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Chapter 687: Ling Chen’s Furious Revenge (1)

Ling Chen’s Furious Revenge (1)

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“Thank you for saying this,” the Mountain Giant said. “You’ve already become so powerful to the point that I cannot even believe it. You completely neutralised the Forgotten Emperor’s attack. However, you came back a bit late, so a part of Ling Tian City was destroyed and some brave Fairies also died… go and see them. I felt a mysterious power transport them to a safe place. They’re filled with sorrow right now, and they need some news that can reduce their sorrow.”

Ling Chen felt a pain within his heart and looked towards Greenwood as he slowly nodded. “Alright… Chief Greenwood, they’re at the eastern part of the city. Let’s go over.”

Everyone who Ling Chen wanted to see what was at the eastern part of Ling Tian City. Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue’s heads were lowered in silence, and Xiao Qi and Su’Er’s eyes were both red. Evidently, they had both cried for a long time. Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, and the others all looked incredibly serious, and flames of fury and hatred burned within their eyes. The Dwarf Clan’s Chief and Elders had also returned. Some were sighing, while others were roaring with anger. The Fairies were all silently weeping, giving off an air of absolute grief… in their midst, there were 19 male Fairies lying in a row, not a trace of life within them.

Before Ling Chen arrived, 19 Fairies had died. Compared to the Forgotten City’s losses, these casualties were extremely low. However, to Ling Tian City’s people, the complete annihilation of the Forgotten City's soldiers was not enough because all of the Fairies who had died were completely innocent. When everyone saw Ling Chen and Greenwood arrive, everyone's emotions took a turn for the better. Chief Greenwood was the Fairy Clan’s pillar of strength, and even though Yun Meng Xin was the Lady of the City, everyone knew that Ling Chen was the core of Ling Tian City.

Xiao Qi and Su’Er came over to Ling Chen and couldn’t help but burst into tears. “Big brother Ling Tian, where have you been for the past 2 days? Why couldn’t we find you… Uncle Violetreed, Uncle Greencloud, Ying Feng, Ying Yun, and Greenmist… they all died… in order to protect Ling Tian City. They were killed by the Forgotten City’s people… wuu… wuuu…”

When the Fairy Clan saw Greenwood come back, they also burst into tears. From when they had been born, this was the first time that so many of their family members had departed so suddenly. The pain that they felt was akin to ten thousand arrows stabbing into their hearts. Greenwood stood in front of the Fairies’ corpses, silently looking down at them without a trace of emotion on his face. However, his fists were tightly clenched together and trembled violently, and 2 streams of tears ran down from the corners of his eyes to his jaw before falling to the ground.

Ling Chen lifted his face to the sky and deeply breathed in. Xuanyuan Dia Wu came over to his side and said with guilt, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to protect them…”

“It’s not your fault. In this situation, even you weren’t able to change anything,” Ling Chen replied. “It’s all… my fault… all of it…”

“Has the danger in the western side… been resolved?” Yun Meng Xin finally asked in a soft voice.

“Apart from the Forgotten Emperor and his 2 Mysterious God grade bodyguards, they’re all dead,” Ling Chen blankly replied.

Yun Meng Xin nodded, and she did not feel surprised or joyful. Ling Chen’s words entered everyone’s ears… under the assault of the Forgotten City’s army, everyone had lost hope. However, in just half an hour, they had been completely destroyed – this was a completely unbelievable miracle. However, no one was able to feel happy, and no one cheered with joy.

Ling Chen walked through the crowd and silently came to Chief Greenwood’s side, looking at the 19 fallen Fairies together. The Fairy lying in front of him was called Greencloud, and he was an affable and gentle Fairy uncle. He was in charge of the transport of materials from the Fairy Realm to Ling Tian City, and he always had a peaceful and gentle smile on his face no matter who he faced. There was a beautiful Fairy woman kneeling down beside him, and her eyes looked like empty tunnels because all of her tears had already been used up. She was called Greenvine, and she was Greencloud’s wife. Within her arms was a young Fairy girl who looked 6 or 7 years old. Her name was Ying Yan, and she was Greencloud and Greenvine’s daughter. Her skinny and weak body was curled up within her mother’s embrace, her eyes red and puffy from crying. She hazily gazed at the corpse beside her, and she subconsciously cried out ‘daddy’ over and over again. Every time she called out, everyone could feel their hearts shattering.

Ling Chen deeply understood this sort of pain because he had experienced it twice in his lifetime. The first time was when he had heard that Xuanyuan Dia Wu had died, and the second was when Shui Ruo had died in his arms. He had gone completely mad both times, and both times he had almost been driven to death. That sort of pain was a hundred, if not a thousand, times more painful than the times he spent in heaven and hell. A single Fairy’s death meant that many families had been shattered… the Fairies were essentially one big family, so the death of one Fairy was a sorrowful occasion for the entire Clan, and this was even more pronounced with 19 departed Fairies.

Ling Chen walked forwards towards Greencloud’s corpse. After opening and closing his lips many times, he spoke in a hoarse voice, “Aunty Greenvine, Yan’Er, I let you down… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

He was indeed sorry. If he hadn’t found the Fairy Clan and asked them to leave the Fairy Realm to join Ling Tian City, none of this would have happened. It was impossible to tell what their future would have been like, but at the very least Greencloud would not have died like this, and their family would still be together in blissful happiness. None of the other Fairies would have died either, causing many Fairy families to be shattered, and the Fairies wouldn’t have been brought into the conflict and strife.

Back then, he had asked the Fairies to leave so that they would not walk towards extinction. However, it was undeniable that he was the reason for today’s tragedy. Moreover, he had asked the Fairy Clan to join Ling Tian City not to help them but more so for himself.

When Greenvine heard his voice, she spaced out for a while before looking up at Ling Chen and slowly lowering her head. She said in a soft, hoarse voice, “No… it’s not your fault. You got rid of our barrier and reawakened the Fairy Tree. You’re our Fairy Clan’s greatest benefactor so don’t say that you let us down… Greenwood, he… he died defending his home… not only was he a good husband and father, but he was also a true man… I feel proud of him… I…”

Greenvine choked on her tears and tightly closed her eyes, unable to continue speaking. In her arms, little Ying Yan raised her head and said hazily, “Mummy said… Daddy is a hero and that he didn’t leave us but instead went to heaven. In heaven, daddy will be very happy, and he will keep watching over us… so, big brother Ling Tian, don’t say that you’re sorry. Even though you’re not around a lot of the time, you’re my favorite person, and you’re also daddy and mommy’s favourite person too.”

Ling Chen’s body trembled. His bitter and distraught heart was filled with warmth, and his eyes gradually moistened… if they had hit him, cursed at him, or ignored him, he would have felt better… but there was no blame or hatred in their gaze. Instead, there was comfort and warmth… their hearts were so pure that one would feel their hearts breaking, making Ling Chen feel even guiltier…

Why had he charged into the Fairy Realm and convinced the Fairies to leave in the name of saving them but in actuality do it for his own selfish reasons… why had he not made sufficient preparations despite knowing that something like this would happen… why did he have to be stuck in the Underworld when this happened…

A big hand fell on Ling Chen’s shoulder. Greenwood looked at him as he peacefully said, “Ling Tian, don’t blame yourself; this really isn’t your fault. Leaving the Fairy Realm and defending Ling Tian City with our lives was our own decision. Ling Tian City is our current home, so it is our responsibility to defend it with all of our power and our lives if necessary. Not only is it our responsibility, but it is also our glory. Before the fight, we were all prepared for such an outcome.”

“That’s right. Brother Ling Tian, it’s not your fault. On the contrary, you once again saved us.”

“You’re indeed our Fairy Clan’s greatest benefactor. After they’ve reached heaven, they’ll definitely thank you! How could they blame you?”

“That’s right, please don’t blame yourself. It really wasn’t your fault…”

Facing the guilt that Ling Chen felt, none of the Fairies lost control of their emotions. Instead, they all comforted him and reassured him that it was not his fault.

Ling Chen’s heart was deeply touched, and when he looked at the Fairies around him and Ling Tian City, the way he saw Ling Tian City greatly changed. Before today, Ling Tian City was just something that he had created for Yun Meng Xin, a present to fulfil his promise to her. The most important thing to him was searching for the things that could bring Shui Ruo back to life, and Ling Tian City was just something insignificant. Back then, even the title of Vice-Lord was something that he had declined many times before reluctantly accepting it. However, now, he suddenly felt a sense of responsibility towards Ling Tian City – Ling Tian City was created because of him, and it took his name. He should have originally treated it as his responsibility and not just as a resting spot for him… at the very least, these kind residents deserved his full protection.

Ling Chen did not say anything more. He slowly walked over to where Xiao Qiu Feng and the others were, and with every step he took, his eyes became colder and the killing intent around him became denser. He was looking ahead when he suddenly said, “Heavenly King Skyfall, how many players can the Skyfall Dynasty immediately move out?”

Skyfall stared in surprise for a moment before replying, “Right now, there are 2.48 million players online, and 1.2 million are ready to take orders at any moment. If this figure isn’t enough, give me 30 minutes…”

“It’s enough,” Ling Chen cut him off, his voice as cool as water, but every word he spoke caused their hearts to tremble. “Tell them to gather at the Forgotten City’s Central Plaza in 10 minutes.”

Skyfall’s eyes widened, and after a moment of confusion, his eyes suddenly blazed with passion. “Yes!! In 10 minutes, they’ll all be there without fail! Even if the consequences are 10 times more severe, we’ll turn the Forgotten City upside down! What a rubbish Royal City; what a rubbish emperor… I was just drinking and playing chess with Violetreed and Greenmoon a few days ago… and now… ai…”

Skyfall sighed, and the edges around his eyes began to redden.

“No! I’m not telling you to go there to make a ruckus.” Ling Chen shook his head. “The difference in power between a player’s city and a Royal City is simply too big. Let alone millions of players, even if we had tens of millions of players, we couldn’t afford to do such a thing, and we would only receive cruel punishments. I just want them to go to the Forgotten City in order to carry out a command.”

Ling Chen turned and slowly explained what the command was.

“W-What?!” When they heard his ‘command’, the Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 Heavenly Kings all gaped with their mouths wide open, wondering if there was something wrong with their ears. Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng also stared in shock, but when they saw how terrifyingly cold Ling Chen’s eyes were… he didn’t seem like he was joking or crazy.

“Just do as he says,” Li Xiao Xue said decisively. “If it’s not enough, we can call more people.”

“It’ll be enough,” Ling Chen calmly said. He turned to look in the direction that the Forgotten City was, and he held a Spatial Orb in his hand as he muttered in a low voice, “I’ll make you pay back what you owe Ling Tian City by 100 times today!!”

As he spoke, Ling Chen disappeared and left for the Forgotten City by himself without saying any goodbyes.