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Chapter 705: Nightmare


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Isrock Disease was one of the most terrifying things in the world to Ling Chen. This was because he fell into an abyss of despair because of the Isrock Disease back then. If he hadn’t been taken to ‘heaven’, he would have died long ago. Shui Ruo’s parents, his adoptive parents, also died because of the Isrock Disease, and Shui Ruo also contracted it. During his lifetime, almost all of his nightmares came from the Isrock Disease. The term ‘Isrock Disease’ was a synonym for the devil, and it was his worst nightmare. Deep in his heart, he wished that those words would never appear in his life again after Shui Ruo woke up.

When Qian Mo cried out ‘Isrock Disease’, Ling Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning. The trauma that this terrifying disease had brought him once again covered his entire soul.

“Impossible! It’s definitely wrong! How could Meng Xin contract the Isrock Disease! She was born in the Yun family, and she definitely had the best vaccines!” Ling Chen picked up the phone and roared into it. No one knew clearer than him how terrifying the Isrock Disease was. Once someone contracted the Isrock Disease, it spelled a death sentence for them… this was something that everyone knew.

“Master, you must remain calm,” Gui Ya’s voice trembled. Of course, he too knew what the Isrock Disease meant. Beside him, Qian Mo and Yao Ying’s faces were deathly pale, and they profusely sweat as they checked Yun Meng Xin’s condition again, praying that the result they just received was a mistake, but…

“It’s definitely the Isrock Disease. Moreover, it’s a very active type of Isrock Disease, so she must have contracted it within the past 24 hours. It’s impossible to tell how she contracted it…”

Ling Chen gripped the phone in his hand tighter and tighter as the last bit of hope evaporated. He was very familiar with Qian Mo and Yao Ying’s abilities – the equipment that they used was from the Mad Scientist, and it was more sophisticated than even the best equipment on Earth. This equipment has never made mistakes before. At this moment, he heard a woman’s voice, “Wait! If she just contracted it, the Isrock Disease shouldn’t be so active. Unless… Unless…” It was Yao Ying’s voice.

“Unless this Isrock Disease was stimulated by special means and cultivated to its most active state! This sort of Isrock Disease can’t be prevented even with the world’s best vaccines! Moreover, because of how active it is, it’s incredibly contagious!”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

“Immediately tell the Xiao family, and tell them not to come near Meng Xin! Qi Qi… where’s Qi Qi? Did she come in contact with Meng Xin?” Ling Chen spoke breathlessly, his expression incredibly dark.

“The Xiao family’s Princess is currently in the game and hasn’t come into contact with Yun Meng Xin. I’ll immediately quarantine this room. Xiao Fei has gone to tell the Xiao family’s young master, and I’m sure that Yun Feng will know soon,” Yao Ying said worriedly.


A soft sound rang out – it was the sound of the Reapers’ phones receiving a call or message. Qian Mo picked up her phone, and after listening for a few seconds, she cried out, “What?!”

“What happened?” Gui Ya hurriedly looked over at Qian Mo, who was panicking.

“Gui Shou says that Su’Er… after Su’Er returned home, she suddenly fainted and her face became extremely pale… it’s possible… it’s possible…” Qian Mo’s voice trembled, and was unable to keep speaking.


Ling Chen, who heard all of this, felt his entire body tremble… yesterday, Gui Ya had reported to him that Su’Er had attended Yun Meng Xin’s grandfather’s birthday banquet with her father, but had not returned home with Su Hong Cheng, and had instead spent the night with Yun Meng Xin in her room…


Ling Chen’s phone once again hit the floor, and he felt as if he had lost all of his strength. He heavily fell into the chair behind him, his eyes losing their focus.

How could things turn out like this… was this reality… or a nightmare…

Could this be what Su’Er’s premonition had been about? Why did it have to be so cruel? Ling Chen felt that even seeing Ling Tian City completely destroyed would be a thousand times better than the despair he was currently feeling.

“Big brother, what happened?”

“Ling Chen!”

When Tian Tian and Shadissika heard Ling Chen heavily sit down, they, who had been organising clothes in their room, ran out. They stood at Ling Chen’s left and right, and when they saw Ling Chen’s expression, they were both greatly shocked.

Ling Chen shook his head, wanting to squeeze out a smile, but he was simply unable to do so. He gently hugged the 2 girls and said with a dry voice, “Tian Tian, Sha Sha, stay with me here and never go out… there aren’t any bad people, danger, or diseases here…”

“Big brother, what’s wrong? What happened? Big brother…” Tian Tian immediately felt that something was wrong, and her eyes began to fill with tears. Apart from when Shui Ruo had left, she had never seen Ling Chen in so much despair.

Shadissika blinked and silently looked at Ling Chen for a long time before coming close and resting her head against his shoulder. She softly said into his ears, “Ling Chen, you can’t be like this. You need to believe that everything will be fine. Bad people can be defeated, dangers won’t appear, and diseases aren’t all that scary. After all, I know many ways to get rid of diseases.”

Ling Chen’s mouth moved, but he was still unable to smile. Looking at the worried gazes in the 2 girls’ eyes, he desperately wanted to comfort them but couldn’t. He closed his eyes and silently hugged them tightly…

“There’s a way to cure the Isrock Disease.”

Qi Yue’s voice sounded out from behind Ling Chen, causing his body to quiver. He stood up and looked at Qi Yue, who had suddenly appeared, and he felt so excited that his lips trembled. If anyone else had said those words, he wouldn’t have felt anything. However, Qi Yue was different – she didn’t belong to this world, and her experiences were far greater than his own. For her to say this, perhaps she really knew of a way to get rid of the Isrock Disease. “Qi Yue! Are you sure? It’s the Isrock Disease; are you sure you know a way to cure it?”

When Ling Chen had been talking into his phone, Qi Yue had been silently listening. Her ears were so sharp that she could hear what the people on the other side of the call were saying, which was quite extraordinary. However, this was not what Ling Chen was thinking about. His eyes burned as he stared at Qi Yue… although this demoness was dangerous, with her experiences and power, he was unable to doubt her words.

Qi Yue nodded, smiling when she saw the hope in Ling Chen’s eyes. “It’s not important whether it’s the Isrock Disease or not; the method I know can purify any negative disease. That’s right, any!”

When facing Ling Chen, who was depressed, this demoness was actually beaming – evidently, she didn’t take this seriously at all. Ling Chen forced himself to calm down and said hurriedly, “Hurry up and tell me what that method is!”

“I told little master that method only yesterday; don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already.” Qi Yue did not directly reply, and she instead narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Yesterday?” Ling Chen stared in surprise. He immediately thought of something, and his eyes trembled. “You’re talking about… the Fairy Fountain’s water?”

“Little master’s so smart; you remembered immediately,” Qi Yue lightly laughed as she continued speaking, “I told little master yesterday that the Fairy Fountain has powerful purifying properties. The poison in lil sis Shui Ruo’s body is much more powerful than the Isrock Disease, but it was still easily cured.”

“The Fairy Fountain’s water… Fairy Fountain…” Ling Chen muttered. The Fairy Fountain belonged to the virtual world, and anyone who heard Qi Yue’s words would be incredibly disappointed and might even scoff. However, Ling Chen was an exception to that. For Qi Yue and Sha Sha to appear in the real world and for Shui Ruo’s body to be transported into the virtual world, it was indeed possible to bring the Fairy Fountain’s water into the real world.

“As long as we bring out the Fairy Fountain’s water, we’ll be able to save Meng Xin and Su’Er… Qi Yue! I’m sure you have a way to bring things out from the Mystic Moon world, right?” Ling Chen suddenly looked up towards Qi Yue.

“Well, that’s indeed possible,” Qi Yue did not deny it. “As long as you give your 2 little lovers the Fairy Fountain water, their bodies will be purified within a short period of time, and even their skin will become white and supple. Even after reaching 40 or 50 years of age, they won’t grow old, and their lifespans will be greatly extended.”

Hearing Ling Chen and Qi Yue’s words, Tian Tian’s face was completely blank. However, Shadissika’s eyebrows slightly twitched, and she wanted to say something but stopped herself.

“Immediately come back to the game with me,” Ling Chen grabbed Qi Yue’s hand as he said hurriedly. He was full of anticipation and sorrow… if the Mystic Moon world had opened earlier, and what Qi Yue said was true, then Ruo Ruo would have been fine. However, one could not turn back time…

On the other hand, Qi Yue did not seem hurried at all. She turned her wrist and instead held Ling Chen’s arm as she said in a soft voice, “If I bring the Fairy Fountain’s water out, how will little master reward me?”

“What reward do you want?” Ling Chen immediately replied. If Qi Yue really could resolve this crisis, he would simply owe her too much.

Qi Yue pressed her lips against Ling Chen’s ear and whispered softly, “I want you to sleep with me every night for this month.”

Ling Chen: “……”

In front of Tian Tian and Sha Sha, Ling Chen was evidently unable to reply to Qi Yue. He once again grabbed her, rushed into his room, locked the door, and started up the game. As his consciousness entered the game, Qi Yue’s body also disappeared.

“Eh… what were big brother and Qi Yue talking about just then? Sha Sha, did you understand any of that?” Tian Tian, who still didn’t understand what happened, pulled at the corner of Sha Sha’s clothes.

“It’s nothing.” Sha Sha smiled and then turned to look at Ling Chen’s room. She slightly frowned and muttered in a voice that only she could hear, “That method… is impossible… because this is a polluted earth.”