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Chapter 722: Soulkilling Curse!

Soulkilling Curse!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

15 minutes later, Ling Chen punctually arrived at the Yan Huang Alliance’s headquarters.

His arrival caused the players standing guard to be greatly dismayed, but Long Tian Yun quickly ordered, “Let him come in!”

Ling Chen coldly laughed and swaggered in until he walked into the central hall as countless Yan Huang Alliances fearfully watched on. The moment he entered, he saw Long Tian Yun sitting arrogantly.

“Cang Yan, Flame Shadow, you can all retreat. Without my orders, no one is to come in,” Long Tian Yun said calmly.

Cang Yan and Flame Shadow left warily and fearfully. After the large doors closed, only Long Tian Yun and Ling Chen were left in the large hall.

“Hoh, so you actually came.” Long Tian Yun crossed his legs, looking as if he did not put Ling Chen in his eyes at all, giving off a provoking air. “I never thought that you were actually my pitiful little brother. Heheh, I heard that there’s something you wanted to talk about?”

“I came to say one thing,” Ling Chen faced Long Tian Yun’s venomous gaze and calmly laughed. Honestly speaking, when he made that decision back then, his hatred towards Long Tian Yun greatly lessened, and he even felt sorry for him, “What I wanted to say… is that you should treasure your final 10 seconds, truly. Your dad knelt in front of me to beg for your life. Heh, since the high and mighty Chief Long knelt down to me, I have to give him some face. However, I never wanted your dog life, because that would be too easy on you.”

Long Tian Yun stood up with a ‘whoosh’ and coldly laughed as he said, “Ling Tian, do you really think I fear you? Heh, what I regret most is sending 2 pieces of trash to dispose of you. If I had killed you myself back then, you wouldn’t have caused so much trouble.

“Heheh,” Ling Chen also laughed, even more sinisterly than Long Tian Yun. As he spoke, he slowly walked towards Long Tian Yun, “Say what you want, curse as you will, and laugh your heart out, because you won’t have the opportunity to do so in future!”


A gust of wind swept out, and Ling Chen, who had been 10 or so metres away from Long Tian Yun, suddenly rushed in front of him in an instant. He stretched out his right hand and tightly grasped Long Tian Yun’s neck.

Feeling Ling Chen suddenly grab his neck, Long Tian Yun only felt shock and fear for a second before they disappeared. He said darkly, “What, you want to kill me? Do it! A little bastard like you only has this much power in the game. So what if you kill me a thousand times in the game? You won’t be able to harm even a hair on my head in the real world. Come to my Long family’s residence again if you dare! Hmm? Let’s see if you die first or I die first!”

Ling Chen was not angry at all. He looked at Long Tian Yun’s eyes and his gaze became more and more sympathetic, “Not too long ago, I obtained a very interesting power. It’s very vile, to the point that I thought that I would never use it in my lifetime. Using this power on even an unforgiveable criminal who had committed heinous crimes would be too cruel. However, today, I found the best person to test this power on. Long Tian Yun, I simply can’t find a better person to use this power on, because...” Ling Chen’s eyes were filled with rage and malice as he roared, “Even if I cut you into ten thousand pieces and make you die a thousand times, it would not be enough to quench the hatred in my heart!!”

“Soulkilling Curse!!”

As Ling Chen shouted out, an imperceptible, strange light flashed in his eyes. Long Tian Yun, who was just about to say something, felt his body freeze, and his pupils unnaturally dilated to the point that they were tens of times bigger than normal.

The Soulkilling Curse was the second Forbidden Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curse that Ling Chen had obtained at the Underworld Blood Lake. The first [Soulstealing Curse] was already quite terrifying, but this [Soulkilling Curse] was cruel beyond belief. Once people fell under this curse, their soul would not belong to themselves anymore – their thoughts, actions, gazes, expressions, voices… even memories, would completely be controlled by him, causing them to turn into a complete puppet. Let alone resist, even if they wanted to die, they would need Ling Chen’s permission. When Ling Chen unlocked this Feng Chen Curse, he immediately felt that the only way to describe it was something that the heavens and earth could not tolerate, something crueler than dismembering someone into a thousand pieces. At that moment, he thought that he would never use this skill in his lifetime.

He never thought that he would use this skill so soon –– after all, only this [Soulkilling Curse] could relieve the hatred he felt towards Long Tian Yun.

Long Tian Yun’s mental energy was like a small creek in front of Ling Chen’s mental energy, a boundless ocean. Even the Forbidden Feng Chen Curses, which had an extremely low base success rate, would have a 100% success rate on him. His pupils dilated more and more until they filled his entire eyes and all of his memories flooded into Ling Chen’s mind.

Reading a person’s memories was not something very pleasant, especially if that person’s memories were filled with filth. After reading less than one-third of Long Tian Yun’s memories, Ling Chen’s pity towards Long Tian Yun completely disappeared. He saw ugly, disgusting, and incredibly evil things. In fact, Ling Chen even felt kind using the [Soulkilling Curse] on him.

“A scum who deserves death!” Ling Chen furiously cursed as he threw Long Tian Yun far away. The instant Long Tian Yun landed on the ground, his pupils started to contract until they went back to their original state. He hurriedly stood up, his body covered with cold sweat and pointed at Ling Chen as he shouted, “Ling Tian, w-what did you do to me?!”

“What did you call me?” Ling Chen narrowed his eyes as a strange light flashed within them.

With just this simple sentence, Long Tian Yun’s body froze. Following this, his face twisted as his expression of fear and shock instantly became a big smile. He suddenly knelt on the ground as he cried out, “Greetings master… greetings master, greetings master.”

Looking at Long Tian Yun servilely kneeling on the ground, Ling Chen grinned. He walked forwards a few steps and looked down at him as he said softly, “That’s more like it. Remember, Long Tian Yun, you’re my dog slave. Whatever I tell you to do, you’ll do. Even if I tell you to eat dung, you’ll do it without hesitation, got it?”

“Yes, yes, I’m master’s dog slave. I’ll do whatever master tells me to; if master tells me to eat dung, I’ll eat dung.” Long Tian Yun hurriedly promised, looking as if he would immediately crawl over to lick Ling Chen’s shoes.

“Very good, then what are you doing there just kneeling? Hurry up and kowtow to your master. Kowtow as hard as you can; otherwise, I won’t be happy.”

“Yes, yes!” Long Tian Yun hurriedly nodded and did not even dare to hesitate as he repeatedly slammed his forehead onto the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The sound of Long Tian Yun kowtowing sounded like a rock hitting a tree. Every time he kowtowed, he would use all of the strength in his body to slam his head downwards. Using this much force each time would make him feel unimaginable pain, but without Ling Chen’s command, he didn’t dare to stop. He desperately kowtowed as Ling Chen coldly watched. Only after 10 or so times did Ling Chen icily say in a low voice, “Long Tian Yun, this is your punishment. Enjoy it well, because there’s still a long time left in your life!”

After speaking, Ling Chen raised his right foot and kicked Long Tian Yun’s head, sending him flying 5 or 6 metres. Long Tian Yun painfully cried out and only stopped after rolling quite a few times. His body spasmed a few times before he stood up using the pillar as support, and looked at Ling Chen fearfully. “W-What did you do to me? What just happened?!”

“Not much,” Ling Chen said with a warm smile, “It’s just that from today onwards, your life, your body, and your soul are no longer yours to control. In other words, your thoughts, actions, gazes, expressions, voice, memories… everything will be controlled by me. Whatever I tell you to do, you’ll do, and you’ll never be able to resist. However, don’t worry, I didn’t completely destroy your mind. This entire time, your mind will be completely awake, and you’ll clearly see just how much of a loyal dog you’ve become. I wonder if you’ll enjoy this sort of feeling?”

Long Tian Yun’s pupils once again dilated, but this time, it was out of immense fear. His body trembled as he realised that Ling Chen’s words weren’t to simply scare him –– just then, he had been completely conscious, but his body had done something that he simply could not accept. He had smiled widely at Ling Chen as if he was trying to earn his favour, kneeled down, and called himself a dog slave… he had been clearly conscious that whole time and felt so ashamed that he wanted to die. And yet, he was terrified to find that he could not control his body, expressions, gazes or voice…

“Impossible! Impossible… you’re definitely just scaring me! That’s right, you must be scaring me!!” Long Tian Yun hurriedly retreated. The fear within him caused his body to feel incredibly weak, and he fell to the ground. With his status as the Long family’s son, the prospect of becoming a complete puppet who would serve someone else in a humiliating manner, especially the person he hated most, all the while he was still conscious, was even more terrifying than being killed ten thousand times.