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Chapter 726: News About A Saint Orb

News About A Saint Orb

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“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’m not stupid enough to do something that would bring me great danger,” Ling Chen replied.

The Forgotten God Representative committed all of Ling Chen's questions to memory before starting to answer them, “Apart from the 3 Moon Goddesses, there are 283 official Moon God Representatives. 180 or so of them have been sent to the various continents to keep the order there, so there are around 100 or so left in the Moon God Palace. There are also 2,000 Moon Ladies who are weaker than the Moon God Representatives, as well as 200 or so Apprentice Moon God Representatives.”

“Wait, how strong are the Moon Ladies and Apprentice Moon God Representatives?”

“The weakest Moon Ladies are Heaven’s End grade; those who are below Heaven’s End grade are not qualified to enter the Moon God Palace. Most of the Apprentice Moon God Representatives are quite young, but after receiving Moon God power, they’re all at least Heaven’s End grade, and some geniuses are close to Mysterious God grade,” the Forgotten God Representative replied.

“Fudge…” Ling Chen inwardly groaned. In the human world, Heaven’s End grade beings were almost invincible, and they were super-existences in the Mystic Moon world. And yet, they were the weakest in the Moon God Palace!

“C-Continue,” Ling Chen’s voice started to slightly tremble as cold sweat started to drip down his forehead. Was he really going to go to that absurd place? With his strength, he wouldn’t be qualified to even deliver vegetables.

“There are 81 Moon God Shrines in the Moon God Palace, and each Moon God Shrine has hundreds of Moon God Pavilions. Every official Moon God Representative has their own Moon God Pavilion. Even after they die, their Moon God Pavilion will be maintained. The Moon God Palace’s structure is like the stars in the sky, with Shrines everywhere, and the Moon God Pavilions are also chaotically organised within the Moon God Shrines. It’s very easy for those who aren’t familiar with that place to get lost.

“As for any secrets… I rarely return to the Moon God Palace, so I don’t know.

“The 3 Moon Goddesses are usually in the First Shrine, and they almost never leave. This is because there hasn’t been anything that has required them to come out over these past years. As for their weaknesses… the 3 Moon Goddesses have peerless power, and they don’t have any weaknesses. However, there are 2 people who they fear: one is the Underworld’s Underworld King, Ming Sa… your father-in-law, and the other is the Sea Emperor Helos.

“There isn’t much else that I know. Over the past 100 years or so, I’ve only gone back to the Moon God Palace 3 times, and each time I’ve only stayed for a short period of time. Perhaps much has changed since I’ve gone back. Are you… really going to go there?” The Forgotten God Representative suddenly remembered something and said anxiously, “Could it be that you’re going there to retrieve the Lunar Scourge’s Saint Orb?”

“Saint Orb? There’s a Saint Orb in the Moon God Palace?” Ling Chen felt incredibly excited as he walked forwards. “That’s right! Since you were able to tell that I had the Lunar Scourge on me, you should have some understanding towards the Lunar Scourge and its orbs, right? Have you seen that orb before? Are you sure it’s a Saint Orb? Which one is it? And where is it kept?”

“I… I…” The Forgotten God Representative felt at a bit of a loss, but she did not hide anything. “About 2 months ago, the Goddess Fate summoned me to the Moon God Palace and told me that it was likely that the Lunar Scourge was going to re-emerge. She gave me something that would react when I came close to the Lunar Scourge, which allowed me to find out that it was on you. The Goddess Fate was able to sense that the Lunar Scourge was going to re-emerge because of the Saint Orb in the Moon God Palace. From about a year ago, the Saint Orb would occasionally light up, and it has been doing this more and more frequently.”

“Saint Orb? So it’s really a Saint Orb? Which one? The Star God Orb? Moon God Orb? Sun God Orb?” The words ‘Saint Orb’ caused Ling Chen’s blood to boil, and he began to feel much less fear towards the Moon God Palace. Over time, he had realised just how powerful the Lunar Scourge’s orbs were, and despite obtaining 11 God Orbs, he had not obtained a single Saint Orb. If the God Orbs were already so powerful, just how heaven-defying would the Saint Orbs be?! He had always been anticipating the day that he would obtain a Saint Orb.

And this was the first time that he had heard about the location of a Saint Orb!

“It’s… the Moon God Orb. That’s what the Goddess Fate told me.” Facing Ling Chen’s burning gaze, the Forgotten God Representative hurriedly replied.

“Moon God Orb… Moon God Orb… one of the 3 Saint Orbs!” Ling Chen instantly grinned, then asked, “Where is it kept?”

The Forgotten God Representative looked at Ling Chen worriedly and lowered her head as she said in a soft voice, “That orb was stored in the Moon God Palace since a long time ago. However, it is kept by the Goddess Fate in the First Shrine, and only the 3 Moon Goddesses can enter.”

Ling Chen frowned. Only the 3 Moon Goddesses could enter the First Shrine – not even Moon God Representatives had the right to go in there. Evidently, that was the most difficult place in the Moon God Palace to enter.

The fact that the Saint Orb was in the Moon God Palace was already difficult enough, but it was also in the toughest place to get into… no matter how well-tempered Ling Chen was, he felt the urge to curse loudly. He committed what the Forgotten God Representative had said to memory, then slowly nodded. “Alright, I understand. You can go back now.”

“Mm, if there’s anything you need, feel free to summon me whenever.” The Forgotten God Representative said reluctantly as she gave a small bow. Just as she turned around to leave, a slight struggle appeared on her face, and she finally turned to face Ling Chen again as she took out a white hairpin and gave it to Ling Chen. “If… If you really must go to the Moon God Palace, take this with you. You will only be able to break through the Spatial Restriction around the Moon God Palace with this.”

Ling Chen looked at the hairpin in her hands, then slowly shook his head. “It’s alright. If you lose it, you’ll be punished by the Moon God Clan. Plus, I don’t need it.”

“Eh? How did you know?” The Forgotten God Representative was quite surprised and felt quite touched by his concern.

“It’s because I already have one.” Ling Chen smiled, then took out a hairpin that looked exactly the same as the Forgotten God Representative’s apart from the fact that it looked slightly older.

“That’s one of our clan’s Moon God Hairpins!” The Forgotten God Representative cried out. “How do you have one?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t take it from one of your clan’s people. I obtained it at a place called the Moon God Ruins. It was left behind by a deceased Moon God Representative, and the power it contains should be enough to break through the Spatial Restriction around the Moon God Palace,” Ling Chen said as he waved the Moon God Hairpin. He had obtained this from a Dark Undead Moon God Representative, and he had not thrown it away because the description had said that it could allow him to pass into the Moon God Palace. It seems like he will finally use it now.

Seeing the Forgotten God Representative’s reaction, it seemed that it would be possible for him to use the one in his hands.

“In that case, if you have to go, please be careful. If something happens to you, I… I…” As she spoke, the Forgotten God Representative almost began sobbing. This high and mighty Moon God Representative, who had seemed so cold and domineering when he had first met her, was now acting so meekly and gently.

The [Soulstealing Curse] was simply too powerful!

Ling Chen did not have to worry about her revealing that he had a Moon God Hairpin either.

He had indeed received some information from summoning the Forgotten God Representative. At the very least, he had confirmed that the Lunar Scourge’s Orb was in the Moon God Palace. However, putting aside whether he could obtain the orb or if he could successfully enter the Moon God Palace… Ling Chen first had to solve the problem of how he was going to get to ‘Moon God Island’!

In order to reach the ocean, he needed to leave the Forgotten Continent, and in order to leave the Forgotten Continent, he needed to pass through the World Boundary! The World Boundary had not been opened yet, so just finding a way through that was a big issue. Last time, he had gone to the East Ocean Continent using the Dwarves’ World Boundary Scroll, and he had already used that.

Ling Chen tapped his chin and left for the Dwarves’ District.

[Author’s Note: The Moon God Orb of the 3 Saint Orbs is about to appear. Eh? There are only 11 God Orbs so far, and there’s still 1 left? Actually, the Aries Orb’s effects are too ‘trash’, so it’s fine to forget it for now!!]