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Chapter 764: Changing ‘Strategies’

Changing ‘Strategies’

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The Demon Beast Clan’s 10 ancient demon beasts were scattered across the Forgotten Continent, and they were located in the most extreme places suited to their attributes, making them difficult to find… of course, this was to normal people. With Ling Chen’s greatly-enhanced senses and Leng’Er, who was extremely adept at detecting Darkness energy, finding the ancient demon beasts was not too difficult for Ling Chen.

10 days after Ling Chen killed the Flame Demon Beast, he came to a barren expanse of land.

“Come out, Earth Demon Beast.”

The silent barren land was suddenly filled with wind and sand as an extremely unpleasant laughter sounded out… this laughter filled Ling Chen with rage: The hell are you laughing for? Why does every ancient demon beast have to laugh before coming out, and so unpleasantly at that… just go and die!!

“Shura’s Merciless Slash! Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation!”


A long crack appeared in the air. At the end of the crack was the Earth Demon Beast that just appeared, as well as 3 purple damage figures that could cause even the sky to tremble.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” The Earth Demon Beast shrieked in despair, after which its body turned into a puff of jet-black smoke. After dispersing, only a jet-black jade hook was left behind.

From when it had started laughing to when it had died, only 3 seconds had passed… the poor Earth Demon Beast did not even have a chance to say anything or fully take shape before it had died.

The Earth Demon Beast was the second strongest out of the 10 ancient demon beasts, but under a Shura’s hand, it was still insta-killed. The arrogant laughter it had released before appearing was like a joke before a Shura.

“That’s number 7. There’s still the Sky Demon Beast, Rage Demon Beast, and the Wind Demon Beast. At this speed, it will take me another 2 months,” Ling Chen muttered as he picked up the jade hook that the Earth Demon Beast had dropped.

Now, it was not an exaggeration at all to say that the powerful 10 ancient demon beasts were like specks of dust in front of Ling Chen. He now rejoiced that he had risked losing his nature back in the Lunar Sky Hell to obtain the Shura’s power. Otherwise, he would not have been able to obtain the Moon God Orb, and he had no idea when he would have been able to defeat these 10 ancient demon beasts. At the very least, it would have been impossible for him to insta-kill them like this.

“Who should my next target be?” Ling Chen stood on the spot and silently thought for a while. Suddenly, he frowned as he looked up and muttered, “No way… they’re so fast this time!”

Just as he finished speaking, white lights flashed in the air as 3 elegant and peerless beauties in snow-white dresses appeared there… 3 sharp killing intents instantly locked onto Ling Chen.

“Evildoer Ling Tian! We’ve finally found you! Don’t you think about running!” The woman at the centre angrily glared at Ling Chen, holding a Moon God Bow with 3 light pink energy arrows already strung and pointing towards Ling Chen. The other 2 women in white also released their power, instantly creating a barrier to prevent Ling Chen from running.

Ling Chen wordlessly looked at the soap bubble-like barrier that they had created. Through Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit, the 3 women’s identities appeared in his mind.

Moon God Representative Moon Cherry, Moon God Representative Jade Flower, Moon God Representative Spirit Heart.

Every time Ling Chen used the Shura’s power, the powerful aura would be immediately detected by the Moon God Clan’s people who were nearby. However, this time, they had come much faster than before. The only explanation was that these 3 Moon God Representatives had just so happened to be nearby. Ling Chen replied in exasperation, “3 beautiful Moon God Representatives, if you’re bored, you should go have a look at some nice mountains, lakes, or places with flowers; why would you come to barren lands like this? The air and sand here isn’t good for your skin, and it might even make you look older… this is especially so for Moon Cherry. You should be the East Ocean Continent’s new Moon God Representative, right? Why would you come to our continent instead of staying in your own? Won't your East Ocean Continent’s people be incredibly hurt if they found out about this?”

“Hmph! Our Moon God Clan’s first priority right now is to kill you, the demon who violated the 3 Moon Goddesses! This time you definitely won’t escape!” Moon God Representative Moon Cherry said furiously.

“So it’s like that,” Ling Chen raised an eyebrow, feeling more frustrated. “I think you’ve misunderstood something – I’ve avoided you all over the past month not because I fear you, but because I’m worried that you beauties won’t be so beautiful anymore after fighting. I was able to defeat even your Moon Goddesses, so aren’t you worried that you’ll be easily taken down by me?”

“Nonsense! The Moon Goddesses are the greatest existences in the world; how could they lose to you? That day, all of the sisters clearly saw you use trickery; otherwise, the Moon Goddesses would have made you disappear from the world with a single attack! How could a human like you compare himself to the Moon Goddesses? We’re enough to bring judgment on you!” Moon God Representative Jade Flower shouted.

The words she said were exactly the same as what the other Moon God Representatives had said to Ling Chen. In the Moon God Representatives’ eyes, the Moon Goddesses were the most glorious existences, and they absolutely did not believe that there could be any existences greater than the Moon Goddesses. That day, when he had destroyed the pride and dignity of the Moon God Clan, they had all believed that it was only because he had used despicable methods to stop them from moving. In terms of strength, how could a human be compared to the supreme Moon Goddesses?

Fudge! Looks like running away each time to avoid hurting them has made them think that I’m afraid of them. Looks like I need to change strategies. Otherwise, being chased down like this isn’t something that I can take…

After thinking about that, Ling Chen’s gaze became dangerous. He narrowed his eyes and licked his lips as he swept his gaze across the faces of the 3 Moon God Representatives and lewdly smiled as he said, “Since your Moon God Clan has repeatedly delivered beauties to me, if I don’t accept you all, I’ll be letting you down.”

“Die, you demon!” Ling Chen’s words caused the 3 Moon God Representatives to become completely enraged. Moon God Representative Moon Cherry shot out the arrows from her Moon God Bow, which flew precisely towards Ling Chen’s head. Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart also acted, their bodies flashing with light as two 3 metre long Moon God Spears quickly condensed above Ling Chen and shot down towards him.

Facing this combined attack from the 3 Moon God Representatives, Ling Chen only smirked, showing no signs of evading. Before the Moon God Spears and Moon God Arrows could come close to him, he used the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear to easily destroy them. Following this, as the 3 Moon God Representatives watched on in shock, he activated [Broken Shadow], rushed forwards, and passed the 3 Moon God Representatives like a wild gale. Following this, he stretched out his hands and slapped his hands on Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart’s round bottoms…

Pa! Pa!

These 2 slaps sounded extremely crisp and clear.

“Ahh! You!!!”

These slaps caused Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart to cry out. They, Moon God Representatives who no one had ever dared to offend before, just had their bottoms slapped by a human. Their hearts were instantly filled with fury, indignation, and humiliation, causing tears to almost fall out of their eyes. Ling Chen, who had rushed behind them, rubbed his hands together in a pleased manner before bringing them to his nose and smelling them, as if he felt intoxicated by the smell on them. “Heheh, as expected from Moon God Representatives’ bottoms; the texture is just great.”

“You demon, I’ll kill you!”

The furious Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart almost lost their minds from the humiliation. They summoned their weapons and charged towards Ling Chen. However, no matter how terrifying they seemed, in Ling Chen’s eyes, they were just like harmless little lambs. He easily dodged their attacks and then casually grabbed backwards with his hands, grabbing onto their round and perky breasts. At the same time, he vigorously squeezed, filling his hands with a soft feeling. He then rushed towards Moon God Representative Moon Cherry, rushing by her body without touching her… at the very least, she did not feel anything.


2 cries once again sounded out. Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart simultaneously covered their breasts, their faces completely pink. Moon God Representative Moon Cherry, who had not been assaulted, was so furious that her face was bright red. She turned and pointed her Moon God Bow towards Ling Chen, angrily yelling, “Evildoer Ling Tian, we definitely won’t forgive you!”

“Really? Heheh… heheheh…” Facing her yells, Ling Chen instead laughed, lasciviously eyeing her body, sweeping his gaze up and down… as if he was looking at a beautiful, naked woman.

“Moon Chery, y-y-your clothes…” Moon God Representative Jade Flower weakly said behind her. At this moment, a breeze blew over, and Moon God Representative Moon Cherry felt a slight chilliness… she looked down, and instantly, a scream almost shattered every eardrum in the vicinity…


Currently, Moon God Representative Moon Cherry’s body was completely uncovered, revealing her snow-white skin, her soft breasts, and her slim, long legs… all of them were completely displayed to Ling Chen. Apart from the Moon God Bow in her hands, there was nothing covering her at all.

As she cried out, Moon God Representative Moon Cherry looked like a little deer that had been given a great fright, and she hurriedly wrapped her arms around her breasts, covering her exposed peaks. She tightly pressed her legs against each other as a red glow appeared on her skin. She quickly tried to summon her equipment to cover her, but in her terror, she suddenly found that there was nothing left on her apart from the Moon God Bow, not even her storage ring.

“Heheh, Moon God Representatives are indeed Moon God Representatives. This skin, this figure, those breasts… heheh, exquisite. You’re not even too far behind those Moon Goddesses.” As Ling Chen spoke, he raised the communication device on his right wrist. “Just then, I took some photos, and the quality’s quite good. Do you want to appreciate your naked body yourself? Oh, right, I also recorded the massive battle I had with your 3 Moon Goddesses; do you want a copy as a souvenir? The more the merrier, eh?”