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Chapter 739: Final Hope: Ultimate Dimensional Domain

Final Hope: Ultimate Dimensional Domain

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Moon Goddess White Snow’s words caused Blue Heart’s mouth to widen and Purple Dress to slightly frown. However, neither of them said anything. From what they saw, White Snow’s words were not unacceptable. For Fey to be recognised as the Lachesis’ master, she definitely was quite extraordinary. Perhaps she really was the reincarnation of one of the ancient True Gods. At the same time, if she joined the Moon God Clan, it would mean that the Lachesis would be returning to the Moon God Clan and that its power could be used by them, bringing great benefits. This was because all of the Moon God Clan’s top-tier equipment combined together could not compare to a single complete Lachesis.

“Become a Moon Goddess?” Even Fey was completely dumbfounded by her words. She had been prepared for immense danger, but she was instead faced with an irresistible offer. At this moment, Fey’s heart truly wavered.

Naturally, what moved her heart was not the status of a Moon God or the Moon God’s blood or power but the extension of her lifespan to tens of thousands of years. Whether the Mystic Moon world was real or fake was clearly known by Ling Chen because of the Lunar Scourge, and this was the same for Fey with the Lachesis.

Who could resist the temptation of extending their lifespan from around 100 years to tens of thousands of years? Perhaps no one in the world would not be tempted by this offer– not even Fey or Ling Chen.

“Are you certain that my lifespan will be extended to tens of thousands of years?” Fey looked up, all of the wariness around her disappearing. Instead, there was a look of hope and expectation in her eyes.

White Snow smiled. “If you join the Moon God Clan, with your control over the Lachesis, you’ll have the qualification to become a Moon Goddess after the Lachesis is restored. All creatures in the Mystic Moon world know just how long Moon Goddess lifespans are. One of our remarkable ancestors lived for over 100,000 years.”

“We never lie – White Snow, Purple Dress, and I are already 18,000 years old. However, in human terms, we’re only 18 years old,” Blue Heart added.

The interest on Fey’s face became greater and greater, and the 3 Moon Goddesses did not say anything, waiting for her answer. After a while, Fey breathed out and said, “Can you please give me some time to think about it? After all, I’m a human from another world, so I’m quite different to you all and can’t make a decision immediately.”

“Very well.” White Snow smiled and nodded. “You can leave as you wish. I’m sure that you’ll be able to return here easily with the Lachesis’ spatial powers. We welcome you back at any time, and if you join our Moon God Clan one day, today will be remembered as quite the fateful encounter.”

“Can I really leave? You’re not going to punish me for intruding into the Moon God Palace?” Fey asked uncertainly.

“Of course,” White Snow lightly nodded. “You possess no hostility towards us, and perhaps you only came here out of curiosity. At the same time, you possess the Lachesis, and you are, in a way, connected to our Moon God Clan by fate. As such, we don’t want to punish you. What’s more, with the Lachesis, all physical, magic, spatial, and time restrictions are useless against you. Even if I wanted to stop you, it would be very difficult. As such, you can leave as you wish, and we won’t stop you. We just hope that one day you’ll return and give us the answer that we want to hear.”

“… Very well.” Fey let out a deep breath. “Since that’s the case, I’ll be going now. I’ll come back after I’ve decided.”

After saying this, Fey slowly floated into the air. She flipped her right hand as the blue ring shone with a faint light, seeming like it was going to release spatial energy to leave. At that moment, the 3 auras locking on to her disappeared.

Fey had been waiting for this moment!

When the 3 Moon Goddesses’ power had been locked onto her, if she had tried anything, they would have immediately responded. What she had been thinking the entire time was how to cause the 3 Moon Goddesses to lower their guard so that she could strike with a lightning-like attack. She had thought that it would be extremely difficult, but after these series of events, not only did the 3 Moon Goddesses not make things difficult for her, but they had even extended an olive branch towards her. When she was preparing to use the Lachesis’ power to ‘leave’, not only had the 3 Moon Goddesses withdrawn their power, but they had also completely let down their guards.

This sort of opportunity was much better than the moment she had hoped for!

The Lachesis’ blue light suddenly became incredibly bright to the point that it was blinding, and the range that it covered increased by tens of times. Fey’s gaze became incredibly sharp and fierce, and as she moved her right hand, the dense blue light shot in all directions.

“Ultimate Dimensional Domain!!”

As Fey yelled out, the blue light soundlessly exploded and dissipated.

Fey’s sudden, strange actions were immediately detected by the 3 Moon Goddesses. However, just as they were about to react, they felt their bodies sink into an incredibly powerful, cold seal. No matter how they tried, they could not budge at all.

Not only the 3 Moon Goddesses, but all of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies who were caught in the blue light were completely frozen. Only their eyes flickered with shock.

This was because Fey had used almost all of the spatial energy within the Lachesis to create this Ultimate Dimensional Domain, tightly freezing all space within the area. Even though the Lachesis’ power was incomplete, it was still a legendary item. Even the 3 Moon Goddesses were unable to escape from the Lachesis’ bindings.

All of the Lachesis’ time energy had been expended, and now, more than 95% of its spatial energy had been consumed, as had much of Fey’s mental energy. Fey felt incredibly dizzy, but she forcibly woke herself and grabbed her communication device as she yelled, “Adam! Hurry up and go! I can only hold them for 60 seconds! This is our last chance!”

Ling Chen, who had been waiting for Fey’s signal, immediately raised his head. He did not hesitate at all, and in the next instant, he shot out from the Water Celestial Pavilion like an arrow, rushing towards the First Shrine.

The 3 Moon Goddesses did not move at all, and their bodies flashed with a white light. However, they immediately realised how powerful the Lachesis’ spatial power was. Even as the most powerful beings in the Mystic Moon world, they could only cause the space around them to tremble, but they could not leave. If they wanted to break free, it would take them at least 1 minute or so of struggling!

When Ling Chen activated Broken Shadow and rushed out of the Water Celestial Pavilion, the 3 Moon Goddesses all detected him, feeling incredibly shocked.

“You have a companion? Just what is your aim?” White Snow was unable to move, but she was able to use her power to project her voice.

“We just want to retrieve something. After we obtain it, we’ll immediately leave.” After using up massive amounts of mental energy, Fey’s face was incredibly pale, and it was almost unable to stand properly.

“Retrieve something? As long as you join the Moon God Clan, everything we have will be yours. Why must you use such methods?” White Snow’s voice was filled with disappointment and anger. Following this, she seemed to realise something, and the emotions in her voice became more evident, “Could it be that you want the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror?”

When White Snow mentioned the ‘Lunar Prison Divine Mirror’, Fey could see Purple Dress and Blue Heart’s eyes tremble, and expressions of shock appeared on the faces of all of the surrounding Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies.

Lunar Prison Divine Mirror? What’s that? Fey felt quite confused – she had never heard of this before, but from the Moon Goddesses’ and the Moon God Representatives’ reactions, it seemed to be quite an amazing thing. Of course, she wouldn’t admit that they were here for one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs, otherwise she would expose the Lunar Scourge. As such, this ‘Lunar Prison Divine Mirror’ became a perfect scapegoat for her. She smiled as she said, “Apart from the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror, what else would I spend such great effort to come here for?”

“Y-You… How could you do this? The Lunar Prison Divine Mirror is the most important thing to our clan, and if it falls into the hands of evildoers… everything will be over!” Blue Heart desperately struggled, feeling incredibly worried.

White Snow slowly closed her eyes, and in the next second, her voice travelled like a soft wind throughout the entire Moon God Palace, “Starry Moon, Mercy Heart, Spirit Dream, you’re closest to the First Shrine. Immediately go there to guard the First Shrine and stop any intruders trying to steal the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror.”