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Chapter 723: The Loyal Dog Long Tian Yun

The Loyal Dog Long Tian Yun

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Hoh! Weren’t you yelling about not being afraid of me? Looks like you’ve almost wet your pants.”

“You… You…” Long Tian Yun uncontrollably shivered as if he was in a cavern of ice. “Impossible… how could such sorcery exist… you’re definitely just trying to scare me… I… I’ll take you down with me!!”

A savage look suddenly appeared in the terrified Long Tian Yun’s eyes as he suddenly jumped up from the ground, leaping towards Ling Chen like a mad dog. Ling Chen did not move, and he only smiled and narrowed his eyes.

Long Tian Yun suddenly fell in front of Ling Chen and repeatedly kowtowed as he yelled in fear, “I’m sorry master… I didn’t mean to offend you… I deserve death, I deserve death, I deserve death… please punish me master… I’ll be master’s most loyal dog, and I won’t dare to do such a thing in future.”

Ling Chen sent him flying with a kick and said, “Long Tian Yun, being a loyal dog isn’t easy so do your best to learn how to be one. Right now, your father is definitely waiting outside to ask how our meeting went. You can go to report to him now. I’m sure that you’re a smart dog, and will know how to reply.”

“Yes, yes… I definitely won’t disappoint master,” Long Tian Yun said as he hurriedly nodded and trembled.

“Also, I’ll give you 3 days to gather all of the Yan Huang Alliance’s powers and join Ling Tian City. Remember, it’s to become a subsidiary of Ling Tian City, and they will have to submit to all of Ling Tian City’s orders and arrangements. If there are any leaders who are disobedient, just continuously slap them. If there are any factions that aren’t willing to submit, just destroy them. Now that you’ve become my dog, everything that you’ve been developing all these years now belong to me, your master.”

“Yes… I will definitely make master satisfied,” Ling Tian City said as he rapidly nodded. He looked at Ling Chen with an expression of currying favour, afraid that Ling Chen would be displeased.

“Alright, now go and find your dad to report. Then, learn how to be a good dog.”

After saying this, Ling Chen wildly laughed and strode out. Long Tian Yun continued to kneel on the ground, not daring to get up, his entire body pressed against the ground. He then respectfully repeated again and again, “Take care, master, have a good day… take care, master, have a good day…”

After Ling Chen left the hall, he shakily rose, got his clothes back into order, and touched his face before yelling, “Cang Yan, Flame Shadow, get in here!”

Hearing Long Tian Yun’s summons, Cang Yan and Flame Shadow, who were right outside, immediately walked in and stood in front of Long Tian Yun. Long Tian Yun glanced in their direction with a dark expression and said, “Immediately notify all of the commanders, leaders, and the Alliance Masters of the subsidiary guilds to meet here at 5pm. Everyone is to be here.”

“Yes!” Flame Shadow immediately replied. He then raised his head and asked, “Young master, what’s the important occasion? Could it be that we’re going to act against Ling Tian City?”

“Bull crap, why would we act against them?” Long Tian Yun snorted. He then said proudly, “I’m going to bring the entire Yan Huang Alliance to join Ling Tian City in order to become Ling Tian City’s subsidiary. We will also follow Ling Tian City’s orders!”

“What?!” Both Flame Shadow and Cang Yan’s eyes bulged, wondering if they heard correctly. Flame Shadow hurriedly said, “Young master, you… you must not do this! Our Yan Huang Alliance is publicly acknowledged by China to be the central power; how can we become someone else’s subsidiary…”


Before Flame Shadow could finish speaking, a loud slap landed on his face. Long Tian Yun looked at him savagely, and just as he struck out with his right hand, he slapped out with his left hand. “You dare to disobey me?”


“I must not do this?”


“Since when do you make decisions for me?”


“You dare disagree with me?”


“Try saying another word!”


“I’ll slap you to death!”


Pa! Pa! Pa!

Long Tian Yun landed about 10 slaps on Flame Shadow’s face, causing his entire face to become swollen. Beside them, Cang Yan’s legs trembled, and he did not dare to say anything to contradict Long Tian Yun. He hurriedly lowered his head and said, “I’ll immediately notify them,” before leaving as if he was running away.

When Ling Chen had left, he had told Long Tian Yun that he was to slap anyone who disagreed. As a loyal dog, of course he would strictly carry out his master’s orders.


Ling Chen could not think of a more fitting or crueller punishment for Long Tian Yun. After leaving the Yan Huang Alliance’s headquarters, he flew around Ling Tian City and checked on the expansion’s progress. When it was nearly dusk, he logged off after being called by Tian Tian.

After coming out from the game, he could hear the patter of rain against the glass.

“It’s raining.” Ling Chen looked outside and got off from the bed. He walked out of his room and stood on the balcony, silently looking at the rainy sky.

“Although she kept her life, in the following 3 years, she was unable to even walk, and there were many ailments left in her body. Even now, when it is dusk and rain falls, she experiences a terrible soreness and numbness in all of her limbs. She’s already endured this sort of pain for 20 or so years.”

Ling Chen shook his head, trying to shake that voice out of his head, and he felt a trace of pain within his heart.

What’s going on… even if she really is… but I’ve only met her a few times, and there are no feelings between us… this sort of impossible and unnecessary thing is something that I do not need… but why am I thinking of her now, when it’s raining… it shouldn’t be like this…

“Ling Chen, what are you doing here? Dinner is ready soon.”

Shadissika smiled and walked to Ling Chen’s side in her cute white pyjamas, looking at the rain outside. She muttered, “It feels great when it rains; it’s so cool and refreshing. Tian Tian and I were in the rain for a bit just then, and it felt great.”

“Be careful so that you don’t get sick,” Ling Chen said as he stroked Shadissika’s hair which was still not quite dry yet.

“Hehe, I’m not afraid.” Shadissika raised her hand, taking out a small bottle, “With this, no matter what sickness hits me, I’ll be immediately healed.”

Ling Chen stared in surprise as he asked, “Any sickness?”

When he said this, he couldn’t help but think of the words Long Zheng Yang had said, as well as that figure who looked like an icy-lotus.

“That’s right, any sickness. So Ling Chen doesn’t need to worry about us getting sick,” Shadissika said as she smiled.

After seeing Shadissika cure the Isrock Disease and the technology she had, Ling Chen would believe her words no matter how outrageous they sounded. Looking at the small bottle in her hand, Ling Chen’s gaze trembled. He was unable to forget about that figure in his mind and those words, and he said, “Sha Sha, can I have this bottle?”

“Of course you can. Ling Chen can have as many as he wants.” After saying this, Shadissika handed this bottle to Ling Chen and asked as she cocked her head, “Ling Chen, are you sick? Hmm… no, with Ling Chen’s body, it’s unlikely he’d get sick. Aiya, dinner’s nearly ready. I should go back to the kitchen. Come and eat when it’s done.”

Holding the small bottle in his hand, Ling Chen’s mind wandered, and he didn’t even notice Shadissika running back to the kitchen. After a while, he called out, “Ying, Xi.”

Soon, 2 beautiful figures appeared and came before Ling Chen, “What is it, master?”

“Give this to Li Xiao Xue and tell her to quickly give it to… Gu Qing Han. Tell her that this should be able to cure her of her chronic illness,” Ling Chen said as he handed them the bottle that Shadissika had just given him.

A strange look appeared on Chao Ying and Chao Xi’s faces. They took the bottle and nodded, and prepared to leave.

“Wait,” Ling Chen stopped them as he said, “Tell Li Xiao Xue not to tell Gu Qing Han that this came from me.”

“Yes, we’ll deliver it immediately.”

Although it was not raining very hard, it lasted for a long time. Even after night fell, the rain did not stop, and it covered all of Su Hang City.

After receiving the medicine from Chao Ying and Chao Xi, she immediately went to deliver it to Gu Qing Han.

“Thank you, Xiao Xue, for being so considerate. You even brought it here yourself. Looks like this ordinary-looking medicine will be quite extraordinary.” After receiving the small bottle without any labels, Gu Qing Han’s expression became warmer.

Li Xiao Xue smiled as she nodded, “This medicine is from an extraordinary person, so I’m fairly certain that it will be able to fully cure Aunty Gu’s sickness.”

“All in all, thank you, Xiao Xue, I’ll try it out. Please also thank that extraordinary person for me.” Gu Qing Han lightly nodded before her eyebrows twitched. Her sickness acted up the most during rainy and dark days. Although her expression was calm, the bones in her legs were incredibly sore and numb, making her feel unimaginable pain.

“Alright, I won’t disturb Aunty Gu then. I hope this medicine will be able to help Aunty Gu make a full recovery soon.”

Li Xiao Xue got up, waved Gu Qing Han goodbye, and then began to leave. Just as she was about to reach the door, Gu Qing Han suddenly called out, “Wait… Xiao Xue, how has… Ling Chen been recently?”

Only when mentioning the name ‘Ling Chen’ would this famous and imposing Gu Qing Han reveal such emotions. Li Xiao Xue turned around and looked at Gu Qing Han, whose eyes filled with longing, and she felt an ache within her heart. After struggling with some internal conflict, she couldn't take it anymore, and softly said, “It was him who asked me to give this to you.”

The instant Li Xiao Xue turned around again, she saw Gu Qing Han cover her face with tears streaming down her face.

She knew that these words were the closest Gu Qing Han had come to ‘happiness’ over the past 20 years. Even if that medicine did not work, it would not matter – even if that bottle was filled with poison, she would still drink it without hesitation.