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Chapter 752: Shura (6)

Shura (6)

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As Qi Yue’s pupils contracted, Ling Chen slowly stood up from the ground. The instant he fully stood up, the dark light around him completely vanished, and his blood-red eyes became normal again. Even the incredibly berserk killing intent around him became gentler, and it was no longer as horrifying. The only thing that didn’t change was the gale-like power around and within him.

As Ling Chen opened his eyes, a stream of system announcements sounded out in his ears.

“Ding, under an unknown power, you have successfully upgraded to a special profession: [Shura]. HP+80,000, MP+80,000, Strength+500, Constitution+800, Agility+100, Spirit+800, HIT+1800, Critical Chance+30%, Pierce Chance+30%, every time you level up you will receive a bonus 1000 HP, 1000 MP, 20 Strength, 10 Constitution, and 10 Spirit.”

“Ding… the Shura is a law unto himself and does what he wants, unrestrained by anything in the world. All laws in the Mystic Moon world are ineffective to you, and your status as [Vice-Lord of the Ling Tian City] has been nullified. You will never be able to join any faction or group, nor can you accept any type of quest.”

“Ding… the Shura’s power has exceeded the limits of ‘players’, and other players are unable to compare at all. You have been erased from the Player Level Rankings, Fame Rankings, Equipment Rankings, and Pet Rankings, and you will never enter the rankings of the player world.”

“Ding… you have successfully unlocked the Shura’s unique passive abilities: [Shura Technique] and [Burning Emotion Technique].”

“Ding… because your Shura power is incredibly arrogant, it cannot co-exist with any other powers. Your passive abilities [Shura Technique] and [Burning Emotion Technique]’s effects cannot stack with [Heaven Wind Technique] and [War God Technique]’s effects. Because [Shura Technique] and [Burning Emotion Technique]’s effects are far superior to [Heaven Wind Technique] and [War God Technique], [Heaven Wind Technique] and [War God Technique]’s effects will be nullified.”

“Ding… you have successfully unlocked the Shura skills [Shura’s Gaze], [Shura’s Merciless Slash], [Shura’s Exterminating Slash], [Sacrificial Slaughter], and [Purgatory Blades].”

“Ding… you have successfully unlocked the Shura ultimate skills [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation].”

“Ding… you have successfully unlocked the Shura forbidden skill [Extreme Shura’s Death Domain].”

“Ding… you have successfully unlocked the Shura final skills [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] and [Bloody Dusk].”

The blood-red light in Ling Chen’s eyes disappeared, and when he came back to his senses, the first thing that he heard was the continuous system announcements…

Ling Chen slowly raised his hands, silently staring at them. He could feel an incomprehensibly mighty power flowing throughout his body – it was something that normal humans could not even fathom, and it was to the point that he could not even find words to describe it.

It was just that Ling Chen did not feel excited or happy at all facing this incredibly mighty power and the continuous system announcements in his ears. His expression and gaze remained just as passive and calm.

“Is this… the Shura’s power?” Ling Chen softly muttered as he looked at his hands, his gaze still completely tranquil. Back then, no matter if it was the War God’s profession or the Feng Chen Curse Zanni profession, he had felt incredibly emotional, but this time, he felt abnormally calm.

He was very clear about what had happened before. When the Shura’s power had assaulted him, it had been much more powerful than he had expected, and even with his powerful mental energy and willpower resisting it, they were broken through in a short amount of time. The instant he lost consciousness, he knew that it wasn’t that he had overestimated his own mental energy but that he had completely underestimated the Shura’s power…

How could the power that could cause even the Moon God Clan to feel fearful be something that he, a mere human, could endure? When he realised this, it was already too late… as his last trace of consciousness was engulfed in hopelessness, he heard a shattering sound from his mind.

That was the sound of the mental restriction that the Mad Scientist had somehow left within his mind… following this, Ling Chen felt his mind becoming clear again, and his incredibly weary mind became tens, if not hundreds, of times more powerful, almost returning to its peak during his time in Heaven. In front of the mental energy that even the Mad Scientist felt fearful towards and that came close to a real god’s, even the Shura’s power was no longer as terrifying, and it was easily suppressed by him. As such, even though the Shura’s power completely filled his body, his mind was not affected at all.

Ling Chen could feel the Shura’s monstrous power flowing through his body, and though he heard one incredibly shocking system announcement after another, his mind did not react at all, as if he was like an insurmountable mountain. Indeed, after the mental restriction had shattered, Ling Chen’s mental energy had truly surpassed the limits that humans were capable of, and he reached a level that even he could barely comprehend. With that sort of mental energy, his mind and thoughts reached a whole new level. If his mental energy before was like a lake, it was now like a vast ocean, and normal breezes could no longer cause any ripples within his mind.

“Little master, y-you’ve… succeeded?!”

Qi Yue said with great difficulty after staring at Ling Chen for a long time. She had thought that Ling Chen’s mind would have been destroyed under the assault of the Shura’s power, turning him into a puppet. However, not only did that not happen, but it also felt as if he had been reborn – his expression, gaze, and aura had all drastically changed. Seeing him stand there, he felt familiar but also extremely unfamiliar.

Before, even though Ling Chen was far superior to other people in Qi Yue’s eyes, he was still completely controlled by her. Every step he took was according to her will. However, now, when she met his eyes, she felt as if he could pierce through her soul, and she almost tried to escape his gaze many times. The feeling that she could control him at her every whim and fancy was completely gone. She simply could not understand what had just happened to him. Could he have been possessed by a demon or a god?

“Mm, I succeeded,” Ling Chen gave a curt reply with a slight smile on his face. “Are you feeling happy yet disappointed?”

“……” Ling Chen’s question caught Qi Yue off-guard, and from when the Eyes of Extermination had appeared to when he had stood up, she had not been able to calm herself down at all. However, in the end, she was Qi Yue – no matter how shocked she was, she would be able to immediately regain her cool. She lightly smiled and said in her soft voice, “Little master has obtained the Shura’s power and has preserved his consciousness; of course I’m happy for little master. Why would I be disappointed?”

“Ah…” Ling Chen looked at her and gave a deep smile before calmly saying, “Because there was some surprise and joy in your emotions just then. I’ll forgive you… of course, there’s another reason why I’m forgiving you… because even though there are many things hidden in your heart, you’re my woman!”

Qi Yue’s lips slightly trembled before saying in a weak voice, “Of course I belong to little master.”

“I hope you’ll remember those words,” Ling Chen said as he continued to smile. After this, he opened his stats page.

After obtaining the Shura’s power, just the stat points that he received were over 3,000 points. This was an astronomical figure that players would not be able to obtain even if they were LV100 and had a full set of exquisite equipment. However, this was only the beginning of what the Shura’s power had given him. Apart from this, there was 80,000 HP and 80,000 MP, and every time he levelled up, he received tens of times more stat points than what he would receive from his other professions.

Just these numbers alone were incredibly shocking, and they made it evident how powerful the Shura’s profession was.

After glancing over his basic stats, Ling Chen’s expression did not change at all, but he could not help but feel shocked inwardly. The War God’s profession was already much more powerful than most professions, but from just the stat points alone, the Shura’s profession was countless times more powerful than the War God’s profession.

Ling Chen started to look towards the Shura profession’s abilities.

[Shura]: A terrifying profession created from one’s desire for the most extreme power to the point of burning one’s mind, thoughts, and will, stepping onto the path of the Shura. Once one becomes a Shura, one is destined to lose their consciousness and emotions, and they will be released from all rules and restrictions. With their powerful strength and boundless killing intent, they kill and destroy all living things as their only goal, turning the world into rivers of blood and mountains of corpses and filling the wilderness with screams. The Shura is a heaven-defying profession that even the heavens and earth cannot tolerate. However, if one’s mental energy is powerful enough to resist the Shura’s boundless killing intent, they will be able to obtain the Shura’s power while keeping their minds.

Profession Bonus Stats: HP+80,000, MP+80,000, Strength+500, Constitution+800, Agility+100, Spirit+800, HIT+1800, Critical Chance+30%, Pierce Chance+30%.

Profession Passive Abilities: Immune to all abnormal statuses and all debuffs. Basic Attribute Effects: Strength = 2 Physical Attack Power, Constitution = 10 HP and 1 Defence, Agility = 1 HIT and 1 Evasion, Spirit = 2 Magic Attack Power + 10 MP. Every level up gives 1000 HP, 1000 MP, 20 Strength, 10 Constitution and 5 Spirit.

Profession Characteristics: Can use any weapon and can equip all sorts of equipment. All of the Mystic Moon’s rules are ineffective on you, and you can’t join any faction or group, nor can you enter any player rankings.

Profession Skills:

Passive Abilities: [Shura Technique], [Burning Emotions Technique].

[Shura Technique]: Cannot be levelled up. An ultimate war technique from the Shura’s power that can only appear on a Shura, causing the Shura to have an incredibly powerful body. Effects: Increases Physical Attack Power by (300 x Current Level), HP by (500 x Current Level), Critical Chance by (Current Level %), Pierce Chance by (Current Level %). When attacking with any weapon, damage is increased by 100%, and when equipping equipment, Defence is increased by 100%.

[Burning Emotions Technique]: Cannot be levelled up. The Shura’s power is merciless and emotionless, and each attack from a Shura is a terrifying nightmare, causing any living creature to fall into a hellish abyss. Effects: All attacks contain a Destruction element, and it ignores the gore-censor and all pain reduction. Attacks give an extra 500% pain, and after being killed by the Shura, nothing can revive within 10 days. Moreover, after reviving, the killed being’s level will be reduced by 10 levels and all of their skills’ levels will be lowered to LV1.