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Chapter 720: An Unexpected Guest

An Unexpected Guest

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“No matter… no matter what sort of reason you had, the fact that you used vicious methods to kill Tian Ya is the undeniable truth!” Long Zheng Yang’s voice started to tremble because he started to feel that what Long Tian Yun had said was right. He was what had caused Long Tian Yun to do what he did – if he had treated Long Tian Ya even a bit better and had been more of a father, then that would not have happened. He grabbed Long Tian Yun’s collar as he yelled with grief, “Now, I have to tell you that Tian Ya, who you infected and tried to bury alive, is actually still alive. He’s the one who has caused our Long family disaster time and time again, the person who almost killed you… Ling Chen!!”

“W-What?!” Long Tian Yun’s eyes bulged, and his body froze. “Impossible! This is impossible!”

“That’s the truth!” Long Zheng Yang’s expression darkened as he gnashed his teeth. “Were the Yun family and Su family’s daughters infected by you, you animal? Today, I received news that the Su family’s daughter was cured and that the Yun family’s daughter is most likely fine. Since Tian Ya was able to cure his Isrock Disease back then, he was naturally able to help them! Luckily, they were protected by the heavens and were not killed by you, you animal!”

“Impossible… Impossible…” Long Tian Yun’s expression became blank as he shook his head, completely unable to believe what he had just heard.

Long Zheng Yang’s grip tightened on Long Tian Yun’s collar and brought him up from the ground. “Now, you’re going to come with me to meet Tian Ya and kneel down and apologise. Even though he hates you to the bone, if you truly repent, he might just forgive you. Perhaps you’ll be able to resolve the hatred towards you. However, with his hatred towards you and adding on the fact that you just tried to kill the Yun family’s daughter and Su family’s daughter, he might be thinking of ways to kill you right now!”

“Kneel down and apologise? No! I’m not going! Even if I have to die, I won’t kneel and apologise.” Long Zheng Yang’s words sounded like a demon’s curse to Long Tian Yun, and he struggled out of Long Zheng Yang’s grasp and resolutely shook his head in terror.

“You evil animal!” Long Tian Yun once again kicked him and said in a hoarse voice, “This is the only way to save you! You’ve seen clearly the power and authority he has – if you don’t do this, he’ll take your life sooner or later!”

Long Tian Yun continued to desperately shake his head. “No! I’m not going! Back then, I killed him for you and the Long family! I did nothing wrong! After Ling Tian appeared, he went against me in everything, causing me to lose all my face and dignity. If anything, it should be him kneeling to me! Even if I die, I definitely won’t kneel to him… if you’re determined to do this to me…”

Long Tian Yun took out a small pistol from his side and threw it at Long Zheng Yang’s feet. He raised his face and breathed raggedly as he said, “Then just kill me now! I want to know if the son who you’ve nurtured for 26 years is more important than the bastard who almost destroyed our Long family twice!”


Long Zheng Yang felt a heaviness within his chest, and he almost coughed up blood. He pointed at Long Tian Yun, his entire body trembling. Only after a while did he lower his hand and heavily sigh before walking out of the secret chamber.

“The sins of the child are the sins of the father. I’ll go and plead with Tian Ya for your life. I’ll deal with you cultivating the Isrock Disease on another day. For the next few days, I want you to stay at home… you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”

Long Zheng Yang spoke all of these words without any strength in his voice, and each step he took felt as heavy as a thousand-kilogram boulder.


The whole ordeal with the Isrock Disease did not result in anything, but this scare sent alarm bells ringing in Ling Chen’s head. He realised that there were dangers that, despite being incredibly powerful, he was unable to defend against. At the same time, he completely lost all patience he had towards Long Tian Yun.

“Long Tian Yun, I’ll definitely make your life worse than death!” Ling Chem muttered to himself as he gripped his fists while lying in a grassy area in Ling Tian CIty’s Leisure District, a dangerous light in his eyes.

Before the news that Ling Tian City’s beautiful Lady had been infected with the Isrock Disease could be spread, Yun Meng Xin appeared in the Lady of the City’s residence, putting an end to all of the rumours. Ling Tian City’s development continued to grow at an astonishing rate, and the expansions had already been half-completed. In fact, the expansions were progressing even faster than when the city had been constructed. After all, what Ling Tian City now lacked least was money. Furthermore, after establishing the ‘trade route’ with the Underworld, which cost almost nothing but brought massive benefits, money rapidly poured into the city.

“How are you planning to take revenge?” Li Xiao Xue elegantly walked over and did not hesitate to sit down next to him as she looked at him. “After having this done to us and almost losing 2 beautiful lovers, I’m sure that you won’t just sit by and do nothing considering your personality.”

“What do you think I’ll do?” Ling Chen crossed his right leg over his left as he casually asked.

“Kill Long Tian Yun?” Li Xiao Xue leaned down, giving an enchanting but dangerous smile. Anyone who heard the suggestion of killing the Long family’s successor would have been given a great shock, and yet Li Xiao Xue had said it casually as if Long Tian Yun’s life and death meant nothing to her.

“Kill him? Heh, why should I kill him? Not only am I not going to kill him, but I’m also going to make sure he lives till he’s 100.” Ling Chen evilly grinned.

“Oh?” Li Xiao Xue revealed an interested expression. She naturally knew that Ling Chen wouldn’t let Long Tian Yun off easily. “Then are you planning on making it so that living will be worse than dying for him? This will be a bit hard. Let me guess… are you going to completely destroy the Yan Huang Alliance, completely laying waste to his efforts over the past years? Making him feel so much pain that he goes mad? With your ability to destroy even the Royal City, I’m sure you can do it easily.”

“Destroy the Yan Huang Alliance? I wouldn’t do that.” Ling Chen’s reply exceeded what Li Xiao Xue had expected. He looked up at the sky as he said lazily, “The Yan Huang Alliance has tens of millions of players; destroying such a power would be too much of a waste.”

Now, even the incredibly intelligent Li Xiao Xue had no idea what Ling Chen was thinking. At this moment, Ling Chen’s communication device sounded out, and Yun Meng Xin’s voice came out of it, “Ling Tian, are you in the city?”

“I am, what is it?” Ling Chen replied.

“Someone wants to meet you. It’s… It’s… Chief Long. He’s in the guest hall.”

A look of shock simultaneously appeared on Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue’s faces.

Ling Chen got up, and after frowning for a while, he replied in a low voice, “I got it, I’ll go over now.”

After hanging up the communication device, Ling Chen fell silent. Li Xiao Xue also stood up, tapping his shoulder lightly with her long fingers and said simply, “Go.”

After all, he was Ling Chen’s biological father. She couldn’t say anything as to how he should handle this.

Ling Chen started to silently walk towards the guest hall. The Leisure District was right behind the centre of the Administrative District, and it was only about 2 streets away from the guest hall.

After reaching the entrance, Ling Chen saw Yun Meng Xin standing there with a worried look. With China’s highest authority coming here, she, the Lady of the City, had to personally receive him. Seeing Ling Chen walk over, she hurriedly went over to him. Just as she was about to say something, Ling Chen spoke first, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen. Go do your things and don’t let anyone come near here.”

“But…” Yun Meng Xin still wanted to say something, but seeing the calm look on Ling Chen’s eyes, she swallowed her words and nodded. “Alright. He’s inside.”

Ling Chen walked into the guest hall and immediately saw Long Zheng Yang. As China’s highest authority, he always had a crowd of people following him wherever he went, but he was the only one in the hall. Long Zheng Yang saw him at the same time, and after their gazes met for half a second, Long Zheng Yang quickly stood up from his chair. His movements were a bit panicked, and his gaze and manner didn’t give off the airs of China’s highest authority. Neither his eyes nor his aura gave off even a bit of pressure.

“What do you want?” Ling Chen coldly said after entering and crossing his arms.

Facing the person who had made it difficult for him to eat and sleep, waves crashed within Long Zheng Yang’s heart. He moved his lips, trying to say the sentence that he had prepared, but he was unable to say it. In the end, he could only muster out two words, “Tian Ya…”

“I’m called Ling Tian; you have the wrong name,” Ling Chen expressionlessly replied in a cold voice. He did not react at all to the name ‘Tian Ya’. This was because early this morning, he had heard that Long Zheng Yang had found out that he was Long Tian Ya – of course, this was from Gui Long, who was still ‘imprisoned’.

“No, I know that you’re Tian Ya…”

“I’ll say it again; my name is Ling Tian!” Ling Chen discourteously cut him off, a look of rage on his face.

Long Zheng Yang’s emotions welled up as he said in a trembling voice, “I already know what happened. Tian Ya, I let you down. The Long family owes you far too much, and I only just found out the truth about 13 years ago, I…”

“Shut up!” Ling Chen cut Long Zheng Yang’s words off coldly as he narrowed his eyes, his gaze piercing through Long Zheng Yang. “I’ll say it one last time: my name is Ling Tian! I indeed knew a person called Tian Ya, but it’s a pity that he died 13 years ago. He was killed by his family. If that’s who you’re looking for, then go ask Yama about him after you’ve died.

“Hmph, since the person you’re looking for is Tian Ya, not me, I’ll be going now!”

After saying this, Ling Chen turned and walked towards the door.