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Chapter 732: The Incredibly Trash Aries Orb (1)

The Incredibly Trash Aries Orb (1)

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If it wasn’t for the fact that the Lucky Cat had been sealed in place, Ling Chen really would have kicked it into the sea in anger.

Seeing that the Lucky Cat was treating him like a beggar, Ling Chen felt incredibly furious, and he roared at the Lucky Cat, “A single gold coin? Do you think I’m begging for money? You took more than 1 million gold from me last time! And now, you want to get rid of me with a single gold coin? If you don’t take out a decent treasure, don’t ever think of escaping!!”

“Hoh!” Fey laughed. “The high and mighty Adam actually got angry at a cat. This is quite the show!”

“Cheh,” Ling Chen pouted. “Try catching an incredibly rich tycoon someday and experiencing the feeling of him giving you a single coin to release him…”

Fey shrugged and continued to grin. “I should remind you that based on my experience catching treasure creatures in the past, they will only give you 1 piece of treasure every time you catch them. At the very least, the ones I’ve caught have never handed over a second piece of treasure. No matter how long I trapped it for, it would never hand over another piece of treasure. Perhaps this is a principle they hold on to. If you want to get the Lunar Scourge’s orb from it, you should be more direct.”

“I see,” Ling Chen replied. In actuality, he had been wondering how to obtain more than 1 piece of treasure from the Lucky Cat. However, after hearing that from Fey, he realised that he had been too greedy. Seeing how miserly this Lucky Cat was, it seemed that it would not hand over an extra piece of treasure even if he chopped it up.

The 11 orbs on Ling Chen’s right wrist were all glowing with a faint light, reacting to an orb nearby. Even though Ling Chen had seen the Lucky Cat many times, he had never been able to get close to it, so he had never detected that it had an orb on it. After thinking about Fey’s words, Ling Chen started to think. He took the Libra Orb off the Lunar Scourge and waved it in front of the Lucky Cat and said fiercely, “I know you have an orb that looks like this! Do you want your freedom back? Hand over this orb, and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, heheh… now that I think about it, I’ve never tasted cat meat before.”

Facing the demon-god-like Ling Chen, the incredibly timid Lucky Cat started to tremble. It desperately leaned back, its short arms trying to protect the golden bell in front of its chest… it did not forget to take back the gold coin that Ling Chen had rejected.

Ling Chen was completely certain that it had the Lunar Scourge’s Orb in it – the Lunar Scourge’s reaction was proof of that.

However, even though the Lucky Cat looked incredibly scared and stared at the Libra Orb in Ling Chen’s hands, after a long time, it still did not take out the orb.

Ling Chen’s frown became deeper, and he became completely furious, scaring even Fey who had walked over. “Hurry up and hand over the orb that you have! Otherwise, I won’t show you any more mercy!”

“Meow… meow meow meow meow!!” The Lucky Cat gripped the bell in front of its chest, its fat body shrinking into a ball. However, it still did not take anything out.

“ARGHHHHHHHH!!!” The Lucky Cat’s stubbornness completely enraged Ling Chen, making him want to tear that fat cat apart. After watching for a while, Fey couldn’t hold it anymore and started to laugh loudly, “Hahaha… my little Adam, have you really~ really~ caught this treasure creature before? You don’t seem very familiar with it.”

Ling Chen became speechless, his face, which had skin as thick as a city wall, became incredibly red. Because he had claimed that he had caught it many times before, he had been unendingly teased by Fey. It seemed that he really couldn’t lie rashly in front of this woman!

“Even if you cook it into a cat dish, it still won’t give you what you want. My little Adam, go play with your little thing, and watch how your gentle, intelligent, and great wife deals with this,”

Fey slowly said while pushing Ling Chen aside. She came in front of the Lucky Cat, her expression becoming incredibly gentle and mind. Even her gaze became like pure autumn water, making Ling Chen feel completely dumbfounded… this woman was showing such a gentle expression to the big fat cat… what?! This demonic woman, who could kill people without blinking, could reveal such a gentle expression? This was impossible!

“Cute little kitty, sorry for scaring you,” Fey gently smiled. Her first word almost caused Ling Chen to spit saliva out of his mouth. Was this gentle and sweet voice really coming from this woman?

He was hallucinating! He was definitely hallucinating!

“Don’t worry, with me here, that bad person won’t dare to harm you anymore.” Fey’s hand passed through the spatial barrier and gently stroked the Lucky Cat’s head. Under her gentle coaxing, the Lucky Cat’s body began to relax, and the fear in its eyes started to recede.

Beside them, the ‘bad person’ Ling Chen’s face twitched.

“Mm, don’t be afraid; no one will hurt you.” Fey said softly as she stroked the Lucky Cat’s fur while smiling. The Lucky Cat’s fear gradually disappeared, and it started to close its eyes, making it look like it was greatly enjoying the petting. In fact, it even moved its body closer towards Fey’s hand.

“Hehe, you’re such a cutie.” Fey’s smile and voice became warmer, making Ling Chen feel completely dumbfounded. He simply couldn’t believe that this was the demonic woman who he had known for more than 10 years. After being comforted and stroked for a long time, not only did the Lucky Cat’s fear disappear, but it also even started acting close to Fey. Fey smiled and said, “So, little kitty, do you have that thing that the bad person wanted? If you have it, can you give it to me? As long as you give it to me, you’ll regain your freedom, and you’ll be able to go wherever you want to go.”

Ling Chen, who felt completed deflated after trying to deal with the Lucky Cat, thought that Fey’s words would cause the Lucky Cat to become fearful and distrusting again. However, what happened next caused his jaw to drop… the Lucky Cat’s paws reached towards its bell with a ‘whoosh’, took out a moon-white orb, and took the initiative to give it to Fey. When doing this, it did not look reluctant at all, and it even wagged its tail.

Ling Chen’s mouth hung wide open, and if he was wearing glasses, they would have fallen to the ground.

“You’re such a good kitty.” After receiving the orb, Fey’s eyes narrowed as she smiled, and she gently patted the Lucky Cat’s head. A blue light flashed as the spatial barrier around the Lucky Cat was dispelled. “Alright, cute little kitty, you’re free now, and you can go wherever you want. In the future, you must be careful so that you’re not caught by this bad person again.”

The Lucky Cat tried moving its body, and after confirming that it could move again, its fur trembled with excitement. Before leaving, it looked at Fey reluctantly before disappearing with a ‘whoosh’.

Fey turned around, her slim fingers playing with the Lunar Scourge’s Orb. “Treasure creatures are creatures of Nature, and they love good and hate evil. A creature birthed by Nature would never hand over treasure to evil people because that would be a type of sin to it. However, if it’s a good person, that’s different. As such, if you try to scare it or threaten it, it will recognise you as an evildoer, so giving you a single gold coin would already be pretty good. As for your great wife, not only am I incredibly beautiful, but I’m also incredibly gentle as well. As such, it was more than happy to give me a piece of treasure for its freedom.”

“Why… Why didn’t you say so earlier?!” Ling Chen’s face twitched. I’ve never interacted with a treasure creature before; how could I know this!?

“Aiyaya, who was it that said that they’ve caught treasure creatures many times before? I thought that you already knew all of this common knowledge.”

Ling Chen: “!@#$%...”

“Do you want this orb?” Fey waved the Lunar Scourge’s Orb in front of Ling Chen while enchantingly smiling.

“I do,” Ling Chen numbly replied. He knew that he would have to agree to an incredibly unfair deal to receive the orb.

“I want to be on top for the next, next time as well. Any objections?” Fey batted her eyes as she smiled.

“None.” In order to obtain the Lunar Scourge’s Orb, Ling Chen fought back tears as he agreed to the humiliating and unfair deal.

“Such a good boy! If you’re obedient, your great wife will make you feel awesome when she’s on top,” Fey said as she gave a smile that could steal souls. She tossed the orb to Ling Chen. “Since you’re so good, I’ll give you this orb to play with.”

Ling Chen extended his arm and caught the orb. The instant it landed in his hand, he confirmed that it was indeed the Lunar Scourge’s Orb. Not only was the light that it gave off the same, but its size, weight and texture were also exactly the same as the other 11 orbs!

With the orb in hand, Ling Chen became so excited that he forgot about the ‘difficulties’ he had faced to obtain it. This orb was not something he had obtained through Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets power but something that he had completely obtained by chance! He had never thought that one of the orbs would be on the Lucky Cat that he had seen so many times. Even though he was incredibly annoyed at Fey for being so pleased to the point that he wanted to immediately strip her down and teach her a lesson, he had to admit that he would never have been able to obtain this orb or even known that it was on the Lucky Cat if it wasn’t for Fey.