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Chapter 693: Adam and Eve (1)

Adam and Eve (1)

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“Hmph, who would have thought that after so many years that the sex demon’s tastes wouldn’t have changed at all,” Yola said somewhat angrily. “But it looks like there’s no reason for us to act anymore. It also looks like your confidence has been crushed – his experiences were not at all inferior to yours.”

“That’s right, so now I’m not feeling very well. You should know that if I can’t suppress him this time, your beautiful big sis is going to becoming his little slave,” the woman with red hair said depressingly.

“Then what are you preparing to do? Same thing as last time?”

The woman with red hair swept back her hair that had been blown around by the wind behind her ear before raising her right hand, looking at the 3 glowing rings as she said, “Evidently, that’s not possible because he has already found me. Have you not noticed that he has glanced towards where we are 4 times in the past minute?”

Yola: “……”

The Undead army was gone and the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames had been extinguished, but the Forgotten City was still in complete disorder. Very few residents had been hurt, but the city guards had suffered heavy casualties. More than half of the palace had been razed, and nearly one-third of the whole city had been destroyed, permeating a burning smell throughout the city. The state of the Forgotten City was extremely miserable, but fortunately, the foundations of the city had not been destroyed. After everything had been settled, it was possible for the city to recover, but the compensation that was to be paid to Ling Tian City would definitely deal a great blow. However, this was the price that they had to pay for their actions, and they could not blame anyone for it.

Logically speaking, no matter what excuse one had, destroying the human world’s Royal City to such an extent was an unforgiveable crime, and locking that person up in the Lunar Sky Hell for eternity would not be overdoing it at all. However, because of the Underworld King’s protection, Ling Chen was completely fine, and he even had imposed 3 conditions on the Forgotten City. Right now, the Forgotten Emperor felt as if he had eaten 30 piles of hot dung.

“Forgotten Emperor, I’m sure that you’re clearer than anyone on how this ordeal started. What goes around comes around; what the Forgotten City has experienced cannot be blamed on anyone but you, resulting in countless innocents being harmed. I should punish you, but since the Forgotten City relies on you, I’ll give you a chance to repent. If anything like this happens again, there will be no mercy!” After speaking severely to the Forgotten Emperor, the Forgotten God Representative calmly looked at Ling Chen and left without saying any goodbyes. She had originally come to save the Forgotten City, but she had run into the Underworld King and his Underworld God Cannon. In the end, she had been forced into lowering her head and accepting Ling Tian City’s terms, filling her with rage, making her to not want to stay any longer than necessary.

The Forgotten Emperor also left sullenly with the help of his 2 Mysterious God grade bodyguards. He now regretted all of his actions to the bone, and even if he had 100 times the courage, he would not dare to take even half a step towards Ling Tian City.

“I say, son-in-law, what the heck did you do? Just as I left the Underworld, I had to run into this crappy situation! Even the Moon God Clan’s people were called! If I hadn’t come in time, you would’ve been eaten by that little girl from the Moon God Clan!” The Underworld King put away the Underworld God Cannon that had scared the Forgotten God Representative so much as he spoke with his loud, coarse voice.

Ling Chen helplessly grimaced. “The situation’s just like what you heard. Ling Tian City was attacked for no reason by the Forgotten City, and I came here to teach them a lesson. Speaking of which, why are you here?”

“Didn’t you want to see our Underworld’s Underworld God Cannon? I came to give you the Underworld God Cannon! I thought you were at Ling Tian City, but I had to follow you to this goddamn place!” The Underworld King said angrily.

The Underworld King had indeed said that he would bring the Underworld God Cannon to Ling Tian City, and he had come unexpectedly quickly. Ling Chen thought for a moment before saying, “Underworld King, you know Ling Tian City’s whereabouts, so please take the Underworld God Cannon there and give it my Dwarf friends there. I’ll immediately let them know about you… I have some private matters that I need to attend to, so I can’t go back right now.”

“Private matters?” The Underworld King raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice, “Do you need my help?”

Ling Chen shook his head. “No, I’ll be able to settle it with a sentence.”

The Underworld King did not say anything else and nodded, “Alright, I’ll take the Underworld God Cannon to Ling Tian City right now, but I’ll only stay for a day at most. If those Dwarves can’t understand it within 1 day, they’ll have to rely on themselves. Take care… oh, and I’ll leave my daughter’s recovery of her body and soul to you; I’m desperate to hear her call me ‘father’ again, so make sure you keep working on that. Do your best, do your best!!”

Just as the Underworld King finished speaking, he disappeared in a dark light, leaving behind a frowning Ling Chen.

Ling Tian City’s people definitely knew about what had happened at the Forgotten City. Ling Chen told Yun Meng Xin about the Underworld King delivering the Underworld God Cannon, and he ended the call before she could even reply. He raised his right wrist and looked at the Lunar Scourge. At that moment, the Lunar Scourge was flickering with a weak and strange light. Ling Chen frowned and activated [Broken Shadow], causing him and Snow Cherry to charge like a lightning bolt towards where the woman with red hair was. In his line of vision, a red figure grew larger and larger.

“Aiya, it’s not like we’ll run away; why are you coming so quickly?”

A voice filled with a slight teasing tone sounded in his ears, and the familiar sound caused Ling Chen’s mind to tighten and his body to suddenly stop. At that moment, the red figure before him swayed, and an incredibly enchanting woman appeared before him. She was wearing a red dress, and her face slightly tilted back as she gently blinked with her upturned eyes. She lightly smiled at him with her luscious red lips, her star-like eyes rippling. Her face was so beautiful that it could steal one’s soul, and adding on her slim figure but busty chest, anyone who saw her would feel their self-control slipping away. The most eye-catching thing was her long hair, which was the colour of bright flames. As it danced in the wind, it created a beautiful scene.

Ling Chen spaced out while looking at her, but it was not because of her looks – it was because he was deeply shocked at her appearance here, and he subconsciously said, “It’s you!! Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” The woman’s lips lifted up into a smirk, giving off the airs of a goddess who had descended.

“Long time no see, Adam, do you remember me?” Yola appeared beside the woman with red hair. As she spoke, her cheeks were slightly puffed out, and she was filled with a trace of excitement but also anger. Although her words were quite calm, there was also sense of questioning. However, her gaze seemed to jump around, not daring to maintain eye contact with Ling Chen for a long time.

“You’re…” Looking at the beautiful golden-haired girl, Ling Chen stared before a cute, doll-like girl with golden hair appeared in his mind. “You’re… Yola?!”

“Hmph, it’s been 7 years already; I’m glad you still remember me.” Yola wrinkled her nose, but deep within her eyes, there was a sense of joy when she heard that he still remembered her.

“Little Yola, you’re the youngest out of all of us. Barring that, how could this perverted sex demon forget you after all he did to you when you were 10?” The woman with red hair said as she lightly smiled.

Ling Chen, who was just about to ask how the 2 of them had come here, almost fainted from what the woman with red hair said. Yola’s pink face became bright red, and she lowered her head and pulled on the woman with red hair’s sleeve, muttering, “Big sis…”

Ling Chen coughed awkwardly, “You still haven’t answered my question. Why are you here?!” After speaking, Ling Chen looked at Yola, who couldn’t raise her head, a bit guiltily. After separating for 6 and a half years, that young girl had become a beautiful young woman.

The woman with red hair played with her slim fingers as she coyly said, “Back then when we separated, we agreed that we should battle every 18 months; the first to win 2 rounds would be the victor. I won the first time, and you won the second time and even smacked me on the butt 3 times. When the time came for the third round, you never appeared… why do you think I came here?”

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows. What the woman had just mentioned was proposed by him. Back then, after Instructor Hell had ‘died’, Eve had wanted to go to the West, but he had wanted to go to the East. They both wished that the other person would go with them, but neither wanted to give in. After all, Ling Chen wanted to go back to find Xuanyuan Dia Wu, while Eve wanted to find her biological mother. Deep down, they didn’t want to be separated from each other and never meet again. As such, they proposed that they would battle once every 18 months. Whoever lost would have to unconditionally follow the other person, and the winner would be the dominant one with regard to a certain thing…

They had chosen to have their battles in the virtual world. In the first battle, she had attained victory through a slight advantage. In the second battle, Ling Chen had narrowly won, and he had been seen by Yun Feng. When the time for the third battle came, he was unable to make it to the battle because that was when Shui Ruo had contracted Isrock Disease.

“You came to fight and settle that?”

“That’s only the first reason,” The woman with red hair said as her eyes narrowed.

“Then what’s the second reason?” Ling Chen asked as he looked at her. The woman in front of him was exceptionally beautiful, and any man who saw her would be unable to prevent themselves from drooling. However, Ling Chen knew just how terrifying of a woman was underneath the beauty. Ling Chen only feared 3 people in the whole world: one was Instructor Hell, one was the missing Mad Scientist, and the other was this bewitching woman with red hair in front of him.

“Of course it’s to help little Yola settle her heart. She has followed me for all of these years, but she talks about you everyday at least 30 times. Oh, my poor ears!” The woman with red hair made a gesture of helplessness.

“Big sis!” Yola suddenly cried out, and the redness extended to her neck, “I didn’t! I didn’t! It was you who wanted to bring me!!”

“… Is there a third reason?”

“There wasn’t a third reason before, but now there is.” The woman with red hair smiled. “The woman opposite you in white was the Forgotten Continent’s Moon God Representative, right? She already discovered that the Lunar Scourge is on you; things are going to get quite unpleasant.”

“What?” Ling Chen felt quite surprised, and he stared at the woman with red hair. “How do you know?” He paused and then asked, “How do you know about the Lunar Scourge?”