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Chapter 756: The Unstoppable Shura

The Unstoppable Shura

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Within the blood-red mist, countless pitiful screams sounded out. All of the Moon God Representatives and Moon ladies flew backwards like broken kites and landed heavily on the ground.

Ling Chen did not add the body-shattering or instant-death effects to this [Sacrificial Slaughter]; instead, he only caused all of them to lose 30% of their HP – otherwise, those Moon Ladies would have been dead without a doubt, and their bodies would have been shattered to pieces. Even the Moon God Representatives had a 25% chance of being instantly killed. However, Ling Chen did not reduce the 800% pain at all, and even the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies’ minds collapsed under the extreme pain, and all they could do was scream.

All of this was only from Ling Chen’s first attack. Now, Ling Chen was so powerful that he did not need to put these Moon God Representatives in his eyes at all. He looked down with a sympathetic look. “You should thank me for being merciful. Otherwise, you beauties would have become a mountain of broken corpses. That scene wouldn’t be very beautiful.” After speaking, Ling Chen’s body once again turned into a bolt of lightning and shot towards the First Shrine.

With Broken Shadow activated, Ling Chen could travel hundreds of kilometres in an instant. As he sped forwards, a holy light suddenly appeared above him, covering his body. He had experienced this light before – it was the Goddess Fate White Snow’s ‘Cage of Fate’, which could seal away all of his equipment. However, the current Ling Chen did not even bother looking at it, and he allowed the white light to cover his body… in the next instant, the white light came into contact with his body, but it reacted as if it had touched the most terrifying in the world and quickly retreated.

“No! His aura’s too powerful now, and even my Cage of Fate isn’t able to stop him!” White Snow said in a panicked voice.

“Hmph! You want to take the Moon God Orb… wishful thinking!” A bone-piercingly cold voice cut through the air. Moon Goddess Purple Dress’s body flashed and appeared above Ling Chen’s body, her snow-white hands quickly pressing downwards.

“Space Lock!” A tender cry sounded out as the area tens of metres wide around Ling Chen was completely locked down, causing Ling Chen’s body to freeze… however, this only lasted for less than a second before countless cracks started to spread along the spatial lock. Finally, with a ‘ping’, Ling Chen escaped from the spatial lock, causing it to completely collapse.

A look of deep shock appeared on Purple Dress’ body. “My spatial power… can’t seal him.”

“The Shura’s power can destroy anything; he was able to even destroy a sub-dimensional space like the Lunar Sky Hell, so how could normal spatial locks stop him?” White Snow shook her head, a solemn look on her face. “No! We can’t let him take the Moon God Orb! Even though his attack power is on par with the Shura from back there, he’s a player from another world, so his lifeforce must be incredibly weak. We might be able to kill him!”

“But since he’s a player from another world, he can limitlessly revive; what use will it be to kill him once? No matter what we do, we won’t be able to truly kill him,” Blue Heart said anxiously. This reminded White Snow and Purple Dress of their bleak reality, causing their hearts to once again tremble.

That’s right, he was an otherworlder… no matter how many times he died in the Mystic Moon world, he would be brought back immediately, and he would never truly die. This meant that not only was this Shura conscious and immune to lightning, but he was also even unkillable!

“We can’t let him obtain the Moon God Orb no matter what!” Looking down at the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies who were no longer able to fight, a dark haze appeared on White Snow’s face. She was worried because this Shura could barely be controlled, but at least he had not gone berserk, and he did not have an aura of evil about him. However, if he really did obtain the Moon God Orb, he would not be able to be controlled at all, and let alone the Moon God Clan, even if all of the most powerful clans allied together, they would not stand a chance at stopping him.

Ling Chen quickly advanced and arrived before the First Shrine in the blink of an eye. At this moment, he suddenly saw a white light flash as White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart simultaneously appeared in front of the First Shrine. Following this, 3 blinding white lights shone out: 3 Moon God Arrows that contained the powers of Fate, Order, and Freedom shot towards him.

From their appearances, the arrows looked just like normal elemental arrows. However, these were arrows of judgment from the 3 Moon Goddesses, and any one of them could easily tear through the sky and pierce into the earth. Ling Chen did not dodge them; the Shura Emperor Sword swept out to meet the 3 arrows of judgment, drawing out a blood-red arc. Instantly, the space in front of Ling Chen twisted, causing the 3 arrows of judgment to collide with the twisting space and then shatter soundlessly, turning into motes of white light that covered the sky.

“Ahh!” Blue Heart cried out, and even White Snow and Purple Dress had looks of disbelief on their faces. This was because Ling Chen’s simple sword strike had not only twisted space, but it had also easily shattered their powerful attacks.

When one’s power grew to a certain extent, there was nothing that it could not shatter, including energy. In the Mystic Moon world, shattering attacks was even more difficult than shattering space. The only one who could do such a thing was a Shura! With the Shura Emperor Sword in his hand, Ling Chen felt a wondrous feeling that he could destroy anything. When he destroyed the 3 Moon Goddesses’ attacks with a simple swing of his sword, a calm and confident smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t worry about the Moon God Palace; just stop him!”

As White Snow yelled out, an orb of white light suddenly exploded in front of Ling Chen. At the same time, he felt a sense of danger from all around him. He looked around and found that there were hundreds, if not thousands… of arrows of judgment pointing towards him.

Chi, chi, chi, chi, chi, chi…

The sound of the air being torn chaotically mixed together as innumerable arrows of judgment flew towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen frowned and sent out 2 [Shura’s Exterminating Slashes] to the sides, destroying almost all of the arrows of judgment within 10 metres of him. However, following this, more arrows of judgment sped over, and the space around him also started to stir… evidently, Purple Dress was preparing to use the energy from ripping open space to forcefully create a dimensional fracture!

Ling Chen started to feel quite annoyed and stopped attacking the arrows of judgments. He also ignored the space that was about to erupt around him, and he gave a low roar as a light covered his body…

“Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor!”

Chi, chi, chi, chi…

Countless arrows of judgment fell on his body, but they were unable to harm him at all. The space around him erupted, but it was completely ineffective against him. Ling Chen didn’t hesitate as he rushed up towards the arrows of judgment, and he arrived before the 3 Moon Goddesses in a few breaths. He narrowed his eyes and roared in a low voice, “If you don’t want hundreds of bloody wounds, get out of the way!”

“Purgatory Blades!”

The sky, covered by dark clouds, became a blood-red colour after Ling Chen roared. There was a faint, demonic laughing face in the sky, following which countless blood-red lights appeared in the sky, completely covering it and causing the lighting to become dimmer. The blood-red lights then started to fall like rain.

“Hurry and go!!”

When the blood-red sky appeared, the 3 Moon Goddesses’ faces completely fell. They, who had fought against the Shura before, knew what this skill was… that year, countless Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies had died because of this attack. As Moon Goddesses, they did not fear the damage from the Purgatory Blades, but they could not help but fear the extreme pain that the Shura’s attacks brought. A single attack was enough to make a Moon God Representative feel so much pain that she was unable to fight, and these Purgatory Blades continuously dealt damage over an extended period of time, bringing about a true purgatory pain!

At the same time, the Shura’s attacks ignored this world’s gore-censor, and once they fell into the rain of Purgatory Blades, their bodies would be cut with countless wounds… they were certain that Ling Chen’s words were not simply to scare them – rather, hundreds of wounds would be on the light end. If they could not quickly escape from the Purgatory Blades, thousands of wounds covering every inch of their bodies was possible. Even though they were the 3 Moon Goddesses, they were first and foremost women; they feared pain and their bodies and faces being torn apart.

With Purple Dress’s spatial teleportation, the 3 Moon Goddesses instantly disappeared from within the Purgatory Blades’ attack range. Countless blood-red blades rained down the instant they disappeared, landing onto the Moon God Palace’s ground, destroying and damaging many of the Pavilions.

With [Burning Heart Blood Massacre], Ling Chen’s [Purgatory Blades] had a range of 1,500 metres, and it lasted for 30 seconds. Within that period of time, no creature would be able to enter that area even if they had Absolute Defence. In front of the Lunar Scourge, Absolute Defence was like mere clouds.

The 3 Moon Goddesses attacked from over 1,000 metres away, and each of their attacks could cause massive damage. However, Ling Chen completely ignored them, rushing towards the First Shrine… he did not need to attack at all because the protective barrier in front of the First Shrine had already been crushed by the Purgatory Blades.

Ling Chen rushed into the First Shrine and checked the Lunar Scourge’s reaction. Soon, he saw a silvery-white orb on a jade pillar at the end of the First Shrine.

“Found you, Moon God Orb,” Ling Chen said as he gave a pleased smile. A month ago, the Moon God Clan was an ultimate existence that he did not even have the right to look up to. In order to sneak into the Moon God Palace, he and Fey had spent much effort, but they had ended up failing regardless. Now, he could openly charge into the First Shrine, and even the powerful Moon God Clan was unable to stop him at all. The Moon God Orb was right before him.

This was how powerful the Shura, which all creatures feared, was.

Seeing Ling Chen charge into the First Shrine, the 3 Moon Goddesses’ hearts became taught. Blue Heart yelled out worriedly, “What do we do? What do we do? We can’t go near him, and all of our attacks are useless… what do we do?”

“There’s nothing we can do!” White Snow shook her head and lightly breathed out. Now, she had instead become calm. “He’s a Shura who isn’t weaker than normal Shuras at all, and yet he still has his consciousness and does not fear tribulation lightning. He’s simply unstoppable. The Moon God Orb is going to fall into his hands.”


“Now, we can only pray that he won’t use the Shura’s power for evil.” White Snow looked at the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies in the distance and slowly said, “Apart from the fact that he cannot be controlled at all, we don’t have to worry too much. Just then, he was able to kill most of our Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies and stain the Moon God Palace with blood, but he did not do so. This at least shows that not only does he still have his consciousness, but that his nature is also not affected by the Shura’s power. His nature is still benevolent, and he will not commit a massacre like 10,000 years ago.”

“I hope that’s the case,” Purple Dress said reluctantly and helplessly. Even though he was not evil, the appearance of an existence that could suppress the Moon God Clan was something that they could not accept.