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Chapter 702: 12am


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After logging off, Ling Chen immediately went to Qi Yue’s room but found that she was not there. He walked to the courtyard and found that she was relaxingly lying next to the man-made lake on a deck chair, reading a fashion magazine with great interest.

By now, it was early Summer, and it was the best time for sunbathing. Qi Yue’s body was only covered by a thin muslin dress, her snow-white skin incredibly eye-catching. Although she was lying down, her snowy peaks stood tall and perky, and her curves were simply breathtaking. Her large, long legs were completely exposed under the sunlight, and her feet naturally dangled off of the deck chair.

Undoubtedly, Ling Chen was not immune to all of Qi Yue’s enticement and seduction. Just staring at her for a few seconds caused his heart to chaotically beat and hot blood to rush around his body.

“Demoness…” Ling Chen inwardly muttered the word that he always thought of whenever he saw Qi Yue, and he walked towards her. After bringing her to the real world, Qi Yue refused to leave, and she lived the life of a rich young mistress. Everything was cooked for her or bought for her, and all she would do every day was sleep, watch soap operas, read magazines, go swimming, etc… as for doing housework, that was simply impossible.

“Qi Yue, there’s something that you need to tell me today,” Ling Chen said sternly as he frowned.

It was as if Qi Yue had just discovered Ling Chen’s presence. She slowly put down the magazine in her hands and slowly raised her arms, hugging her proud chest. By now, her skin had a healthy red glow to it after basking in the sun, making her look incredibly bewitching.

“Little master, why did you log off so early today? Did you miss me?” Seeing Ling Chen, a look of happiness appeared on Qi Yue’s face, and a pleasant fragrance sprang towards Ling Chen’s nose.

The enchanting fragrance almost caused Ling Chen to space out, and he subtly bit his tongue. He continued to frown as he said, “Qi Yue, you haven’t forgotten why I’ve agreed to let you stay here, right?”

“Oh… of course it’s because little master didn’t want me to leave,” Qi Yue said as she smiled coquettishly.

Ling Chen ignored her answer and continued speaking, “You said back then that you would tell me the truth about Shui Ruo’s death if I allowed you to stay here for a month… now, nearly 2 months have passed; if you still don’t tell me about Shui Ruo, I’ll take you back to the virtual world today!”

This time, Ling Chen was incredibly resolute. From his expression, if Qi Yue said anything that he didn’t want to hear, he would immediately drag her back into the virtual world without hesitation. She started to slowly pout as if she was being wronged, her red lips looking so enticing that Ling Chen wanted to go up and kiss them.

There was no man who could resist Qi Yue’s seductiveness. However, Ling Chen’s expression did not change at all, looking just as serious. Qi Yue gave in and sadly said, “Alright… I didn’t say it because I was afraid that little master would send me back to the virtual world right after I told him so then I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same house as little master anymore…”

Ling Chen: “……”

“But since little master is so adamant, I’ll just tell little master. However, little master needs to remain calm,” Qi Yue said as she raised her chest. Every time she blinked, it looked as if water would fall out of her crystal-like eyes.

“I trust that you won’t lie to me,” Ling Chen said calmly. His expression was calm, but his heart was trembling… just what was this ‘truth’ that Qi Yue was talking about?

“It was poison.” This time, Qi Yue did not try to beat around the bush.

“Poison?” Ling Chen felt quite shocked.

“The thing that took her life was a fatal poison. However, it wasn’t the Isrock Disease but something even worse than the Isrock Disease. Something so bad to the point that the Isrock Disease was completely neutralised by it and became dormant,” an earnest expression appeared on Qi Yue’s face as she slowly spoke. During this time, she had increased her understanding towards things on earth, and she also knew what the Isrock Disease was.

“Poison? How is that possible…” Ling Chen felt quite confused. Shui Ruo had contracted the Isrock Disease, but it was cured by the 13223 drug from Yun Feng. Shui Ruo’s body had become much better to the point that she had been essentially completely healthy, so how could she have been poisoned? He had been with her the entire time and never left her side. How could she have been poisoned?

“From what you told me about lil sis Shui Ruo’s status, I used the internet to do some research, and I found a remarkable type of poison. What’s interesting is that it wasn’t thought to be a poison at the beginning but a miracle cure for the Isrock Disease. However, not too long ago, it was discovered that it was a fatal poison even more terrifying than the Isrock Disease. It was able to completely suppress the Isrock Disease because of how much more powerful it was, forcing the Isrock Disease to lock itself away. After it was discovered to actually be a fatal poison, it immediately became a forbidden good, and its name is… 13223.”

An explosion rang out within Ling Chen’s head. Afterwards, he didn’t hear anything that Qi Yue said.

13223… the 13223 drug he had received from Yun Feng… the legendary drug that could suppress the Isrock Disease…

It was actually a poison… and it was actually what had taken away Shui Ruo’s life!

That night, there were not any injuries on Shui Ruo’s body, much less any signs of being attacked. After he had regained his sanity, he had always wondered about that. It turned out that she had not died because of the Long family’s attacks, but… but…

“How could it be like this… How could it be like this…” Ling Chen muttered. The 13223 that had made him delirious with joy and brought Shui Ruo and him out from the abyss of despair… was actually a poison?!

This was like an incredibly cruel prank – it had given Shui Ruo and him a bubble-like sense of happiness, after which the poison had taken Shui Ruo away forever...

“If little master searches the name ‘13223’ on the internet, you’ll be able to look at its properties as well as the announcements calling for it to be forbidden. Otherwise, if it could really cure the Isrock Disease without any side effects, it would have been mass produced already.”

Ling Chen thought about the last time he had went to the doctor with Shui Ruo and remembered the doctor’s complicated expression when they had mentioned the ‘13223 drug’. Evidently, she already knew the truth about 13223 but was unable to tell them because they had already used it.

“I… see.” Ling Chen’s voice was filled with dryness and bitterness. The light of hope was actually the cause of Shui Ruo’s death. “In that case, if we can’t cure her of the poison even if she’s brought back to life, then she’ll immediately die again, right?”

“This poison is incredibly powerful, and it will remain within a person’s body for 10 years. Back then, I wasn’t trying to scare little master,” Qi Yue said confidently.

Ling Chen sorrowfully sighed. Although his heart felt incredibly chaotic, his mind was quite clear. At this moment, he needed to maintain his clarity. He looked at Qi Yue as he asked, “Then tell me, how can I cure the poison within Shui Ruo’s body? Since you’ve said this, there must be a way!”

“Little master’s quite smart; I indeed do have a way.” Qi Yue’s smile filled her face as she slightly adjusted her position, causing her large, snow-white chest to enticingly ripple.

“Tell me immediately then!” Ling Chen took a step forwards as he demanded.

“I can’t do that right now.” Qi Yue slowly shook her head as she charmingly smiled. “I’ve just said a lot, and I feel tired now. At least let me rest for a little while. However, I know that little master is in a rush to know, so I’ll definitely tell little master today… the time will be… 12 am. If little master can find me at that time, I’ll tell little master everything. I won’t forgive any tardiness though.”

After speaking, Qi Yue smiled before lying back down on the deck chair and closing her eyes, continuing to enjoy the sun. Even though she had been sunbathing for the past half a month, her skin remained just as snowy-white.

Ling Chen did not continue to ask, because if Qi Yue didn’t want to say something, she would never speak no matter what he did. Even though he was in a hurry to know, he could wait until 12am.

While Ling Chen was talking to Qi Yue, neither of them noticed a small white figure silently appear on the balcony on the second floor, listening to every word they said. When Ling Chen left, the white figure silently looked at Qi Yue for a while before disappearing.

After Ling Chen returned to his room, he looked up the 13223 drug and found that it was just as Qi Yue had said.

When he had given Shui Ruo the 13223 drug, there were very few bottles of it left. In fact, very few people even knew that it existed. After it was discovered to be a fatal poison, it was still not very well-known, so it was only today that he had found out the truth about the 13223 drug. Yun Feng definitely didn’t know even now, and it was likely that Gui Ya and the others still didn’t know. Otherwise, they would have immediately told him.

At the very least, the 13223 drug gave Shui Ruo and him hope and allowed them to share a happy and blissful time together, though it was quite short…

“Ruo Ruo, that legend in the virtual world is definitely real. I believe it, and you need to believe it as well… you need to believe that I’ll wake you up one day, and that day’s coming soon…”

After closing his eyes, Ling Chen muttered inwardly for a while… he repeated those words sometimes up to tens of times per day. After opening his eyes, he picked up the phone next to him.

“Gui Ya, if Meng Xin really does return to the Yun family tomorrow, remember to bring some people. Right now, she’s extremely high-profile, and there are definitely countless people eyeing her. If any of you are exposed, it’ll be a risk to her safety. It’s best to ask Qian Mo and Yao Ying to stay by her side.” Ling Chen warned Gui Ya about all of this because of Su’Er’s premonition.

“Yes!” Gui Ya curtly replied before saying, “We’ve already met up with Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice; they want to come too.”

“They’re essentially the same as us, so let them join,” Ling Chen said without hesitating.

“Very well… after joining, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice’s codenames will be Winter and Ice. Also, Yao Ying and Qian Mo have looked over their physiological function, and the result… says that their lifeforce isn’t withering but is instead becoming more vigorous. Their bodies are completely healthy; even healthier than normal humans. Their senses are completely fine too.”

Winter of That Year’s yells could be heard on the other side, “Ahhhhh!! Boss Ling Tian, we really weren’t lying before. My smell and taste suddenly recovered, and boss’s touch and verbal abilities were suddenly restored as well. We really don’t know why… we really weren’t lying… as for our lifeforce, that’s even more confusinggggggg. Such a kind and handsome person like me would never lie…”

Although Winter of That Year was crying out that he had been wronged, Ling Chen could tell that he was delirious with joy. He had thought that he only had 1 or 2 years to live, and now he found out that his lifeforce was incredibly vigorous and could most likely live until he was 100 years old. How could he not be delirious with joy? As for the matter with Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, Ling Chen had always felt quite confused about them. His blood flowed through their veins, so there was a special connection between them. When he first met them, he could indeed tell that their lifeforce was withering. However, after meeting them, their lifeforces became stronger and stronger, and their senses were restored, making him feel incredibly perplexed.

Ling Chen ignored Winter of That Year and asked in a low voice, “How’s Buggy doing? It’s been so long; why hasn’t he been brought out yet?”

The ‘Buggy’ Ling Chen was talking about was the Reaper who had been caught that night when he had charged into the Long family’s residence. He was imprisoned beneath the Xuanyuan family’s residence.

“His wounds have fully healed, and with his abilities, it’ll be incredibly easy for him to escape. A few days ago, I snuck in and found Buggy… he said that Long Zheng Yang would occasionally come to see him and seemed to have some sort of agenda. He wants to find out Long Zheng Yang’s agenda before leaving, and he also wants to find out some things about master.”

“Oh?” Ling Chen asked.

“……” Gui Ya slightly hesitated but then added, “Buggy says that master’s mother seems to still be alive. He wants to stay in the Xuanyuan family’s prison and investigate a few things, such as who master’s mother is and why master was treated like that back then… actually, Buggy told me not to tell master about any of this before he got to the bottom of it.”

Ling Chen’s heart lightly trembled, and a person’s figure appeared in his mind. He looked up and sighed, “I see. Tell Buggy to put his safety first. Also, tell him to use his time there to investigate the Long family’s ‘Dragon’s Vein’ if possible.”