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Chapter 744: Sealed In The Lunar Sky Hell

Sealed In The Lunar Sky Hell

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As the cruel system announcements sounded out, Heaven’s Jealousy, which Ling Chen had thought would never be activated, finally took effect. Ling Chen and all of his pets’ levels dropped from LV70 to LV0.

The level that he had raised painstakingly for 1 year fell back to its starting point.

Ling Chen lay there, unable to control his body. He gave a long sigh and did not choose to revive because of White Snow’s ‘Cage of Fate’. Even if he revived, he would revive on the spot, and he would not be able to leave the Moon God Palace or escape from the Moon Goddesses.

The 3 Moon Goddesses descended and stood next to Ling Chen’s corpse. Purple Dress stretched out her right hand, her palm facing towards Ling Chen’s right wrist. A white light gathered at her palm, but after a while, the white light disappeared. Purple Dress shook her head. “It’s not use! Even though he’s dead, I’m unable to take the Lunar Scourge away from him. After he dies, he can revive an unlimited number of times. Even if he dies hundreds, or thousands, of times, he won’t truly die, and the Lunar Scourge will not leave him.”

Blue Heart’s eyes suddenly lit up as she said excitedly, “That’s right! After otherworlders die, they’ll drop equipment and items! White Snow, if you kill him again and again, the Lunar Scourge will drop sooner or later, right?”

“No, it’s useless. Even if he drops all of his equipment, it’s impossible for the Lunar Scourge to drop,” White Snow said while shaking her head.

“What should we do then? Could it be that there’s nothing we can do? This person’s so much weaker than that Chi Xuan Sword Emperor! The Lunar Scourge was way too cunning this time; it actually attached itself to an otherworlder, a being that can never die a true death. It’s simply too cunning!” Blue Heart started to feel worried.

“Looks like there’s only one thing we can do,” Purple Dress said calmly while looking up.

“That’s right; it’s the only way.” White Snow thought of the same thing and nodded.

“Eh? What is it? What can we do? Ah, could it be…” The slow-witted Blue Heart finally realised what that thing was. “Seal him and the Lunar Scourge way in the Lunar Sky Hell?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“That’s right! Since it’s impossible for us to split up the Lunar Scourge, the best thing we can do is seal it into the Lunar Sky Hell. Perhaps this human has not committed any other crimes, but to have the Lunar Scourge and return its 12 God Orbs to it is in itself an unforgivable crime, so he deserves to be sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell!”

Purple Dress’ voice was completely emotionless and icy, making Ling Chen’s heart tremble. White Snow and Blue Heart nodded – they had personally experienced how terrifying the Shura created by the Lunar Scourge was. The shadow that the Shura had left on their hearts was not something they could forget, and the Lunar Scourge was not something that they could allow to exist in the Mystic Moon world. If it was sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell, unless the Lunar Sky Hell collapsed, both the Lunar Scourge and its host would not be able to escape. Even if the host never died, they would still be unable to find another Saint Orb.

“Since it’s like that, we might as well seal him as soon as possible so as to prevent anything unexpected from happening,” White Snow said as her eyes slightly trembled. Immediately, a pure, white light appeared around Ling Chen’s body.

“Ding… you have been revived.”

As the system announcement sounded out, before Ling Chen could stand up, Purple Dress said in a cold voice, “Lunar Sky Hell Formation!”

A white light flashed, and soon, a moon-white magic formation appeared around him. The magic formation started to quickly spin, and Ling Chen’s body became blurry… finally, it disappeared along with Ling Chen. The world in front of Ling Chen turned from one of whiteness into one of darkness.


When Ling Chen opened his eyes, everything around him was jet-black, and his back felt a bone-piercing coldness against the ground. The stinky and rotten smell that assaulted his nostrils almost caused him to vomit. Ling Chen used his arms to sit himself up, and he stared ahead of him. The air here was icy cold, and the atmosphere was incredibly dark and gloomy, feeling as if there were countless blades stabbing into every inch of his body.

“Ding… you have entered an extremely dangerous region – Lunar Sky Hell.”

“Ding… within the Lunar Sky Hell, your level will decrease by 1 every 24 hours. You will respawn where you die, and you will receive three times the normal death penalty. Please quickly leave.”

Hearing the system announcements, Ling Chen laughed self-deprecatingly and then closed his eyes before giving a long sigh.

The Lunar Sky Hell – he had once again come to this place, a place that Qi Yue had described as more terrifying than hell. However, what was different was that he had accidentally come here through the Fairy Realm last time, while this time he had been forced here.

Thinking back to how he had been sent here, Ling Chen started to clench his fists. He had been slaughtered like a defenceless lamb without being given a chance to resist, retaliate, or even say a few words. Even though the 3 of them looked like young women, they were the sovereigns of this entire world. As for him, he was simply an incredibly weak player in their eyes. If he did not have the Lunar Scourge on him, they would not even bother to personally attack him.

Ling Chen had never felt so powerless and weak before, nor had he ever been defeated so pitifully… even though those who had defeated him were the 3 Moon Goddesses.

The rotten smell was incredibly dense, and it was almost unbearable. After a while, Ling Chen’s eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. It was not completely dark here, and there was very dim light from somewhere unknown that allowed him to see about 10 metres around him.

Ling Chen opened his stats page and glanced at it before silently closing it. Falling to LV0 and being sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell was undoubtedly the greatest setback he had experienced in this world. Ling Chen tightly clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. After a while, he growled, “So what if I’m LV0? I still have all of my equipment and skills, as well as the Lunar Scourge; I’ll definitely be able to climb up quickly! Lunar Sky Hell… I escaped last time, so there’s no reason why I can’t escape this time!”

With the max-level [Item Manipulation Technique], even though Ling Chen had fallen to LV0, he was still able to use all of his equipment. All of his skills were still present, and none of them had decreased in level.

Last time, he had used a Spatial Stone to leave the Lunar Sky Hell. Ling Chen immediately opened his bag and started to look through it. However, after looking through it many times, he could not find a single Spatial Stone – he had given his last one to the Dwarf Clan to create a World Boundary Scroll before he had left. Thinking about that, Ling Chen was filled with regret.

In the Lunar Sky Hell, he could not use teleport scrolls, nor could he use Spatial Orbs. When he died, he would revive on the spot, and the most terrifying thing… was that he could not log off!

In other words, if he could not find a way to leave, he would be forever imprisoned in this terrifying darkness. Let alone return to the Forgotten Continent, he would not even be able to return to the real world.

This was an incredibly terrifying and cruel place of despair that could never exist in a true virtual world!

Ling Chen tried using a teleport scroll and a Spatial Orb with a trace of hope, but they both failed. He looked through his entire bag, hoping to find something that would help him, but he was once again disappointed.

By now, Ling Chen had barely accustomed to the rotten smell, but his heart sank more and more. Following this, he summoned his pets.

Glows of light appeared as Xiao Hui, Xi Ling, Leng’Er, Cai’Er, and Snow Cherry appeared by his side.

“Ahh! Where is this place? It smells so bad!” Just as Cai’Er appeared, she cried out, covering her nose with her little hands.

Ling Chen did not have time to answer her – he lightly held Leng’Er’s arm as he said, “Leng’Er, try to use your power to contact your father… the Underworld King. I’m unable to communicate with him, but maybe you can.”

After repeating himself a few times, Leng’Er finally understood and nodded her head in confusion. She fell silent for a while before slowly shaking her head. “I can’t…”

“I see… that’s alright.” Yet another trace of hope was extinguished, and Ling Chen forced a smile on his face. This place seemed to be completely separated from the outside world, and it was impossible to communicate with anyone outside. He was unable to contact Fey, Yun Meng Xin, or the Underworld King… even Leng’Er, who possessed the same power as the Underworld King, was unable to communicate with him.

“Master, just where is this place? The atmosphere here makes me feel very uncomfortable,” Xi Ling asked as she walked over to Ling Chen in her humanoid form.

“This place is called the Lunar Sky Hell…”

Before Ling Chen could explain anything, Cai’Er suddenly cried out. She put her hands on her face, her crystal-like eyes filled with shock and terror. “Lunar Sky Hell… Ahh! Granny and Dad told me that this is a place that you can’t leave once you go in. It’s very dark and smelly inside, and there are many ferocious monsters and spirits… Ahh! Big brother, are we really in that place? Doesn’t that mean we’ll never be able to leave… I don’t want to be here forever…”

The name ‘Lunar Sky Hell’ completely scared Cai’Er, and as she spoke, tears started to fall out of her eyes. After Ling Chen had mistakenly entered the Lunar Sky Hell from the Fairy realm, Greenwood had told all of the Fairies about the Lunar Sky Hell. From then onwards, it was the most terrifying place to Cai’Er, and she had never thought that she would one day come here.

Cai’Er’s crying was Ling Chen’s biggest headache. He hurriedly comforted her and said, “Don’t cry Cai’Er. Don’t worry; wasn’t I able to escape the last time I came here? It’s not so scary in here…”

“Sss~~ sss~~ sss~~”

Before Ling Chen could finish speaking, ghastly and terrifying hisses sounded out from in front of them. This sounded like a gigantic snake slithering towards them. This sound caused the terrified Cai’Er to rush behind Ling Chen with a ‘whoosh’, and her little body started to tremble… at that moment, the dark figure seemed to notice their existence, and it started to speed up. By the time it appeared in their field of vision, Cai’Er’s body crumpled and started to wail and cry, and even Ling Chen’s body trembled.

The appearance of this dark figure was indescribably terrifying!