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Chapter 767: The Perfect Counter, Lunar Prison Divine Mirror

The Perfect Counter, Lunar Prison Divine Mirror

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Moon God Clan proudly stood at the peak of the Mystic Moon world for tens of thousands of years, so how could they not have ultimate skills to protect themselves? Only now did Ling Chen realise that they had waited 1 month to find him and had told the Moon God Representatives to stop chasing him because they were preparing to use these extreme skills to lock him down and kill him.

“It’s impossible for you to escape from Blue Heart’s barrier, and 6 hours is more than enough for us to kill you. What’s more, this barrier is completely separated from the outside world, including the Mystic Moon world’s rules, so if you die in this barrier, you’ll be unable to revive. Your soul will leave this world and return to your own world, never to enter the Mystic Moon world again. In fact, if we combine our power, we might be able to destroy your soul, causing you to die a true death!”

“Even the Shura from 10,000 years ago wasn’t able to force us into such a predicament because using our most extreme power not only requires us to gather our strength for a long time, but it also damages our lifeforce. However, against an evildoer like you, no matter what price we have to pay, we have to punish you severely!!”

The Moon Goddesses’ furious voices reverberated around the Rainbow Glass Barrier. As Ling Chen frowned, he suddenly moved backwards and reached the boundary of the barrier in an instant. He simultaneously activated [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], his body shining with a powerful light as he sent out a [Shura’s Merciless Slash] with his left hand and [Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation] with his right hand towards the Rainbow Glass Barrier.

Seeing his actions, none of the Moon Goddesses tried to stop him, and they instead gave an amused smile.


The Ling Chen’s full-powered strikes in his strongest Shura state were incredibly terrifying, and they could even create gaps in sub-dimensional spaces. If they landed on a mountain, even an incredibly tall mountain would be smashed into rubble. However, when the Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear landed on the Rainbow Glass Barrier, an incredibly and abnormally light colliding sound rang out, causing rainbow ripples to appear before Ling Chen’s eyes. Following this, the powerful energy completely disappeared.

“Ding… you have poured incredibly powerful energy into the [Rainbow Glass Barrier], so the [Rainbow Glass Barrier] will last for even longer now.”

Ling Chen: “…!!!”

“Blue Heart’s ultimate barrier has colour but no form. Because it’s formless, it can never be destroyed; the energy that comes into contact with it will be absorbed and converted into the barrier’s own power, and the extra energy extends the length of time that the barrier exists for. Even a True God can’t leave this barrier, so you should give up.”

Ling Chen did not attack the barrier anymore, and he turned around while calmly smiling and saying, “Do you really think that you’ll be able to take me down with this barrier and a reflective ability? You’re too naïve…”

Even though Ling Chen was unable to escape from the barrier and the 3 Moon Goddesses were like hedgehogs, making it so that he could not attack them and could only be attacked, he did not panic at all. Eternal Moon Shadow? It could only last for half an hour, and it would not be of too much help during these 6 hours. Eternal Moon Flare? Ahh… these 3 Moon Goddesses were great beauties, and they had been taken by him before. Making their beautiful, star-like eyes become blind forever was quite the pity… in that case, he could only use Eternal Moon Grief. Even though it would make them permanently forget how to use their powerful Moon God power, in this situation, it was his only choice.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to do this. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get along and happily be friends with benefits? It was you who forced me to do this,” Ling Chen said with a helpless look as he raised his right wrist and narrowed his eyes. “But don’t worry. In the future, if anyone bullies, as a man who has been deeply intimate with you, I’ll definitely protect you!”

After saying this, the Lunar Scourge flashed with a silver light as a light flashed in the air, slowly forming into a bright half moon. Seeing the half moon form, Ling Chen smiled, about to release an [Eternal Moon Grief].

“It’s a [Moon]… White Snow, quick!”

The 3 Moon Goddesses looked up at the [Moon] that was forming. As part of the Moon God Clan, how could they not know what this [Moon] meant? At this moment, an ordinary-looking mirror appeared in White Snow’s hands, who pointed it towards the half moon in the sky.

Just as the mirror was pointed at the newly-formed half moon, it suddenly shot out a bright light into the mirror. As light streamed from the [Moon] into the mirror, the half moon quickly shrank… as if its power was being quickly absorbed by the mirror. In a few moments, the half moon that had just formed disappeared from the sky.

“Ding… the Lunar Scourge’s [Half Moon] has been forcefully absorbed by the [Lunar Prison Divine Mirror] and has completely disappeared. A [Half Moon] can no longer be formed today.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

Seeing the mirror in Moon Goddess White Snow’s hands, Ling Chen stared for a while, and he deeply frowned.

Lunar Prison Divine Mirror… was this the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror that the 3 Moon Goddesses had mentioned before? Lunar Prison… did its name mean a ‘prison’ for the moon? An existence that countered the Lunar Scourge’s [Moon]?!

White Snow put the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror away and said expressionlessly, “In order to release its greatest might, the Lunar Scourge relies on its [Moon]. In order to prevent the Lunar Scourge’s power from wreaking havoc in the Mystic Moon world, the Mystic Moon’s moon was moved by our ancestors to a faraway place. However, the Lunar Scourge still has the ability to create a [Moon], so our ancestor created this Moon Prison Divine Mirror to deal with the Lunar Scourge’s [Moon].

Because of how powerful the Lunar Scourge was, Ling Chen had neglected an evident problem… since the Lunar Scourge was so powerful, how had it been defeated by the Moon God Clan and sealed away time and time again? In the end, why was all of its power split away from it and only an empty shell sealed away at the bottom of an abyss?

Only know did Ling Chen realise that the Moon God Clan had been able to defeat the heaven-defying Lunar Scourge again and again not because their power had been able to suppress the Lunar Scourge, but because they possessed a perfect counter to the Lunar Scourge. Last time, he had been able to succeed in the Moon God Palace because he had unexpectedly broken out of the Lunar Sky Hell, obtained the Moon God Orb while the Moon God Clan was not expecting it, and then used Eternal Moon Shadow. That time, the Moon Goddesses had been completely unprepared, and perhaps they did not have the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror on them.

“Don’t waste any words with him, attack!”

Goddess Order Purple Dress spread her arms and thousands of flashing orbs of light instantly appeared in the sky. All of them were half a metre in diameter, and they shone with lightning-like light and crackled. Following this, as she pointed, the orbs of light flew towards Ling Chen.

Now that things had come to this, Ling Chen had no paths of retreat. The only thing he could do now was preserve his own life because all damage he dealt to the 3 Moon Goddesses would be returned to him many times greater. However, if he wanted to escape from this predicament, he had to survive the 3 Moon Goddesses’ combined attacks for more than 6 hours!

No matter how he thought about it, this was simply impossible! The Shura’s power was gathered in his attack power, and he was far inferior to these 3 moon Goddesses in terms of Defence and HP. Right now, he could not use any attack skills, and even though his HP and Defence had greatly increased over time, he would not be able to survive more than 3 rounds of attacks from these 3 Moon Goddesses, let alone 6 hours.

The destructive orbs of light that covered the sky descended, making it almost impossible for Ling Chen to dodge. Ling Chen frowned and stabbed out with his sword and spear, destroying the orbs that came close while quickly moving, dodging a mass of orbs of light. However, those that passed by him stopped, then came at him from behind.

They’re homing?

“Eight Directions Annihilation!”

Ling Chen roared as a powerful light exploded out from Ling Chen’s body, dissipating all of the orbs of light flying towards him. He rushed forwards and arrogantly yelled, “You really think you can trap me and deal with me so easily?”

The 3 Moon Goddesses simultaneously released their attacks, and berserk Moon God power filled the entire barrier. They knew that Ling Chen had the Feng Chen Sect’s abilities, so he had exceptional movement abilities. They used large AOE destructive attacks to cover the space within the barrier, making it so that no matter how fast and evasive Ling Chen was, he would not be able to dodge the attacks.

“Moon Shadow!”

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated. [Moon Shadow]’s cooldown time has been reset.”

Without the [Moon], Ling Chen could not cast any Eternal lunar skills, but he still had his normal lunar skills. The 3 Moon Goddesses were caught off guard, and their bodies and attacks froze in place. Ling Chen flashed in front of the 3 Moon Goddesses, his Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear raised. However, he simply could not attack because if he did, the damage would be reflected 3 times greater to himself. With the Cancer Orb, he could ignore all Defence, but the skill that the 3 Moon Goddesses had activated on their bodies did not reduce his damage, but instead reflected it!

Ling Chen stood there, facing the most awkward situation he had experienced since entering the Mystic Moon world. He knew that lasting for 6 hours against the 3 moon Goddesses in this restricted space was impossible. Perhaps he would not survive even 10 minutes. In his desperation, he gritted his teeth: Looks like there’s only one thing I can do… I must succeed!

Moon Shadow’s light disappeared and Ling Chen’s eyes glinted as he released Moon Grief. Following this, the 3 Moon Goddess’ attacks disappeared, and their actions froze. Ling Chen swept his gaze over the 3 Moon Goddesses before resting his eyes on Moon Goddess Blue Heart and rushed over, using a [True Lucky Hand] on her.

As Moon Goddess Blue Heart cried out, all of her clothes and equipment disappeared, her beautiful body exposed. Ling Chen smirked, but he did not have time to appreciate her figure, and the Lunar Scourge flashed as he released a [Moon Flare].


Under the intense light, even the 3 Moon Goddesses’ sight was taken away, causing them to panic for a few moments. Just as the light disappeared, Ling Chen stared into Moon Goddess Blue Heart’s eyes.

“Utter Despair Curse!”

Ling Chen gathered all of his mental energy and cast his first Feng Chen Curse after his mental energy was completely unlocked. His target was Blue Heart, who had just been stripped naked and blinded.

“Ding… your [Utter Despair Curse] has failed.”

“This is… the Feng Chen Sect’s Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses!!”

Moon Goddess Blue Heart wrapped her arms around her breasts and pinned her legs together as she cried out. Hearing this, Ling Chen became greatly confused… he had stripped her, blinded her, and then used an Utter Despair Curse with his incredibly powerful mental energy… and yet, he had failed?!

No… he had to follow up! Otherwise, he would stand no chance!

Ling Chen gritted his teeth as an incredibly strange and colourless light flashed in his eyes, piercing into Moon Goddess Blue Heart’s soul.

“Soulstealing Curse!!”

“Ding… your [Soulstealing Curse] has failed.”

“Ding… the [Aries Orb]’s effects have been activated, the [Soulstealing Curse]’s negative effects from failing have been nullified.”

Ling Chen deeply frowned in confusion.

He had thought that with his mental energy completely unsealed and adding on the fact that his Shura’s power completely suppressed the 3 Moon Goddesses, that there would be a very high chance for his Feng Chen Curse to take effect. This was even more so with how flustered he had made Blue Heart… however, he had never thought that both the Utter Despair Curse and Soulstealing Curse would fail!

The Shura’s power was indeed quite mighty, and his attack power completely surpassed that of the 3 Moon Goddesses’. However, apart from attack power, all of his other stats were far below the 3 Moon Goddesses’, and his overall strength was weaker than any of them. In terms of mental energy, Ling Chen had already stepped into a demigod state; there was no one in the world who had more powerful mental energy than him. However, when the 3 Moon Goddesses were born, they already possessed demigod godhood, and even though their mental energies were not stronger than Ling Chen’s and could even be said to be weaker, Ling Chen was only in his twenties, while the 3 Moon Goddesses had lived for over 18,000 years. How could their mental states, which they had built up over 18,000 years, be broken through so easily? Adding on the fact that Moon Goddess Blue Heart and Moon Goddess Purple Dress had been affected by Xiao Feng Chen’s [Lovey Lovey Curse] a thousand years ago, they created subconscious defences against the Feng Chen Curses.

As such, even though Ling Chen had incredibly powerful mental energy, the chances of his Feng Chen Curses succeeding against the 3 Moon Goddesses were no more than 50%. Even if their minds were in complete chaos, his chances of success were 80% at most.

As for the Utter Despair Curse and Soulstealing Curse both failing, there was a reason for that. Ling Chen’s luck just then had been quite poor! In Blue Heart’s state just then, there was at least a 90% chance of it succeeding… but he just happened to fail. Otherwise, if the Utter Despair Curse had succeeded, there would have been a 100% success rate for his Soulstealing Curse to work against the defenceless Moon Goddess Blue Heart! If Moon Goddess Blue Heart had fallen, then the situation would have been greatly changed.