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Chapter 758: Eternal Moon Shadow

[Eternal Moon Shadow]

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“He came out… eh? That spear in his hand… could it be…”

“The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. It’s said that it’s the only True God Spear left behind from ancient times, and it was sealed with the Lunar Scourge Armour in the Lunar Scourge to prevent all of the True God Equipment from being destroyed along with all of the True Gods back then. If the Shura from 10,000 years ago was able to summon it, the entire Mystic Moon world would have been destroyed. Who would have thought that it would resurface 10,000 years later,” White Snow said as she sighed, feeling incredibly helpless and anxious. “He not only obtained the Shura’s power, but he now also has a True God Spear; there’s no one who can stop him anymore.”

“No, there’s still a way.” Purple Dress frowned as her eyes became filled with an icy determination. “If I expend all of my power, I’ll be able to use the god-sealing Purple Moon God-sealing Formation, and it will have a 90% chance to seal him in there forever.”

Purple Dress’ words gave Blue Heart a great fright, and she hurriedly said, “But if you do that, your power will completely disappear, and you will never recover… in fact, even your lifeforce might gradually be drained.”

“Don’t do this,” White Snow calmly said as she shook her head. “I said many times before that his consciousness and nature have not been affected even after obtaining the Shura’s power. Even though he has obtained this invincible power, he won’t do what the Shura did 10,000 years ago. In fact, he might not use his power for evil, and he might use it for good, protecting the player’s world. He might bring peace to the entire Mystic Moon world, so apart from us being unable to control him, all other worries might be unnecessary.”

Purple Dress fell silent for a while before her eyebrows slightly unfurrowed and she replied, “I hope that’s the case.”

“Even if it really comes to that and we have to use the Purple Moon God-Sealing Formation, the preparation time takes at least 1 month, so we can’t seal him here immediately anyways. As such, what we need to do is to make him leave here as soon as possible and try not to come into conflict with him. Otherwise, our Moon God Clan’s tens of thousands of years of foundations might be destroyed within a single day… you should all understand the Shura’s power.”


A wild gale started to blow as Ling Chen’s body suddenly appeared in front of them, giving a lascivious smile as he looked at them. “3 beautiful goddesses, what are you secretly talking about? Can you talk a bit louder so I can listen?”

No more lightning fell after those 3 massive bolts of lightning. It was as if the lightning clouds had understood that it would not be able to harm him no matter how powerful the tribulation lightning was. The dark clouds in the sky chaotically moved around, colliding and causing furious rumbles.

Ling Chen’s frivolous tone caused the 3 Moon Goddesses to simultaneously frown, and White Snow calmly replied, “You’ve already obtained the Moon God Orb and have summoned the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, so there’s no reason for you to stay here anymore. Please leave. This isn’t a place you should stay.”

“Oh!” A surprised look appeared on Ling Chen’s face and his expression became one of amusement. “Heheh, the 3 beautiful Moon Goddesses are even more loving and benevolent than the legends say. Even though I intruded into the Moon God Palace, attacked Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies, and damaged 10 or so Shrines and over a thousand Pavilions, the 3 beautiful Moon Goddesses are not blaming me at all and are instead allowing me to leave. Right, what makes me feel the most moved is that these 3 Moon Goddesses not only gave me the Shura’s power, but they also gave me the Moon God Orb that I’ve wanted for a long time. How should I repay such a great favour? Heheheh…”

“Don’t think you can act so arrogantly after obtaining the Shura’s power and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear!” Purple Dress could not keep calm like White Snow, a cold fury appearing on her face. “Get the hell out of here! If you dare to continue being arrogant, I’ll definitely punish you.”

“Hm? No, no, no,” Ling Chen hurriedly waved his hands, looking extremely wronged. “Beautiful Moon Goddess, you must have misunderstood. In front of these 3 Moon Goddesses, I’m just a tiny player from another world; how could I be arrogant? The reason I haven’t immediately left is because I want to express my lust – no, my gratitude – in a manly way… there’s no other reason.”

Even though Ling Chen was wearing the Evil God’s Mask, it only covered half his face, and his lascivious smile could be fully seen. There was not a hint of gratitude within that smile. White Snow signalled at Purple Dress with her eyes, suppressing the ripples within her heart as she said softly, “Ling Tian, if you have any other objectives, just say them out loud. Honestly speaking, we don’t want to become enemies with you.”

“I just said that I’m only here still to show my gratitude.” As Ling Chen spoke, his smile became wider. He raised his right hand and the Lunar Scourge flashed with a silver light. Ling Chen raised his head and looked up at the sky as he said with a smile, “First, let me use my most beautiful moonlight to show my admiration towards your beauty.”

The 3 Moon Goddesses also raised their heads, and they saw that a bright moon had appeared without them even realising it. The moon was not a full moon, but it was only a half moon, hanging in the sky during daytime. However, its light was not covered by the sunlight at all, and it looked incredibly beautiful and clear.

“This is the [Moon] created by the Lunar Scourge!” White Snow said as she suddenly thought of something and cried out, “Watch out!”

As White Snow yelled out, the 3 Moon Goddesses were not able to react in time before the half moon rained down silver light, covering the 3,000 metres around Ling Chen, which was nearly half of the Moon God Palace.

In that instant, the wind stopped blowing and the clouds stopped moving. The 3 Moon Goddesses, as well as all of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies covered by the light, all froze in place…

This was not the time barrier from Fey’s Lachesis, but the Eternal Moon Shadow released by the Lunar Scourge’s Half Moon!

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, [Eternal Moon Shadow]’s cooldown time has been reset.”

The Half Moon’s [Eternal Moon Shadow] covered the 3,000 metres around Ling Chen, forming a gigantic circle with a diameter of 6,000 metres. Within this area, everything had been completely frozen; what’s more, this could last for 30 minutes!

A 30 minute, super long-range freezing skill – just how terrifying was that?

The Moon Goddesses could defend against any lunar skill released by the Lunar Scourge with only 12 God Orbs. However, with an extra Saint Orb, even the 3 Moon Goddesses were unable to resist at all. Under the moonlight, the 3 Moon Goddesses peacefully stood on the spot, unable to budge an inch.

“This is the Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow… Ling Tian, what are you doing?”

A look of panic appeared in White Snow’s eyes as her voice travelled into Ling Chen’s ears. Even though she was unable to move, she was able to use her power to transmit her voice. Ling Chen looked around at the Moon God Palace, most of which had been frozen by the silver moonlight, and gave a satisfied laugh, “Don’t be so nervous, 3 beautiful Moon Goddesses; I just don’t want anyone to disturb us. Now, it’s time for me to show my thanks for the 3 Moon Goddesses.”

“We don’t want your thanks; hurry and cancel out your Moon Shadow! If you dare to do anything to us, the entire Mystic Moon world will become your enemy!”

“No, no! That won’t do!” Ling Chen wagged his finger, completely ignoring White Snow’s words. As he smiled, he unhurriedly walked over to the 3 Moon Goddesses. “As a kind human being, if I can’t properly show my thanks, even I won’t be able to forgive myself… so, who should I start with?”

As he spoke, Ling Chen came right before the 3 Moon Goddesses, and he was only about 2 steps away from White Snow, who was the closest to him. At such a close distance, he could admire their facial features and bodies as much as he wanted… the 3 Moon Goddesses were the most powerful beings in the Mystic Moon world, and they also had flawless bodies and perfect faces. Their beauty was extreme to the point that it could not be described, even exceeding Yun Meng Xin’s beauty.

Ling Chen’s gaze slid down from their faces and became more and more obscene. The white, purple, and blue Moon Goddess dresses displayed their wonderful curves perfectly. Only when appreciating them at such a close distance could one realise that they were not just high and mighty Moon Goddesses but 3 women with incredibly enchanting and seductive bodies. Their chests were large and perky, filling the Moon Goddess dresses abundantly. Their Moon Goddess dresses clung to their figures perfectly, allowing Ling Chen to see that even though their breasts were so large and full and looked incredibly soft and bouncy, they did not sag at all. What’s more, their hips were incredibly sleek like willows. Full breasts, large bottoms, and slender waists – all of the most beautiful body features a woman could have were perfectly combined in their bodies. Even though their bodylines were not as seductive as Qi Yue’s, they were still incredibly beautiful and enchanting.

Ling Chen’s gaze became hotter and hotter. At this moment, he heard Qi Yue’s seductive voice in his head, “Little master, are you going to start taking the blood of the Moon Goddesses? Hehe… during the process, little master should properly enjoy himself; don’t waste these 3 beauties… that’s right, little master just needs to make sure the blood touches the Lunar Scourge; I will help little master absorb it within the Lunar Scourge… alright, I won’t bother little master’s enjoyment now.”

Qi Yue’s flirtatious voice stimulated Ling Chen’s lust even more. He narrowed his eyes, throwing all caution to the wind and stepped forwards, almost pressing his body against White Snow’s as he looked about her body…

His first target… White Snow!