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Chapter 775: A Different Kind Of Shura

A Different Kind Of Shura

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Ling Chen stretched out his hand and received the Star God Orb from Ye Wu Ya. Now, he had retrieved 2 out of the 3 Saint Orbs, and he was now missing the final Sun God Orb to complete the Lunar Scourge.

Ling Chen did not immediately look at the Star God Orb’s stats; he hesitated before asking with a serious expression, “Night Emperor, the Lunar Scourge is something that the Moon God Clan must destroy, and your bloodline and power are from the Moon God Clan – this is something you can’t change even if you’re the Night Emperor. Moreover, you experienced the Shura’s Devastation 10,000 years ago, and your daughter was dragged into that and separated from you for 10,000 years… so shouldn’t you hate and fear the Lunar Scourge? Why would you give me this Star God Orb? Back then, the Lunar Scourge only had the 12 God Orbs, but it still caused the Shura’s Devastation. Now that you’ve given me the Star God Orb, things might turn out even worse than 10,000 years ago.”

“Haha…” Hearing Ling Chen’s words, Ye Wu Ya unexpectedly calmly laughed. Perhaps the ‘3 years’ from Qi Yue had given him new hope. His gaze was no longer turbid, and even his hunched back was now straightened, nor were there any signs of madness about him… as the Night Emperor, how could he really have gone mad? Over these years, he had waded in despair and self-blame, using his madness to numb himself. He said calmly, “Since you’ve obtained the Lunar Scourge, you naturally know about the Shura’s Devastation 10,000 years ago. That was indeed a terrifying disaster, but everyone back then only saw the disaster and not the effects on the world afterwards… I’m sure that even though the Shura’s mind was filled with killing intent, even if the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s mind was clear, he still would have done the same things.”

Ling Chen felt incredibly startled… he immediately remembered the things that the Shura’s remnant soul had said to him. He said he did not regret becoming a Shura or massacring all of those people…

At that time, the Shura’s remnant soul had been completely conscious, but it had not regretted it… back then, Ling Chen could not understand why the Shura had said that he did not regret it. This was because the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor was a righteous and true expert, so why did he do such a damning thing and resolutely say that he did not regret it…

Ye Wu Ya raised his face to the sky and said sentimentally, “That’s right, he massacred 10% of all the living creatures in the Forgotten Continent. Back then, I also felt fear and hatred towards him… but as time went on, I realised that the Shura from back then was not just massacring but also cleansing… despite destroying 10% of the creatures in the Forgotten Continent, he brought thousands of years of peace! No one has ever done such a thing before. The fear and hatred I felt towards the Shura gradually became respect and admiration.”

“This… I can’t understand this at all,” Ling Chen said with a confused expression. He massacred 10% of the living creatures in the Forgotten Continent but brought thousands of years of peace? What sort of logic with that?

“Without having experienced that era, you wouldn’t understand,” Ye Wu Ya said calmly. “Do you know what the Forgotten Continent was like 10,000 years ago? Back then, demons terrorised the Forgotten Continent and devils were everywhere. The warring clans continuously fought and destroyed each other because of their ambitions, and the peace-loving clans went extinct one by one. Some clans had no choice but to hide away. This was especially so for the human world: it was filled with utter chaos, and battles erupted every day all over the place… the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s beloved wife and son died amidst all of the chaotic fighting brought about by humans.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

“The Chi Xuan Sword Emperor loved his family above all else, and the deaths of his wife and son made him feel pain to the point that he wanted to die. Back then, the Forgotten Continent still had legends that the Lunar Scourge could create Shuras. As such, after countless hardships and much suffering, he finally found the sealed Lunar Scourge and asked to become the Lunar Scourge’s puppet. He collected 12 God Orbs and devoured my daughter to allow the Lunar Scourge to have the ability to create a Shura… finally, the Shura was born and started a massacre… no! A cleansing process.

“Now that I think about it, when he started searching for the Lunar Scourge, he had already known his fate. He must have known that he would soon be killed by the Moon God Clan after becoming a Shura. However, this was what he wanted because his goal was not to kill the masses but to accept his death after cleansing the land… afterwards, he bore the heaven’s wrath and destroyed 10% of the Forgotten Continent’s creatures before dying.

“After that, the Demon Beast Clan, which had been in hiding, finally moved out to make chaos, and it was destroyed by the Moon God Clan and the Fairy Clan… if it wasn’t for the Shura’s Devastation, who knows how long the Demon Beast Clan would have hid for. If they returned after fully gathering their strength, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

“After the Shura’s Devastation, the Forgotten Continent, which had been washed with blood, became peaceful for many years. In order to rebuild their destroyed homes, countless clans had to work together, and wars and conflict stopped erupting. The human world was united by an Emperor, and it also became peaceful and stable with wars only erupting once every hundreds of years. After thousands of years, the Forgotten Continent is still relatively peaceful, and the clans interact harmoniously. The largest human clan was also managed by the Emperors to be quite harmonious. I’m sure that the current Forgotten Continent is still just as peaceful and tranquil.

“If it wasn’t for the Shura back then bathing the world in blood, the current Forgotten Continent would not exist. Even though bathing the world in blood was quite cruel and ruthless, I found that it was the most effective method, if not the only effective method. The Shura indeed destroyed countless lives, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that he saved the entire Forgotten Continent. To the Shura from back then, the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor, I feel only admiration and respect. This is because he took upon himself thousands of years of cursing and lost his own life to purchase all of this. No hero in the Forgotten Continent can compare to him.”

Ling Chen felt quite dumbfounded. In the 1 year that he had been in the Mystic Moon for, he had heard many things about the Shura. However, he had only heard about a powerful, merciless, cruel, and evil creature. The Shura that the Night Emperor talked about was a different kind of Shura, a hero who had saved the Forgotten Continent.

“Is that why you’re willing to give the Star God Orb to me?” Ling Chen asked in surprise.

“That’s not the main reason,” Ye Wu Ya said lightly. “The main reason is because of my daughter, and also…” He gave Ling Chen a deep look as he said, “Back then, I fought with the Shura, and I barely escaped with my life. Even after 10,000 years, I still remember his powerful aura, which I also feel on you. You must have obtained the Shura’s power from the Lunar Scourge, right?”

“Yes…” Ling Chen nodded, not denying it.

Ye Wu Ya said slowly, “Even the legends have never mentioned anyone obtaining the Shura’s power without losing themselves. This is evidence that your mental energy is incomparably powerful to the point that you don’t have to pay a price with your mind and soul to control the Lunar Scourge and the Shura’s power. Moreover, you’re not an evil person, and you might even be a kind person. At the very least, you won’t use this power for evil, and you might use this power to possibly help this continent. As such, so what if this power falls into your hands?”

Ling Chen gave a slight smile. “No less expected from the Night Emperor to have such breadth of mind and wisdom.”

“Hahaha,” The Night Emperor laughed loudly. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t laughed in such a long time that his laugh seemed somewhat stiff. He patted Ling Chen’s shoulder. “Now that you’ve obtained the Star God Orb, you’re probably going to return to the Forgotten Continent, right? In that case, I’ll come with you. Even though I wasn’t able to see Yue’Er, I saw that the Lunar Scourge has returned and has an invincible master whose strength even I can’t see through. As such, I’m able to feel at ease. Moreover, if I wait 3 years, I’ll be able to fulfil my greatest wish, so I can’t keep wasting away here. I should return to the Forgotten Continent and see how the Forgotten Continent’s condition is… and perhaps I should go to see my old acquaintances.”

“Alright.” Ling Chen nodded before remembering something and then shaking his head. “But I have some things that I need to do here, so I won’t be able to return with you.”

“That’s fine.” The Night Emperor didn’t mind and nodded. “I’m sure you’ll be able to return to the Forgotten Continent even without my help. Go and do what you need, I’ll be returning first.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed in 3 years.”

“Hahaha, let’s meet again in 3 years.” As the Night Emperor spoke, his body vanished in a glow of white light. He possessed Moon God power, so he could naturally return to the Forgotten Continent easily. Even though he had not met his daughter, who he had desperately searched for, he at least knew that she was safe, so he had hope. As such, he was able to set his mind at ease.

After the Night Emperor left, Ling Chen looked at the Star God Orb’s stats:

Star God Orb: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Super Saint Destroyer, Attributes: None, Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: MP+50,000,000 and can summon and put away the [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour] at will.

The Star God Orb’s stats caused Ling Chen to marvel in awe. As expected from a Saint Orb of the same grade as the Moon God Orb, its effects were just as monstrous as the Moon God Orb’s. The Moon God Orb gave him 50,000,000 HP, while the Star God Orb gave him 50,000,000 MP. The Moon God Orb allowed him to summon the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, while the Star God Orb allowed him to summon the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour!

Spears were for attacking, while armour was for defending. With how powerful the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear was, the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour would have incredibly heaven-defying defensive abilities!

Ling Chen instantly felt quite excited and hurriedly socketed the Star God Orb into the Lunar Scourge.

“Ding… the [Star God Orb] has been successfully socketed. Your basic MP+50,000,000, and you can summon the [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour] at will.”

Ling Chen looked at his current MP: 200,472,880!

This was a MP value that could not appear on a player, and it was an astronomical figure that completely broke the limits of the player world! After all, it was much harder to raise one’s MP than HP, and this was especially so for creatures that mainly had physical capabilities – their MP was usually less than 10% of their HP or even lower. Even human Mage Gods would not be able to rival Ling Chen’s current MP.

“Ding… the Lunar Scourge’s unique lunar skill [Moon Disaster] has been unlocked.”

“Ding… all 12 God Orbs and a Saint Orb have been socketed into the Lunar Scourge. Lunar scourge’s unique lunar skill [Half Moon] has been upgraded into [Waxing Moon].”