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Chapter 716: Futuristic Technology

Futuristic Technology

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The next day at noon, Ling Chen changed his appearance and personally came to the Li family’s residence. The things that Shadissika had given him were much too important, and he wasn’t able to feel at ease with them in his hands.

“What? 1 billion?!” Li Xiao Xue stood up from her chair with a ‘whoosh’ and looked at Ling Chen with dismay. “Do you know what that number represents? How is that possible?!”

She had heard that Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er had been cured of the Isrock Disease, and this in and of itself had given her a great shock. When Ling Chen came, she was desperate to know just how Ling Chen had cured the world’s most terrifying disease. Before she could ask, Ling Chen gave her a bottle filled with a transparent liquid and said a sentence that was even more shocking than a legend.

It would still be effective even if it was diluted into 1 billion parts… this meant that the contents of this tiny bottle could cause the Isrock Disease to vanish from the world!

“You didn’t hear incorrectly; it’s 1 billion! If you’re unable to believe it, you can find some people with the Isrock Disease and carry out tests after diluting it to one-billionth of its current dilution,” Ling Chen replied calmly.

If it were anyone else who had said those words, Li Xiao Xue would have believed that he was crazy. However, for Ling Chen to say it so calmly, it did not seem like a lie, and yet she was unable to believe it. As she held the small bottle, her hands subtly trembled. If what Ling Chen said was true, the value of this tiny bottle was simply priceless.

“Just what’s inside this bottle? Where did you get it from?”

“I don’t know.” Ling Chen shook his head. “Because this bottle was given to me by someone else. It was because of this that we were able to save Meng Xin and Su Su. What I just said was what that person said to me, so I completely believe it! Just don’t ask me who it was – that person didn’t want me to tell anyone else.”

Li Xiao Xue slowly breathed out and looked at Ling Chen in disbelief. “And you’re giving it… to me?”

Ling Chen nodded. “That’s right! Because out of all of the people I know and trust, you’re the only one able to dilute it that much and send it to Isrock Disease victims all over the world.”

“If… If what you said is true, do you know what this means for my Li family?” Li Xiao Xue’s breathing became ragged.

After knowing Li Xiao Xue for so long, it was the first time he had seen her with such extreme emotions. However, this was not surprising – the value of the bottle in her hands was greater than thousands of times what the Li family had.

Ling Chen did not directly answer her question, and he instead asked, “If your tests prove what I said is true, how will you use it?”

Ling Chen thought that Li Xiao Xue would think for a long time before answering such an important question. Who would have thought that Li Xiao Xue would immediately say, “Of course I’ll announce to the world that my Li family’s medicine is able to cure the Isrock Disease and that none of the Isrock Disease victims will have to pay anything to receive it… we’ll provide it to the whole world for free!”

“Provide it to the whole world for free?” Ling Chen was flabbergasted, and he asked, “Even though your Li family is incredibly rich, there are many Isrock Disease victims, and they’re spread out all over the world. Doing this will cost a fortune… with my understanding of you, the big miss of the Li family, I’m sure you’re not just doing this out of the kindness of your heart, right?”

Li Xiao Xue smiled and pursed her lips before saying leisurely, “The costs will be quite high, but no matter how high they are, our Li family can take it. However, the benefits will be tens of thousands of times greater than the costs… no, millions of times greater. This is because our Li family will have saved hundreds of millions of people and gotten rid of the world’s biggest disaster. No one has ever done such a thing before! Our Li family will be known by the whole world, and our fame and reputation will hide the sky and cover the sun!

“This is especially so for those who have been plagued by the Isrock Disease. They would have received life from death, and they and their families would all be incredibly grateful towards the Li family to the point of worshipping my Li family! When that time comes, the support my Li family will receive will be unimaginable, and our development will become unstoppable. At the same time, what we had done was a great service to the world, so we will be remembered by history forever. Our family will become like a bright sun in the sky, and even the Long family’s people will not dare to do anything to the Li family who saved the world!”

After speaking, Li Xiao Xue looked at Ling Chen and added, “If what you said is true, what I just said is not an exaggeration at all. Moreover, this is just a small part of the benefits my Li family will receive!”

Li Xiao Xue’s words caused Ling Chen’s heart to tremble. He thought for a moment and couldn’t help but admit that Li Xiao Xue’s words were not exaggerated at all. As such, giving this bottle to the Li family would bring them immeasurable benefits. However, he did not care much for the benefits that the Li family would receive. He nodded as he said, “Since it’s like this, I’ll leave it to your Li family. As long as you can eradicate the Isrock Disease from the world, you can do whatever you wish with it. Moreover, I don’t need you to pay any price.”

“Oh?” Li Xiao Xue’s eyes rippled as she charmingly smiled. “I’m your woman, and I’ve even given you my precious virginity. As my man, aren’t you supposed to give me things? Could it be that you thought about using this as an exchange?”

“……” Ling Chen’s face twitched, and he walked forwards and handed the memory chip from Shadissika to her as well. “I should give you this as well.”

“A memory chip? What’s inside it?” Li Xiao Xue asked in curiosity.

“I didn’t look through it, so I don’t know. If you want to know, have a look for yourself. This memory chip is from the same person who gave me that bottle,” Ling Chen replied.

Hearing that the memory chip came from the same person who had given Ling Chen the bottle that could supposedly eradicate the Isrock Disease, Li Xiao Xue looked at the memory chip seriously. She did not say anything as she inserted it into her computer and opened its contents.

Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue were separated by a table, so he could not see the contents on the screen, nor did he go over to look. Instead, he watched Li Xiao Xue’s reaction. When the files within the memory chip were opened, he saw Li Xiao Xue frown, and as her finger flicked across the computer screen, her frown did not lessen but instead became tighter. Her expression went from one of calmness to one of shock… she could not suppress her shock at all.

In the end, her hands on the computer started to shake more and more violently. This sort of reaction from Li Xiao Xue was already absurd. Ling Chen finally couldn’t resist anymore and asked, “What’s inside it?”

Li Xiao Xue turned the computer around as her chest heaved. “Ling Chen! Who gave you this memory chip? Just who is that person?”

Ling Chen frowned and said, “I already said that the person doesn’t want anyone else to know who he or she is, so I won’t answer that question… just what’s inside?”

A complicated look appeared in Li Xiao Xue’s eyes, and her lips moved a few times as if she still wanted to continue asking who that person was. However, thinking back to how stubborn Ling Chen was, she had to give up. She finally said with a breathless voice, “If this memory chip and that bottle came from the same person, then I can completely believe in the properties of the contents of that bottle! The things in here… don’t belong to the current earth!”

“Don’t belong to the current earth?” Ling Chen stared. “What do you mean?”

“The things recorded in here are roughly 300 years… no! At least 500 years, if not 1,000 years more advanced than our technology and medicine!” Li Xiao Xue’s near-trembling voice replied.

“What?!” Ling Chen was also dumbfounded.

“There’s 300 terabytes of data on this, but all of it is in standard Chinese. I only looked through a bit of it, but every word and diagram is completely shocking. This first resource is a solar car, and it is a perfect solar car that can’t even be imagined right now. It completely describes how it works – it doesn’t need any other resources, and it is no less inferior to any other car currently in the world while also avoiding all types of pollution… the blueprint describes every component in detail to the point that almost no further research is required. Anyone who has an understanding of engineering and mechanics will be able to build such a car! With this resource, my Li family can start mass-producing cars that should not appear for another 500 years! If the entire world uses these solar cars, the pollution in the world will be greatly reduced, and the noise and light pollution will also decrease. It will save an immeasurable amount of resources.

“The second resource is a natural purification system that’s suitable anywhere in the world, including cities, towns, villages and families. This system can efficiently purify air, water, light, industrial waste, general waste, and even magnetic radiation and nuclear radiation. It can even steadily control air quality, and it’s also powered by the sun. If we use this sort of purification system on a large scale throughout the world, the polluted world can quickly be reborn!

“The third resource is a water-powered ship and submarine. They can, amazingly, use water to generate energy while not using any other resources…

“… Just the parts of the medical resources that I’ve glanced through contain countless medicines and equipment... the most mysterious thing is that there’s even a human purification and regulation system…”

“… If we’re able to produce the purification systems, I’m sure that the average lifespan of a human will increase to 200 years… or even higher... within 10 years…

“And… And… And…”

Li Xiao Xue became more and more excited as she spoke. Anyone who saw technology that greatly surpassed their time would be unable to remain calm. Hearing the inconceivable things that she was talking about, even Ling Chen felt incredibly shocked, and he was unable to quell the waves within him.

This memory chip had been given to him by Sha Sha.

How did Sha Sha have such things!

She did not belong to earth, and she was instead a girl from the virtual world. Being able to bring her out from the virtual world was already incomprehensible, but… within the Mystic Moon world, the technology there was even further behind earth’s! The things that Li Xiao Xue mentioned did not exist in the Mystic Moon world, and they were not recorded in the Chronicles!