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Chapter 776: Lunar Scourge Divine Armour

Lunar Scourge Divine Armour

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All of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs flashed as if they were celebrating the return of the fourteenth orb.

[Waxing Moon]: Lunar Scourge exclusive lunar soul skill. When activated, the Lunar Scourge’s lunar energy forms a waxing moon in the sky, letting out mysterious moonlight. Can be activated at any time and cancelled at any time. Can be cast for a maximum of 40 minutes per day. No MP cost.

The return of the Star God Orb caused the [Half Moon] to be upgraded into [Waxing Moon]. With the [Waxing Moon], all of the skills that required [Moon] became much more powerful, once again raising Ling Chen’s overall strength.

[Moon Disaster]: Lunar Scourge exclusive lunar skill. Using the moon’s light to release a light of disaster and misfortune, the merciless light sending all targets into an abyss of disaster.

Effects: Super long-range impairing skill that does not deal damage. All targets who are covered by the moonlight will have their levels permanently reduced by 30 levels, all of their skills will be reduced by 3 levels, and their Luck will be permanently decreased by 20 points. Effects can be stacked. The maximum range is determined by the form of the [Moon]. Cannot be used without [Moon], [New Moon], [Crescent Moon]. Maximum range is 3,000 metres with [Half Moon], 10,000 metres with [Waxing Moon], 30,000 metres with [Full Moon], and 600,000,000 metres with [Broken Moon]. Costs 5 MP, cooldown time: 1 hour.

(When the target’s Luck is negative, they will be plagued with misfortune. When the target’s Luck falls below -10, they will never deal a Critical Hit, and many of their attacks will be Misses. It will also be likely for Critical Hits to be dealt against them, fall over while walking, choke when drinking water, fall into pits while playing on their phones… When one’s Luck falls below -20, they may be struck by lightning, etc…)

As a powerful lunar skill after retrieving 2 Saint Orbs, this [Moon Disaster]’s effects gave Ling Chen a big fright. It was the first time that Ling Chen had seen a skill that could directly decrease his targets’ level, skill levels, and Luck. What’s more, the decreases were simply crippling, and the range was even more monstrous. What was the most terrifying was that the skill’s effects could stack against a target. After being hit 3 times, their level would fall below at least LV10, and their Luck would be so low that they would be able to die from falling over. This was even crueller than killing a player tens of times every day. To the monsters, spirits, and demons that had taken over 10,000 years to grow powerful, this Moon Disaster alone was enough to make them wet their pants, turning their thousands of years of hard work into nothing.

“Lunar Scourge Divine Armour!” Ling Chen muttered in a low voice.


A lightning-like white light flew out from the Lunar Scourge and covered Ling Chen’s body. Afterwards, it rapidly took form, and when the light disappeared, Ling Chen’s Chilling Crystal Battle Armour had disappeared, replaced by a silver, strange-looking full-body armour that gave off a faint light.

[Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]: Type: Armour of Heaven’s Wrath, Grade: Unable to be determined, Equipment Requirements: Master of the [Lunar Scourge]. An armour with an unknown history, made of unknown materials, and has an unknown power core. An item that seems to have been left behind from ancient times, it contains incredible defensive abilities. When receiving attacks, there is a chance that the berserk power within it will be released. It was sealed into the [Star God Orb] for unknown reasons, and only the Lunar Scourge’s master can summon it and use it.

Stats: Defence+32,000, Strength+1,000, Constitution+1,000, Agility+1,000, Spirit+1,000, Luck+10, Comprehension+10, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth Resitances+50%, Light Resistance+70%, Dark Resistance+20%, cannot be destroyed.

Bonus Skills:

[Star Spirit]: An extreme passive defensive skill unique to the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. When the wearer’s HP is greater than 50%, they will not be instantly killed by any attack, and the wearer will instead be left with 1 HP when suffering fatal attacks; when the wearer’s HP is less than 50%, the first 10 fatal attacks suffered in a day will be cancelled out.

[Star Soul]: An extreme passive defensive skill unique to the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. When taking damage, there is a 50% chance to nullify any Physical damage or Magic damage, and the nullified Physical damage will be converted to the wearer’s HP, while the nullified Magic damage will be converted to the wearer’s MP.

[Star Fury]: An extreme reflective defensive skill unique to the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. When receiving any damage, there is a 50% chance to reflect 100% of the damage and a 50% chance to reflect 200% of the damage. The reflected damage ignores distance and cannot be evaded or cancelled out.

[Star Fall]: Unreservedly explodes the powerful energy within the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, giving the wearer the ultimate defensive and reflective abilities of the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. When the light of Star Fall flashes, within the next 24 hours, the wearer will be immune to and absorb all damage received, as well as reflect 500% of all damage received. After using this skill, the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour cannot be summoned or used for 30 days. Costs 300,000MP, cooldown time: 3 months.

After seeing the monstrous attack capabilities of the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, Ling Chen witnessed the unbelievably-terrifying defensive capabilities of the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. After seeing the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, Ling Chen could not believe that there could be such a destructive spear in the world, and now, looking at the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, even though he was somewhat prepared, he still couldn’t believe his eyes.

This armour could only be described as heaven-defying!!

Nullifying damage, absorbing damage, reflecting damage, giving resistance to being insta-killed, saving his life 10 times in a day… there was also a skill that made him invincible for a whole day and viciously reflected all damage… wearing this incredibly light armour, Ling Chen simply could not think of anything in this world that could threaten his life.

In fact, he might even be able to stand in front of the Underworld God Cannon that even the 3 Moon Goddesses feared without his expression flickering.

With the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, Ling Chen was already an invincible existence, and now that he had the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, he was invincible to the point that nothing could threaten him in the slightest. Now, even if he had not conquered the 3 Moon Goddesses’ minds and was trapped in the Rainbow Glass Barrier again, he would be 100% confident in surviving their combined attacks until the Rainbow Glass Barrier disappeared… putting all else aside, if he activated [Star Fall], the 3 Moon Goddesses would not be able to do anything at all, and even if he took a nap, they would not be able to harm a hair on his head.

“Now there’s just the Sun God Orb remaining,” Ling Chen said to himself. He had now witnessed the might of the Moon God Orb and Star God Orb, so as the most powerful of the 3 Saint Orbs, the Sun God Orb definitely wouldn’t be weaker than the Moon God Orb and Star God Orb. In fact, it might even be far more powerful… but where was it? Could it really have been destroyed 10,000 years ago like the 3 Moon Goddesses had said?

It had been nearly 2 months since Su’Er had used her powers to find out where the Star God Orb was, so Su’Er would most likely be able to use her Heaven’s Secrets power again. What would the results be this time?

After his trip to the Novice Village ended, Ling Chen planned to head to the Underworld Blood Lake to summon the Demon Emperor’s soul and then ask Su’Er if she could find any information on the next orb… because if he could obtain the Sun God Orb, then he would come incredibly close to gathering all 4 of the ingredients for revival! Everything he had been working for was for that.

After putting away the extremely eye-catching Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, Ling Chen equipped his Chilling Crystal Battle Armour again and took out a spatial orb, reaching the Wolf’s Cliff in an instant.

The appearance of this unfamiliar human caused howls to sound out in the Wolf’s Cliff. Following this, a pack of wolves gathered behind Ling Chen and sprang at him, but Ling Chen did not even bother turning around as the Shura Emperor Sword appeared in his hand. He waved it backwards, instantly annihilating all of the wolves on the Wolf’s Cliff. Standing on the edge of the cliff and looking down at the darkness below, Ling Chen inwardly sighed… back then, he had fallen from here and had accidentally obtained the Lunar Scourge, changing his fate forever. It was just that he had never thought that falling down from here would affect his entire life back then.

Ling Chen did not think much and fell forwards, plummeting into the abyss… after falling for a long time, Ling Chen felt that he was about to reach the bottom. He flipped over and activated the Feng Chen Technique, slowing down his descent until his feet touched onto the ground, barely making any noise.

“Broken Shadow!”

Afterimages traced behind Ling Chen as he shot into the depths of the Forgotten Cave. He passed from the First Region to the Second Region to the Third Region to the Fourth Region, then the Fifth Region… and stopped in front of the Sixth Region.

Back then, it had taken him 2 or 3 days of cautious advancing to reach this point; this time, it had taken him less than 1 minute.

After entering the passageway leading to the Sixth Region, Ling Chen cancelled [Broken Shadow] and walked forwards. After reaching the end of the passageway, right before he was about to step into the Sixth Region, he called out, “Tao Tie!”

Back then, Tao Tie had given him the Gemini Orb and the powerful [Item Manipulation Technique] and [Heaven Wind Technique]. More importantly, he had given him Xiao Hui, so he always felt gratitude towards Tao Tie, a greedy divine beast with a poor reputation. This time, he had come to find it not to thank it but because he wanted answers from it. With his current strength, he had the right to know all of the answers he wanted. For example, where did Xiao Hui come from? And when Tao Tie had sent him away from here, he had said something strange to Qi Yue that Ling Chen had not paid much attention to before, “…Don’t let the Night Demon Clan discover you too early…”

Qi Yue should be the Night Emperor’s daughter, so Tao Tie should have wished that Qi Yue would find the Night Demon Clan and be reunited with her family as soon as possible. Why had he said not for her to be discovered?

Before, when the Night Emperor had suggested leaving together, Ling Chen had suddenly remembered this, and adding on the fact that Qi Yue was unwilling to meet the Night Emperor and had asked for 3 years, Ling Chen felt quite confused. He felt that he had to ask Tao Tie for answers before leaving the Novice Village.

With Tao Tie’s Mysterious God grade senses, Ling Chen should have been discovered when he entered the passageway, but even after Ling Chen called out, he did not detect any reaction from Tao Tie. Ling Chen felt quite surprised, and as soon as he stepped into the Sixth Region, he immediately saw the massive azure-coloured beast silently lying there. Its body filled half of the ground, and its appearance was extremely strange and terrifying – its head was incredibly big, and just looking at its savage eyes could cause one’s heart to tremble. Its mouth was shockingly big, and its nose protruded from its face in an exaggerated way. It also had a curved horn at the bridge of its nose. On both sides of its head were 2 fleshy wings. Its body shape and tail were like a normal cow’s, but it was countless times bigger than a cow. There were 2 gigantic claws on either side of its body that looked like human hands.

This was Tao Tie.

Looking at Tao Tie, Ling Chen suddenly stopped, and after remaining silent for a while, he deeply frowned.