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Chapter 725: A Big Scare

A Big Scare

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

With the Yan Huang Alliance as a loyal subsidiary, Ling Tian City’s strength grew to a level where nothing could shake it. Chinese players also raced to join Ling Tian City, and soon, joining the Ling Tian City became a type of glory.

Even though the Lady of Ling Tian City was extremely kind and beautiful, the rules that she set were not ‘gentle’ at all. Even though Ling Tian City was extremely powerful, it never bullied players or other powers. If a player violated any of the city’s rules, the most severe punishment was being kicked out or even being permanently banished from Ling Tian City. The [Dark Night], which had joined Ling Tian City, no longer took assassination jobs. Instead, their targets became evildoers who disrupted the peace in Ling Tian City. Once targeted by the Dark Night, unless one never went back into the game, it was impossible for them to escape.

As such, Ling Tian City’s reputation was also quite good, and its status rose day by day. At the same time, the development of Ling Tian City caused some of the other countries’ players to feel terror. Ling Tian City was filled with Gold grade equipment and high quality potions, making the average strength of Chinese players to rise above those of players of other countries. The speed at which they levelled up, and their average level, started to rise above those of other countries’ players more and more so. After becoming China’s central power, more and more Chinese players gathered at Ling Tian City, causing China’s enemies to become more and more unsettled.

As such, the pressure from various governments in the real world became greater and greater, and many worried countries started to ally together. In the real world, movements to assassinate Ling Tian City’s beautiful Lady began… but they were unable to even find Yun Meng Xin’s shadow.

Because of how powerful Ling Tian City had become and how quickly Chinese players were now levelling up, those who had acted arrogantly towards China completely changed their attitude. Despite allying together, no one was willing to enrage this ferocious lion because the World Barriers could be opened at any day, and no one wanted to become China’s first target.

A week later, Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets power could finally be used again. This time, 3 words were revealed to her, and these 3 words caused Ling Chen to feel so shocked that he jumped up into the air.

“Moon… God… Palace?! Are you sure it was those 3 words?” Ling Chen grabbed Su’Er’s slim arms as he stared at her.

“Yes… it was those 3 words.” Su’Er nodded as she looked at Ling Chen with her innocent eyes. She had helped him locate his things many times, but she had never seen such a reaction from him before. She weakly asked, “Big brother Ling Tian, what sort of place is the Moon God Palace? Is it very scary? But it sounds like a very pretty place.”

“The environment itself might be very beautiful,” Ling Chen said as his mouth twitched… goddamit, how could it not be pretty? That was where the most powerful clan in the Mystic Moon world, the Moon God Clan, lived! That was where the 3 Moon Goddesses were!!

The places where the Lunar Scourge’s orbs were were all strange and dangerous places. Ling Chen was mentally prepared for something like this, and he expected somewhere even more extreme than the Underworld Blood Lake. However, that place had still given him a big scare. The Moon God Palace was separated from the continents, and it was the most secret, holy, and closely-guarded place in the Mystic Moon world. It was a place of absolute power and faith! The peak existence in the Mystic Moon world!

Even the Shura, that had destroyed a tenth of a continent, had been suppressed by the Moon God Clan. Even though Ling Chen was powerful, in front of the Moon God Clan, he was like an ant in front of a mountain. Let alone the 3 Moon Goddesses and the guardian beast Eight-Winged Heaven Tiger, even a Moon God Representative would be able to send him running.

Let alone him, even the Underworld King would not dare to charge in there.

Putting all this aside, if the Moon God Clan discovered that the Lunar Scourge was on him, he would be hunted down by them. Just this reason alone was enough to make him not want to go.

The information that the next orb was in the Moon God Palace made Ling Chen feel as if he had been struck by lightning, and he almost coughed up blood.

The Moon God Clan knew better than anyone how terrifying the Lunar Scourge was, and they feared it more than anyone else. If one of the orbs was in the possession of the Moon God Clan, they would definitely have it locked up in the most secure and secret place. The Moon God Palace was one of the most powerful places in the Mystic Moon world, and its location was extremely secret… let alone a player like him, even the rare Saint Destroyer experts might not be able to succeed.

Goddamit… Ling Chen scratched his head, feeling distraught to the point of tears. A long time ago, Qi Yue had raised the possibility of one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs being with the Moon God Clan, but he had never thought that he would have to face them so soon. He knew that he would have to fight against the Moon God Clan because he had the Lunar Scourge, but it should at least be when he was max level, had maxed out his equipment and skills, and had completely restored the Lunar Scourge. Even then, he would feel unprepared.

“Big brother Ling Tian, are you going to leave for a while again?” Seeing the complicated look on Ling Chen’s face, Su’Er asked worriedly. After waiting for a while, Ling Chen still did not reply, so she shook Ling Chen’s arm. “Big brother Ling Tian, will it be dangerous this time? Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s nothing that big brother Ling Tian can’t do. I’m sure that you’ll definitely find what you want this time as well.”

Su’Er’s words caused Ling Chen to feel a warmth within his heart. Looking at Su’Er, he remembered how she had almost died from the Isrock Disease not too long ago, and the fear he felt towards the Moon God Palace immediately decreased… indeed, even the Isrock Disease, which could cause anyone to despair, was overcome with Sha Sha’s miraculous medicine. As long as he believed in himself and persevered, he would be able to create a miracle. Moon God Palace… so what if it was the Moon God Palace? He had passed through many dangerous places before, so why wouldn’t he be able to survive the Moon God Palace? Moreover, he was only going in to find something, not fight countless Moon God Representatives and the 3 Moon Goddesses. With the Feng Chen Sect’s escaping skills, he did indeed have a chance at success.

Moreover, for Shui Ruo, even if he had to fight with the Moon God Clan, he would not retreat. Ling Chen’s gaze became resolute as he nodded and said, “Yes, I’ll have to leave for a while. However, what Su Su said is right – there’s nothing I can’t do. This time I’ll succeed again… I must succeed!”

“Mm! I believe in big brother Ling Tian,” Su’Er said with admiration and worship.

Ling Chen lowered his head and repeated the words ‘Moon God Palace’ to himself. Apart from knowing that it was the central place of the Moon God Clan, he knew nothing about it, and he didn’t even know where it was, let alone the situation within it.

After thinking for a while, Ling Chen went to a place with no one around and took out a white hairpin. This was the hairpin that the Forgotten God Representative had given him after he had successfully used the [Soulstealing Curse] on her, and it could be used to contact her. He said in a low voice, “Mu Cai Ling, come to where I am!”

Ling Chen did not have to wait for long. Less than a minute later, a pure white woman’s figure appeared above Ling Chen. She was wearing a moon-white dress, and there was a white fog around her, giving off an ethereal air. It looked as if she was standing on clouds, looking down at creation like an inviolable goddess.

She immediately noticed where Ling Chen was, and she quickly came down to him. The fog around her disappeared, revealing her beautiful appearance, and she said with happiness and respect, “Ling Tian, did you call me?”

“Mm, there are a few things I want to ask you. Do you know where the Moon God Clan’s Moon God Palace is?” Ling Chen asked seriously.

Everything about the Moon God Clan was a secret to outsiders. As a Moon God Representative, she would never reveal the Moon God Clan’s secrets. However, even though the [Soulstealing Curse] was not as cruel as the [Soulkilling Curse], it was still quite powerful. After using [Soulstealing Curse] on her, the Forgotten God Representative did not resist Ling Chen’s words at all, and she unhesitatingly replied, “The Moon God Palace is located on the Moon God Island at the centre of the Mystic Moon’s ocean, and it is about… 30,000 kilometres away from the Forgotten Continent.”

“The centre of the ocean?” Ling Chen was quite surprised. 20% of the Mystic Moon world was land, and 80% was water. If it was at the centre of the ocean, it would be considerably far from any continent… wait! Fudge… 30,000 kilometres?!

If he flew over, just when would he be able to arrive?!

“If it’s so far away, how do you go to and fro? Could it be that you have to travel 30,000 kilometres every time?” Ling Chen frowned as he asked.

“Of course not. At the boundary of every continent, there’s a teleportation channel created by the Moon Goddesses. Entering any of those teleportation channels will bring us back to the Moon God Palace. However, only Moon God Representatives with Moon God power will be able to use these teleportation channels; other living creatures will not be able to use them,” the Forgotten God Representative said earnestly before she hesitatingly asked, “Is master asking these things because he wants to go to the Moon God Palace?”

“That’s right,” Ling Chen replied. “I also want to know about who resides in the Moon God Palace, as well as how it’s structured and any secrets it possesses. Oh, and any weaknesses that the Moon Goddesses might have.”

The Forgotten God Representative looked quite shocked as she hurriedly said, “Please don’t do it! That place does not allow any outsiders to enter or even go near. Moreover, you have the Lunar Scourge on you, and if you’re found out by one of the Moon Goddesses or a Moon God Representative, you’ll be hunted down by the entire clan. If that happens, you won’t be able to escape even if you run to the edge of the world, so please don’t go… that’s right, there’s also a Spatial Restriction that the Moon Goddesses set up around the Moon God Palace. Only Moon God Representatives will be able to freely enter and exit, so even if you go, you won’t be able to go near.”

She genuinely cared and worried about Ling Chen because her soul now belonged to Ling Chen.