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Chapter 777: Demon Emperor’s Soul

Demon Emperor’s Soul

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Even if such a powerful Mysterious God grade beast was sleeping, it would give off the mighty airs of a divine beast. Ling Chen could not feel Tao Tie’s aura, but that was not because Ling Chen was too powerful and suppressing its aura. There was only one explanation.

Tao Tie… was dead.

Ling Chen slowly walked in front of Tao Tie’s body, and Tao Tie still did not move, not a trace of life in its body. Ling Chen stretched out his hand and pressed it against Tao Tie’s mouth, feeling a body heat that was far greater than a human’s.

Tao Tie was indeed dead, but from the heat Ling Chen felt, he concluded that Tao Tie had only just died, and it might have been just 5 minutes… no, even just 1 minute ago!

This was simply too coincidental: it was as if someone knew that he would come to find Tao Tie and had killed it.

Ling Chen swept his eyes around, but he found the space to be incredibly peaceful, and there were not any traces of powerful energy remaining. The ground was also flat and unmarred, and Ling Chen could not find any signs of battle. If one wanted to kill a Mysterious God grade beast and it retaliated even once, the entire space would be destroyed. However, it was too peaceful here, which meant that Tao Tie had either committed suicide, or it had allowed itself to be killed… or that it did not even have the chance to struggle because it was killed in one swift blow!

Apart from himself, Ling Chen could not think of any other existence in the Mystic Moon world that could kill an ancient divine beast in a single strike.

“Xiao Hui, see if there are special traces left.” After silently thinking for a while, Ling Chen summoned Xiao Hui, who quickly looked around the space. However, after Xiao Hui looked around every inch of the space, he did not find any strange traces.

After remaining next to Tao Tie’s corpse for a while, Ling Chen finally left. Combining what Ye Wu Ya said before, Qi Yue’s reaction, and the words Tao Tie had said to him in the past, facing Tao Tie’s sudden death, Ling Chen thought of something…

Qi Yue!!

“Could it be that Qi Yue isn’t Ye Wu Ya’s daughter, Ye Yue?!”

If Qi Yue wasn’t Ye Yue, then everything would make sense. However, Qi Yue was evidently the Lunar Scourge’s only item soul, and she had been within it for over 10,000 years. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known so many things from so long ago. However, if she was Ye Yue… just what was going on? This couldn’t be a weird coincidence.

Ling Chen wanted to immediately log off and ask Qi Yue about this, but after thinking about it, he decided not to do this. This was because since Qi Yue had decided to hide this, he would never get a true answer from her. Moreover, whether or not Qi Yue was Ye Yue from back then did not have much to do with him.

After thinking about that, Ling Chen looked at Tao Tie’s corpse one last time before walking out of the Forgotten Cave and returning to the Novice Village. After finding the Village Chief, he asked him to send him to the Azure Dragon City. Following this, Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb and came to the Ghastly Grounds – the entrance of the Underworld.

“Leng’Er, let’s go to the Underworld!”

Ling Chen summoned Leng’Er, and with the protection from her power, Ling Chen passed through the Underworld Door and immediately headed to the Underworld King’s Residence.

“Underworld King, I need to go to the Underworld Blood Lake!”

Ling Chen called out as soon as he entered the Underworld King’s Residence and even before he saw the Underworld King. Just as he called out, the Underworld King’s massive body appeared before him with a ‘whoosh’, his large eyes staring at Ling Chen. “Hoh! Son-in-law! You’re still alive? Heheh, as expected from the Underworld King’s son-in-law. You’ve been wanted by the Moon God Clan for a month, and yet you can still appear here alive.”

After saying this, the Underworld King looked over at Leng’Er, his expression becoming incredibly warm and gentle. “Chan’Er, have you been well? Have you suffered at all? If you’ve been bullied, make sure you tell your royal father… When you’re free, come back to see me…”

However, no matter how warm and gentle he tried to seem, the Underworld King’s fierce face still caused Leng’Er’s body to slightly tremble, and she clutched at Ling Chen’s clothes as she ducked behind him. Ling Chen grinned. “Don’t worry, the Moon God Clan will stop chasing me down today, and they will never try again in the future. Even if they do, I won’t have to care about it. I need to go to the Underworld Blood Lake to use the Underworld Blood Lake’s water, but I don’t know what will happen, so I thought I’d tell you beforehand. If anything out of the ordinary happens, I might need you to help.”

The Underworld King waved his hand. “You’re already my son-in-law; you can go wherever you want in the Underworld… oh, I’ll send you there right now. Since you don’t even need to worry about the Moon God Clan anymore, there’s nothing in the Mystic Moon world that you can’t solve anymore; why would you need my help for anything? You can go now.” After speaking, the Underworld King waved his hand, sending Ling Chen and Leng’Er to the Underworld Blood Lake.

After Ling Chen and Leng’Er disappeared, the Underworld King slowly lowered his hand, his expression serious as he deeply sighed, “My goodness, my goodness, that was the Shura’s aura just then, and that aura was even more powerful than the Shura from 10,000 years ago… and not only has he not lost his consciousness, but he also wasn’t followed by a divine tribulation… this sort of Shura is indeed powerful enough not to care about the Moon God Clan anymore.

“To be able to conquer the Lunar Scourge, I knew he would be able to reign above everything in this world and might be able to keep his sanity after becoming a Shura. Looks like I wasn’t indulging in fantasies, and the reality was even crazier than I expected. These days, I’ve been gathering my strength and preparing to use the entire Underworld’s strength to help him fight with the Moon God Clan… but looks like all of that was unnecessary. With someone like that, I don’t need to worry about Chan’Er anymore, hahahaha.”

The air was extremely gloomy and eerie, and blood bubbled within the lake – this was the number 1 forbidden area in the Underworld, the Underworld Blood Lake.

Standing at the side of the Underworld Blood Lake, Ling Chen took out the 10 Demon Jade Hooks and arranged them into a circle like Xiao Hui had before. When the 10 Demon Jade Hooks were arranged, all of the jade hooks shone with a faint dark light and then started to spin. As they spun, a faint ghoul’s howl seemed to sound out.

If they poured the Underworld Blood Lake’s water on the 10 Demon Jade Hooks, they would be able to summon the Demon Emperor’s soul. If Ling Chen touched the Lunar Scourge to the Demon Emperor’s soul, he would be able to absorb it into the Lunar Scourge – this was what Qi Yue had told him that he needed to do to retrieve the Demon Emperor’s soul.

“Leng’Er, help me gather some water and pour it on top.”

The Underworld Blood Lake’s water could devour all creatures, and even the 3 Moon Goddesses did not dare to touch it. However, it would not harm creatures with the Underworld Royal bloodline. Leng’Er rose up and flew above the Underworld Blood Lake, using her small, snow-white hands to cup a handful of water. She then flew beside the Demon Jade Hooks and carefully poured the water over them.

Immediately, the Demon Jade Hooks began to spin twice as fast, and masses of dark air streamed out from them, instantly filling the surrounding area. Ling Chen retreated a few steps, warily looking at the dark air that was becoming denser and denser. He immediately saw that the dark air was forming a terrifying, demonic head, and as the dark air continued to stream out, the demonic head continuously twisted and grew larger and clearer. Following this, a wild, ear-piercing laughter sounded out from within the dark fog…

“Hahahaha… after 10,000 years, I, the Demon Emperor, will once again… descend… hahahaha… hahahaha…”

The wild laughter suddenly stopped, and a shocked expression appeared on the demonic head. “Who are you… why are you summoning me… where are Sky Demon, Earth Demon, War Demon, and the others… why is it you…”

“Haha,” Ling Chen calmly laughed and slowly walked towards the dark air that was no longer growing. He raised his right hand and said unhurriedly, “You must be the Demon Emperor’s soul, right? I summoned you because… all of your Demon Beast Clan’s demon beasts have died, and I’ve obtained the Demon Jade Hooks that contain your soul.”

“What… impossible!” The demonic head greatly twisted, its voice becoming berserk and savage, “Impossible! All of my clan’s 10 ancient demon beasts have at least Mysterious God grade power, so how could a tiny human like you be their match? Even if you really did defeat them, why would you summon me?”

“Why did I summon you? To make you disappear from this world forever!” Ling Chen sinisterly smiled and walked closer and closer to the demonic head. Before becoming a Shura, he would have felt quite fearful facing the Demon Emperor. After all, it was an existence on the level of the 3 Moon Goddesses, and even though it was only a remnant soul, it still had massive power. However, with Ling Chen’s current strength, even the Demon Emperor at its peak would be of no threat to him; how could he fear his remnant soul? If it wasn’t for the fact that the Demon Emperor’s soul was one of the necessary ingredients to revive Shui Ruo, he would not be interested in this Demon Emperor in the slightest.

As Ling Chen spoke, he shot his right-hand forwards towards the black air. The instant the Lunar Scourge touched it, the 14 orbs shone with a faint silver light.

“L-Lunar Scourge!!!”

The instant the Lunar Scourge lit up with light, the Demon Emperor felt as if it had seen a nightmarish light and it screamed in terror. Its large face, which seemed whole, started to twist and turn in fear. “No! This is impossible! The Lunar Scourge definitely disappeared from the world… how can this be? How can this be?? Arghhh!!!”

A massive attractive force was released from the Lunar Scourge, and though it did not affect the dark air at all, the Demon Emperor’s image was like a small boat in a storm at sea and was sucked into the Lunar Scourge. The Demon Emperor’s image started to struggle – after being locked away for 10,000 years, it had finally been released. It had been delirious with joy, but in the blink of an eye, that joy had turned into despair. Even the Demon Emperor felt as if its mind was going to collapse, and the irresistible attractive force caused it to hoarsely roar, “No! Let me go… let me go… I’m the Demon Emperor! The Emperor of the Demon Beast Clan… I can’t be devoured… let go of me… arghhh!!!”

As a demonic howl sounded out, the Demon Emperor was completely sucked into the Lunar Scourge, and the dark air spinning around dispersed after the Demon Emperor was absorbed by the Lunar Scourge. The 10 Demon Jade Hooks lost their lustre, turning into ordinary black rocks.