Ling Chen was completely uninjured, and he did not stop attacking in the slightest. In fact, he didn’t even bother raising his head to look at those 2 Mages. When their attacks hit, the 2 Heaven’s End grade Mages had silently rejoiced, but when they saw 2 green figures rise up, they felt as if they had been struck by lightning. Their last thoughts of resistance were completely crushed, and they desperately used their magic to teleport away.

After 10 or so rounds of attacks, a large crater had appeared in the ground, and the first Heaven’s End grade commander died at Ling Chen and Xi Ling’s hands. During the entire process, he had been completely suppressed to the ground, unable to even stand up. He dropped his gold Magic Robe when he died, but Ling Chen did not even look at it as he rushed towards his next target. The instant his weapons hit his target, an explosion that could rock mountains sounded out, causing all of the people to shiver and desperately run faster…

They had never seen such a terrifying person or beast before… Where did they come from? How could they have such heaven-defying power? All of this wasn’t important – all they wanted to do was escape as far away as possible…

Before, in the Ice Purgatory, Ling Chen had relied on Cai’Er’s [Song of Tranquillity] to deal with the 3 Heaven’s End grade Bosses. These Heaven’s End grade commanders were much higher level, and when combined together, they were a terrifying force. Apart from the Water, Fire, and Lightning Mages who were useless against Ling Chen, if they had surrounded him and attacked, the situation definitely wouldn’t played out this badly. However, when a person’s will has been completely crushed, it simply doesn’t matter how much power they have.

Humans have always had a much weaker lifeforce than beasts of the same level and grade. There wasn’t a single Heaven’s End grade commander who could last under Ling Chen and Xi Ling’s attacks for more than 20 seconds. None of the 20 or so Heaven’s End grade commanders were able to escape from Xi Ling’s [Golden Heaven] barrier, and they were being continuously killed by Ling Chen and Xi Ling.

Further away, the Lord grade Undead army had expanded from 20,000 Undead to 70,000 Undead. This was because when Leng’Er came out of Ling Tian City, the countless number of the Forgotten City's soldiers who had been killed by the Mountain Giant were also turned into Undead and joined the ranks of the Undead army. Lord grade Undead climbed out of the ravaged ground everywhere, completely surrounding the remnants of the Forgotten City’s army.

On the outside there were 70,000 to 80,000 Lord grade Undead, while on the inside there were less than 10,000 despairing normal soldiers. The battle could no longer be called a battle, and it would be more apt to call it a one-sided slaughter. White Eagle was still tied up by Greenwood, and after being smashed into a mountain, Black Demon still had not come out. It was most likely that he had fainted within the mountain. The powerful commanders could not even protect themselves, let alone go to help the normal soldiers.

The Forgotten Emperor stood by himself at the back of the army. He had essentially watched his army being wiped out by the Undead army in less than 10 minutes. He continuously called out to the commanders, but he received no reply. When he did hear a reply, it was always screams filled with hopelessness and terror.

After the final soldier fell, the Undead army, which now numbered 90,000, was brought over by Leng’Er to the Forgotten Emperor. They marched in perfect unity towards the Forgotten Emperor who had seemed so high and mighty just half an hour ago but was now scrambling backwards in terror. It wasn’t that he couldn’t fight – his power was at the Celestial grade, but a single Celestial grade human being surrounded by 90,000 Lord grade Undead would be reduced to bones in an instant. As he scrambled backwards, he continuously screamed in terror.

At that moment, a white shadow flashed over the Undead army, rushing towards the Forgotten Emperor. A furious roar sounded out, “Forgotten Emperor, today will be the date of your death!”

Ling Chen was simply too fast, and his speed was to the point that the Forgotten Emperor could only see a white blur. Before he could react, the white blur was already right in front of him, and the cold and heavy aura it gave off made him feel suffocated. In the next instant, [Dark Samsara] and [Chilling Star] smashed into his chest.


The sovereign and majestic emperor was sent flying like a sandbag. In that instant, because the explosion that had just sounded out from when Ling Chen had struck his chest was no less intense than the ones from before, he finally understood where the explosions before had come from. As he flew, he heart-rendingly screamed – he was the Forgotten Continent’s emperor, someone who only experienced admiration, worship, and flattery. His every word could change the situation for the entire human world in the Forgotten Continent, a single look could cause others to tremble, and a single gesture could cause the land to be turned upside down. Who dared to go against him? Who dared to attack him? Who had the guts or power to harm him? As the person with the most authority in this continent, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had been hurt, and the pain of the weapons hitting his body was not something he could bear, much less with the Scorpio Orb’s effects of amplifying pain by 3 times.

After crashing to the ground, the Forgotten Emperor created a large crater, and he bounced a few times like a ball before finally stopping. He shakily stood up, looking dejected and depressed as he looked towards Ling Chen. Over countless years, this was the first time he had felt such immense fear. “Ling Tian… you… you dared to attack me…”

“You think I wouldn’t dare?” Ling Chen laughed as if he had heard an incredibly funny joke. The army of 100,000 was gone, and the Forgotten Emperor was left by himself, looking incredibly pitiful. However, there was no joy in his heart, only fury and hatred. “Why wouldn’t I dare to harm you? Not only will I harm you, I’m going to kill you today!!”

Ling Chen’s words brought with them a bone-piercing hatred and boundless killing intent. Every word stabbed into the Forgotten Emperor’s ears and heart like knives, causing him to feel even more terror. He could tell that Ling Chen was not joking – he really was going to kill him. When this true fear descended, he was no longer able to maintain the airs of an emperor, and he instead trembled as he yelled, “No! You can’t kill me!! I’m the emperor of the Forgotten Continent’s humans!! All of the humans in the continent need me!! I’m also protected by the Moon God Clan… if you kill me, all of the humans in the entire continent will not forgive you, and the glorious Moon God Clan will severely punish you. Ling Tian City won’t be able to survive… you can’t kill me! You can’t kill me!!”