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Chapter 729: Beg Me

Beg Me

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Fey and the Demon God Group’s arrival caused the Dark Night and Ling Tian City’s leaders to feel excited for a long time.

“The visas and documentation for so many people will take some time to organise. When the time comes, you can announce it as you wish,” Fey said casually when she was finally alone with Ling Chen.

“You want to come over in the real world as well?” Ling Chen asked in delight.

“Of course. Since we’ve decided to reunite, we should do it properly and not just in the game. Moreover, we want to come to China legally and properly,” Fey said as she gave him an emphatic eyeroll. “Even though neither of us won our bet, you still won in the end… are you happy now you big demonic pervert?”

“Heheh,” Ling Chen laughed, feeling very pleased. “No matter how domineering you are, you’re still a woman. No matter how domineering a woman is, she’s still destined to be dominated by a man. Submitting to me is what you should be doing…”

“You ass!” Fey was furious, and her hands grabbed Ling Chen’s collar like a streak of lightning. She applied some force, immediately knocking him down to the ground. She moved her legs over and sat on Ling Chen’s midsection before she savagely said as she narrowed her eyes, “To make it up to me, I want to always be on top in the future!”

“Fudge!” Ling Chen glared at her and flipped her over, pressing Fey’s soft body on the ground. He grabbed at her large, soft breasts with his right hand and rubbed them as he lewdly smiled. “No way! As a man, I can give in to anything but that!”

A numb feeling spread from her chest, bringing a red glow to Fey’s face. Her body also softened, but she did not give in at all. She unreservedly kicked upwards with her right foot, knocking Ling Chen off of her, and she immediately sprang on him again. She grabbed out with her hands onto his vital area between his legs and said, “If you don’t let me be on top, I’ll crush them!”

“Hmph, you wouldn’t be willing… fudge! You’re actually squeezing hard! If I allow you to do this, what will you not dare to do? If I don’t make you beg for mercy today, I’m not a man!”

“Come at me! You think I would be afraid of you?”

A battle between Adam and Eve erupted. The battle began on the floor, then moved to the bed, then moved back to the floor. The sounds of pounding, spasming, moaning, and liquids shooting out could be heard, accompanied by a thicker and thicker smell.

A whole 3 hours later, the battle finally ended. Yola, who had been standing outside the door the entire time, fell to the ground, her legs pressed tightly together and her small hand vigorously pressing down on the wet patch on her dress.

Fey rested her head on the headboard, her red hair cascading down her shoulders and her large, snow-white chest heaving. The legendary Eve’s face was completely pink, her eyes hazy, and she gave off an enchanting air.

“You asked for it; don’t blame me.” Ling Chen was sitting in between Eve’s long legs. He stretched his neck as he spoke in a refreshed manner.

“A big demonic pervert like you would only use such demonic and perverted methods. You’re just as shameless and despicable as before,” Fey said in a soft and breathless voice while her eyes were half-closed. She could not remember how many times she had climaxed, and she only knew that she had been intoxicated by this demonic pervert pounding her time and time again, bringing her in and out of consciousness. The domineering front she had put up… had completely crumbled.

“I’m sure the only one who can mess around with you so long is me, right?” The defeated Fey smiled, giving off a bewitching air. “Refreshed?”

“Very refreshed!” Ling Chen replied as he grinned.

“As a reward, kiss me for a bit longer.” Fey closed her eyes as she parted her lips.

Ling Chen took Fey into his arms, his chest pressing against her large breasts, and he kissed her soft, moist lips. Fey wrapped an arm around Ling Chen’s neck, passionately returning the kiss. The 2 of their tongues continuously darted back and forth, exchanging their saliva. Ling Chen suddenly opened his eyes and let go of Fey as he hurriedly asked, “That’s right, Fey! How did you bring them over? Are you able to easily pass through the World Boundaries? And are you able to bring other people with you?”

For Ling Chen to suddenly ask such a thing while they were just getting intimate, Fey was infuriated and viciously kicked Ling Chen off the bed. The ‘bang’, as well as Ling Chen’s cry of shock, caused Yola, who had just stood up, to fall down again.

“Lachesis’ spatial power can be used to pass through World Boundaries.” Even though Ling Chen had coaxed her for a while, Fey was still quite angry. “After coming last time, we had to wait for a while before passing through the World Boundaries again. In order to bring them here as quickly as possible, I focused all of my efforts into awakening the Lachesis’ power. Now, the Lachesis is able to pass through World Boundaries with ease, and I can take 30 people each time. I brought Yola and the others in waves to Ling Tian City. What, do you need to pass through the World Boundary?”

She could pass through World Boundaries as she wished and even bring people with her?!

Ling Chen’s eyes immediately lit up… what he had been searching for had showed up right in front of him! He should have realised last time that they had definitely passed through World Boundaries to get here! With Fey’s Lachesis, why would he need to wait for a consumable World Boundary Scroll?

“Fey, I need you to help me with a little something using your Lachesis!” Ling Chen went over and held Fey’s hand.

“A little something?” Fey turned to look at him, playing with her dishevelled hair as she said haughtily, “Since it’s just a little something, the invincible Adam can go do it himself; why would you need to rely on a woman like me?”

“Alright, it’s a big something.”

“What do I get in return?” Fey grinned.

“… You can be on top next time…”

“Deal~~ what do you want to do?” Fey looked incredibly pleased, waving her Lachesis rings in front of Ling Chen.

“A place called the Moon God Island,” Ling Chen truthfully replied. With Fey’s help, the issue of passing through the World Boundary would be easily solved even though he had to pay a great~~~ price.

“Moon God Island?” Fey’s expression became strange. “Why do you need to go there? That’s the Moon God Clan’s territory, and it is a place of utmost authority and holiness. It is also acknowledged to be the most dangerous place in the Mystic Moon world. Don’t tell me you’re desperate to get through the World Boundary because you want to have a change of scenery.”

Ling Chen was not at all surprised that Fey knew about Moon God Island. Before he even knew about the Lachesis, she already knew a lot about the Lunar Scourge. Ling Chen nodded and said, “Of course it’s for something very important. One of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs is there, and it’s a Saint Orb, so I have to go.”

“So it’s like that.” Fey tapped her snow-white chin and thought for a moment before she slowly said, “The Moon God Island is located at the centre of the Mystic Moon’s ocean, and it is about 33,000 kilometres from the Forgotten Continent’s boundary. Putting aside everything else, even if you travel in a straight line at full speed without stopping and do not meet any obstacles, it will still take you more than a month. Factoring in all sorts of problems, it’s safe to say that it will take you roughly 3 to 4 months.” She calmly looked at Ling Chen and said in amusement, “From what I understand about you, you’re not such a patient person, right?”

In this world, Fey was definitely the person who understood Ling Chen the best. Anyone else who heard that he was going to such a dangerous place like the Moon God Island would definitely try to stop him because no matter how powerful Ling Chen was, he was not able to fight against the Moon God Clan. However, only Fey would not because she understood Ling Chen’s personality, and she knew that he would become more excited the more ‘impossible’ a battle was.

“It’s indeed quite a long time,” Ling Chen helplessly waved. “I don’t have any other choice though. You should know how hard it is to find equipment that increases Movement Speed.”

“Beg me.” Fey suddenly bewitchingly smiled and spread out 3 fingers. “I can let you get there in 3 hours.”

“3 hours?! Are you serious?” Ling Chen’s mouth widened in surprise.

“My Lachesis can control space; traversing 1,000 kilometres takes but an instant. What do you say? However, that’s not the important thing… what’s important is that you need to beg me! If you don’t beg me, I won’t be so kind-hearted as to take you there for free.” Fey blinked her misty eyes, and her delighted smile looked so beautiful that it could topple a country.

Ling Chen had personally seen the Lachesis’ power. It could completely shatter and traverse space, so travelling through a World Boundary would be no problem. Moreover, Fey, this terrifying and proud woman, would never say something that she wasn’t sure of.

What’s more, just like him, this woman was incredibly stubborn. If he did not beg her, it would be impossible for her to help him.

Ling Chen’s expression immediately became one of flattering as he gently rubbed her large breasts while pleading, “Alright, my little Fey Fey, please take me there.”

Fey slapped Ling Chen’s hands away and smiled as she replied, “Since when was there such a lewd way of begging? It’s the first I’ve seen something like that. I seem to remember that I’ve taught you how to beg before, but it seems like you’ve forgotten. I’ll help you remember then. First, call me ‘My Great Wife’.”

“No way!” Ling Chen righteously shook his head and refused. “Since you can’t dominate me in bed, don’t try to dominate me in terms of addressing each other! This has to do with a man’s principles, and I definitely can’t give in.”

“Alright, looks like my Lachesis will have to rest for 3 or 4 months then.” Fey played with her fingers then flicked her head back as she equipped all of her equipment, hiding her snow-white body.

“My Great Wife!” Ling Chen immediately yelled out the words that he had refused to say.

“Good boy.” Fey smiled as she twisted her hips and jumped off the bed, and she said, “Let’s go now then.”