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Chapter 742: The Exposed Lunar Scourge

The Exposed Lunar Scourge

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Today was the fourth day that Ling Chen was hiding in the Water Celestial Pavilion.

The previous day, he had received excellent news from Fey – the Sea Emperor Helos made up some sort of reason, and White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart all agreed to meet him at the Sea Emperor Palace. And the meeting was today.

As such, Ling Chen waited for the entire morning. Finally, he heard Fey’s voice, “They’ve arrived at the Sea Emperor Palace! All 3 of them are here! Hurry and act now; this is an incredibly rare opportunity!”

“Alright! Please thank the Sea Emperor for me!”

Ling Chen, who had calmed his mind for 4 days, became incredibly excited. Last time, he had already confirmed that he would not be detected by the powerful Moon God Representatives with max-level [Vanishing Shadow] as long as he was careful. In that case, as long as the 3 Moon Goddesses were not within the Moon God Palace, he would be able to freely travel within the Moon God Palace with [Vanishing Shadow].

“I have to succeed this time!” A calm smile appeared on Ling Chen’s face. Even though their previous plan had failed horribly, he felt quite pleased that they were able to outsmart the 3 Moon Goddesses. Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb and shattered it. Following this, he disappeared from within the Water Celestial Palace, his target being the First Shrine.

The space around him changed, and when Ling Chen reappeared, he was high in the sky, facing the First Shrine in the sky.

At this moment, the First Shrine’s doors were not closed, and they were instead wide open without any barriers.

The heavens are on my side! Ling Chen inwardly cheered. Just as he was about to reactivate [Vanishing Shadow], a soft woman’s voice sounded out from behind him, “Hehe, the big rat finally appeared.”

At the same time, 3 boundless and terrifying auras descended from above, locking onto Ling Chen’s body tightly. 3 different-coloured figures appeared before him: one was wearing a white dress and had a peaceful look on her face; one was wearing a purple dress, her eyes like a cold star; one was wearing a blue dress, looking free and unrestrained, and she even stuck her tongue out at him.

Looking at the 3 people in front of him, Ling Chen’s entire body froze. His eyes were fixed on their faces and bodies, and he completely spaced out.

These 3 women looked exactly the same, but they gave off completely different feelings. Their looks were all enough to bring about the downfall of a country… if he had to describe them with 1 word, it would be ‘perfect’. In fact, looking at them from so close, one would scarcely be able to believe that such a beauty could exist in the world. Ling Chen had only experienced this feeling when looking at Qi Yue before, and now, there were 3 such women right in front of him.

Soft hair, beautiful eyes, crescent-like eyebrows, cherry-like lips… no matter where it was on their faces, even the finest details were beautiful to the extreme. At the same time, they gave off a divine aura that made one want to submit to them and not offend them at all. Their dresses clung to their bodies, revealing exquisite curves. Their breasts and bottoms were large and round, while their waists were quite slim. Their eyes were also peerlessly beautiful, but each shone completely differently. Their pink lips glistened, giving either gentle, cold, or cute smiles, and one simply could not find any imperfections with their looks.

Even just 1 of these exquisitely beautiful women would be enough to make any man feel as if he had lost his soul; for there to be 3 of them who looked exactly the same, the effect on Ling Chen were many times greater.

Ling Chen’s spacing out was not just because of how beautiful they were – rather, that was only a small part of it. Right now, he did not allow himself to marvel at their beauty at all. It was because the pressure, looks, and clothes… they caused 3 names to appear within Ling Chen’s mind: The Goddess Fate White Snow, the Goddess Order Purple Dress, and the Goddess Freedom Blue Heart!!

Impossible! How could it be? Aren’t they at the Sea Emperor Palace already? That was what Fey just told me; if she didn’t personally see them there, she wouldn’t have used such a confident tone!

Just what was going on? Could it be… them leaving was an illusion? A trap to bait him out? But as the 3 Moon Goddesses, they should have been able to find him easily – why would they resort to such methods?

“What a surprise. Purple Dress, looks like your intuition was right.” White Snow glanced at Ling Chen for a moment before looking away and saying calmly, “Evil God’s Mask! So you’re the successor of the Feng Chen Sect. The Feng Chen Sect’s concealment abilities are unparalleled under the heavens; no wonder you could enter our Moon God Palace despite being so weak.”

Purple Dress did not say anything, and she only coldly looked at Ling Chen. For some reason, her frown was becoming deeper and deeper, and her gaze was becoming colder and colder.

“Eh? Feng Chen Sect? But wasn’t that bad old man from the Feng Chen Sect locked up by us in the Lunar Sky Hell a thousand years ago? How could he have a successor?” Blue Heart asked in surprise. “But that mask seems to be the Feng Chen Sect’s Evil God’s Mask.”

“I don’t know; perhaps the Feng Chen Sect had successors other than Xiao Feng Chen a thousand years ago,” White Snow casually replied. However, the thought that Xiao Feng Chen had escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell never crossed her mind because that seemed like an impossibility to her. Back when the Moon God Clan’s ancestors built the Lunar Sky Hell, they had left an opening, which was Spatial Stones. Apart from Spatial Stones, there was no other way to leave.

“Is that so? Well, it doesn’t matter. We’ve caught a big rat!” Blue Heart blinked, excitedly sticking her tongue out at Ling Chen. “Hehehe, big rat, are you feeling very surprised?”

“Did you discover me long ago?” Ling Chen deeply breathed in, forcing himself to calm down.

“No,” White Snow shook her head. “It was just a sudden feeling that Purple Dress had yesterday, but we all thought she was imagining things. We just happened to discover you.”

“Yesterday, when the Sea Emperor sent an invitation, we knew that he was trying to make us leave the Moon God Palace. This was because that girl called Fey had the aura of the Sea Emperor Helos around her. This sort of aura is only on those who the Sea Emperor Helos is closest with, allowing them to communicate with him wherever they are.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

"Not too long after that girl called Fey left, the Sea Emperor Helos suddenly sent us an invitation, and he requested that we personally go. We thought that Fey had asked the Sea Emperor Helos to lure us away so that she could come here again.”

“So you agreed, but instead of going, you created clones that went while you stayed here?” Ling Chen inwardly sighed. So it seemed that even Fey didn’t know that her relationship with the Sea Emperor had been exposed. Since that was the case, how could their plan have succeeded?

“That’s right, the ones who went to the Sea Emperor Palace are clones we made with a portion of our power. I’m sure that even Helos will not be able to tell within a short period of time,” White Snow said calmly. “I never thought that the one we were waiting for was not Fey but you. To be able to remain in our Moon God Palace for 4 days without being detected, you’re definitely the first in history to do so.”

“Purple Dress, I’ll leave his punishment to you. Even though he’s an incredibly weak otherworlder and falls outside our jurisdiction normally, since he intruded into our Moon God Palace and tried to steal the Lunar Hell Divine Mirror, he can’t be forgiven.”

Lunar Prison Divine Mirror? Ling Chen felt quite confused. What’s that?

Purple Dress did not respond, and she continued to stand there without moving.

“Purple Dress, what’s wrong?” White Snow seemed to detect that there was something off about Purple Dress, and she turned to look at her. Feeling the killing intent she was emanating, White Snow felt quite shocked. Purple Dress had always been cold and emotionless, and she never showed any mercy when dealing punishments. However, that was only to extreme evildoers. When facing beings that were not incredible evildoers, even though she was cold, she would never have any killing intent. However, facing this otherworlder who had intruded into the Moon God Palace, her aura was becoming colder and colder. White Snow had never seen this sort of reaction from Purple Dress before.

“Eh, Purple Dress, are you alright? Why do you look a bit strange? Could it be that he’s an incredibly evil evildoer?” Blue Heart asked in surprise after seeing Purple Dress’ reaction.

The killing intent around Purple Dress became greater and greater, and her frown became incredibly deep. Finally, as she tightly stared at Ling Chen, she uttered 2 words that resounded like thunder in White Snow and Blue Heart’s ears. “Lunar… Scourge!!”

Ling Chen’s expression froze, and his entire body felt incredibly cold.

Before, Qi Yue had told him that Moon God Representatives might not necessarily be able to recognise the Lunar Scourge because the last time it appeared was 10,000 years ago. Moon God Representatives couldn’t live for too long, so those who had seen it in the past had already passed away. However, the 3 Moon Goddesses would definitely recognise it because they were the ones who had destroyed it. Adding on the fact that they were extremely sensitive towards the Lunar Scourge and needed to prevent it from reappearing, even after 10,000 years, they were still familiar with its aura!

When Ling Chen had seen the 3 Moon Goddesses appear, he had thought “crap” to himself before hiding the Lunar Scourge under his armour. At the same time, he hoped that the 3 Moon Goddesses wouldn’t think that the Lunar Scourge was on him because he was a player.

However, unexpectedly, the Lunar Scourge had still been exposed… and it was to the 3 people to whom it must not be exposed.