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Chapter 735: Entering The Moon God Palace

Entering The Moon God Palace

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The instant Ling Chen stepped onto the Moon God Island, he felt as if he had entered a heavenly realm. The entire island was covered by a mysterious fog, and most of the fog was on the ground, making one feel as if he or she was walking on clouds. The air here was incredibly pure and pristine, and there was an incredibly dense aura of Nature within the air to the point that it was many times denser than the Nature energy in the Forgotten Continent.

At a glance, Ling Chen’s field of vision was filled with all sorts of fantastic flowers and trees, and many of the plants looked like beautiful jewellery, flashing with unbelievable colours. Ling Chen was certain that he had never breathed such pure air before or ever seen such moving scenery before. What’s more, all of this was completely natural, and it was not decorated at all. Even though it was within the Mystic Moon world, it seemed as if it was a separate heaven. Here, one could see beautiful sceneries that were impossible to see on the Forgotten Continent.

In the real world, the Bamboo Sea Wonderland where Ling Chen was staying was definitely one of the most heavenly places in all of China, but it was nothing compared to this place.

“It certain lives up to its reputation,” Fey said as she looked around with sparkling eyes. “As the Moon God Clan’s territory, this island is constantly bathed in Moon God power. As such, the aura of Nature here is incredible, and the entire island has been turned into a celestial place. Calling this place heaven would not be an exaggeration at all.”

“That’s the Moon God Palace over there. Looks like it’s even bigger than I expected! It’s like a heavenly palace!”

In front of them, there was a palace-city giving off a gentle silver light. The structures within the palace-city were grand and majestic, and they were comparable to Ling Tian City’s Administrative District. Even though they were quite far away, Ling Chen and Fey both felt a heavy pressure.

Before they had met a single person from the Moon God Clan, Fey and Ling Chen both felt a strange oppressive might just from looking at the palace-city. They both knew that this was their senses giving them a warning and the feeling that the Moon God Clan’s absolute power gave off.

Ling Chen raised his hands, and an old-looking map appeared in his hands.

“Is that…” Fey glanced at it and then became incredibly shocked. “A map of the Moon God Palace? Is it real?”

“It should be real,” Ling Chen said as he studied the map. The Forgotten God Representative had told him that there were 100 or so Pavilions in each of the 81 Shrines. There were 81 Shrines on the map, and each one had a name and number. The First Shrine, which supposedly had the Saint Orb, was located at the centre of the Moon God Palace, and it was surrounded by the 80 other Shrines. On the map, there were incredibly detailed descriptions of all of the Shrines and Pavilions, and it also detailed where they were located.

The location of the Moon God Palace’s barrier, the residences of the Moon Ladies, and some secret passages… all of these were labelled on the map. It was just the First Shrine that was labelled with a big ‘?’.

From what Ling Chen had heard from the Forgotten God Representative, he could determine that this map was quite accurate and comprehensive. In other words, this map that he had manipulated Qian Gun Gun into giving him was most likely the real deal. Ling Chen’s gaze became serious, and he quickly memorised the contents of the map with his monstrous mental energy. At the same time, he inwardly marvelled… just who was it that drew this map? In order to draw this map, that person would have had to walk around the entire Moon God Palace, including each and every Pavilion. If this wasn’t from the Moon God Palace, the person who entered the Moon God Palace and drew it was definitely a heaven-defying character.

“Where did you get this map from? And who has the ability to map out the entire Moon God Palace? To be able to draw such a descriptive map, it would have been impossible without walking through every single bit of the Moon God Palace,” Fey said in awe.

“No idea, I stole this map.”

Fey: “……”

As Ling Chen memorised the map, Fey did not disturb him, and she also stared at the map as she memorised it. 20 minutes later, Ling Chen closed the map and said in a low voice, “The one who drew it was definitely either a Moon God Representative or an absolute monster.”


At a desolate place where weeds were overgrown and crimes were common.

“A… Achoo!!”

Xiao Feng Chen, who had been napping, suddenly sat up and rubbed his nose, saying unhappily, “Weird, there’s not even a breeze here, so why did I suddenly sneeze… it must be some little bastard cursing me.”

Xiao Feng Chen grinned then laid down with a ‘whoosh’. He closed his eyes as he muttered, “Living this sort of life where I don’t have to rush around trying to find a successor is great. I wonder if that boy Ling Tian has upgraded his profession to the Feng Chen Sect Leader yet. If he has, I’ll be able to take him to the [Heart End Cliff]. With that boy’s mental energy, he might be able to comprehend the [Yama Curse] there… eh, forget about it. I’ll let him do what he wants. Now, I can be as relaxed as I want. Heheh, I miss those days when I’d go in and out of the Moon God Palace while those 3 women weren’t there and steal 7 or 8 pieces of Heaven’s End grade equipment. Those Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives were unable to discover me at all. Heheheh, our Feng Chen Sect is indeed the greatest sect in the world, ufufufufu…

“Right, where did I put that map I drew back then…”


“How are we going to go over?” Fey asked. While Ling Chen memorised the map’s contents, she had almost memorised most of it.

“Do you have any high-grade concealment skills?” Ling Chen asked. His ‘Vanishing Shadow’ was inherited from the peerless Feng Chen Sect, and now that it had been raised to max level, unless he was attacked, he could maintain it forever. As long as he did not run into the 3 Moon Goddesses, he was quite confident that he would not be discovered.

“I was going to ask you the same question. However, it seems that we don’t need to worry about this.” After saying this, Fey’s body turned into smoke and slowly disappeared. Even her jasmine fragrance disappeared.

Ling Chen smiled. He stretched out his right hand, and soon, he felt a slim hand hold onto his hand. He activated Vanishing Shadow, causing both his body and aura to vanish, and he advanced hand-in-hand with Fey. If this was anywhere in the Forgotten Continent, they would have moved quickly because they possessed high-grade concealment skills – not only could they hide their bodies, but they could also hide their auras. Adding on their own talents in stealth, it was almost impossible for them to be discovered.

However, this was the Moon God Island, and they had to be cautious with every step that they took. After walking 2 or 3 kilometres, they still did not see anyone, but the dazzling Moon God Palace now loomed over them. At this moment, Ling Chen and Fey both stopped.

“From the map, this should be where the barrier is,” Ling Chen said softly to Fey.

Fey fell silent for a while before replying, “After 2 metres ahead, there’s indeed a barrier. Moreover, this barrier is quite powerful; much more powerful than the World Boundaries.”

“Can you create a gap?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course, of course,” Fey replied with some hesitation. “But the barrier is too powerful – if I use the Lachesis to force my way in, it will create a large sound and massive ripples when creating the gap. It’s likely that we’ll be discovered by Moon Ladies or Moon God Representatives.”

Ling Chen nodded and then said, “Let me try then.”

Following this, after confirming that there was no one around except Fey and himself, Ling Chen cancelled Vanishing Shadow. He took out the Moon God Hairpin that he had obtained in the Moon God Ruins, then took a deep breath. He confirmed the distance and took 3 steps forward as he touched the Moon God Hairpin against the barrier.

Immediately, the Moon God Hairpin flashed with a faint white light as a ripple appeared soundlessly in front of them. Beside him, Fey grabbed his hand. “It’s a gap! Hurry up and go in!”

After saying this, she rushed forwards as fast as she could with Ling Chen, effortlessly passing through the Moon God Palace’s barrier.

“Where did you get this?” Fey asked as she looked at the Moon God Hairpin in Ling Chen’s hands after passing through the barrier.

Ling Chen put the Moon God Hairpin away and quickly shrank into a corner, waiting for [Vanishing Shadow]’s cooldown time to reset. “I found it.”

“Hoh, all this stealing and picking up. Looks like your skills in thievery have improved quite a bit.” Fey smiled.

Ling Chen ignored her and said in a low voice, “What’s the largest area you can freeze time in?”

Fey’s expression became serious as she replied, “The larger I extend the range, the shorter the time will be. If I want to maintain it for more than 10 minutes, the limit is 3 kilometres!”

3 kilometres… this caused Ling Chen to suck in a breath of cold air.

“However, we only have a single chance because this area and time is the Lachesis’ limit. After activating it, all of the spatial energy within the Lachesis will be used up, and it will require 24 hours to recover,” Fey said seriously.

“It’s more than enough! With a range of 3 kilometres and over 10 minutes to take the Saint Orb, if I’m not able to succeed, then I don’t deserve that Saint Orb.” Ling Chen clenched his fists, feeling incredibly excited. With Fey’s Lachesis, as long as they could get within 3 kilometres of the First Shrine, the Saint Orb would be as good as his. The 3 Moon Goddesses were indeed peerless, but no matter how powerful they were, they were unable to resist the power of time!

After 30 seconds passed, Ling Chen was once again able to reactivate Vanishing Shadow. He calculated the distance to the Moon God Palace based on the map, and after a few minutes, they came before the Moon God Palace’s grand doors.

The Moon God Palace’s doors were about 20 metres high and 30 metres wide, and it seemed to be made of moon-white jade. At the centre, there was a full moon giving off a mysterious light.

There were incredibly beautiful flowers and grasses at the boundary around the Moon God Palace. Pairs of Moon Ladies carried exquisite baskets, picking different-coloured petals. Even though they were only Moon Ladies, each of them was incredibly beautiful, and they gave off a celestial aura. Any of them in any continent would be a peerless beauty.

However, who would have thought that such young and beautiful ladies would have at least Heaven’s End grade strength.

“This morning, I saw the Goddess Order leave again.”

“Eh? Did something happen at a continent again? To the point that the Goddess Order had to personally intervene?”

“It’s a place called the East Ocean Continent. The seal on the evil beast Yamata no Orochi has weakened again, and the new Cherry Blossom God Representative isn’t able to suppress it, so she asked for help.”

“So it’s like that. A Saint destroyer grade evil beast indeed requires her ladyship to personally go. Speaking of the East Ocean Continent, I heard that the previous Cherry Blossom God Representative was captured by an otherworlder. Is there still no news from her?”

“It’s not very clear. The last I heard, the Goddess Fate said not to investigate this matter anymore because she said that the Cherry Blossom God Representative willingly left to follow that otherworlder.”

“Willingly? How is that possible… to become an official Moon God Representative is an extremely glorious and joyous matter – it’s something I dream about. How could she give up her status as a Moon God Representative and become an otherworlder’s pet… moreover, that otherworlder was so weak; I just can’t understand it…”

As the Moon Ladies chatted with each other, none of them saw 2 invisible shadows soundlessly pass by them and walk through the doors, entering the Moon God Palace.