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Chapter 717: Long Tian Ya?

Long Tian Ya?

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“Ling Chen, is that person you were talking about an alien?” Li Xiao Xue asked seriously. She was not joking at all, because these things did not belong to earth and must have come from another world.

“You can think whatever you want,” Ling Chen casually replied. However, he was not any less shocked than Li Xiao Xue.

Li Xiao Xue did not continue to ask, and she instead said with a strange expression, “Alright, since you don’t want to answer no matter how I ask, I won’t be able to pry an answer from you. If it wasn’t for the fact that you possess the Long family’s bloodline, and everything you’ve done, I would actually suspect you to be a monster from another planet.

“The 2 presents you’ve given me are simply too great to the point that even I, Li Xiao Xue, am at a loss for words. I can 100% confirm that these 2 things will greatly change my Li family… as well as the entire world!”

“I’m sure you’re much clearer than me about how to use them, so I won’t say any more. Use them well.”

After saying this, Ling Chen prepared to leave.

“Wait,” Li Xiao Xue called out to stop him. She slowly walked over to Ling Chen and said in a low voice, “After hearing what happened to Meng Xin and Su’Er, I suspected that something similar would happen here, so I set some traps. Who would have thought that I would have received some results this morning.”

After speaking, Li Xiao Xue raised her hand, and within it was a capsule-shaped object tightly sealed in glass.

Ling Chen immediately thought back as he looked at the capsule, and his voice became low, “Isrock Disease?”

“That’s right, and it’s an extremely active type of Isrock Disease.” Facing this terrifying Isrock Disease, even Li Xiao Xue had a look of fear on her face. If it wasn’t for what had happened the previous day, perhaps the same thing that happened to Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er could have happened to her. “The person who tried to do this was Aunty Zhang, who had watched me grow up and cleaned my bedroom and office every day. However, the Aunty Zhang today was actually someone else impersonating her. However, her looks, clothes, figure, and even mannerisms were exactly the same. At a distance, even I wouldn’t be able to tell that the person was an impersonator. Luckily, she didn’t slip past Bing Yao’s eyes.”

“Did you catch the person?” Ling Chen asked. All of the Reapers were master-class disguise artists. As such, no matter how perfect one’s disguise was, it would not be able to trick a Reaper.

Li Xiao Xue frowned and nodded. “Yes. The person was very strong, but she was no match for big sis Bing Yao. The person’s being held underground, and this capsule was found on her. Evidently, she was preparing to infect me while ‘cleaning’ my bedroom or office. This was most likely how Meng Xin and Su’Er were infected, and this was most likely ordered by the same person. However, she quite stubborn, and no matter what we ask her, she refuses to answer.”

“There’s no use asking her; just do what you want with that person. Apart from that person, who else would do such a thing?” Ling Chen coldly asked as he clenched his fists so tightly that his veins bulged.

When he was 10 years old, Long Tian Yun had pricked him with a needle, causing him to contract the Isrock Disease. From when he had been pricked by the needle to when he was not able to even stand because of the Isrock Disease, only a mere day had passed. Normally, after the Isrock Disease entered a person’s body, it would take at least a month, and sometimes it even took 3 or 4 months to incubate before completely infecting the body. Of course, this was unless it was a super active Isrock Disease like the one that had infected Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er!

Yesterday, the sudden flaring up of the Isrock Disease in Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er caused him to think back to when he had been infected. Their conditions after they had been infected were exactly like his back then.

Li Xiao Xue naturally knew who ‘that person’ was. She slightly narrowed her eyes and said in a low voice, “Their actions are simply vile to the point that all of the humans and gods would be infuriated. I knew that he definitely wouldn’t just stay silent with his personality. However, I never thought that he would do such a despicable thing. What’s more, I never thought that he would secretly develop this super active Isrock Disease!”

“After all, there are no traces left by the Isrock Disease and those who are infected by it are doomed to die, so no one would suspect that it was orchestrated by someone. Over these years, he’s used similar methods to kill many people.” Ling Chen closed his eyes, and although his expression was calm, new and old hatred rose up within his heart, making his chest threaten to explode.

“What are you planning to do then?” Li Xiao Xue stood half a step away from Ling Chen. She knew how he felt, but she did not say anything because Long Tian Yun’s target was her… as well as the entire Li family! From yesterday to now, if she hadn’t sensed that something was wrong, she may have been infected by the Isrock Disease. If she died, her Li family, which would have no successor, would have fallen into outsiders’ hands, and they would have quickly declined. As such, she was no less angry towards Long Tian Yun than Ling Chen was.

Ling Chen did not answer – perhaps he was thinking whether he should use various cruel methods to take revenge… because Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er had almost died because of the Isrock Disease! He waved his hand and calmly replied, “Just focus on the medicine for now,” before turning and leaving.

After Ling Chen left, Li Xiao Xue stayed silent for a while before quickly picking up the phone.

“Wan Yu! Immediately tell my father to come to my place immediately no matter how important the thing he is working on is… tell him that this matter concerns the future of the entire Li family!”


By the time Ling Chen returned, it was already the afternoon. While he was still quite far away, he could already hear a lot of chatting and laughing. Now that Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, and Su’Er had come here, his home had become much livelier.

As soon as he entered the house, Xiao Qi rushed over and excitedly yelled, “Big brother Ling Tian, can we stay here longer? It’s so beautiful here, and it is like a real wonderland. I never thought that such a beautiful place could exist in the world. Big sister Meng Xin and Su Su also want to stay here.”

“Mm, I also really like it here,” Su’Er walked a bit closer and said shyly.

“As long as you like it here and your families are alright with it, you can stay for as long as you’d like.” Ling Chen naturally wouldn’t refuse, and he immediately agreed with a smile.

“Yay, that’s great!” Xiao Qi cheered as she happily said, “Just then, my dad and big brother said that that they didn’t mind as long as I was willing. Su Su’s father and uncle are alright with it as well. Big sister Meng Xin…” Xiao Qi stopped speaking and thought back to how Yun Meng Xin had been cast aside by her family, and she looked at Yun Meng Xin sadly as she said in a small voice, “Big sister Meng Xin is completely fine to stay here too. This place is a hundred, if not a thousand, times better than her old home.”

Yun Meng Xin beautifully smiled without even a trace of sadness or sorrow.

“Meng Xin, Su Su, have you experienced any discomfort anywhere?” Ling Chen walked over and asked. Although they looked completely fine, he still wanted to make sure.

“Don’t worry, your medicine was quite extraordinary. No matter if it's our bodies or our minds, we feel great,” Yun Meng Xin replied with a smile.

Ling Chen nodded. “If you like it here, then stay here as long as you’d like. Let’s just pretend that the things from yesterday never happened and not think about them.”

Yun Meng Xin lightly nodded as she replied, “After experiencing the boundary between life and death, I no longer care about what happened yesterday. After thinking about it, I should thank the Isrock Disease because it showed me many things I was unable to see before. It showed me who my true family was, and it allowed me to see you and say the words that I would have never dared to say…”

Yun Meng Xin’s smile could topple a nation, and her gaze contained a familiar gentleness. However, the feelings within them were not hidden but unreservedly displayed to Ling Chen.

After walking the boundary between life and death, she realised how silly all of her reservations and worries were. Su’Er felt the same way. After Yun Meng Xin woke up, thinking back to the previous, nightmarish day, what she felt was not fear but a sense of joy. She felt as if the clouds in the sky had suddenly all disappeared.

Ling Chen, everything I said last night came from my heart; please don’t forget those words…

The Yun family’s Yun Meng Xin is dead, and she was mercilessly abandoned by them. The Yun Meng Xin from now on will only belong to Ling Chen and my good sisters...

At the same time, in the underground prison underneath the Xuanyuan family’s residence.

The lighting was dim, and the smell was so bad that it assaulted one’s nose. 2 people walked through a narrow corridor towards the innermost region of the prison. The person in front had a tall and straight stature, and he walked lightly and briskly. However, his right arm hung in an unnatural way when walking. The person behind him walked with heavier steps, and he was deeply frowning as if he was thinking hard about something.

“Chief, it’s here.”

At the very end of the prison was a cage used to imprison the most dangerous people. In the corner, a person was sitting against the icy copper wall, completely unmoving. His face was completely covered by his long hair, and 10 or so thick chains were wrapped around his body, tightly securing his entire body.

Long Zheng Yang wordlessly stared at this person for a while, a range of emotions flickering across his face. He raised his hand and said, “You can go up now. Tell all of the guards to leave. Without my orders, no one is to come in.”

“Eh? This… Chief! You must not do this! This person is incredibly dangerous, and even though he’s locked inside, he’s still incredibly dangerous.” Long Zheng Yang’s words caused Xuanyuan Dao, who had escorted him here, to feel incredibly shocked, and he hurriedly refused.

Long Zheng Yang’s tone became stricter, and he once again waved his hand and said, “I have some things that I want to ask him in private. All of you are to go up immediately!”

Long Zheng Yang’s words caused Xuanyuan Dao to feel slightly suffocated, and he did not dare to say anything else. He only said “yes” before taking all of the guards out of the prison.

In the lowest level of this hellish prison, only Long Zheng Yang and the person in the cage remained. The person in the cage suddenly lazily sat straight, causing the chains to clang, and his eagle-like eyes condescendingly looked at Long Zheng Yang through his long hair before he said in a mocking voice, “Hoh! Great Chief Long has finally come. After catching your elder, not only did you not kill me, but you even gave me good food and drink. Just what sort of important information do you want from your elder?”

Facing his mockery, Long Zheng Yang’s expression and gaze did not change at all. He stared at the person and said in a low voice, “I just want to know one thing: your master, Ling Chen – was his original name… Long Tian Ya?!”