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Chapter 751: Shura (5)

Shura (5)

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In front of Ling Chen, a blurry figure slowly appeared. Qi Yue silently looked at the trembling Ling Chen on the ground, his face distorted with pain as he bestially roared. Because of this, he was unable to see her expression.

The day I’ve desired has finally come, and it has come much earlier than I had expected. Once the process of becoming a Shura has begun, there’s no way to stop it. If his mind is unable to take it and collapses, he will become like the last Shura and will lose his consciousness. He will be controlled by me, and I will no longer have to guide him step by step… or worry about any unpredictable variables… But seeing him like this, why do I not feel any joy at all…



Ling Chen’s roars sounded more and more painful than the last. Soon, he was unable to even keep kneeling, and he lay on the ground, his face twisted like that of a demon’s. The ruthlessness and killing intent that he gave off felt like knives swirling around him…

“Just hold on! Don’t let yourself be taken over… you were able to defeat the Lunar Scourge last time, so you won’t lose this time either!” Qi Yue cried out worriedly, shocking even herself. Why… am I telling him to hold on… isn’t turning him into a Shura that is controlled by me what I wanted this entire time? In fact, after the White Tiger died, I used my power to imitate its voice to make up the ‘Shura Emperor’, making him think that he would be able to become a Shura who retained his rationality as long as his mental energy was strong enough... it was for this day… so why am I…

“Wu… ahhhhh…”

As if Qi Yue’s voice woke up Ling Chen’s last trace of consciousness, his right hand, which he almost could not control anymore, started to beat at his head while he continued to beastially roar. However, his body soon crumpled… slowly, his roars died down, and the struggling of his body weakened. His gaze also lost its focus… only the aura of power and killing intent around him grew more and more berserk…

“It’s useless, it’s useless…’ Qi Yue muttered to herself in a dazed voice she looked at Ling Chen. This was what she had prepared herself for. “It’s because I’m a liar. Back then, after the White Tiger gave you the Thunder God’s Bulwark and his soul dissipated, the voice was from me – the so called ‘Shura Emperor’ was something I made up and having powerful enough mental energy to maintain your consciousness is impossible. Everything I said was to trick you so that you would be confident and be willing to turn into a Shura…

“However, since you’ve stepped onto the path of the Shura, your emotions and desires will all be turned into bloodlust – this is something that you cannot resist, unless your mental energy truly does surpass the Shura’s power… but if your mental energy really is that powerful, why would you need to become a Shura… your mental energy was powerful enough to defeat the Lunar Scourge without any orbs… but now that it has 12 God Orbs, the mental assault will be tens of times greater. There’s nothing in this world that could endure such a thing… It’s impossible…” Qi Yue muttered to herself with neither any joy nor grief on her face. Facing this scene which she had been waiting for for a long time, her eyes seemed like black holes.

Ling Chen’s roars finally ceased, and his body stopped struggling, lying there motionless… this meant that his mental struggle had been completely suppressed to the point that he was unable to even control his body and senses.

Ling Chen’s mind fell completely silent, and he could even feel the last trace of consciousness disappear during the pain. Even his body lost all feeling – he felt like he was a leaf blowing in the wind that had fallen into a boundless sea, completely devoured without being able to resist at all…

At that moment, the dark light around Ling Chen slightly paused, then rushed into Ling Chen’s body unobstructed with a ‘whoosh’…

Qi Yue lifted her face and slowly closed her eyes. She knew that this was the key moment in the possession… most of the Shura’s power had flowed into his body, becoming his power, and a small portion had rushed into his destroyed mind, taking over his consciousness… turning him into a Shura who only knew how to kill and destroy.

As the last of the Lunar Scourge’s power entered, Ling Chen’s body violently trembled from the impact, and he gave a low roar that should have been impossible with his destroyed consciousness…


Floating in the air, Qi Yue’s image’s eyes suddenly flew open and looked at Ling Chen in shock. She saw that Ling Chen was actually slowly raising his head, and his eyes were slowly opening, giving off a blood-red glow.

“Eyes of Extermination!” Qi Yue cried out… back then, when Ling Chen had overpowered the Lunar Scourge, she had seen Ling Chen’s eyes become blood-red. Seeing his eyes made her feel as if she had seen a hell dyed in blood, and they looked exactly like the Eyes of Extermination recorded during the age of gods and demons.

The second time this had happened was when Ling Chen’s mind had been hazy, and he had almost been killed by Hell. He had unconsciously released the Eyes of Extermination, and he had killed the powerful Hell.

This was the third time that she had seen Ling Chen open his Eyes of Extermination, and she felt greatly stunned each time. This was because someone had told her before that a god or demon could use their eyes to destroy everything before them when they had extremely powerful mental energy. Those eyes were the ‘Eyes of Extermination’, and they could only appear on the perished ‘gods’ or ‘demons’. After the gods and demons died out, they had never been seen again.

She had asked that person which god or demon had the Eyes of Extermination, but that person did not say. Instead, she only saw a deep look of fear and hatred on that person’s face…

It was the first, and only, time that she had seen the expression of fear on that person’s face.

Ling Chen had opened the Eyes of Extermination 3 times, and it had been the same as the description of the ‘Eyes of Extermination’ that she had heard about each time. What’s more, he had opened them unconsciously each time, and he did not even know about it himself. As such, she did not tell that person about a human awakening the Eyes of Extermination this entire time.

Seeing Ling Chen’s blood-red eyes, Qi Yue’s mind couldn’t help but tremble because she had no idea what this meant.


Qi Yue could hear the faint sound of something shattering within Ling Chen’s body… this sound seemed to come from within his head.

11 years ago, in order to control Adam and Eve, the Mad Scientist had set a special restriction that sealed away most of their mental energy. Under the Shura’s power’s assault, the Mad Scientist’s restriction… was completely obliterated!

This caused Ling Chen’s mental energy, which had become a tiny tongue of flame that had almost been extinguished, to instantly erupt into an inferno. This inferno-like mental energy swept towards the power that was greedily trying to take over his mind, resisting, destroying and crushing it… allowing Ling Chen’s mental energy to once again take control over his mind…

Real world, Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

“Big brother, big brother, big brother… hurry and get up, it’s already been a month. You can’t sleep for so long… big brother, big brother…”

Tian Tian gently rocked Ling Chen’s body, repeatedly calling out to him with her eyes full of tears. After Ling Chen had stayed in the game for a whole month, Tian Tian’s worry had gradually become fear, and she spent most of her time every day by his side, calling out to him. She forgoed many meals, and she woke up many times at night. After waking up, she would lie on Ling Chen’s body, gently calling out his name.

“Don’t worry, Tian Tian. Ling Chen’s so powerful, so he’ll definitely be fine.” Shadissika stayed by Tian Tian’s side, gently comforting her. Suddenly, she gave a soft cry as an ‘ah’ escaped from her lips.

Tian Tian looked behind her with teary eyes and asked, “What is it, Sha Sha?”

“It’s nothing,” Shadissika shook her head and sweetly smiled. She held Tian Tian’s soft hand with her right hand and said, “Tian Tian, I have a feeling that Ling Chen will return from the game today.”

“Eh? Really?” Tian Tian’s eyes became filled with hope.

“Mm! My instincts are always right! Ling Chen will definitely come back today… if I’m wrong, then I won’t ever fight with Tian Tian over the shower again!”

Shadissika looked at Ling Chen’s peaceful face, her smile becoming sweeter and sweeter. Ling Chen, I know that you’ll definitely succeed – the lock being opened by me and being forcefully broken through your willpower is completely different. If you’re able to break through it by yourself, then you’ll be able to be born again, and you will leave the level of humans. That way, even if I’m not by your side, you’ll still be able to protect yourself.