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Chapter 737: Fey Facing 3 Moon Goddesses

Fey Facing 3 Moon Goddesses

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As Purple Dress yelled out, a hazy purple light quickly descended from her fingertips, covering Fey’s ‘Time Domain’.

An incredibly soft sound to the point that it couldn’t be heard sounded out, and the faint purple light and the faint yellow light clashed, then both disappeared.

Fey’s Time Domain, which Ling Chen had put all of his hopes in, had completely disappeared.

“Someone has intruded into the Moon God Palace; sisters, hurry and find that person!”

“Reveal yourself, intruding human!”

The sudden voices shocked both Fey and Ling Chen.

“What’s going on… how come the Lachesis’ Time Domain… suddenly disappeared?” A look of deep shock appeared on Fey’s pale face. Ever since she had obtained the Lachesis, she had never encountered a situation where the Time Domain had disappeared. She had always been incredibly certain that no creature or power could resist her powerful time control.

She was completely confident that the Time Domain would last for at least 8 minutes, but it had suddenly disappeared after 1 minute. In her shock, she suddenly thought of something, and she hurriedly looked up… high in the air, she saw a purple figure.

“Could it…be her? The Moon Goddess who can control Order?”

The Sea Emperor Helos’s words echoed in Fey’s mind, “Fey, in this Mystic Moon world, it’s not just the Lachesis that can control time. The Goddess Order controls the order of elemental essence. The elemental essence that she controls is not limited to fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, light, and darkness, but it also includes space and time. Of course, the Goddess Order cannot compare to the Lachesis in its complete state in controlling space and time. However, the Lachesis’ power is incomplete, and it might not even be able to stand up to the Goddess Order…”

Fey also remembered the Moon Ladies’ words that they had overheard when they were entering the Moon God Palace – they had said that the Goddess Order had left the Moon God Palace to go to the East Ocean Continent…

Helos told her that the Goddess Fate was called White Snow and wore a white dress; the Goddess Freedom was called Blue Heart and wore a blue dress; the Goddess Order was called Purple Dress… and always wore a purple dress!

The purple figure in the sky was definitely the Goddess Order, who had just returned from the East Ocean Continent! Just then, it was definitely her who had cancelled out the Time Domain!

Fey, who had not personally killed anyone in a long time, suddenly felt an overwhelming wave of bloodlust.

Before, when they had heard that the Goddess Order was not in the Moon God Palace, she and Ling Chen had been delighted. After all, with 1 less Moon Goddess, there was a lot less danger. However, now, she knew that it was not good news for them; rather, it was a disaster. If the Goddess Order had been in the Moon God Palace when she had activated the Time Domain, the Goddess Order would have been frozen in time as well. Even if she could also control time, if she was covered by the Time Domain first, she would be frozen, and she would not be able to do anything, much less control time. However, since she had come back from outside and was outside the Time Domain, she was able to cancel Fey’s Time Domain!

Fey and Ling Chen’s ‘perfect’ plan had been completely destroyed by the Goddess Order’s inopportune return.

Moon God Palace’s Seventh Shrine.

When all of the clamouring started, Ling Chen immediately stopped as if he had been nailed in place. Although he was shocked, he did not panic, and he immediately activated [Vanishing Shadow] and quickly hid himself, pressing tightly against one of the Pavilion’s walls. He was looking right at the Seventh Shrine’s exit, and if he passed through this Seventh Shrine and then the Fourth Shrine, he would be able to reach the First Shrine. However, he had to stop.

“What’s going on? Didn’t she say I would have 8 minutes?!” Ling Chen worriedly roared inwardly.

The second after he finished going into stealth, he felt the 3 Moon Goddess and some Moon God Representatives sweep their senses over where he was. Following this, even more senses swept over where he was. However, with Vanishing Shadow and adding on the fact that he was not moving at all, they could not find him at all. At this moment, Ling Chen found that the Moon Ladies’ and Moon God Representatives’ senses covered every inch of the Moon God Palace except for the regions within the Pavilions.

Why weren’t they searching within the Pavilions? Could it be that they were confident that no one would enter them?

Could it be that there was some method for entering the Pavilions that made it so that outsiders couldn’t enter? Or was it because each Pavilion had a special protective power that could protect the Moon God Representatives within?

These things flashed in Ling Chen’s mind, but he did not think about them too much. Now, all of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies became alert, and Ling Chen did not dare to act rashly. However, what brought him comfort was that the Moon Goddess that had locked onto him from before had lost him after he ran about 3 kilometres or so… in other words, during those few moments, he had escaped from that Moon Goddess’ power. However, for him to be discovered 4 kilometres away, it was easier for him to be discovered while only a few hundred metres away – perhaps it would only take a few seconds.

Something definitely happened over where Fey was… what should he do now?

Ling Chen’s mind raced, and he subconsciously looked to the side. He saw that there was a pair of doors shaped like 2 half moons, and there were 3 elegantly-written words above the doors.

Water Celestial Pavilion.

From the name, this Pavilion evidently belonged to a Moon God Representative called the Water Celestial God Representative. Seeing this name, Ling Chen slightly frowned. 2 seconds later, a thought flashed in his mind as he quickly took something out of his bag.

It was a grey, old key.

[Old Key]: This Old Key is very old. It contains the power of the Moon God Clan and is unable to be destroyed by the forces of nature, preserving its state even now. It may be used to unlock the 'Water Celestial Pavilion' at the Seventh Shrine within the Moon God Palace.

Holding this key that he had obtained at the Moon God Ruins, Ling Chen did not hesitate as he touched the key on the half moon-shaped doors. Immediately, the doors, which had not opened for a long time, soundlessly swung open. Ling Chen lightly breathed in and quickly jumped in. As he entered, the doors tightly closed behind him.

After entering the Water Celestial Pavilion, Ling Chen felt as if he had entered into a separate world. His incredibly tense mind relaxed – it was as if his senses were telling him that this place was relatively safe.

“So it’s like that. There’s a barrier around each of the Pavilions, completely blocking off any senses from outside. I’m guessing this is most likely to give each Moon God Representative a separate, personal space. Otherwise, with so many beings above the Heaven’s End grade, it’s possible for anyone to find out what anyone else is doing using their senses. Anyone would feel bound in such a situation,” Ling Chen thought to himself.

At the same time, every Pavilion required a unique key to enter. This key would always be carried by the Moon God Representative, and there was no other way to enter. As such, the Moon God Clan’s people didn’t have to worry about intruders entering the Pavilions. Thus, no one bothered to check any of the Pavilions, nor could they.

The space within the Pavilion was much larger than what Ling Chen had expected. There was a large circular bed, a zither, 2 tables, and a few pretty wind chimes hanging from the ceiling. At the centre of the Pavilion, there was also a large pool. The water in the pool was so pure and clear that it was possible to see the bottom, on which there were many daffodils.

Ling Chen only hurriedly looked around because he did not have time to appreciate his surroundings. He remained in stealth, and he suppressed his aura as he spoke into his communication device, “Fey, what happened?”

“The Time Domain was cancelled out,” Fey immediately replied.

“……” Ling Chen felt incredibly surprised.

“Where are you? Were you discovered?” Fey asked worriedly.

“No! I’m at a fairly safe place,” Ling Chen replied. “What about you?”

“I’m… very not-safe.”

As Fey replied to Ling Chen, her cold eyes looked ahead of her, where a stunningly beautiful woman in a purple dress had appeared before her. The woman in purple was looking back at her just as coldly.

Around her, 10 or so Moon God Representatives and tens of Moon Ladies were respectfully standing around the woman in purple, glaring at Fey.

“I’ll tell you about the Time Domain being cancelled out later. Right now, I’m surrounded – the Goddess Order is right in front of me… ah, the Goddesses Fate and Freedom are also coming. Looks like they’ve also noticed the Time Domain, and they are personally coming over. I should let you know that these 3 Moon Goddesses are all ridiculously pretty, and they aren’t at all inferior to your dear Meng Xin. I’m sure you’ll be very happy if you see them,”

Fey said in a joking tone, not forgetting to tease him. However, hearing this, Ling Chen felt quite fearful. He didn’t care about how the Time Domain had been dispelled – right now, Fey was in an incredibly dangerous situation…

Right now, she was facing 3 Moon Goddesses! They represented the greatest power and authority in the Mystic Moon world, and they were the 3 most powerful humans! No… they were 3 gods!

What’s more, there were also numerous Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies there!

This was worse than their worst case scenario.

“Fey! Leave immediately! Your Lachesis has used up its time energy, but it should still have quite a bit of spatial energy; I’m sure it’s no problem for you to escape!” Ling Chen said worriedly.

Fey immediately replied, “It’s no problem for me to run away. Even if the 3 Moon Goddesses tried to stop me, it would be impossible for them to. However, what about you?”

“I’m quite close to the First Shrine, and the place I’m at is very safe. If I hide here, they probably won’t be able to find me. The 3 Moon Goddesses most likely think that you entered by yourself. If you leave, they most likely won’t search for me. I’ll stay here and wait for an opportunity to enter the First Shrine.”

This was the only thing Ling Chen could think of after their ‘perfect plan’ had crumbled, and it centred around Fey getting away. With the Lachesis’ spatial energy, it would be no problem for Fey to leave by herself. However, if she wanted to bring him, she would not possess absolute certainty in escaping anymore.

“No!” Fey resolutely refused as she slowly said, “Our concealment is more or less useless against the 3 Moon Goddesses! Even if you hide for 100 years, you won’t be able to find an opportunity – once you come out, you’ll immediately be found. Adam, listen to me. I’m going to use all sorts of methods to attract the 3 Moon Goddesses’ attention, and I’ll give you a signal at the right time. When that time comes, leave your safe spot as quickly as possible and rush to the First Shrine! Even though you’ll definitely be found out by the 3 Moon Goddesses, I have ways to stall them… this is our last chance!”

“No way!” Ling Chen refused. “A single person stalling 3 Moon Goddesses? Are you joking? Do you think you’re the invincible Eve in the real world?!”

“I’ll do whatever the hell I want. This time, you have to listen to me!”

Ling Chen: “……”

After saying these words, Fey cut communications with Ling Chen and looked at the 3 women in the air, who all had the same face but completely different auras.

The 3 Moon Goddesses of the Moon God Clan!