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Chapter 706: Breaking Off Ties (1)

Breaking Off Ties (1)

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To the Fairies, there was nothing holier than the Fairy Fountain. After the Fairy Tree regrew, the Fairies’ gratitude towards Ling Chen rose to a new level. Simultaneously, they believed that this was their reward for carefully guarding the Fairy Fountain for so many years. As such, the Fairies viewed the Fairy Fountain all the more as the lifeline of their clan, and they would not allow anyone else to pollute it at all.

Of course, Ling Chen was an exception. The Fairy Tree had been reborn because of him, resolving the threat of extinction. Within the Fairies’ hearts, his status surpassed even Chief Greenwood’s. Let alone go near the Fairy Fountain, there probably wouldn’t be any dissent if he wanted to take the Fairy Fountain away.

Ling Chen brought Qi Yue back into the Mystic Moon world and brought her to the Fairy Fountain. The Fairies guarding the Fairy Tree thought that he was here to see Shui Ruo, so they left after saluting him in order to give him some privacy. In actuality, whether they left or not made no difference to Ling Chen because Qi Yue made it so that only he could see her.

Qi Yue lightly floated above the Fairy Fountain. She bent down and lightly traced her hand against the water. As the Fairy Fountain’s water rippled, a small, transparent bottle filled with Fairy Fountain water appeared in her hand. She gently closed her hand, and when she opened it again, the bottle was gone.

“Can you really bring the Fairy Fountain water into the real world?” Ling Chen asked in disbelief.

Qi Yue looked at him, a charming look on her face. “How could I lie to little master? Could little master have forgotten that it was I who brought lil sis Shui Ruo’s body from the real world here? What’s so difficult about bringing back a small bottle of Fairy Fountain water?”

“In that case, are you saying that you can bring anything from the Mystic Moon world to Earth and anything from Earth to here?” Ling Chen calmly asked.

“Theoretically, yes. However, little master shouldn’t ask me to casually move things between these 2 worlds. The Mystic Moon world and Earth are 2 completely different worlds: to you, one is ‘real’, while the other is ‘virtual’. The intersection between a ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ world is already a heaven-defying action, and moving things between them occasionally is possible. However, if you do it too frequently, you might be punished by the heavens. I’m sure little master wouldn’t want me to be punished by the heavens and be killed by divine lightning, right?” As Qi Yue spoke, she looked down and bit her lip, making her look quite innocent.

If this was the first time that Ling Chen had met Qi Yue, he might have believed her. Moving things from the real world into the virtual world and from the virtual world to the real world was a heaven-defying action… no, no! It definitely wasn’t like that.

However, was the Mystic Moon world really a virtual world? By now, Ling Chen was completely confident that it definitely wasn’t!

In that case, the everything that Qi Yue had just said was nonsense! What she was trying to say was quite simple: “Even though I can do it, asking me to transport things for you between the 2 worlds simply isn’t going to happen!”

Ling Chen did not waste more any words with her on that matter and instead said, “Since we’ve obtained the Fairy Fountain water, let’s go back now.”

“Doesn’t little master want to look at lil sis Shui Ruo for a bit longer?” Qi Yue floated over to Ling Chen’s side and looked at him with her watery eyes.

Ling Chen’s chest heaved. He closed his eyes and said in a soft voice, “After I reawaken Ruo Ruo, I’ll be able to spend a long time with her… let’s go now.”

After speaking, he grabbed Qi Yue’s hand and logged off. As he vanished within a flash of white light, Qi Yue looked down at the Fairy Fountain water, and a complicated look appeared in her eyes. She lightly sighed and also disappeared.


When Yun Feng heard from Xiao Qiu Feng that Yun Meng Xin had contracted the Isrock Disease, he spaced out for 10 or so seconds… following this, he logged off from the game and madly rushed towards the Battle Alliance’s headquarters.

“Meng Xin… Meng Xin!!”

Yun Feng crazily roared as he staggered into the Xiao family’s residence. Not a single person from the Xiao family stopped him, and Xiao Qiu Feng was already waiting for him at the door, a heavy look on his face.

“Where’s Meng Xin? Where’s Meng Xin? How could she have contracted the Isrock Disease?!” Yun Feng rushed over to Xiao Qiu Feng, his face completely red and covered with sweat. His mind had been completely taken over by fear and shock, and he grasped Xiao Qiu Feng’s clothes as he roared, “Xiao Qiu Feng, is this a goddamn prank?! Meng Xin was fine this morning! How could something like this suddenly have happened to her? You got it wrong, right? Right?!”

Yun Feng’s second grand-uncle died because of the Isrock Disease. He was closer with his second grand-uncle than with his own grandfather, and the 13223 drug that he had given to Ling Chen was the one he had desperately obtained for his second grand-uncle. However, he had been too late. From then onwards, he has been deeply fearful of the Isrock Disease, and he hated it with his entire being. When he heard that Yun Meng Xin had been diagnosed with the Isrock Disease, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and he simply could not accept it.

“She’s in Qi Qi’s room. You should go see her. However… don’t get too close.” Xiao Qiu Feng powerlessly said and sighed.

Yun Feng ferociously breathed in, pushed aside Xiao Qiu Feng, and rushed towards the Xiao family’s inner courtyard.

At this moment, the Xiao family’s courtyard was filled with movement. Everyone was wearing at least 2 layers of masks, and some were even wearing thick hazmat suits. All of them were quickly rushing around. Every building gave off a dense smell of disinfectant. Yun Feng ran the whole way to Xiao Qi’s private courtyard. Within the courtyard, Xiao Qi stood there while spacing out, her eyes completely red and puffy from crying. The door that she was facing was tightly closed. When Yun Feng saw this, his mind buzzed, and he burst into the room.

“Meng Xin!” A heavy air swept out from within the room, and he immediately saw Yun Meng Xin lying on the bed. She was peacefully lying there with her eyes closed, and her face was completely pale with not even a trace of blood in her lips… in that instant, Yun Feng felt as if his mind had exploded, and the last trace of hope disappeared. His second grand-uncle had died because of the Isrock Disease, and he couldn’t be more familiar with the outward symptoms of it. Otherwise, when he saw Ling Chen and Ling Shui Ruo, he wouldn’t have been able to immediately tell that Ling Shui Ruo had the Isrock Disease.

“How could it be like this… Meng Xin!” Yun Feng muttered in despair. He swayed as he walked over to Meng Xin, and just as he took 2 steps, Yao Ying firmly blocked his way forward. “Don’t go near her; immediately leave this room!”

The Isrock Disease spread too easily. If a person stayed in a room with an infected person, even if the person did not touch the infected person, the person might still contract the Isrock Disease. However, the Reapers who had walked out from ‘hell’ did not fear it because their bodies, which had surpassed the limits for humans, were not able to be infected by the Isrock Disease.

“Get out of the way! That’s my little sister!” Yun Feng completely lost control of his emotions, and he didn’t even look to see who the person in front of him was. He stretched out his hands, wanting to push her away. However, how could he overcome Yao Ying? Before his hands could even touch her, his arm was instead twisted behind his back, and he was pushed out of the room.

When Yun Meng Xin heard Yun Feng’s voice, she opened her eyes. With the Isrock Disease in her body, this simple action took an incredible amount of strength. She parted her frighteningly pale lips and worriedly said, “Big brother… don’t come in…”

Her voice was just as soft and gentle as normal, but it was so weak that Yun Feng’s heart ached to the point that he almost couldn’t breathe. Yun Feng powerlessly squatted down, and he started to weep like a child, “This isn’t real… This isn’t real…”

“Big brother Yun Feng…” Xiao Qi walked over, bit her lip, and also started to cry. Xiao Qiu Feng also walked over with heavy steps. When he saw Yun Feng weep, he could only sigh, not knowing how to comfort him… all humans knew that the death rate for the Isrock Disease was 100%. No one had ever survived from the Isrock Disease.

Yun Feng felt as if his heart was being stabbed by knives, and he felt that fate had treated his little sister too unfairly. She had no freedom during her childhood, and after she grew up, she became a tool to be used by her family. She didn’t have the power to make her own decisions, but she struggled and obtained Ling Chen’s help, allowing her to finally escape. Not only did she obtain complete freedom, but she also became the star of the world. Because of this, Yun Feng has been delirious with joy. However, this only lasted for a few months before a nightmare of despair mercilessly descended on her…

“She was so kind; in fact, perhaps her only shortcoming was that she was too kind and too perfect… why did fate have to treat her like this?!” Yun Feng inwardly screamed. He gritted his teeth and stood up. He used his hands to forcefully wipe away his tears and determinedly said, “Qiu Feng, I want to take Meng Xin home.”

Xiao Qiu Feng sighed, “She’s very weak right now, so it’s best that you don’t…”

“Meng Xin staying here will only bring trouble to the Battle Alliance. This is the Yun family’s misfortune, and you shouldn’t have to bear it.” Yun Feng’s body was still trembling, but his voice was now steadier. “Although our family hasn’t treated her well, she’s still part of the Yun family, so we should be taking care of her. Even if… even if she departs, it should be at home…”

Xiao Qiu Feng gave him a deep look and silently nodded, unable to say anything. All touching words of comfort were meaningless in the face of the Isrock Disease.

“Since it’s like that, let me do it. Don’t worry, I won’t contract the Isrock Disease.” Yao Ying nodded towards Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng, then walked to the bed and picked up Yun Meng Xin.