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Chapter 762: The Novice Village That Cannot Be Returned To

The Novice Village That Cannot Be Returned To

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“Have you got an idea?” Fey asked as she seemed to detect a change in Ling Chen’s emotions.

Ling Chen immediately replied, “Yes! Absolutely! When the Mystic Moon world first opened, my Novice Village’s number was 49554!”

“Oh? Novice Village? Does that mean the next Lunar Scourge Orb might be in Novice Village 49554?”

“That’s right. That should be it.” Ling Chen nodded. “Fey, you said that your Lachesis can travel through any space; in that case, it should be able to go to a Novice Village, right?”

“… Theoretically, yes, but do you know where Novice Village 49554 is? If you know the specific location, then there’s naturally no problem, but if you don’t… with how big the Mystic Moon world is, even if you give me 100 years, I might not be able to find a random little island.”

Ling Chen’s mouth fell open, feeling speechless.

Novice Villages were places that were sealed off from the rest of the world, and just the China region alone had more than 100,000 Novice Villages. These Novice Villages were all located in different areas around the Mystic Moon world, and the vast majority of them were tiny islands in the ocean. Players were sent to them at random, and they were sent to their corresponding continent when they reached LV10…

Who the hell could know the precise location of a Novice village?!

After feeling at a loss for a moment, Ling Chen weakly asked, “So… you don’t have any way to find it?”

“No, but I’ll try to have a look for it. I’ll go to my adoptive father’s place later and ask; maybe he’ll know, but the chances aren’t very high,” Fey replied. “Also, there’s something not too important that I should also mention to you.”

“What is it?”

“When you were sealed into the Lunar Sky Hell, we all obtained citizenship. We reached China a week ago, and we met up with Gui Ya and the others. I heard you’re staying at a place called the Bamboo Sea Wonderland and that the house there is quite big, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Yola and I to live there, right? Oh, right, Yola and I are in the Su Hang City already, so after we’ve had a look around this ‘heaven on earth’, we’ll come to find you. It should be within 5 days, so don’t be too surprised… alrighty then, bye~~”

Clack! Fey immediately hung up. Ling Chen held the communication device, spacing out as he stood there… Fey and the others had already arrived in China? What’s more, she wanted to live in the Bamboo Sea Wonderland… of course, Ling Chen was fine with sweet little Yola staying with them, but if Fey came… he wasn’t worried about everyone else, but if she ran into Qi Yue…

Ling Chen’s mouth twitched, not daring to think about it anymore. He put away his communication device and shook his head as he closed his eyes and said to Qi Yue, “Qi Yue, the next orb’s location has been determined. If I’m not wrong, it should be at Novice Village 49554 where we met.”

“Novice Village?” A tone of deep surprise appeared in Qi Yue’s voice. “Why would it be in such a place? It shouldn’t be in a place like that.”

“That’s the clue that Su’Er gave us, so it should be right. Do you know the location of Novice Village 49554 or how to get there?” Ling Chen asked.

Qi Yue fell silent for a while before slowly saying, “Your so-called ‘Novice Villages’ are havens that have existed for a long time in the Mystic Moon world, and the ones who lived there were all humans without battle power and weak creatures who enjoyed absolute peace and safety. Afterwards, because of some unknown reason, they became the first places that you otherworlders arrived in, becoming Novice Villages.

“These Novice Villages all have special protective barriers around them, and they cannot be entered or exited from. Afterwards, the Village Chiefs were given the power to send the otherworlders to the various continents but returning there from the outside is impossible. The Mystic Moon world has countless different types of teleport scrolls, but there are none that can take one back to a Novice Village! This is because no one knows the specific locations of the Novice Villages, so it’s impossible to make teleport scrolls for the Novice Villages.

“Moreover, more than 90% of the Novice Villages are tiny islands, and most of them float around on the ocean, changing their location every few minutes. Let alone being unable to pass through the barrier, just finding their locations is as difficult as scaling the heavens. After all, not only are the Mystic Moon world’s continents extremely large, the ocean is 4 times as big as all of the continents!”

Qi Yue’s words caused Ling Chen to deeply frown. The Moon God Orb being in the Moon God Palace made Ling Chen think that it was the most difficult orb to obtain. After all, the Moon God Palace was the place where the strongest powers in the Mystic Moon world were gathered. On the other hand, Novice Village 49554 was the opposite of the Moon God Palace: it was one of the weakest places in the entire Mystic Moon world, making Ling Chen feel quite delighted, thinking that he could easily obtain the orb.

However, after hearing Qi Yue’s words, he realised in shock that the difficulty to obtain this orb would be as difficult… no, even more difficult than obtaining the Moon God Orb! At the very least, even though the Moon God Palace was powerful, he had a clear target and location. However, Novice Village 49554… he couldn’t even find where it was! Moreover, there definitely weren’t any records about it.

Wait! Tao Tie!!

Ling Chen hurriedly asked, “What about Tao Tie? Can’t it go to and from Novice Village 49554 and the rest of the Mystic Moon world? I remember it said that I could summon it once when I encountered danger.”

“It indeed said that, but do you know why you can only summon it once?” Qi Yue asked slowly.

“Why?” Ling Chen asked.

“Tao Tie is a beast of greed, and it committed grave crimes in the Forgotten Continent before. It was subdued by Goddess Fate White Snow, and it was exiled by her to Novice Village 49554 and sealed at the bottom of a deep abyss to watch over the main body of the Lunar Scourge. You can summon it because part of its power is sealed in the Gemini Orb; when you use the Gemini Orb to summon it, it will hear your voice despite being far away in Novice Village 49554, and it will use the remnants of its power in the Gemini Orb to create a clone. Unless the Moon God Clan intervenes, its true body will never be able to leave Novice Village 49554.”

“Oh…” Ling Chen sighed in disappointment and asked in a low voice, “Could it be that there’s really no one who knows how to get back?”

“Of course there are. Not only that, there’s 3 of them,” Qi Yue said in a strange voice… with a hint of schadenfreude.

“Who are they?” Ling Chen immediately asked.

“Oh? I already hinted at those 3 people just then; with how smart little master is, can’t you work out who they are?”

Ling Chen suddenly realised something as his eyes widened and he stuttered, “T-Those 3 people? Surely they’re not… the 3 Moon Goddesses?”

“That’s right; it’s the 3 Moon Goddesses who little master used hundreds of techniques to violate in 30 minutes yesterday!” QI Yue said in her soft voice, but the schadenfreude in her tone couldn’t be more evident.

Ling Chen: “……⊙﹏⊙b” (No way?!)

Qi Yue continued to speak, “The reason those islands can exist for tens of thousands of years without being devoured by the ocean is because they weren’t formed naturally. They were created by the Moon God Clan long ago. Their protective barriers were also set by the Moon God Clan, and only the highest authorities in the Moon God Clan, the Moon Goddesses, can control these islands. Even Moon God Representatives are unable to come into contact with them. As such, if little master wants to return to Novice Village 49554, there are 2 methods… the first is to search the Mystic Moon world’s ocean; with little master’s extraordinary luck, perhaps you’ll find it within 300 or 400 years.”

Ling Chen’s eyes twitched.

“The other method is to ask the 3 Moon Goddesses to send you to Novice Village 49554. Within the entire Mystic Moon world, only they can do such a thing. Apart from these 2 methods, at least within my knowledge, there are no other ways,” Qi Yue said with great certainty.

To Ling Chen, using strength to resolve problems was not an issue at all. Even if an orb was at a place even more dangerous than the Moon God Palace, he would be filled with anticipation, and he would not feel worried at all.

The most terrifying thing was a situation where strength was completely useless!

Qi Yue had made it very clear: putting aside the impossible first method, the only way to return to Novice Village 49554 was for the 3 Moon Goddesses to send him back… there was no other way! Facing this method, Ling Chen felt like coughing up blood.

This was because, currently, the 3 Moon Goddesses would rather agree to any request than a request from him… yesterday, he had completely enraged the 3 Moon Goddesses and the entire Moon God Clan, resulting in them hunting him down. Asking the 3 Moon Goddesses to send him to Novice Village 49554? He would simply be dreaming.

“What should I do then? Do I really have to go beg the 3 Moon Goddesses?” Ling Chen asked, feeling quite depressed.

“The situation isn’t as bad as little master thinks. After being taken by little master yesterday, maybe they’ve been conquered by little master. Perhaps they’ve moved out the entire Moon God Clan to capture little master to pleasure them every day,” Qi Yue said while smiling.

“……” Ling Chen was sure that no one in the world would say such a thing apart from Qi Yue. Ling Chen could only pretend that he hadn’t asked, and he stroked his chin as he muttered unhappily, “I can’t go back to Ling Tian City and returning to Novice Village 49554 is impossible… since I’ve obtained the blood of the Moon Goddesses… what about the soul of the Demon Emperor?”

Thinking about the soul of the Demon Emperor, Ling Chen’s eyes lit up, a new goal in mind.

“Little master wants to find the 10 ancient demon beasts? And kill them all?” Hearing Ling Chen’s words, Qi Yue immediately understood what he wanted to do.

“Mm.” Ling Chen nodded. “Right now, that’s the best thing I can do. With my current strength, detecting the ancient demonic beasts then finding them shouldn’t be too difficult; it’s just a matter of time. Obtaining the Demon Emperor’s soul is something I’ll need to do sooner or later, and since I can’t find the next orb, I might as well take the Demon Emperor’s soul now. After dealing with the 10 ancient demon beasts, maybe I’ll find more clues about returning to Novice Village 49554.” At the same time, with his current strength, killing those ancient demon beasts would be as easy as flipping over his hand.

“Alright, since little master has made his decision, I’ll do my best to support you… my soul’s power in the Lunar Scourge is about to run out, so I need to go back and sleep. In order to help little master, I didn’t do any beauty treatments yesterday, and if my skin gets worse, little master won’t like me anymore… I’ll be going back now; if you want me to serve you, I’ll take off my clothes, lie on the bed, and wait for little master.” After leaving behind some provocative words, Qi Yue irresponsibly disappeared. Ling Chen was left gnashing his teeth, wanting to log off immediately to rip Qi Yue’s clothes off and screw her until she blacked out.

“Leng’Er, you’re the most familiar with Darkness power. Xiao Hui, you as well. This time, our goal is to find the Demon Beast Clan’s Darkness power, so I’ll leave that to you!”

Ling Chen summoned Snow Cherry, Leng’Er, Cai’Er, Xi Ling, and Xiao Hui and rushed off.