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Chapter 741: Hiding


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Ling Chen’s pupils contracted, and he immediately made a decision and yelled back, “Fey! I’ve failed over here, and I can’t even enter the First Shrine! Hurry and leave!”

“… What are you going to do?”

“I have a new plan; I’m going to stay here… hurry up and leave! I’ll be fine!!”


“No buts! Leave! If you leave, we’ll both be fine. If you don’t leave, both of us will die! Listen to me!” Ling Chen was almost roaring.

“Alright! If you dare to trick me, I’ll bite your thing in half!!”

More and more fractures appeared on the Dimensional Domain restricting the 3 Moon Goddesses. In another few seconds, they would be able to escape. Fey stood up and looked towards where Ling Chen was, then gritted her teeth and used the last of the Lachesis’ power to disappear.

The next second after she disappeared, the Dimensional Domain shattered…

While Fey was activating the Lachesis, Ling Chen raised his right wrist… after he had entered the Moon God Island, he had done all he could to avoid using the Lunar Scourge to prevent it from being revealed. If that happened, he would be hunted down by the Moon God Clan, and with his current strength, it would be impossible for him to obtain the Saint Orb.

Now, he could only pray that the 3 Moon God Representatives in front of him would not recognise the Lunar Scourge’s power.

“Moon… Flare!!”

A blinding light pierced their surroundings. The 3 Moon God Representatives cried out, tightly squeezing their eyes shut and covering their eyes with their hands. Apart from the whiteness, they could not see anything else.

5 seconds later, the nightmarish light finally disappeared. The 3 Moon God Representatives regained their vision, and they saw Ling Chen still furiously attacking the barrier. However, there were no longer 8 Ling Chens but just 1… they instantly let out a breath of relief. It seemed that his cloning skill had ended.

“The Moon Goddesses have escaped from the spatial restriction!” Starry Moon God Representative happily cried out.

“Really? That’s great!” Mercy Heart God Representative relaxed and looked at Ling Chen as she said, “Intruder, you have no chance anymore! Hurry up and surrender.”

After speaking, she suddenly waved her hand, shooting 2 moon-white arrows at Ling Chen. Ling Chen, who was still attacking the barrier, did not expect that the Moon God Representatives would stop caring about the barrier and instead attack him. As such, he could not react in time to dodge or to stop the attacks…

Bang! The first arrow was reflected by the Evil God’s Mask.

The second arrow hit Ling Chen in the centre of his forehead…


A massive damage figure arose from Ling Chen’s head – this damage figure was enough to kill him nearly 10 times. Ling Chen immediately stopped attacking the barrier, and his gaze became blank as he fell from the sky, smashing onto the ground below with a ‘bang’.

“Hmph! You thought too highly of yourself; you dared to intrude into our Moon God Palace?” The Mercy Heart God Representative, who had killed Ling Chen, said as she harrumphed. Ling Chen’s body remained on the ground for a while before slowly disappearing amidst a white light.

At that moment, a white light flashed at the entrance of the First Shrine as White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart simultaneously appeared

“Your ladyships!” The 3 Moon God Representatives hurriedly bowed and greeted the Moon Goddesses.

“Where’s that person?” White Snow calmly asked as she looked around.

“Replying to your ladyship, that human’s attacking power was very strong, and he had powerful defensive and cloning skills, so he was almost able to break past our defences. Luckily, his protection abilities were limited, and he was killed by Mercy Heart. His corpse just landed below. However, he’s most likely an otherworlder, so his corpse disappeared after he died. He must have returned to one of the continents to revive,” Starry Moon respectfully replied.

Blue Heart’s eyes shone with shock, “Eh? The 3 of you almost weren’t able to stop him? White Snow, Purple Dress, aren’t these otherworlders incredibly weak? How come 2 incredibly powerful otherworlders appeared so suddenly?”

“There are billions of otherworlders, so it’s only normal that there are some extraordinary ones,” White Snow lightly replied. “Starry Moon, Mercy Heart, Spirit Dream, did you get that person’s name?”

The 3 Moon God Representatives looked at each other and then shook their heads. Spirit Dream lowered her head as she said, “Apologies, your ladyships. Just then, everything happened too suddenly, and that person’s attacks were too powerful, so we had to be fully focused. We didn’t have any time to look into his information.”

White Snow did not blame them, and she lightly nodded. “No matter, that was the correct decision. Their aim in coming here was to take away the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror. If they took it away, not just us, but the entire Mystic Moon world would have suffered a catastrophe.”

“But the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror can only be activated with Moon God power. Even if they obtained it, it wouldn’t be much use to them, would it? Why would they want to steal it?” Blue Heart asked in curiosity.

“Since they wanted it, they might have other ways to use it,” White Snow said as she slightly frowned. “That girl called Fey possesses the Lachesis, and even we can’t resist the Lachesis’ power. If she comes again, we might not be able to stop her again. Looks like I’ll have to carry the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror on my person.”

After saying this, she waved her slim hand, and a mirror surrounded by white light quickly flew out of the First Shrine. It landed in her hand and then slowly disappeared.

“2 people were able to enter our Moon God Palace without us detecting it. Looks like we’ve grown complacent after such a long period of time. Purple Dress, come with me to create another Detection Barrier outside the Moon God Palace. Even if someone comes by teleporting, we’ll be able to detect them immediately.”


All of them believed that Ling Chen and Fey had intruded into the Moon God Palace to steal the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror, and they did not guess that their true goal was to steal the Moon God Orb.


“Fey, are you safe now?”

“I guess you could say I’m safe. What about you? Did you die?”

“…. No. Where are you?”

“The Sea Emperor Palace! After leaving the Moon God Island, I fell into the water and came here. Otherwise, without any spatial energy, it’d be easy for me to be caught by the Moon God Clan.”

“Sea Emperor Palace? Where’s that?”

“I’ll tell you another time. Where are you now?”

“The Seventh Shrine’s Water Celestial Pavilion.”


“I’m going to wait for an opportunity. I might have to wait for a long time, so tell the others not to worry about me.”

After ending the call with Fey, Ling Chen deeply breathed out and leaned against the wall behind him. Even though it was very safe here, Ling Chen still took precautions and kept [Vanishing Shadow] activated.

When he had released Moon Flare back then, the 3 Moon God Representatives’ auras that had locked onto him had disappeared. Following that, he had quickly used a Spatial Orb to return to the Water Celestial Pavilion. Because of the barrier around the Moon God Palace, Spatial Orbs were not able to take him anywhere outside of the Moon God Palace. However, he would be able to freely move within the Moon God Palace.

The ‘Ling Chen’ that had been killed by the Moon God Representatives was the clone that Ling Chen had left there after cancelling out the 6 other ones. This was to make the Moon God Clan believe that he had been killed so that he could safely hide in the Water Celestial Pavilion.

This time, their plan to enter the Moon God Palace and retrieve the Moon God Orb had completely failed. If they left and wanted to re-enter, it would be as difficult as scaling the heavens. In fact, they might not even be able to come close to the Moon God Island again. As such, he could not leave, and he had hidden here as he thought of more ideas.

He was waiting for an opportunity… for the 3 Moon Goddesses to leave. As long as they left, with his max-level [Vanishing Shadow], it would be difficult for anyone to detect him. When that time came, he would be able to stealthily enter the First Shrine and obtain the Moon God Orb.

However, before he had come, the Forgotten God Representative told him that the 3 Moon Goddesses very rarely left the Moon God Palace.

“Fey, after returning to Ling Tian City, pass the Underworld King a message through the trade route. Tell him to invite the 3 Moon Goddesses to the Underworld or some other place to meet… as for the reason, ask him to think of one.” Out of all of the people Ling Chen knew, the Underworld King and the Sea Emperor were the only ones who could invite the 3 Moon Goddesses out.

“Luring the tigers out from the mountain?”

“That’s right!”

Fey thought for a while before replying, “Since you want to do this, then there’s no need to ask the Underworld King; I’ll just ask the Sea Emperor to do it. He’s no less reputable than the Underworld King, and if he makes it seem like a serious matter, he might just be able to get them to leave.”

“The Sea Emperor? The Sea Emperor Helos? How could he listen to you and risk offending the Moon God Clan? At least the Underworld King is my father-in-law!”

“The Sea Emperor is my adoptive father, and he treats me like his own daughter. What do you think?”

“… What?!?!”

“One day, I was on the sea and saved a person from a Sea Storm Dragon. It turned out that he was the Sea Emperor’s son, who had left home, and he introduced me to the Sea Emperor. After seeing the Lachesis, he was determined to marry his son to me, but I refused. As such, he decided to take me as his daughter. I thought that having the Sea Emperor as a backer would be pretty good, so I agreed.”

Ling Chen: “!@#$%...”

Time quickly passed, and Ling Chen continued to wait within the Water Celestial Pavilion while maintaining [Vanishing Shadow]. During this entire time, he did not log off because he was not sure whether he would appear here or be sent back to the Forgotten Continent if he logged off and logged back on. If he was sent back to the Forgotten Continent, all hope would be lost.

Just like that, 3 days passed.

Waiting in hiding for 3 days without doing anything would be unimaginable torture to most people, but it was nothing big to Ling Chen. The Water Celestial Pavilion was an extremely good hiding spot, and let alone other people coming in, even the senses of the Moon God Representatives or Moon Ladies could not enter this space. The Water Celestial God Representative who had lived here had died during the Shura’s Devastation 10,000 years ago. As such, this Water Celestial Pavilion would not have had a resident for 10,000 years, so even though it still existed, it had most likely been forgotten. No one would come near here or pay attention to this place.