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Chapter 731: Catching The Lucky Cat

Catching The Lucky Cat

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Moon Shadow!”

Once Ling Chen was within 70 metres of the Lucky Cat, he released the light of Moon Shadow from the Lunar Scourge. Everything within 70 metres of him stopped moving – the waves completely froze in place, and the Lucky Cat also did not move anymore.

“See, catching this guy is as easy as taking candy from a baby,” Ling Chen said to Fey in a pleased manner as he picked up the Lucky Cat. This was the first time he had been so close to the Lucky Cat before, and he had to admit, this cat… was incredibly heavy!!

At that moment, he suddenly felt the Lunar Scourge slightly tremble. Ling Chen looked down and found that the Lunar Scourge’s 11 orbs were faintly glowing.

Ling Chen’s eyes widened… could it be…

Hearing Ling Chen’s words, and seeing how he had grabbed the Lucky Cat, Fey’s expression became strange. “Are you sure… you can catch treasure creatures like this? Is this how you caught them in the past?”

At that moment, Moon Shadow’s effects disappeared, and the Lucky Cat started to struggle within Ling Chen’s grasp, crying out ‘meows’ in fear and shock. Just as Ling Chen was about to reply, he felt the Lucky Cat disappear from within his arm, and it slammed into his body.

Just like that, the Lucky Cat vanished into thin air.

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded, and he looked around. However, no matter where he looked, he could not see the Lucky Cat anywhere. He noticed that there was a small pile of golden coins by his feet, and after staring in surprise, he suddenly remembered the Lucky Cat’s [Money Escape] skill. He immediately cursed, “Fudge, Money Escape!”

[Author’s Note: [Money Escape]: Throws out 100 gold coins and uses Nature energy to teleport to another place in the Forgotten Continent. However, because the Lucky Cat views money to be as important as its own life, it will not spend the ‘heavy price’ of 100 gold coins to run away unless it is in great danger.]

“Pfft… hahahaha…” Fey could not hold it anymore and started to laugh loudly, her full chest bouncing up and down. If it was before, he would have savagely glared at her and might have even pounced at her. However, at this moment, he was in no mood for that, and he felt quite depressed.

“From how you ‘caught’ it, I thought the treasure creatures in your continent didn’t know how to teleport. So it was… hehehehe, my dear Adam, did you really think you could catch that treasure creature like this? Treasure creatures are creatures of Nature, and they all have lived for tens of thousands of years. If they were so easy to catch, they would have become someone’s dinner tens of thousands of years ago.”

It was rare to see Ling Chen fail so miserably and seem so depressed afterwards, so Fey definitely would not let this rare opportunity go, mocking him in all sorts of ways. After a while, she finally stopped laughing. Her expression became earnest as she looked at Ling Chen and said, “However, it’s only a treasure creature, so why are you so upset over it?”

Fey understood Ling Chen too well. No matter what sort of emotions he was experiencing, she was able to tell at a glance. Ling Chen frowned and said, “No! I have to catch it!”

“Oh?” Fey raised her eyebrows. “Even though you haven’t been able to catch it before, you must have met it a few times… did you discover something when you touched it?”

“That’s right!” Ling Chen nodded and raised his right wrist as he said, “Just then, when I was holding the Lucky Cat, the Lunar Scourge reacted. In other words, there’s a Lunar Scourge orb on it! It’s something that I must obtain no matter what!”

“So it’s like that.” Fey’s expression also became serious. She raised an eyebrow as she smiled. “I’ll help you catch it then.”

“You have a way to catch it?” Ling Chen asked in surprise. He knew exactly how difficult it was to catch – putting aside its ridiculous Movement Speed, its teleportation made it almost impossible to catch!

Fey’s bewitching smile grew wider as she said casually, “It’s just simple teleportation; it’s nothing in front of the Lachesis’ spatial power. As long as I use Lachesis to follow its trail through space, catching it will be as easy as flipping over my palm. After I caught my continent’s treasure creature 7 or 8 times, when it saw me, it simply obediently handed over a piece of treasure.”

“That’s amazing!” Ling Chen was dumbfounded. “Hurry up and catch it for me then! What will you do if you wait too long and its trail disappears?”

“Beg me.” Fey’s eyes narrowed as she smiled. “If you don’t beg me, why would I be so kind as to catch it for you?”

“Fudge!” Ling Chen cursed.

“Hmm? What did you say?”

“I said… I said… my most beloved, greatest little Fey Fey; my gentlest, kindest, most intelligent, and greatest wife, you’ll definitely help me catch that Lucky Cat, right?” Ling Chen was almost pressed up against Fey, and his forehead was covered with sweat… ohmygoodness, after saying all those things that he did not mean at all, he was worried that he would be struck by lightning!

Fey’s eyes almost narrowed into slits as she smiled. She stretched out a white finger and stroked Ling Chen’s forehead as she said in a soft voice, “My little Adam, if you’re always so meek and obedient, your great wife will always treat you well.”

After saying this, Fey laughed as a blue light flashed on her hand, and she disappeared.

“Fudge! That arrogant woman!” Ling Chen immediately straightened up as he roared, “Next time, I’ll screw you so hard that you won’t be able to get off the bed for 3 days. Then, we’ll see who’s the boss of who… eh… s-so fast?!”

Before Ling Chen’s words had died out, Fey’s seductive body had reappeared before him. She gave him a beautiful but dangerous smile. “Alright, I heard that… if you don’t screw me so that I can’t get off the bed for 3 days next time, I’ll be the boss in future.”

“Ah… err… this… did I say something? You must have heard incorrectly. Mm, you definitely heard incorrectly! How could I say something like that?” Ling Chen frowned as he spoke in a serious manner.

“Hmph!” Fey glared at him as she said, “After a few years, your skills in bed haven’t improved by much, but your skin is 250 times thicker than before. However, since I’m your ‘Great Wife’, I won’t bicker with you. Here, your big fat cat.”

After saying this, Fey flicked out a finger, and the blue ring on her index finger glowed. The space in front of Ling Chen twisted as a golden fat cat suddenly appeared in the air. It fell on its bottom, its 2 paws desperately hiding its face… from the way it seemed, it was trying to cover its head, but because its arms were not long enough, it gave pitiful ‘meows’.

“Lucky Cat!” Ling Chen felt delighted. “You really caught it? How did it appear just then?”

Fey waved her hand and casually said, “I tracked it first, sealed the space around it, and then teleported it back. Just like that.” She then added, “Even though it seems like it’s freely sitting there, the space around it has been completely sealed by me. Unless I unseal it, it will be impossible for it to run or teleport.”

Without Fey having to explain it, Ling Chen had already guessed that this was the case. Otherwise, how could this incredibly cowardly cat that had unparalleled escaping abilities obediently sit there?

Honestly speaking, without Fey, even if Ling Chen could move 10 times as fast and Moon Shadow’s range was 10 times as big, he would still not be able to truly catch the Lucky Cat. This was because even if he grabbed it, it would be able to escape with a [Money Escape]… it would be more likely for him to instantly kill the Lucky Cat.

Ling Chen squatted down in front of the Lucky Cat and rubbed his hands as he chuckled, saying, “Lucky Cat, you can’t run away this time. I still haven’t dealt with you for stealing all of my money last time.”

This Lucky Cat most likely had never been caught before. When Ling Chen spoke to it at such a close distance, it was so scared that all of its fur stood on end, and its fat body desperately retreated as far as it could within the enclosed space. After being stared at with Ling Chen’s terrifying gave, it finally thought of something and moved its paws to its bell.

“Treasure creatures all have their own spatial items, and they normally keep their treasures within those spatial items,” Fey said as she looked at the Lucky Cat’s actions. “Its bell should be its spatial item. When a treasure creature is caught and can’t escape, it will take out money or treasure and give it to the person who caught it to buy its freedom.”

“Ohh!” Ling Chen nodded, his gaze fixed on the Lucky Cat’s paws. Even though he had asked Fey to catch the Lucky Cat for the Lunar Scourge orb on its body, as a treasure creature, it definitely had countless items. Anything it took out would definitely be quite extraordinary, so Ling Chen waited with great anticipation.

The Lucky Cat’s paws trembled for a while as if it was making a very difficult decision. After a while, it finally moved its paws away and stretched them out to Ling Chen… even though it had the face of a cat, Ling Chen was shocked to see that it had a devastated and heartbroken look on its face.

Goddamn, just what had it taken out for this big fat cat to be so sad.

The Lucky Cat slowly opened its paw, and within it, a single gold coin glittered, almost blinding Ling Chen’s eyes.

Ling Chen almost fell right onto the Lucky Cat’s big stomach.


A single gold coin!!

Was it taking him for a beggar?!