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Chapter 709: Flying to Su Hang

Flying to Su Hang

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“Bullshit!” On the other hand, Su Yi Cheng did not seem happy at all, and he roared, “If there really was such a person in the world, the Su family definitely would have known before the Yun family! Don’t try to use these sorts of underhanded tricks to absolve your responsibility; Su’Er’s like this now because of the Yun family. I’ll definitely settle this debt in the future!”

“Uncle Su, I’m telling the truth!” Yun Feng pointed at the back seat of the car as he quickly said, “My little sister Meng Xin’s in the car right now, and I’m about to take her to that person. He said that he might have a way to cure the Isrock Disease and save my little sister and Su’Er!”

“Cure the Isrock Disease?” Su Yi Cheng laughed mockingly. “Even 3 year old children know that it’s impossible to cure the Isrock Disease.”

At this moment, Xiao Qi also drove in, and she could hear Su Yi Cheng’s words from afar. She hurriedly got out and cried out, “Uncle Su, big brother Yun Feng’s telling the truth; we’re here to pick up Su Su! How could we lie to you about something so important?”

“Hmph, I’ll say it again. None of you should even think about touching a hair on Su’Er’s head!” Su Yi Cheng angrily replied. He knew more than anyone else how much despair the Isrock Disease could bring. He simply didn't believe that it was possible to cure the Isrock Disease.

The back door of the car opened, and Yao Ying frowned as she expressionlessly said, “You can choose not to believe us, but I should remind you that if you let us take Su’Er away, you’ll at least have a chance at saving her. If you don’t let us take her away, Su’Er will only be doomed to die. Moreover, you should already know that Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er’s Isrock Disease isn’t any ordinary Isrock Disease. Those who have the normal Isrock Disease, if given proper treatment, will be able to last 1 or 2 years, but the Isrock Disease they have will make it difficult for them to last even 5 days. For Su’Er, the time is even shorter, and she might not even last 2 or 3 days. At the same time, the longer we leave it, the more difficult the disease will be to cure. Every second you waste is equivalent to taking away a bit of hope from Su’Er! If you are still adamant on not believing us… Yun Feng, let’s go. Remember what master said, he’ll definitely be able to follow through. When Yun Meng Xin returns healthy, let’s see what kind of comical expressions these people, who refused to give hope to their loved one, will make!”

Su Yi Cheng’s expression darkened, but he was unable to chase them away anymore. Su Hong Chen staggered forwards as he yelled out, “Wait! Please tell me… who is this ‘master’ you refer to?”

“You’ve met him before. It’s Ling Tian, who came to Su’Er’s 16th birthday party… the national fugitive Ling Chen,” Yao Ying said with an expression of pride and worship.

“Him… it’s him!” Su Yi Cheng and Su Hong Cheng’s expressions both changed. Ling Tian, the overlord of the Mystic Moon world; Ling Chen, the man who had charged into the Long family’s residence alone, crippled Xuanyuan Xue Yi, and had a body that surpassed humanity’s limits!

Hearing the name ‘Ling Tian’, both Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng’s hearts trembled. If anyone else had said that he or she could cure the Isrock Disease, they wouldn’t have believed them. But Ling Tian… this monster exceeded anything they knew, and everything he did completely shocked even these powerful men who had seen almost everything. If it was him who said that he could cure the Isrock Disease… there was almost no reason for Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng to doubt it.

“Did he really say that? Did he really say that he has a way to cure the Isrock Disease?” Su Hong Cheng’s voice trembled. He believed it… he used all of his will, and even his life, to believe it.

“My master never says things that he’s not sure about. Moreover, despite being a national fugitive, he still came to Su’Er’s birthday banquet; can you not see how much he cares for her?”

“Great… Great… This is great… we’ll believe him… we’ll believe him…” Su Hong Cheng said emotionally, and Su Yi Cheng’s face became bright red. They had fallen into utter despair, but they could now see the light of hope. Su Yi Cheng clenched his fists as he said in a trembling voice, “Very well… very well… tell Ling Tian that we’ll agree to any condition of his if he’s able to cure Su’Er! Even if he wants me to kneel down to him or take my life, I won’t hesitate!”

Yao Ying smiled and replied, “My master truly likes and cares for Su’Er. He’s not doing this because he wants anything from the Su family; rather, he is doing it for himself. If anything happened to Su’Er, master would not be any less sad than all of you. I’m sure you also know that Su’Er likes my master, so all I can say is that I hope you won’t stop Su’Er from being with master.”

“As long as Su’Er’s fine, we’ll do anything to make her happy, even if we have to make enemies with the whole world,” Su Hong Cheng exclaimed emotionally. They knew that Su’Er secretly liked Ling Chen, but before today, they definitely would not have allowed her to be together with him. After all, Ling Chen’s identity was too sensitive: he was the Long family’s archenemy and a national fugitive. If she was with Ling Chen, it would affect the Su family’s reputation, and it might even pit the Su family against the Long family. However, now that they had almost lost her, nothing was as important. As long as she could be safe and happy, it didn’t matter even if the entire Su family was destroyed.

“Thank you for your trust. I’ll convey what you said word for word to master.” Yao Ying nodded at them. “We can’t waste any more time, so please let me take Su’Er… 2 Chiefs, I’m sure you know about my master’s situation. The place he’s staying at is a very secret place, and it cannot be revealed to anyone. As such, although I understand how you feel, I cannot allow you to come with us. Please understand.”

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng, who were planning to go as well, stared in surprise, but they did not say anything. They nodded before personally opening the door to the room that Su’Er was quarantined within.

“You Yue, Han Lan, hurry and help.” Yao Ying shouted as he suddenly looked up while walking to the entrance.

When she shouted, 2 figures simultaneously landed. Both of them had their faces covered with marks, and their tight clothes revealed their slim curves, revealing that they were both young women. Su Yi Cheng and Su Hong Cheng were both shocked. “Who are you?”

“Per master’s orders, we’ve been protecting Su’Er around the clock. We have failed this time, and we will ask master to punish us.” After speaking, You Yue and Han Lan quickly walked to Su’Er’s bed and carefully picked up the unconscious girl.

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng looked at each other, both seeing the shock in the other person’s eyes. The guards around them were completely dumbfounded, and they looked at each other… this was the Su family’s residence, and the residence had countless high-grade soldiers with live ammunition standing guard around the clock. In terms of defensive power, apart from the Long family, the Su family was the most protected place in all of Beijing. However, they had never discovered these 2 people who had been protecting Su’Er around the clock, and they had not seen where they had come from just now.

“No less than expected from Ling Tian’s people. They’re all… monsters,” Su Hong Cheng couldn’t help but mutter.

“At the very least, it shows that he really does care about Su’Er.” Su Yi Cheng looked at Su’Er, the hope in his heart becoming larger.

“That’s right… come to think of it, if Su’Er’s with him, we won’t have to worry about her safety at the very least,” Su Hong Cheng said. With Ling Tian’s ability to send the entire Long family into chaos by himself, if Su’Er was by his side, who in the world could harm her?

“It’s just that, from what I’ve seen, there are quite a few women by his side. Let alone Su’Er, even her 2 sisters, the Yun family’s daughter, and the Xiao family’s daughter are all extremely close to him.”

“If Su’Er can really get better… as long as that’s what she wants, what need is there for us to worry?” Su Hong Cheng closed his eyes as he silently prayed.

Yun Feng did not say anything. Seeing the Su family’s response to Su’Er’s situation, he felt incredibly complicated. The Su family has been around for less than 300 years, and it was much weaker than the Yun family financially. After the Isrock Disease catastrophe 60 years ago, the Su family gave on their businesses and entered politics. Now, he finally understood why the Su family had done so. With their relatives dying in that catastrophe, what use was immense wealth and enterprise? As such, the Su family gave up on business and focused on politics to attain power, particularly military power. The Su family did this so that they could protect their relatives and their family, and this way they would not be bullied by others. As for the Yun family, it was a large business family. Most people in the Yun family were conditioned to be perfect businesspeople – to only do what was beneficial and what would bring profits, not losses.

In order to form a relationship with the Long family, they had completely disregarded Yun Meng Xin’s own wishes and happiness. They tried to curry favour with her after she rose to power and fame, but they had once again discarded her after finding out that she had the Isrock Disease. After confirming that they could no longer gain anything from her and would instead only bring danger and misfortune, they had mercilessly cast her out… this was the Yun family.

For me to have this sort of personality despite being born into the Yun family; this must be a miracle… Yun Feng silently laughed to himself and then re-entered his car. Soon, Yun Feng and Xiao Qi’s cars left the Su family’s residence, heading South.

When they reached their destination, Li Wan Yu was already waiting for them with the Dassault Falcon 2000. This place was the Li family’s private airport in the southern part of Beijing, and most of it was unused. Yun Feng and Xiao Qi drove their cars right up to the Dassault Falcon, and seeing them, Li wan Yu asked, “You are…”

The car doors opened, and Yao Ying quickly came before Wan Yu and said, “You’re Li Wan Yu from the Li family, right? We’re the people you’re waiting for… the people we’re bringing have been infected with a powerful version of the Isrock Disease, so it’s best that you don’t go back with us. This is quite close to the Beijing’s southern airport, so we’ll have to ask you to return on a flight from there… immediately tell me the jet’s activation code so that we can go.”

Li Wan Yu stared for a while before dumbly nodding. She thought to what Li Xiao Xue had told her and didn’t dare to ask any further. She hurriedly gave him the Dassault Falcon 2000’s activation code, but she asked with an air of uncertainty, “Are you sure… you’ll be able to fly it?”

“Don’t worry!” Yao Ying waved her hand before quickly moving around, helping the others bring Su’Er and Yun Meng Xin into the cabin. Xiao Qi did not even hesitate, and she completely disregarded the risk of being infected with the Isrock Disease as she too entered the cabin. She didn’t even have time to call and let her family know. She didn’t know how this trip to Su Hang would turn out, but she simply wanted to be with Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er… 10 minutes later, the jet quickly left.

This Dassault Falcon 2000 was Li Xiao Xue’s custom-made jet, and it could seat 8 people. With enough fuel, it could travel over 6,000 kilometres at an altitude of 5,000 metres, and it could reach a maximum speed of Mach 2. Going at a steady speed, it would take less than 2 hours to go from Beijing to Su Hang.

Although they were quite familiar with each other in the virtual world, Su’Er had only met Ling Chen in the real world once, while Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi had never met Ling Chen in the real world. Perhaps only after they reached Su Hang would they truly begin their relationships with him.

However, could the Fairy Fountain’s water really cleanse the Isrock Disease? Xiao Qi believed it, Yao Ying believed it, You Yue, and Han Lan believed it because that’s what Ling Chen had said. Ling Chen himself believed it too. However, whether the result would be as they wished was a different matter.