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Chapter 734: Reaching The Moon God Island

Reaching The Moon God Island

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The [God-Killing Moon]’s stats caused Ling Chen to feel quite dumbfounded. This was the first time that he had encountered a skill that had a damage and range that were ‘unable to be determined’.

Even the system was unable to determine the damage and range – was it because this skill had never been used before, or… was it too powerful that it exceeded what the system could determine?

Ling Chen had no way of knowing the correct answer. Right now, he wanted to yell at the Lunar Scourge: Why the hell would you unlock it if I can’t even use it right now? Don’t you know that seeing something that you can’t use feels horrible?!

“Done?” Fey’s voice sounded out, and Ling Chen nodded. “I’m done now.”

“In that case, let’s set off then. My Lachesis’ cooldown has pretty much reset.” Fey looked towards the ocean, her sharp eyes pointing south as if she was locking on to the World Boundary 12 nautical miles away. She did not ask at all about the Lunar Scourge Orb or the Lunar Scourge’s new skills, and it was as if she was not interested in them at all.

“I’ll say it again… you’d best close your eyes.” After saying this, Fey grabbed Ling Chen’s arm and they disappeared.

When they reappeared, both of them were above the ocean. Ling Chen was naturally ready, and as soon as he felt the space around him change, he activated the Feng Chen Technique, allowing him to steadily stand in the air.

“Ahead is the Forgotten Continent’s World Boundary,” Fey said as she looked ahead.

The World Boundary was transparent, and it was impossible to see it with the naked eye. Ling Chen stared for a while, but he was unable to find it at all, so he stretched out his hand. About half a metre in front of him, his hand came into contact with a solid and cold barrier. He turned and asked, “How long will it take to break through it with the Lachesis?”

“Break through it?” Fey rolled her eyes in amusement. “The World Boundaries in each continent were created by the 3 Moon Goddesses; how could they be so easy to break through? However, creating a temporary gap is incredibly easy.”

After saying this, Fey pointed with a finger as the blue Lachesis ring shone with a blue light. Instantly, a 3 metre tall and 3 metre wide ripple appeared. A second after the ripples in space appeared, they disappeared. Fey grabbed Ling Chen and rushed forwards. “Let’s go!”

With a gap in the World Boundary, the World Boundary was unable to stop Fey from moving through space. This time, they travelled another 1,500 kilometres.

Moving short distances or to places where she had been before required very little spatial energy, so Fey could do many of these in a row. However, moving long distances to places that she had never travelled to before consumed a massive amount of spatial energy each time. After travelling through space each time, Fey rested for 5 minutes before moving again.

Even so, being able to travel 1,500 kilometres instantly each time, travelling 33,000 kilometres would not take too long. Even though Fey had never been to the Moon God Island before, she knew exactly where it was – at the very least, she wasn’t like Ling Chen, who only knew its general location. This was because her adoptive father, the Sea Emperor Helos, told her about the Moon God Island in depth before.

After 2 hours, Fey had moved with Ling Chen 20 or so times, and an island surrounded by a mysterious white fog appeared before them.

“Is that island… the Moon God Island?” Ling Chen wondered out loud while looking at the island. Strangely, the island gave off a different feeling compared to all of the other islands. After travelling 20 or so times, they should be fairly close.

“Surrounded by white fog and in the shape of a full moon. That’s right, it should be this island. We’re about 7 nautical miles away from it,” Fey said as she gave a pleased smile. “See, it didn’t even take 3 hours, right?”

“Mm, this is quite incredible.” Ling Chen couldn’t help but give her the admiration she deserved. Putting aside the World Boundary, just traversing these 33,000 kilometres would have taken him at least 3 months. Ling Chen looked ahead at the Moon God Island as he said, “Now, let’s move to the boundary of the island. I’m sure that there aren’t people guarding the boundaries all the time.”

“Oh? Where’s this confidence coming from?” Fey asked as she gave Ling Chen a side-glance.

“The Moon God Clan is too big,” Ling Chen replied in a serious tone. “The Chief of the Novice Village I was in said that there was a clan that could threaten the Moon God Clan called the Night Demon Clan long ago. This clan used to belong to the Moon God Clan, but because of some disagreements, they separated from the Moon God Clan and even became enemies with them. They even called themselves the ‘Night Demon’ Clan, which is in direct opposition to the ‘Moon God’ Clan. The disagreement was over the Lunar Scourge – as for what it was specifically, no one knows. After coming to the Forgotten Continent, I had never heard about the Night Demon Clan, but after hearing some information here and there, I heard that the Night Demon Clan was vanquished by the Moon God Clan and that the remainder hides in darkness. Even this clan’s name has almost been forgotten, let alone become a threat to the Moon God Clan.

“After the Night Demon Clan was vanquished, there was no longer anything in the world that could threaten the Moon God Clan. The Underworld King is not weaker than any of the 3 Moon Goddesses, but the Underworld’s overall strength is far weaker than the Moon God Clan’s. Furthermore, the Underworld and the Moon God Clan have never had any conflict before, so I’m sure that they would not fear anyone intruding into their territory as the strongest power in the Mystic Moon world. Furthermore, I’m sure that after the Night Demon Clan was destroyed, there’s no longer anyone who would dare to step onto the Moon God Island. Because of how powerful they are, they’ve definitely grown complacent. Adding on the powerful barrier outside of the Moon God Palace, even if someone stepped onto the Moon God Island, they would be locked outside. As such, no matter if it’s the Moon God Island or the region outside the Moon God Palace, I’m sure that there are only a few Moon Ladies or Moon God Representatives stationed there and that they’ve all let down their guards. All of this is quite favourable to us.”

“What you said is quite true. However, you should know that the Moon God Clan’s absolute confidence comes from their absolute power,” Fey said seriously. “With their strength, even if they’re not fully alert, their awareness is still superior to that of a normal human’s. With our concealment abilities, we might be able to slip by normal Moon Ladies, but once we go near Moon God Representatives, we might be discovered if we aren’t careful… if it’s the 3 Moon Goddesses Fate, Order, or Freedom, our concealment will be completely useless.”

“Regardless, let’s go on the island first. If we’re lucky, the 3 Moon Goddesses might not even be home,” Ling Chen said, although he knew that this was incredibly naïve thinking.

“Let’s slowly fly over,” Fey said earnestly. “After travelling so far, the Lachesis is almost completely out of spatial energy. Before reaching the Moon God Island, I want it to completely recover. Otherwise, we won’t even be able to escape if something happens.”

“Hm? You’re coming with me?” Ling Chen looked at Fey with surprise. He thought that Fey was only taking him to the Moon God Island and would leave afterwards. However, she seemed to intend to enter the Moon God Palace with him.

“What do you think?” Fey’s eyebrows curved as she smiled. “After all, I’m your gentle, considerate, intelligent, and great wife. Of course I need to take responsibility for your safety. Come to think of it, did you really think that you’d be able to succeed by yourself? This isn’t some amusement park; this is the Moon God Palace!”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Your Lunar Scourge is a weapon of destruction, and most of its abilities boost your attacks in some way or other. With it, it’s not too difficult for you to kill Celestial grade or Heaven’s End grade beings. However, how could you not know about the Moon God Clan? Even if you’re 10 times as strong, facing off against them would be impossible. However, my Lachesis is different. Its main ability lies in ‘control’, and it will be able to help us avoid confrontations with the Moon God Clan.” Fey paused as her eyes flashed with a bewitching light. “If you’re sure that the orb is in the First Shrine and you’re sure that you can find it, the chances of success will be about 50% if I’m with you with the Lachesis!”

“50%... eh? 50%?!” Ling Chen was dumbfounded. He grabbed Fey’s arm as he asked with wide eyes, “Are you sure?”

Honestly speaking, Ling Chen’s expectations towards his chances of successfully retrieving the orb… was less than 1%! And now, Fey had confidently said that their chances were 50%! With Fey’s personality, the likelihood was actually about 80% for her to say 50%!

Fey smiled as she calmly replied, “Have you forgotten already? Not only can my Lachesis control space, but it can also even control time in a large range. As long as you can locate where the orb is and I control the time within that area, I’ll be able to freeze everything for 15 minutes. With time frozen, no one will be able to stop you.” Fey looked at him enchantingly and said in a soft voice, “Don’t tell me 15 minutes isn’t enough?”

“It’s enough! Definitely, definitely, definitely enough!” Ling Chen rapidly nodded, his eyes shining like lightbulbs. No wonder why Fey had come with him when he had said that he wanted to go to the Moon God Palace. To her, such a heaven-defying thing was a piece of cake! No one could resist time being stopped – as such, as long as they could find the First Shrine, let alone 50%... the chances of success would be 100%!

This demonic woman who he loved, feared, and hated suddenly seemed incredibly cute to him. In the end, Eve was Eve – even though she was a demoness who made him feel incredible fear, was incredibly reliable in key moments!

The 2 of them did not use the Lachesis’ spatial energy to travel through space, and they instead took their time approaching the Moon God Island. In the end, it took them nearly an hour to travel the 7 nautical miles.

Soon, they stepped down onto the Moon God Island. Just as Ling Chen had expected, there was no one in sight. All they could see was a grand palace-city in the middle of the island.