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Chapter 747: Shura (1)

Shura (1)

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Lunar Sky Hell.

Bang! Ping! Whoosh! Boom…


Amidst the explosions and the space trembling, a long roar sounded out, following which a gigantic body heavily fell to the ground.

“Ding… you have killed the LV86 Heaven’s End grade Boss ‘Ninefang’, Fame+86,000, SP+86,000.”

“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV76, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

Yet another powerful ancient beast fell to Ling Chen and Xi Ling’s attacks. Following this, Ling Chen and all of his pets rose to LV76. Within the Lunar Sky Hell, Ling Chen’s level fell every 24 hours. If it wasn’t for that, his level would have been above LV80.

This was the 30th day since he had been sent to the Lunar Sky Hell.

In just 30 days, Ling Chen had risen from LV0 to LV76 despite the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff and the Lunar Sky Hell’s level punishments!

This sort of levelling speed was terrifying to the extreme, and no player would believe that this was possible. However, this was not a normal map – rather, it was one of the most dangerous and cruellest maps in the entire Mystic Moon world. The creatures sealed in here were not normal beings but the most powerful and vicious monsters. Even the weakest that Ling Chen had seen so far was a LV60 Celestial grade beast.

These powerful Bosses were difficult to find in the outside world. In fact, less than 0.0001% of players in the world had even personally seen a Celestial grade Boss, and those who were able to kill Celestial grade Bosses were as rare as a phoenix’s feather or a qilin’s horn. However, within the Lunar Sky Hell, Celestial grade Bosses, as well as even more powerful monsters, were as common as cabbages in a vegetable market. Wherever Ling Chen went, he would casually bump into one. They were all incredibly powerful, but this meant that he would receive large amounts of Fame, EXP, and SP after killing them. The EXP Ling Chen received from killing each of these monsters caused his EXP bar to greatly rise, and the amount of SP he received for killing each of them was an amount that normal players could not hope to gain in even months.

These sorts of ancient beasts and spirits were incredibly terrifying. However, before entering the Lunar Sky Hell, without Ling Chen noticing it, as the Lunar Scourge became more and more complete and his War God’s profession developed, and adding on Xi Ling’s attacks, Xiao Hui and Snow Cherry’s support, Leng’Er’s crowd control and Cai’Er’s songs, his overall strength had greatly exceeded those of the ferocious beasts’.

In the incredibly dangerous Lunar Sky Hell, as long as he did not meet any Mysterious God grade monsters, he was able to easily kill the ferocious beasts. Even if he ran into a few Mysterious God grade monsters, he would still be able to safely escape them with the Feng Chen Sect’s escaping abilities.

As such, in just a short month, Ling Chen had hunted down many Celestial grade and Heaven’s End grade monsters, and his level had skyrocketed past where he had been before he entered the Moon God Palace. He now also had more than 10,000,000 SP. Back then, he had desperately tried to save up SP, but now, he had way too much. In the end, he began to feel numb towards his SP rapidly increasing.

Now, to him, SP was just one of the numbers on his stats page that rapidly increased.

After reaching LV76 and looking down at the corpse by his feet, Ling Chen did not seem happy at all. Instead, he blankly stared at Xiao Hui collecting the spoils of war, and he did not even bother looking at the Heaven’s End grade equipment. He turned and walked away, dragging the heavy Dark Samsara behind him, stiffly walking forwards.

After killing so many Celestial grade and Heaven’s End grade monsters, he had already grown numb to all of it. He had found too many Celestial grade and Heaven’s end grade equipment, and he had long since lost interest in them. His rapidly increasing level, as well as Fame and SP, no longer brought him any satisfaction. He was now just mechanically killing the ferocious monsters that attacked him, and he did not even bother looking at the ones that walked by him.

After all, he just wanted to know how he could leave this place.

1 day, 2 days, 3 days… Ling Chen had followed Xiao Hui through the darkness, trying to find a way out. He believed that there were no absolutes in this world, and he thought that there would definitely be ways to leave the Lunar Sky Hell. He believed that he would definitely be able to find something with Xiao Hui’s peerless detection abilities.

However, after fruitlessly searching for 5, 6, 7 days… all he found was darkness and countless savage beasts and spirits. He allowed Xiao Hui to lead the way, hoping to find the Lunar Sky Hell’s boundary so he could destroy it with the Scorpio Orb’s effects. However, despite walking for a long, long time, he was unable to find a boundary. Instead, because he met some monsters more than once, he started to realise that this was a special space that did not have a boundary and seemed to loop. Ling Chen tried to attack the ground under his feet, hoping to make a hole, but no matter what sorts of attacks he used, even his ultimate skills, the attacks would silently disappear after striking the ground.

After 15 days passed, Ling Chen, who had been forcing himself to stay calm, started to panic. If he was alone, with his mental fortitude that he had developed over the 3 years in Heaven, he would have been unaffected even if he had to stay in here for years. However, there was Tian Tian, Dia Wu, Shadissika… as well as many other people who he cared and worried about. As the prospects of never being able to leave became clearer and clearer in his mind, a wave of terror began to surge within his heart. He simply could not imagine what would happen to Tian Tian, Dia Wu, Shadissika, and the others if he was trapped in here forever…

As such, he was unable to stay calm any longer, and he started to roar, venting his frustration on any monsters nearby. In fact, he started to madly attack the air in front of him… Xi Ling and Leng’Er were frightened by his madness, and Cai’Er was often scared into crying… while crying, she would start singing because it was only with her songs that Ling Chen would gradually calm down.

20 days… 25 days… 30 days…

In the Lunar Sky Hell, communication devices were completely useless. Even the camera and time functions were completely unusable. In the endless darkness, Ling Chen was unable to tell how fast time was flowing. In this sort of torture, every second felt like a year. He did not know how long he had been stuck in the Lunar Sky Hell… whether it was a few days... or a few months… or even a few years... or a few decades…

He only knew that he was unable to find a way out despite trying everything.

Perhaps… he really would not be able to make it out…

Ling Chen continuously repeated this to himself in his head. Following this, the girls’ images would appear in his mind, causing his heart and soul to tremble. He started going berserk more and more frequently. Before, he would only play the ‘game’ with Leng’Er once per day, but now, it became 5 or 6 times and sometimes even 10 or so times. Furthermore, he would no longer be gentle, and he instead merely sought release. If Leng’Er did not possess an Underworld Royal’s body, she would not have been able to endure it.

If Ling Chen did not desperately vent out his frustration, he was afraid that his chest would explode.

Now, he completely believed that what Xiao Feng Chen said about all humans being imprisoned in here going mad except for him. In the boundless darkness, one could not see any sunlight, and anyone would be driven mad within a month. Now that he thought about it, the only reason that Xiao Feng Chen was able to last 1,000 years in here without truly going mad was because he was completely free and unfettered, without any ties to anything. However, how many people in the world could be like him?

In front of Ling Chen, Xiao Hui suddenly stopped. Ling Chen, who had been trudging behind him, did not notice. He continued stiffly walking forwards as if he was a puppet. When he walked to Xiao Hui’s side, he felt that he had stepped on something hard, which gave a slight creak.

Ling Chen’s dim eyes lit up with a faint glimmer of light. He stepped away and bent down, picking up the object. It was an iron-like item, and it felt incredibly heavy. Its sides were straight, and it gave off a sharp aura. The top and bottom had jagged ends as if it was a broken piece of a sword. This item was black, but it was not pure black – it had a layer of dark red to it, and this sort of dark red made one think of the colour that a large amount of blood left after it dried.

[Shura Emperor Sword Shard 4]: One of the shards of the [Shura Emperor Sword] that the 3 Moon Goddesses destroyed. The other 4 pieces are in unknown places within the Forgotten Continent. In order to make it so that the Shura Emperor Sword could never be restored, the fifth piece was sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell.

Ling Chen had obtained the first shard in the Novice Village, the second in the War God’s Trial Grounds, the third in the Dwarf Clan’s palace, the fourth in the Underworld Blood Lake, and now, he had obtained the fifth and the final shard.

The 4 other shards had been found in various places across the Forgotten Continent, and all of them were hidden in extremely hidden places. Finding all of them was as difficult as scaling the heavens, and the fifth shard had even been hidden in this deep abyss. Finding all 5 shards was essentially impossible. However, it was as if fate had arranged that Ling Chen would find all of them in a single year.

Now that Ling Chen had gathered all 5 pieces of the Shura Emperor Sword, if he could find the right way, he might be able to restore the Shura’s sword. As the sword of a Shura, it definitely possessed unimaginable might.

If it was before, Ling Chen would have been crazy with joy to find a shard so unexpectedly, and he would have immediately given all of the shards to the Dwarves. However, looking at the item in his hands, there was not a trace of emotion on Ling Chen’s face, nor did he put it in his bag. He slowly raised his hand and roared as he threw the heavy shard into the darkness behind him…

“You can’t let me get out!! Let alone you, a mere shared… even the complete Shura Emperor Sword wouldn’t be able to help me at all!!”


As Ling Chen hoarsely roared, the heavy Shura Emperor Sword Shard gave a low clang as it hit the ground. That roar and throw took up almost all of Ling Chen’s strength, and he weakly knelt down on the icy-cold ground, his expression and gaze completely lifeless.

Tian Tian, Sha Sha… all of you must be worried sick, right? Right now, I just want to go completely mad so that my heart won’t ache so much when I think of all of you. However, I, who seems invincible to you all, truly don’t know how to get out of here… what will you all do if I’m stuck in here forever…


Xi Ling came to Ling Chen’s side, gently holding on to his arm and looking at him with worry and heartache. She had nothing tying her down, and the only thing she wanted was to be by his side, whether it was in heaven or in the Lunar Sky Hell. Where they were simply didn’t matter to her. These days, she had been comforting him, but as the days passed, she was unable to comfort him anymore, and she could only silently look at him and keep him company.

“Master… if you’re not happy… I’ll play the game... with you…”

Leng’Er gently pressed her body towards Ling Chen with more and more emotions in her jet-black eyes now. After leaving the Underworld, Leng’Er’s speaking abilities had improved, and she began to feel more emotions. Her reliance on Ling Chen also became more evident. It seemed that the method that the Underworld King had taught Ling Chen was effective.