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Chapter 718: The Delayed Truth

The Delayed Truth

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The person in the cage was called Gui Long, and he the person Gui Ya and the others referred to as ‘Buggy’. After both of his legs were heavily injured, he had been captured and locked up in here the entire time. However, Long Zheng Yang had personally given the order for him to not be killed. As such, he has actually had quite a good time in prison. In actuality, as he recovered his strength, all of his wounds had already healed. At the same time, his ability to escape was one of the best out of all of the Reapers. If he wanted, Xuanyuan family’s prison was unable to hold him at all. He only stayed here to fulfil his own goal.

Hearing Long Zheng Yang’s words, Gui Long’s breathing slightly paused, and his gaze towards Long Zheng Yang became sharper.

Even though it was a very slight change, Long Zheng Yang was, after all, the person with the most authority in China, and he had very perceptive senses. Before Gui Long could reply, he heavily sighed and lifted up his face as he sadly said, “Looks like everything was true.”

“Hahaha…” Gui Long coldly laughed. “Is my answer not important? Since you had suspicions, you must have tested his blood against your own blood. Were you satisfied with the results? Hmm?”

Gui Long knew that since Long Zheng Yang had personally come to ask him for verification, he must have tried various methods to verify his suspicions. Gui Long’s words hit the mark. Long Zheng Yang suspected whether Ling Chen was Long Tian Ya because the comparison between Ling Chen’s DNA and his DNA gave him a great shock that made him unable to sleep. Naturally, there was a reason why he had tested Ling Chen’s DNA against his own – the first time he had met Gui Long, Gui Long had spoken incredibly hatefully towards him. Back then, a faint suspicion had arisen within his heart. One day, he happened to come across Ling Chen’s age, and adding on Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s actions and Gui Long’s words, an ‘impossible’ guess formed within his mind. Although it was ‘impossible’, the results from the DNA test completely blew open his world.

And yet, he was still unable to feel certain about this. After all, Long Tian Ya had contracted the Isrock Disease back then, and it was impossible for him to still be alive. However, this morning, one of the Long family’s moles planted within the Su family gave an unbelievable report… Su Hong Cheng, Su Yi Cheng, and the others, who had been in total despair over Su’Er’s Isrock Disease, suddenly became incredibly joyful and jubilant. The only possibility was that Su’Er’s Isrock Disease had been cured!

This news made it so that Long Zheng Yang could no longer sit still, and he quickly came here.

“Tian Ya… so it really is him.” Long Zheng Yang’s voice slightly trembled, and his emotions became extremely complicated. After confirming this ‘impossible’ event, even he was unable to understand just how he was feeling.

“But why… if he really is Tian Ya, how was his Isrock Disease cured… and why didn’t he come home after he was cured… and why does he hate his own family so much… the Long family indeed owes him much – after he was born, I never spent even a day with him… no matter how much he hates the Long family, it shouldn’t be to such a degree… after all, this was where he was born and raised…”

Long Tian Yun looked above him as he painfully muttered to himself. If Ling Chen really was Long Tian Ya, he simply couldn’t understand how he had survived the Isrock Disease, why he hadn’t come home, or why he would do such things to the Long family… he had gone against the Yan Huang Alliance as much as he could within the virtual world, and he had tried to destroy the Long family twice in the real world, killing countless people in the Long family.

Long Zheng Yang’s words were heard by Gui Long, causing him to instantly feel infuriated. His chains clanged as he suddenly stood up and pointed at Long Zheng Yang as he cursed, “You’re asking why he didn’t go home? You’re asking why he hates the Long family? Pshaw! Long Zheng Yang, to think that you’re the highest authority in all of China. Even a pig or a dog knows shame; your words are even more shameless than even a pig or a dog’s! Just from those words you said, I want to rip you up and throw you to the dogs!! The Long family used a horrible way to try and kill my master… that’s right, if it was anyone else, he would have died 10 years ago. At the same time, you drove the person he loved most to commit suicide, and yet you’re asking why master didn’t go home? And you ask why he hates you all? Pshaw! Pshaw!! Long Zheng Yang, where’s your face? Don’t you feel ashamed to say such things?!”

“Bullshit!” Gui Long’s words caused Long Zheng Yang to fly into a fit of rage as he yelled back, “Tian Ya was part of our Long family, and he was my own son! Why would our Long family harm him? Back then, he was infected by the Isrock Disease, and I was told that he left so that he would not burden the family. I searched for him for half a year, but I didn’t find him or his corpse… he was my Long family’s son, so how could we harm him?”

“Hah!” Gui Long laughed incredibly mockingly. He looked at Long Zheng Yang with a trace of pity within his eyes. “So it was like this. What a tragedy. Looks like China’s highest authority, the Long family’s leader, has been toyed with like a stupid pig. It has already been more than 10 years, and yet you still don’t know the truth. What a joke, what a joke!”

“You only knew that he was infected with the Isrock Disease.” The grin on Gui Long’s face disappeared, and his face became savage as he roared, “But did you consider the fact that everyone else in the goddamn residence was completely fine? How did he, a child who never left the house, contract the Isrock Disease? At least find the source! Heh, in actuality, the source wasn’t a person but a needle. It was your own precious son, Long Tian Yun, who stabbed master with that infected needle!!”

Long Zheng Yang’s eyes widened as his pupils contracted.

“Following this, those doctors appeared just at the right time. After master was diagnosed with Isrock Disease, he was locked up… after that, he was sent by your own precious son, Long Tian Yun, to be buried alive a hundred miles away! You said that he left the family? A child who was diagnosed with the Isrock Disease couldn’t even walk – how could he leave by himself? And you couldn’t find him after looking for half a year? Hahahaha… he was buried alive by your other son; how could you find him? Would you go down to Yama’s residence to find him? Eh??”

Long Zheng Yang’s body swayed, and he stumbled backwards, heavily leaning against the iron door behind him, and his face became completely pale.

“Is what you said… the truth…?” Long Zheng Yang muttered dryly.

“Is it the truth? Why don’t you go back and ask your precious son? Go and ask what sort of animal you, Long Zheng Yang, have raised! And you’re asking me why master hates the Long family? I want to ask you… after all that the Long family has done to him, how could he not hate the Long family? Your Long family killed him and Xuanyuan Dia Wu, who he loved so much. When he almost forgot about that hatred, you killed Ling Shui Ruo, who was even more important to him than his own life… Long Zheng Yang, what your Long family owes master can never be repaid even if the entire Long family dies!!”

Long Zheng Yang’s body violently trembled. If it wasn’t for his hands gripping onto the iron bars, he would have fallen to the ground. He did not speak for a long time, and he left with shaky steps and a pale face. His footsteps when leaving were incredibly heavy and slow as if he was dragging along a giant boulder with each step.

Back then, when Long Tian Ya’s tragedy had happened, he had been overseas… perhaps Long Tian Yun had chosen that time precisely because of this. When he received this news and hurried back to the Long family’s residence, it was already 2 days later, and Long Tian Ya was already gone. All he saw was Long Tian Ya’s quarantined room, but no one knew where he had gone. He had searched for a long time, but he could not find anything… he gave up the search half a year later because no one with the Isrock Disease could last longer than that. Even if he found Long Tian Ya, he would have only found a corpse.

Although there were many things that were suspicious about this whole ordeal, Long Tian Ya’s fate could not be changed. As such, he did not bother searching anymore, and he tried to forget about his existence.

Only today did he hear the truth.

At the same time, another terrifying thought appeared in his mind… if this was all true, where did Long Tian Yun obtain the Isrock Disease? Could it be that he had been secretly developing the disease that the entire world feared?

Long Zheng Yang returned to his residence with a heavy heart, and he immediately summoned Murong Xiong Tian. “Xiong Tian, tell the Dark Eagles to quickly investigate a few things for me.”

After hearing the things that Long Zheng Yang wanted investigated, Murong Xiong Tian frowned and said in shock, “Chief, this…”

“Don’t ask any questions, just get the investigations done!” Long Zheng Yang’s expression was as still as water. “I want answers within 8 hours! This concerns the future of my Long family.”

Murong Xiong Tian did not say anymore, and he only accepted this mission and left.

Long Zheng Yang got up and stood in front of his window, frowning as he looked outside. He stood for 2 hours, thinking again and again to 20 years ago.

“When this child was born, the Dragon’s Vein caused a great disturbance; this is an abnormal sign that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years! I’ve looked at his fortune and found that he has a Fortune of Great Calamity that has never been seen before! No wonder the Dragon’s Vein is so unsettled. Although he possesses the Long family’s bloodline, such a Fortune of Great Calamity is a terrible disaster, and the Long family might be the first to suffer. As such, we cannot allow him to continue living!”

“What? No! He’s my son, and he possesses the Long family’s bloodline. How could my Long family do such a disgraceful and shameful deed! The disturbance in the Dragon’s Vein was not necessarily because of him; perhaps something else coincidentally happened when he was born. One’s fortune has always been something imaginary, and I’ve never believed it since I was young. How could we kill our own flesh and blood because of a ‘Fortune of Great Calamity’?!”

“Hmph, even if you don’t want to believe it, you have to believe it! Didn’t you see that his mother almost died as soon as he was born? Even though she barely survived, she’ll be sickly for the rest of her life. Moreover, although this child was born, there’s still a portion of the deathly aura within his mother. If you want her to live, you must separate the mother and son for 10 years as far away from each other as possible. If they’re too close, the deathly aura will grow as the child grows, and it may take her life at any time. If they’re far away from each other, the deathly aura within her body will disappear within 10 years… it’s up to you whether you want to believe this or not; my job is simply to protect the Long family and the Dragon’s Vein. Her life and death have nothing to do with me!”

“… No matter what, I absolutely won’t kill my own flesh and blood!”

“… In that case, let him live in ‘silence’. Don’t teach him any martial arts, don’t give him any power, don’t give him any sense of identity or kinship… it’s best if you make him as weak, lonely, and useless as possible so that his Fortune of Great Calamity will never be released. This is as much as we can yield; if you can’t even do this, then even if he’s your son, we’ll personally kill him! This is our destiny!”



“Qing Han, you’ve hated me for more than 10 years, so that should be enough by now. Our Tian Ya hasn’t died… he’s not dead. He’s already grown up, and he has become so amazing; he’s thousands, if not tens of thousands, more amazing than me, his father.”

“I’m unable to tell you about it even though I owe you so much…”

Long Zheng Yang closed his eyes as he muttered to himself with a trembling voice.