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Chapter 743: Merciless Heaven’s Jealousy

Merciless Heaven’s Jealousy

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“Broken Shadow! Moon Shadow! Moon Grief!”

The instant Purple Dress called out the Lunar Scourge’s name the Lunar Scourge already erupted with a dark silver light before White Snow and Blue Heart could even reveal expressions of shock. Ling Chen simultaneously cast Moon Shadow and Moon Grief, and he immediately activated Broken Shadow and rushed backwards.

However, before Ling Chen could move a single step, his body suddenly trembled as an expression of surprise appeared on his face. He found that his body had also been frozen. Let alone his feet, even his fingers were unable to be moved at all. The 3 pressures locking on to him were still present.

“You want to run away? It’s a pity that things won’t go as you want!” Purple Dress’ voice sounded out coldly behind him. Her index finger on her right hand lightly drew an arc, sealing Ling Chen in a powerful space barrier, making it impossible for him to move at all.

“Aiya! This light is the Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow and Moon Grief! It really is the Lunar Scourge!!” Blue Heart’s clear voice became a few decibels louder, filled with deep shock. It was evident how surprised and fearful she felt upon seeing the Lunar Scourge again.

“Not only is it the Lunar Scourge, it has 12 of its God Orbs!” White Snow’s voice was no longer calm, and her beautiful face trembled with shock. The only thing that could cause the calm and tranquil White Snow to react in such a way was the Lunar Scourge.

White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart’s voices all slightly trembled. Even though 10,000 years had passed, the shadow that the Lunar Scourge had left on them had not completely disappeared. After seeing the Lunar Scourge’s light again, it was as if they had seen a terrifying demon being reborn, and their hearts were filled with terror. Ling Chen’s heart also trembled – What’s going on? I evidently activated Moon Shadow and Moon Grief, so how come they can talk, move, and even use spatial skills to restrict me?

The Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow and Moon Grief forcefully applied the effects on its targets, and it could not be resisted! What was going on?

Could it be that the Lunar Scourge’s lunar skills were useless against them?

“The Moon God Orb’s reaction was not without reason. The Lunar Scourge has actually resurfaced, but we never detected it. What I never expected was that it would attach itself to an otherworlder… no wonder we were unable to find it even though we had warnings.” Snow Cherry said with a slight tremble in her voice while looking at the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s right wrist.

The Lunar Scourge, was after all, an item left behind by gods. Even the 3 of them working together were unable to destroy it, and they could only separate its orbs and seal the Lunar Scourge’s main body into a bottomless abyss. Who would have thought that the Lunar Scourge would reappear once again 10,000 years later? What’s more, this Lunar Scourge already had the 12 Mysterious God grade orbs!

“Heavens! It already has 12 Orbs!” Cold sweat appeared on Blue Heart’s forehead. After crying out in shock, she let out a breath. “Luckily they’re only the Mysterious God grade Orbs. If any of them were Saint Destroyer Orbs, things would have been bad – even we wouldn’t be able to resist its power. Eh? Wait, since he has the Lunar Scourge, he should know that he should be avoiding us. Since he already has the 12 God Orbs, there’ll be nothing we can do about him even if he was discovered by us if he finds a Saint Orb. Why didn’t he continue to look for Saint Orbs instead of coming here… it’s as if he was delivering himself up to us. If it wasn’t for him creeping in by himself, we probably wouldn’t have been able to find him before he found the Star God Orb or the Sun God Orb.”

Blue Heart’s words caused Ling Chen to stare in surprise… if he had a single Saint Orb, they would be unable to do anything to him? What did she mean? Could it be that the current Lunar Scourge posed no threat to them?

White Snow shook her head as she said with a serious expression, “No! He came here for a Saint Orb! He definitely found out through some special means that there was a Saint Orb in the Moon God Palace, so he risked it by coming here. That’s his true goal, not the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror!”

“That should be right.” Purple Dress nodded with a cold expression as she looked at Ling Chen and said, “It’s a pity that you were too naïve. You thought that you’d be able to do as you pleased in the Moon God Palace with your Feng Chen Sect’s concealment and escaping abilities? If our Moon God Palace was so easy to trick, the Moon God Clan would have long since stopped existing in this world! However, it’s because of your naivety that we were able to find out that the Lunar Scourge had resurfaced. If you had gone to find the Star God Orb or Sun God Orb, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

“The Lunar Scourge’s power originates from the moon, and our Moon God Clan’s power also originates from the moon. Legend says that the Lunar Scourge was created by one of our Moon God Clan’s ancestors in ancient times. As such, our Moon God Clan has a certain degree of resistance towards the Lunar Scourge. Even with 12 God Orbs, the Lunar Scourge is unable to affect us. However, even with a single Saint Orb, would have been unable to resist its power. If you summoned the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] and the [Stellar Scourge Divine Armour], even as a player, it would be difficult for the 3 of us to defeat you.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

“Back then, the Lunar Scourge that was attached to the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor only had 12 God Orbs and no Saint Orbs. Back then, even when he died, he didn’t know that the Moon God Orb was with us, while the Star God Orb was with the traitors, the Night Demon Clan. The Sun God Orb is said to have been destroyed by our ancestors so that the Lunar Scourge could never be complete. The Lunar Scourge’s condition is exactly the same as it was back then! As such, the conclusion is bound to be the same!”

“With 12 God Orbs, one is able to release the power of the Shura. However, you’re not the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor, and with your strength, even if you become a Shura, you’ll still be vastly inferior to the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor!”

Her voice was filled with imposing might, and it sounded in Ling Chen’s ears, telling him the truth that he had not known… after unlocking [Eternal Moon Shadow] and [Eternal Moon Flare], Ling Chen had been wondering why the Shura back then had fallen at the Moon God Clan’s hands. With a single [Eternal Moon Shadow], he would have been able to freeze the Moon Goddesses and the Void Dragon God in place. With his attack power, if he gathered his strength, he would have been able to kill a Moon Goddess with a single hit. He could have also used [Eternal Moon Flare] to permanently blind them, making it difficult for them to threaten him…

Ling Chen had thought that the Shura had not thought of using these 2 overpowered skills because he had lost his reason. Only now did he find out that the Shura from back then did not have the complete Lunar Scourge and only had the 12 God Orbs as well! Just like him, he did not have a single Saint Orb!

Otherwise, how could he have lost to the 3 Moon Goddesses?

At the same time, he also found out that the Star God Orb was with the Night Demon Clan. However, the Night Demon Clan had been beaten into hiding by the Moon God Clan, and it had perhaps already gone extinct. Where would he find them? As for the Sun God Orb being destroyed… was that true? If it was, then wouldn’t that mean that the Lunar Scourge would never be completed?

However, what was the use of thinking about all that? Now that the Lunar Scourge had been revealed and he was trapped by the 3 Moon Goddesses, would he still have an opportunity to find the Star God Orb?

“White Snow, Purple Dress, what should we do now? The same thing as 10,000 years ago? But he’s not a Shura, and he looks so weak; much, much weaker than that Chi Xuan Sword Emperor,” Blue Heart asked as she looked at White Snow and Purple Dress in deference.

White Snow slightly frowned as she said slowly, “We’ll separate the Lunar Scourge’s 12 God Orbs again and seal the Lunar Scourge’s main body in a place that will never be found.”

“But in order to separate the Lunar Scourge, we need to kill the one it's attached to and take it from him. Since this person is an otherworlder, no matter how many times he dies, he’ll still revive. Even White Snow can’t change this,” Blue Heart said worriedly.

“Hmph, we’ll know after we try! To dare to use this evil item is in itself an unforgiveable crime. No matter what sort of cruel punishments we give out, they’re fully deserved! White Snow, help me.”

White Snow lightly nodded and drew an arc with her right hand, a white glow appearing around the sealed Ling Chen.

“Ding… you have been imprisoned in the ‘Cage of Fate’. For the next 5 minutes, all equipment except the Lunar Scourge will be ineffective.”

“Ding… you have been imprisoned in the ‘Cage of Fate’. Within 3 hours, you will be unable to use any teleportation items or skills. After dying, you will respawn on the spot, and you will not be able to return to a revival point.”

The system announcements startled Ling Chen, and he began to panic. At this moment, Purple Dress frowned and shot out a ray of white moonlight at Ling Chen’s chest, piercing through his chest.


The Evil God’s Mask’s effects did not trigger because of the ‘Cage of Fate’. None of Ling Chen’s equipment, whether they were weapons or defensive equipment or jewellery, had any effect. This damage figure hovered above Ling Chen’s head, causing his HP bar to be instantly emptied out.


This was the first time he had truly died after obtaining the Lunar Scourge.

The spatial restriction disappeared, and Ling Chen’s body fell backwards the same way he had before when he had been ‘killed’ by the 3 Moon God Representatives, crashing onto the ground.

“Ding… you have died.”

“Ding… the Lunar Scourge’s lunar skill [Heaven’s Jealousy] has taken affect, and your level has fallen to LV0.”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui’s level has fallen to LV0.”

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling’s level has fallen to LV0.”

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er’s level has fallen to LV0.”

“Ding… your pet Snow Cherry’s level has fallen to LV0.”

“Ding… your pet Cai’Er’s level has fallen to LV0.”


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