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Chapter 749: Shura (3)

Chapter 749 – Shura (3)

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“Is there… really no other way to get out of here?” Ling Chen muttered in a low voice, his gaze incredibly dim.

Qi Yue fell silent before saying hesitantly, “If you absolutely have to get out, there are 2 options…”

Ling Chen raised his head as if he had been struck by lightning, his pupils dilating in excitement. “What are they? Tell me!!”

“It’s just that one of these options requires you to wait for a long time, and even then, the chances of success are quite low. However, the other option has an incredibly great risk,” Qi Yue said slowly in her clear voice.

“Hurry up and tell me what those options are!” Ling Chen roared. He did not want to remain in here for even another second. As long as he could leave this place, he would not hesitate to pay any price.

Qi Yue smiled. “The first option… does little master remember where he first entered the Lunar Sky Hell from? It was the Fairy Realm – the Moon God Clan created a formation that connected to the Lunar Sky Hell before the Fairies sealed themselves off. Those who went into the formation would be sent to the Lunar Sky Hell. Even though the last formation was triggered by little master, it is quite special, and it is not a single-use formation. In 100 years, it will become usable again.

“In that case, I can tell someone on the outside to bring in a Spatial Stone after 100 years to find you. When that time comes, little master can perhaps use the Spatial Stone to escape… it’s just that in order to do this, we’ll need a Spatial Stone that’s big enough, and the person who enters the Lunar Sky Hell will still have to find you. With how boundlessly large the Lunar Sky Hell is, it might take them 8 to 10 years to find you. Moreover, little master has come into contact with Spatial Stones before, and you know that the spatial energy within them will quickly disappear if they leave Nature outside. Within the Lunar Sky Hell, after 5 days, the spatial energy will not be enough to leave anymore, and after a month, the Spatial Stone will become a normal stone.

“Wanting to find you within 5 days is almost impossible, so it’s 99.9999% likely that they’ll be trapped in here with you and will have to wait another 100 years.” After speaking, Qi Yue lightly breathed out.

The flames of hope burning within Ling Chen’s eyes were instantly extinguished. Qi Yue telling him about this option was essentially the same as her not saying anything at all, and what’s more, 100 years… most people’s life spans could not last for 100 years, so what was the difference between being trapped here for 100 years and being trapped here for eternity?

“What’s the second option?” Ling Chen asked, his voice once again dispassionate. After hearing the first option, he did not have much hope for the second one.

“The second option…” Qi Yue paused, as if she was thinking of how to say it. Only after a while did she slowly say, “Only little master can do this within the entire Mystic Moon world. If you do it, I’m 100% certain that little master will be able to immediately leave the Lunar Sky Hell. However, this option bears massive risks for little master. Moreover, little master might not be willing to choose it.”

The words ‘I’m 100% certain that little master will be able to immediately leave the Lunar Sky Hell’ caused Ling Chen’s mind to tremble. Risk? To him, no risk was more terrifying than being sealed in here forever. “Hurry up and tell me! As long as I can get out of here, it’s fine!”

“Mm,” Qi Yue replied and slowly said, “escaping from a prison is simple: the most direct way is to destroy the prison and leave. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have the ability to destroy this prison. The Lunar Sky Hell is a gigantic prison, but since it’s a prison, it can be destroyed. This is a sub-dimensional space prison, so as long as you create a large enough crack in the sub-dimensional space, you’ll be able to leave. Moreover, this sub-dimensional space is right above the Moon God Palace, so you’ll appear right above it, as opposed to somewhere random.”

“Destroy this sub-dimensional space?” Ling Chen shook his head. “I can’t do it.”

“Right now, little master is indeed unable to do it – in fact, no one in the Mystic Moon world can do it. Even if the Goddesses Fate, Order, and Freedom worked together, they would not be able to destroy this sub-dimensional space. However, just because the 3 Moon Goddesses cannot do it does not mean it’s impossible. There’s a type of creature that sacrifices its all for extreme destructive power. Once born, it has monstrous attacking power, and it will become even more powerful than the 3 Moon Goddesses. With that sort of power, it is able to create a large enough crack in this sub-dimensional space.”

Ling Chen slowly looked up and said in a low voice, “You mean… a Shura?”

“That’s right! A Shura – only a Shura can have the power to tear open this sub-dimensional space; no other creature is able to do this,” Qi Yue replied. “Moreover, only the Lunar Scourge can cause a Shura to be born. In other words, within the entire Mystic Moon world, only little master is able to become a Shura.

“I told little master a long time ago that the Lunar Scourge will be able to create a Shura as long as it has 12 orbs returned to it. Right now, the Lunar Scourge happens to have 12 orbs.”

Ling Chen did not say anything and stared ahead blankly.

“If little master wants to leave within 100 years, this is the only option,” Qi Yue said in her soft and enchanting voice, which seemed to be able to penetrate into the deepest recesses of one’s soul. “It’s just that I know that little master has been quite resistant to the idea of a Shura even though little master has been quite fascinated with it. This is because a Shura is a demon of killing that has no consciousness or emotions, and it is closer to a war machine that only knows how to destroy and kill than a human. As such, I never tried to force little master to become a Shura, nor did I mention it before. Moreover, since the Lunar Scourge has recognised you as its master, rather than turning you into its puppet, it’s impossible for me to turn you into a Shura even if I wanted to. As such, if little master does not want to turn into a Shura, that’s up to you, and no one will be able to force you to do so. As little master’s little slave, I’ll accept little master’s decision.

“However, as your little slave, I should remind little master of something… putting aside the fact that becoming a Shura is the only way to leave the Lunar Scourge, little master has been desperately collecting the Lunar Scourge’s orbs not for power but to revive little sis Shui Ruo. Nevertheless, there are 4 things required: The Lunar Scourge, the blood of Moon Goddesses, the soul of the Demon Emperor, and the tears of a Shura. Without a Shura’s tear, even if you have the other 3 things, it will be completely useless.

“Little master should have long since understood that only the Lunar Scourge can create a Shura, so only the Lunar Scourge’s master or host can become a Shura. As such, since the Lunar Scourge’s master is little master, unless little master dies, it will never be able to leave you, and no one else will be able to become a Shura. In other words, only little master can produce the Shura’s tear.

“Since that’s the case, if little master really wants to revive lil sis Shui Ruo, becoming a Shura is something that cannot be avoided. Otherwise, lil sis Shui Ruo will have to sleep in the Fairy Fountain forever.”

Ling Chen’s expression quickly changed, and his incredibly tense body started to slightly tremble. Qi Yue was right – he had already guessed that becoming a Shura was something that he would have to do in order to awaken Shui Ruo. Otherwise, he would never be able to obtain a Shura’s tear. However, he had pushed this to the back of his mind because Shuras were not only extremely powerful but also cruel, bloodthirsty, and emotionless… he couldn’t help but worry that he would be like the Shura from 10,000 years ago and lose his consciousness if he became a Shura, destroying everything and hurting even those closest to him…

If that happened, even if Shui Ruo woke up, she would not want to see him like that.

“There’s also this most important point,” Qi Yue’s voice sounded in Ling Chen’s mind again. “Does little master still remember the words that the White Tiger said before it died? Shuras are not all demons of killing who have lost their consciousness; back then, the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s mental energy was not strong enough, so his mind was devoured by the Shura’s berserk power, and all of his desires and emotions were turned into bloodlust. That was why he became such a cruel and vicious Shura. If one’s will and mental energy are strong enough and can bear the assault of the Shura’s power, then he or she can maintain their consciousness while also possessing the Shura’s power.”

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he remembered the White Tiger’s words from back then.

“The first type is a demonic murderer that comes close to the border of being a Shura. The second type is a true Shura. The third type… breaks free of a Shura’s chains and surpasses both a Shura’s soul and power- Shura Emperor.”

“The Shura Emperor is even more powerful than a true Shura, but it will not massacre like the normal Shura. A Shura Emperor has boundless bloodlust but is able to control it, and it has seven emotions and six pleasures like a normal person. Shuras are said to be the most terrifying existences in the world, and those who receive a Shura’s power lose their humanity as the price. However, if one becomes a Shura Emperor, their personality and mind will not be affected, and they will even be able to control their seven emotions and six pleasures. This type of Shura is many times more powerful than a normal Shura… maybe even more than 10 times!”

“The way to become a Shura Emperor is quite simple, but actually achieving it is as difficult as reaching the skies. The method is… using one’s mental energy to conquer the bloodlust that comes with the Shura’s power!”

Within his heart, Ling Chen knew that he would have to become a Shura someday for Shui Ruo. As such, when the White Tiger said those words, he had remembered them clearly.

“Little master is different to the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor – the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor was a puppet of the Lunar Scourge and was completely controlled by the Lunar Scourge. At the same time, he desired to become a Shura of destruction. On the other hand, it’s little master who controls the Lunar Scourge, and your mental energy is far stronger than the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s. Even if you become a Shura, you will still be in control, and I’m almost certain that you won’t lose your consciousness… don’t tell me little master isn’t confident in his mental energy.

“Moreover, little master has always been invincible, and yet you were dealt with so easily by the 3 Moon Goddesses and imprisoned in here for so long. I’m sure you must be furious, right? With the Shura’s power, little master will not be any weaker than any of the 3 Moon Goddesses. Not only will you be able to leave this place, but you’ll also be able to vent your anger on them. Doesn’t little master want this?

“Back at the Moon God Ruins, little master personally witnessed the Shura’s remnant spirits’ power. The powerful Shadow Demon Beast was insta-killed by the Shura… if little master wants, you can become that powerful; don’t you want that…”


Ling Chen, who had been silent for a while, cut Qi Yue off. Qi Yue’s words were all trying to tempt him into becoming a Shura, and each of them were completely reasonable and undeniable… for Shui Ruo, in order to leave the Lunar Sky Hell, in order to take revenge on the Moon God Clan, in order to become truly invincible… he needed to become a Shura…

“I believe that you’ve only just appeared not because it takes a while for your spirit to enter the Lunar Scourge but because you chose to appear now even though I’ve been here for so long,” Ling Chen said in a low voice with his eyes closed. “You allowed me to endure a month of mental anguish so that I would be so desperate as to be willing to do anything to leave so that you could give me the bait of becoming a Shura…”