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Chapter 755: Sacrificial Slaughter

[Sacrificial Slaughter]

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“This is… tribulation lightning? Eh? Why is there tribulation lightning descending on Moon God Island?”

In the First Shrine, Moon Goddess Blue Heart opened her eyes and cried out in dismay. What’s more, this was extremely powerful tribulation lightning!

White Snow and Purple Dress simultaneously opened their eyes. They looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock…

“This feeling… could it be…” White Snow muttered in dismay.

“… Shura!!” Purple Dress said this word incredibly coldly, and outside, 10 or so bolts of tribulation lightning descended. The force behind these lightning bolts was so great that it was even greater than when Saint Destroyer grade weapons were created. They had not seen such powerful tribulation lightning in over 10,000 years, and the only time was when the last Shura had appeared 10,000 years ago…

The word ‘Shura’ became clearer and clearer in the 3 Moon Goddesses’ minds. There were only 4 beings that had personally experienced the Shura’s might before: The Void Dragon God, White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart. That had been a terrifying shadow left on their hearts. Because of this, they would never allow a Shura to appear again, and they never thought that it was possible for a Shura to appear again. This was especially so because they had sealed the person who the Lunar Scourge had attached itself to into the Lunar Sky Hell a month ago… this was simply impossible!

The 3 Moon Goddesses quickly got up, and 3 lights flashed as they disappeared from the First Shrine. When they appeared above the Moon God Palace, they saw multiple savage dragon-like bolts of tribulation lightning.

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

The bolts of tribulation lightning became thicker and thicker, and with the berserkness of the lightning elemental essence, they all believed that it would be impossible for this tribulation lightning to continue for a long time. However, the tribulation lightning’s target did not move at all as he floated there, allowing the tribulation lightning to freely fall onto his body. His eyes were closed and his face was raised as if he was enjoying the sensation.

Ling Chen’s mental energy was far more powerful than it had been in the past, and the instant the 3 Moon Goddesses appeared, he had detected them. He silently opened his eyes and gazed at the 3 completely shocked Moon Goddesses… perhaps he was the first person to make them feel so dismayed in the past 10,000 years. “Beautiful Moon Goddesses, did you miss me after not seeing me for a month? I’m back now, so how are you going to receive me?”

[Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]’s effects still had not yet ended, and Ling Chen evilly smiled as his body was covered with crimson flames. He had the Evil God’s Mask on his face and had a large, black sword in each of his hands. Countless thick bolts of lightning fell on his body and adding on the fiendish aura around the Moon God Palace… the scene seemed as if a demonic god had descended to the world, bathing itself in lightning, seeming incredibly horrifying.

“S-Shura… it’s really… a Shura!!” Blue Heart’s eyes widened as her voice trembled. As a Moon Goddess, there was essentially nothing in the world that could cause her to feel fear…

Except a Shura!

In the next second, Blue Heart saw Ling Chen’s features and her voice shook even more, “It’s him! It’s that Ling Tian who we sealed into the Lunar Sky Hell! How could… How could it be like this… just what’s going on?”

“He’s become a Shura… and escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell… and he’s holding the Shura Emperor Sword… indeed, just what happened?” White Snow muttered in shock.

“This isn’t the most terrifying thing,” Purple Dress said coldly as she frowned. “Even though he’s a weak otherworlder, his aura is not at all weaker than the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s from 10,000 years ago. What’s more, haven’t you all realised that he’s talking to us with his consciousness intact… and what’s most horrifying is that… he doesn’t fear the tribulation lightning!”

Purple Dress’ words caused White Snow and Blue Heart to both feel completely alarmed.

Just then, they had been too dismayed by the appearance of a Shura to notice anything else. After hearing Purple Dress’s words, they realised that the Shura in front of them was completely clear-minded, giving off an arrogant and relaxed aura. When the tribulation descended on him, no damage figures rose up, and even his movements were not hindered in the slightest. It was as if the bolts of tribulation lightning were just illusions.

Berserk Shuras were already terrifying enough, and a Shura with consciousness and rationality was terrifying beyond belief.

Back then, they had been able to destroy the Shura because of the tribulation lightning. Rather than them killing the Shura, it was more so that he had been killed by the lightning. This was because the Shura’s aura was too powerful, and no matter if it was them or the Void Dragon God, none of them had been able to get close to him. Their attacks had been easily shattered by his incredibly powerful attacks… that’s right, shattered. Whenever they were hit by the Shura’s attacks, even his most basic attacks, they felt such hellish pain that they would lose their ability to fight for a while.

The Scorpio Orb’s effects stacked with the Shura’s passive abilities, so when the Shura attacked, not only did the attacks ignore any pain reduction, but it also gave an extra 800% pain! That pain was even worse than 10,000 arrows piercing through one’s heart. Under that kind of extreme pain, even the 3 Moon Goddesses almost lost consciousness. Let alone fight, they were barely able to stand.

Nearly 70% of the Shura’s lifeforce had been eaten away by the tribulation lightning 10,000 years ago. Without the tribulation lightning, the ones who would have been destroyed back then would have been the Void Dragon God and the 3 Moon Goddesses.

As such, a conscious Shura who did not fear the tribulation lightning was something that they could not help but utterly fear.

More and more Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies gathered around, looking at Ling Chen, who seemed like a demonic god from a bloody hell. All of their expressions were ones of complete astonishment and fear; even the 3 Moon Goddesses did not give off an aura that made them feel so suffocated.

Ling Chen revelled in the 3 Moon Goddesses’ reactions and expressions. He narrowed his eyes as he smiled, saying, “What is it? You don’t welcome me? Come to think of it, I should thank you for sealing me into the Lunar Sky Hell; otherwise, I would not have been able to complete the Shura Emperor Sword, nor would I have made the decision to become a Shura. That way, I wouldn’t have obtained such invincible power that did not cost me my consciousness. As such, I should properly thank you all today.”

After saying that final sentence, Ling Chen smiled. Of course, the way he was going to thank them was by using a man’s most powerful instrument to send them to the seventh heaven…

“Who would have thought that we would create a Shura by sealing him into the Lunar Sky Hell, and he even was able to escape from the Lunar Sky Hell! This has never happened ever since the Lunar Sky Hell was created. Who would have thought… an otherworlder would become a Shura, and his aura isn’t weaker than the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s at all. I thought that he would not be able to threaten us at all even if he used the current Lunar Scourge to create a Shura.” White Snow took in a deep breath as her large chest heaved.

“Then… what should we do? If he’s as powerful as the Shura from 10,000 years ago, still has his consciousness, and doesn’t fear tribulation lightning, it’ll be impossible for us to take him down,” Blue Heart said anxiously.

White Snow slightly frowned and slowly said, “Him retaining his consciousness may not be a bad thing. Back then, the Shura lost his nature, and he existed only to kill and destroy. However, this Shura has not lost his consciousness; if he’s not an evil person, he won’t do what the Shura did back then. If his heart is wicked, even if we sacrifice the entire Moon God Clan, we have to destroy him!”

After speaking, White Snow raised her head and looked towards the arrogant-looking Ling Chen. “Who would have thought that a Shura would descend again. Back then, we scattered the Lunar Scourge’s 12 God Orbs in the most extreme places and hid the Lunar Scourge’s main body in an abyss that was thousands of metres below the surface so that the Lunar Scourge would never be able to resurface.”

“And then?” Ling Chen continued to bathe in the lightning, looking completely calm and unruffled as the energy within the Thunder God’s Bulwark increased. This was tribulation lightning, and it was not at all inferior to the Phoenix Royal Clan’s Phoenix God Heavenly Flames.

White Snow’s chest once again slightly heaved as she said in a calm voice, “Even though you’re a Shura, you haven’t lost yourself; this is great fortune amidst misfortune. Even though you’re quite arrogant, you’re not an evil person and will not commit a massacre like before. As such, as long as you don’t commit heinous crimes and use that power for righteous purposes, our Moon God Clan will not punish you like we punished the Shura 10,000 years ago. There will be no need for us to destroy or seal away the Lunar Scourge before you die.”

“Does that mean you’re letting me go?” Ling Chen continued to smile. A month ago, he had not been able to even breathe in front of these Moon Goddesses, and now, he could look down on them arrogantly as a peerless expert. The dark clouds in the sky continuously roiled about restlessly because they found that the tribulation lightning could not harm this terrifying Shura at all. The descending tribulation lightning gradually decreased and became weaker, while the colliding thunderclouds continued to give off louder and louder rumbling as if the heavens were roaring in indignation and anger.

“If you don’t do evil, we naturally won’t make things difficult for you. Moreover, with your current strength, if you want to leave, even if our whole clan attacks, we won’t be able to stop you,” White Snow said slowly with her soft and breezy voice.

“Really? I thought that we’d have to fight before I left,” Ling Chen said as he shrugged, a bored and disappointed look appearing on his face. “Alright, since you’re so kind and merciful, I’ll thank you and leave. However, before I leave, I need to properly ‘thank’ you all. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad when I leave. I also need to take something when I leave.”

“Hmm?” White Snow and Purple Dress simultaneously frowned.

“Give me the Moon God Orb,” Ling Chen slowly said as he crossed his arms.

“Absolutely not!” White Snow did not hesitate at all as she refused. She knew clearly just what it would mean for a Shura to have the Moon God Orb. If this Shura really obtained the Moon God Orb and summoned the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear], there would truly be no way for them to stop him anymore.

“Is that so? In that case…” Ling Chen’s gaze became incredibly sharp as the crimson-black flames also flared. The fiendish aura around him became several times more intense, causing the surrounding Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies to cry out. Ling Chen continued and said, “I’ll have to take it myself then!”

As Ling Chen spoke, he shot out towards the First Shrine like an arrow exploding out of a bow.

“Stop him!!”

As White Snow cried out, the surrounding 80 or so Moon God Representatives and the 100 or so Moon Ladies rushed up towards Ling Chen… each of the Moon God Representatives were powerful enough to control an entire continent, and they were existences that Ling Chen could only look up to in the past. All of the Moon Ladies were at least Heaven’s End grade as well. Facing this sort of group was something that he could not even imagine before… but now, facing these 80 or so Moon God Representatives and 100 or so Moon Ladies, he did not even show a trace of panic, and he instead calmly laughed.

“Since you dare to obstruct a Shura, let me give you a taste of hell!”

“Sacrificial Slaughter!!”


A large blood-red mist exploded out from Ling Chen’s body, instantly spreading nearly 1,000 metres around him. Sacrificial Slaughter had a range of 300 metres, but with [Burning Heart Blood Massacre], the range was increased by 200%, covering all of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies.

“Ding… the Aries Orb’s effects have been activated, [Sacrificial Slaughter]’s negative effects have been nullified.”