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Chapter 745: Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon, Volcanic Desolation Beast

Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon, Volcanic Desolation Beast

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Editor: Modlawls123

Its body was not too big, and it looked like an incredibly ugly spider. Its entire body was jet-black, and it had 8 legs covered with spikes by its side.

[Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon]: Type: Demon, Grade: Celestial, Level: LV70, HP: 20,000,000. A member of the Demon Beast Clan, and it looks like a gigantic spider. Its entire body is covered with poison, and it is incredibly ferocious. It loves cruelly poisoning beings before devouring their corpses, and countless beings have died from its lethal poison. It is feared by all creatures. It was still a juvenile when the Demon Beast Clan was taken down by the Forgotten God Representative 3,000 years ago and sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell. It has not fallen, and it has become even more violent.

Passive Abilities: 100% chance of applying [Poison] when attacking, and it has extremely high Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Immune to all abnormal statuses and has 90% Resistance against Darkness attacks.

Attack Skills: [Demon Poison Gas], [Shattered Hell], [Rampage], [Claws of Death], [Dark Demonic Abyss].

Ultimate Skill: [Endless Poison Hell].

Weaknesses: Relatively weak Physical Defence, fears Light and Fire attacks (Light Resistance -50%, Fire Resistance-50%).

Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit immediately conveyed this information into Ling Chen’s mind. In front of them was a LV70 poison-type Celestial grade monster!

If it was the Ling Chen from yesterday, he would have been able to deal with it easily. However, now, Ling Chen and his pets’ levels were all LV0, and they had a 70 level gap between them and this monster!

However, Ling Chen did not choose to immediately run away, and he instead equipped the Chilling Star and Dark Samsara, his eyes filled with battle intent… even though he was LV0, to him, level had never been the most important thing. What was important was his equipment, profession, and skills. Even though he was LV0, he still had his [Item Manipulation Technique], so he still had his powerful equipment, professions, and skills. He had only lost some stats, so there was no reason why he should fear the Celestial grade monster.

“Xi Ling, Snow Cherry, let’s go! Xiao Hui, protect the others. Leng’Er, restrict its movements. Cai’Er… don’t cry! Hurry and sing!”

Despite being at LV0, Ling Chen’s Attack Power was still above 10,000, while Xi Ling’s Magic Attack Power at LV0 was 8000. Even though it was far less than what they had previously, it was still incredibly powerful.

Ling Chen simultaneously activated Soul Sacrifice and War God’s Fury, causing his Attack Power to be boosted to 50,060. He then activated Broken Shadow and Burning Shadow, turning into a gale as he rushed towards the Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon. He easily sidestepped around its attack, smashing 2 Heaven-Destroying Slashes on its back.

-2,700,000! -2,700,000!

At the same time, Xi Ling’s [Solar Deathray] descended from above, hitting the Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon on the head.


Xi Ling’s stats were completely dependent on her level, so the massive fall in level also greatly decreased her basic Magic Attack Damage. However, she was still Saint Destroyer grade, and because of how powerful her magic attacks were, she was still able to deal over 2 million damage with a single attack.

With both Ling Chen and Xi Ling attacking, they had taken down nearly one-third of the Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon’s HP in just 1 round of attacks.

The Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon was knocked upside-down by Ling Chen’s 2 heavy blows, and it was continuously burned by Xi Ling’s golden flames, causing it to release ear-piercing shrieks. Its overturned body started to struggle, but with [War God’s Fury], Ling Chen’s Attack Speed was incredibly fast – how could he give it a chance to flip over? He rushed up and repeatedly slammed down attacks on it.

-2,700,000! -2,700,000! -2,700,000! -2,700,000! -6,750,000!

2 rounds of Heaven-Destroying Slashes were followed by an Eight Directions Annihilation. The Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon, who had only been able to attack once and hadn’t even flipped itself over, was killed just like that. Its 8 legs stopped struggling, and it lay motionless on the ground.

From when Ling Chen and Xi Ling had started attacking, only a few seconds had passed.

“Ding... you have killed the LV70 Celestial grade Boss [Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon], Fame+7000, SP+7000.”

“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV1, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV2…”

“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV3…”



“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV31, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV31…”

“Ding… your mount-type pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV31…”

“Ding… your pet Cai’Er has levelled up to LV31…”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV31…”

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er has levelled up to LV31…”

Killing a LV70 Celestial grade Boss while at LV0 – what did that mean?

As system announcements continuously sounded out, the EXP that the LV70 Celestial grade Boss gave caused Ling Chen’s level to skyrocket, jumping more than 30 levels to LV31. What’s more, that was with the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff – otherwise, he might have shot to LV40!

“Ahh… ehhhhh? It’s over already? I didn’t even start singing yet!” Looking at the fallen spider, Cai’Er’s mouth hung wide open, staring wide-eyed. She then said in a small voice, “Even though it looks incredibly scary, it didn’t seem to be very strong.”

Xiao Hui quickly picked up the spoils of war that the Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon dropped, then opened its mouth, devouring the corpse in a few seconds.

After devouring the corpse, he spat out a jet-black pearl.

[Lethal Poison Demon Pearl]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Celestial, Attributes: Darkness, Effects: Adds a 33% chance of adding a [Poison] status when attacking and a 5% of adding a [Lethal Poison] status.

Ling Chen expressionlessly went through the items and equipment that had been dropped, and little Cai’Er floated over, gripping her skirt as she said tearily, “Big brother, can we really leave this place? I don’t like this place. It’s so scary and smelly, and it has such scary monsters. I want to go home, wuu…”

Ling Chen could only comfort her gently. “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely find a way out. Plus, this place isn’t as scary as you think, and there aren’t that many monsters…”


Just as Ling Chen started talking, an explosive roar sounded out from behind them, scaring Cai’Er to start crying again. Ling Chen quickly turned around and saw a fiery light gradually coming closer. He gritted his teeth… he knew clearly how many ferocious and terrifying monsters were in here. When he first came here, he met an ancient ferocious beast that could not be found in the outside world every few steps. If he had not met Xiao Feng Chen, he would have been killed by that Ancient Toad King. The Lunar Sky Hell had existed for countless years, and it also contained countless savage beasts and spirits!!

The fiery light approached them rapidly, and it soon appeared within their field of vision. It was a strangely-shaped monster covered with crimson flames. There seemed to be lava slowly flowing across its surface, and it had 4 large arms, all of which were burning with intense flames. As it quickly drew near, Ling Chen could see that the shape of its body continuously changed, while only its 4 arms did not move.

Wait! This monster… could it be the Volcanic Desolation Beast that he had met last time?

As Ling Chen was wondering about how familiar it seemed, Xiao Hui’s information appeared in his mind:

[Volcanic Desolation Beast]: Type: Beast, Level: LV80, Grade: Heaven’s End, HP: 20,000,000. It is an Ancient Beast. Its body is made of molten lava, and its flames can destroy virtually everything. Its mere existence brought about countless nightmares. It was sealed 10,000 years ago by the Moon God Clan, and till this day its fire has never been put out.

Passive Abilities: Fire Resistance 90%, has incredibly high Magic Resistance to all types of magic except Water. Immune to all abnormal statuses.

Attack Skills: [Falling Star Flames], [Scorching Heatwaves], [Inferno Explosion], [Boundless Incineration], [Hell Lava], [Shooting Star Eruption].

Ultimate Skill: [Formless Hell Flames].

Weaknesses: 0 Physical Defence, weak against Water attacks (Water Resistance -100%).

Ling Chen was not mistaken – this was the Volcanic Desolation Beast that he had encountered when he had first come to the Lunar Sky Hell! He had just run into a LV70 Celestial grade Boss, and now he had run into a LV80 Heaven’s End grade Boss. In terms of overall strength, it was undoubtedly more than 10 times stronger than the Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon. However, not only did Ling Chen not frown, but he also started to laugh.

This thing… was giving him a free kill!

Even though the Volcanic Desolation Beast was a Heaven’s End grade Boss, it was a pure fire-type monster. Ling Chen was immune to Water, Fire, and Lightning, so this ‘powerful’ Volcanic Desolation Beast was not a threat to him or Xi Ling at all.

Ling Chen did not say anything and immediately ran at the monster. He ignored all else and ferociously attacked the Volcanic Desolation Beast. The Volcanic Desolation Beast had a violent and berserk personality, and it sent incredibly destructive fire attacks at Ling Chen and Xi Ling, but they were not able to harm them at all. Ling Chen completely ignored its attacks, and he turned his attacks into Water attacks, continuously landing blows on its body. Every single attack dealt massive damage, causing the Volcanic Desolation Beast to continuously howl in pain.

When it finally realised that its attacks could not hurt its enemies while their attacks were rapidly lowering its HP, it was too late. Before it could even turn to run, Ling Chen unleashed both of his ultimate skills, clearing out its HP bar.