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Chapter 768: Heart End Cliff, Yama Curse (1)

Heart End Cliff, Yama Curse (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“I knew you would use the Feng Chen Curses, the most despicable tricks in the world, so we were prepared! This time, don’t expect to escape from us!”

Moon Grief and Moon Flare’s effects ended, and the 3 Moon Goddesses once again gathered their power, releasing it and combining it into a massive attack that descended towards Ling Chen. In this sealed space, no matter where he ran, he would be hit by the attack. With no other choice, Ling Chen silently sighed and released the War God’s power.

“Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor!”

As the 3 Moon Goddesses’ powerful energy slammed into Ling Chen’s body, it was stopped by the layer of light on his body. The Libra Orb’s effects were not triggered, so Ling Chen’s absolute defence could only last 10 seconds. During those 10 seconds of invincibility, Ling Chen gritted his teeth and rushed up, quickly reaching White Snow and Purple Dress, casting 2 [True Lucky Hands] and stripping them as well.


“Calm yourself and don’t panic; he won’t be able to escape today. As long as we can punish him, we can wash away all of our shame!” Even though White Snow’s face was slightly red after being stripped, she remained calm. An energy weapon reformed in her hand, and even more powerful Moon God power mercilessly blasted towards Ling Chen, shaking the entire space.

3 [True Lucky Hands] once again left the 3 Moon Goddesses completely naked, and the beautiful scene in front of Ling Chen’s eyes was able to make anyone feel dazzled and stunned. However, Ling Chen was in mood to appreciate this – after obtaining the items from True Lucky Hand, Ling Chen took out the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror and frowned as he looked over it, hoping to find a way to release the devoured [Moon].

Seeing Ling Chen hold the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror, the 3 Moon Goddesses did not seem flustered at all, and White Snow said, “It’s useless; even if you’ve obtained the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror, it’s absolutely impossible for you to release the moon. This is because the moon’s power has been completely scattered after it was devoured, so you can give up.”

The 3 Moon Goddesses did not stop attacking, and when [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor] was about to run out, Ling Chen’s hand holding the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror gripped it tightly before throwing it up into the air. He then smashed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear upwards into it…


As the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear slammed into the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror, a massive explosion sounded out and the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror instantly shattered into pieces. A berserk energy then crushed the fragments into dust too small to be seen by the naked eye, causing the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror to completely disappear from the world.

“Ahh!! He… He destroyed the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror!” Moon Goddess Blue Heart cried.

“With his destructive power, it’s indeed possible for him… now that the Lunar Prison Divine Mirror has been destroyed, we definitely can’t let him escape. Otherwise, even if we use all of our trump cards, we won’t have another chance like today!”

At this moment, the War God’s light around Ling Chen’s body finally disappeared.

“His absolute defence has disappeared… Purple Dress, Blue Heart! Attack with your full strength!”

The instant [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor] disappeared, the auras around the 3 Moon Goddesses greatly grew, and light of judgment rained down in every inch of the space, covering Ling Chen who was completely unable to dodge…

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!




Ling Chen felt as if he was hit by 3 incomparably heavy hammers, and he instantly lost more than 90% of his HP. His body was sent flying down like a cannonball, falling into the dark abyss below.

“A cliff?”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape. There are no gaps in the Rainbow Glass Barrier, and even the ground 500 metres down has been locked down. Even if he wants to travel through the earth, it will be impossible,” White Snow said calmly. Following which, she rushed down towards the abyss, sending a powerful wave of Moon God power out…

As the wind howled in his ears, Ling Chen fell hundreds of metres in less than 2 seconds and then heavily smashed into the bottom of the Rainbow Glass Barrier.

Below his feet was flowing rainbow light – the inescapable barrier – telling Ling Chen that it was impossible to even fall to the bottom of this abyss. Ling Chen quickly got up and raised his head, seeing the Goddess Fate’s merciless tracking attack. He raised his Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, sending forth an [Eight Direction Annihilation] and dispelling the Goddess Fate’s power. After his attack and the Goddess Fate’s attacks collided and disappeared, Ling Chen suddenly stared.

On both sides of him were 2 cliffs that were tens of metres apart, each of which were hundreds of metres tall and extended down to unknown depths. After Ling Chen raised his head and dissipated the Goddess Fate’s attack, he saw 3 large, crookedly-written words…




“Heart End Cliff?” Ling Chen muttered this name to himself and stared, feeling that this name was quite familiar. He was sure that this was the first time he had come to this place, or he would have long since discovered the Sky Demon Beast. However, he was even more sure that this was not the first time that he had come into contact with the name ‘Heart End Cliff’, and he was certain that he had heard it from somewhere before. It was just that in his current predicament, where a fatal attack from the Moon Goddesses could descend at any moment, Ling Chen was unable to focus and remember where he had heard this name before.


As an ear-piercing sound tore through the air, a lightning-like burst of Moon God power descended incredibly quickly, and it was to the point that Ling Chen was almost unable to react in time. He leapt up with his body pressed against the cliff, jumping tens of metres high, narrowly dodging the Goddess Order’s terrifying attack. As he reached the peak of his jump, his hand just so happened to touch the word ‘Cliff’ carved on the cliff face.


The words ‘Heart End Cliff’ suddenly lit up with a strange light, and an attractive force dragged Ling Chen towards the cliff face, after which he mysteriously disappeared.


Just as Ling Chen was sucked into the cliff, the 3 Moon Goddesses’ faces froze, revealing an extremely strange expression.

“What’s going on… his aura seems to have disappeared.” Moon Goddess Blue Heart’s body descended and looked around her surroundings, but she could not find Ling Chen. She then closed her eyes, but she could not detect his aura at all.

“I can’t sense him either.” Purple Dress also slowly shook her head as she deeply frowned.

“Blue Heart’s barrier is something that cannot be broken through, so it’s impossible that he escaped. When he was sent falling down the abyss, he must have used a high-grade concealment technique to hide from us. The Feng Chen Sect’s concealment abilities are top-tier, so it’s not impossible to be able to hide from us while our power was locked down on him,” White Snow said calmly as she looked down. “But no matter how perfect his concealment is, it can’t make him disappear. Continue using large AOE attacks around the entire barrier; even if he can hide, it’ll be useless.”

“Okay!” Blue Heart nodded and quickly gathered her Moon God power. At this moment, Purple Dress suddenly yelled out, “Wait!”

“Eh?” What is it, Purple Dress?” Blue Heart and White Snow looked over at Purple Dress.

Purple Dress did not immediately reply. Rather, she stared at the shoddily-written 3 large words.

“Heart End Cliff… Heart End Cliff… this name…” Following Purple Dress’s gaze, White Snow also looked at the 3 large words. After looking at it thoughtfully for a moment, she said in shock, “Isn’t that where the legends say that the Feng Chen Sect’s origins are? Could this place be…”

“Our ancestors said that the Feng Chen Sect’s power was extremely evil, but like our Moon God Clan’s power, it also comes from the ancient True Gods. In terms of strength, it’s not any weaker than our Moon God Clan’s power. It’s just that the Feng Chen Sect’s abilities have extremely high requirements for mental energy, and they cannot be used by normal creatures. As such, as the True Gods fell, there were less and less beings that could wield the Feng Chen Sect’s true power. This Heart End Cliff is something left behind by the ancient True God that created the Feng Chen Sect. The Heart End Cliff has always been the Feng Chen Sect’s most sacred place, and its location has never been disclosed before. Who would have thought that it would be hidden here; no wonder why our Moon God Clan has never found it before.

“Since it’s a place left behind by a True god, it might contain the remnant divine soul of a True God; remember not to destroy the cliff face when attacking.”


Within the strange attractive force, the scene before Ling Chen’s eyes became completely dark. Following this, the attractive force quickly disappeared, and Ling Chen stepped on a cold and hard surface, a faint light in front of him.

“What… What’s going on? What is this place?”

Ling Chen felt quite stunned. He felt as if he had been dragged from one world to another world by a mysterious force. Even the Moon God power that had locked onto him had disappeared.

He was in a simple stone room, and it was quite small and completely sealed. The only light was from 2 luminous pearls hanging above, allowing Ling Chen to see around the room. The stone room was quite empty, and apart from the 2 luminous pearls, there was an unnatural-looking stone slab in the centre of the room.

After looking around, Ling Chen walked over to the stone slab at the centre of the room, and it looked like an ordinary stone slab. On the centre were 2 small, craggily-written words:

‘Feng’ and ‘Chen’.

Feng Chen… Wait!!

These 2 words instantly reminded Ling Chen where he had heard of the name ‘Heart End Cliff’ before. He quickly opened his profession page and looked at the [Feng Chen Sect Leader] description:

[Feng Chen Sect Leader]: You have inherited the previous Feng Chen Sect Leader Xiao Feng Chen’s special profession that originated from the evil ancient sect ‘Feng Chen Sect’. After becoming the current Sect Leader, you can freely enter and exit the Feng Chen Sect’s secret grounds, [Heart End Cliff]…

Heart End Cliff… this was the Heart End Cliff mentioned in the Feng Chen Sect Leader’s description!

This place had not originally caught Ling Chen’s attention, and he had forgotten about it afterwards. Who would have thought that he would have entered after being sent flying down… no, he had been sucked into this place.

He had definitely been sucked into here because of his Feng Chen Sect Leader profession.

However, there was nothing in here, so what could he do here? What was the purpose of this place?