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Chapter 778: The Unsearchable Sun God Orb

The Unsearchable Sun God Orb

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Real world, Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

Qi Yue, who had been sleeping, lazily opened her eyes, a faint smile on her face. “He’s obtained the Demon Emperor’s soul. This means that all of the ingredients for resurrection have been gathered. After all, he already has the Shura’s tear. In that case…”

Qi Yue lightly got up, her hair cascading over her shoulders like a waterfall. She adjusted her clothes as her gaze became somewhat hazy. “The blood of the Moon Goddesses, the soul of the Demon Emperor, the tears of a Shura, and the Scourge of the Moon… the first 2 should have been easily obtainable, and what I needed most were the Lunar Scourge and the Shura’s tear. Who would have thought that in just a short year… just a single year… it’s too fast to the point that I think it’s a dream…

“But why don’t I feel any joy…



Ling Chen had easily obtained the Demon Emperor’s soul. After becoming a Shura, the things that had once seemed as difficult as scaling the heavens became incredibly simple – this was the result of having absolute power. It could be said that there was no creature that he could not defeat within the Mystic Moon world, much less threaten him. Even the powerful Moon God Clan’s 3 Moon Goddesses had fallen under his control, turning it into one of the powers he controlled.

“I’m only missing the Sun God Orb and tear of a Shura now.” Ling Chen muttered to himself while standing on the banks of the Underworld Blood Lake. He was not worried about the Shura’s tear because any tear he shed would be a Shura’s tear. In his life, there were many memories that could bring up tears. As such, the only thing that he was truly missing was the Sun God Orb.

After saying goodbye to the Underworld King, Ling Chen left the Underworld, returned to Ling Tian City, and headed to Su’Er’s residence. It had been quite a long time since she had found the Star God Orb’s location, so she could most likely use the Heaven’s Secrets power again. Her power had never failed before, so if the Sun God Orb still existed, Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets power would definitely be able to pinpoint it.

“Ah! You’re back, big brother Ling Tian!” Seeing Ling Chen, Su’Er happily came over to greet him, “That’s right! Just then, all of the kill orders on you in all of the main cities were withdraw, and it seems like the Moon God Clan is no longer hunting you down. Big brother Ling Tian, you’re so amazing; even the powerful Moon God Clan can’t do anything to you.”

Heheh, can’t do anything to me? The entire Moon God Clan now belongs to me, huehuehue… Ling Chen inwardly laughed in pleasure before he said with a smile, “But of course, it’s just the Moon God Clan; there’s nothing to be afraid of. Su Su, are you able to use your Heaven’s Secrets power again?”

“Mm! It’s been ready since a long time ago.” Su’Er lightly nodded. “Eh? So big brother has found the previous place? So amazing! Only big brother Ling Tian could find a place with only the numbers ‘49554’. In that case, do you want me to find the next place?”

“Mm, help me have a look where the next orb is. This orb is the final one, so if we can find it,” Ling Chen paused and breathed in excitedly, “my greatest wish will be fulfilled, and from now on… I won’t have any more regrets.”

Indeed, if he could successfully awaken Shui Ruo, the greatest sadness and regret in his life would be gone.

Ling Chen’s words caused an excited look to appear on Su’Er’s face, and she nodded somewhat nervously. “What big brother Ling Tian wants is what I want; I’ll do my best. I was able to find the locations before, so I’ll definitely be able to find it this time.”

After saying this, Su’Er calmed herself down and gently opened her hands as the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk appeared before her. She then drew a few white trails of light through the air. From the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk’s reaction and the light that it gave off, Ling Chen could see that Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets power was much more powerful than before. Every day, it had been greatly growing, and even though she had entered the Heaven’s Secrets Sect for less than a year, with her incredible talent and profoundly pure heart, she was currently completely qualified to be the ‘Heaven’s Secrets Sect Leader’.

When the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk stopped moving, a white cloud-like fog appeared in front of Su’Er and Ling Chen… but it was merely a white fog.

“Ahh…” Su’Er stared dumbly at the white fog, giving a soft cry, her expression instantly becoming nervous and embarrassed. Ling Chen raised his eyebrows and hurriedly asked, “What is it, Su Su?”

Su’Er continued to stare dumbly, and only after a while did she weakly reply, “The results of the Heaven’s Secrets divination is… is… if big brother Ling Tian wants to find the next orb, it’s… it’s not even in the Mystic Moon world… no! This can’t be right! That can’t be it, it must be that my power’s still too weak, so I obtained an incorrect answer. I-I’ll try again, and I’ll definitely succeed this time!”

Because this time’s Heaven’s Secrets divination was linked to Ling Chen’s greatest wish, the result that it was not in the Mystic Moon world was not something that Su’Er could accept. This was because this meant that Ling Chen’s greatest wish could never be fulfilled. Su’Er quickly calmed herself down and waved the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk again, drawing out a mysterious white light again… soon, the white light disappeared and a similar white fog appeared before Ling Chen and Su’Er.

Looking at the white fog, Su’Er once again stared dumbly and muttered dispiritedly, “Why is it like this… it shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be…”

From Su’Er’s reaction, Ling Chen knew that she had obtained the same result… the Sun God Orb was no longer in the Mystic Moon world. This could be interpreted as the Sun God Orb being in another world, or… it no longer existed. However, no matter what the answer was, Ling Chen was destined not to obtain the Sun God Orb.

The white fog slowly disappeared, and tears appeared in Su’Er’s eyes. Ling Chen took a step forwards and gently put his arms around Su’Er’s shoulders as he said softly, “It’s alright, Su Su, it’s not because your power wasn’t enough or that your answer was wrong. In actuality, not too long ago, some people already told me that this thing didn’t exist anymore, and those people were the Moon Goddesses, the beings with the highest authority in the Mystic Moon world. As such, I was already prepared for this. I came to find Su Su because I wasn’t willing to give up and was hoping that a miracle would happen.”

“But… But if that’s the case, doesn’t that mean big brother Ling Tian’s greatest wish will never be fulfilled,” Su’Er looked at Ling Chen worriedly with tears glimmering in her eyes.

“It’s alright.” Ling Chen smiled and shook his head. “Even if I’m missing this last orb, with the ones I’ve already obtained, I can still fulfil my wish; it just won’t be as perfect. However, that imperfectness can be made up for over time, so Su Su doesn’t need to worry.”

“Really?” Su’Er raised her head. Ling Chen’s words of comfort allowed her to stop worrying and blaming herself, and after hesitating for a moment, she nervously asked, “Then… can big brother Ling Tian tell me… what this wish, that you’ve spent all this time searching for things, is for?”

Ling Chen once again laughed and said, “I can’t tell you right now, but I’m sure not too long in the future you’ll all know. That will be a pleasant surprise to all of you.”

After leaving Su’Er’s place, the smile on Ling Chen’s face completely disappeared, turning into haziness and reluctance… the 3 Moon Goddesses had told him that the Sun God Orb had been destroyed long ago, and now, the results of Su’Er’s divination had confirmed this… it seemed that it was impossible for him to obtain the Sun God Orb.

Qi Yue had said before that the Lunar Scourge only required 12 God Orbs to resurrect a person, but there would be heavy side effects. If he was missing 1 Saint Orb, there would still be side effects… any creature resurrected would lose 1 or 2 of their 5 senses and would lose nearly one third of their memories.

Ling Chen could help Shui Ruo regain her memories – he was certain that even it would be impossible for her to forget him even if she forgot everything else. However, losing 1 of her senses… if he could transfer this side effect to himself, he would not hesitate at all. He simply could not accept Shui Ruo living like that.

As Ling Chen thought to himself in distress, Snow Cherry brought Ling Chen above the Lady of the City’s residence. Hearing the noise below, Ling Chen stopped and looked down.

“I’m the father of the Lady of this city! You can’t stop me, otherwise… otherwise I’ll ask my daughter to chase you all out of Ling Tian City!” This was what a crazed voice screamed.

“Apologies, but without an appointment or the Lady’s permission, no one can enter.” The Fairy Guard’s voice was very calm, but there was a faint look of contempt in his peaceful eyes. This was because he had to face these shameless people every day.

“Let us in… let us in immediately… Meng Xin! I know you can hear me; your second uncle and I have come to see you… have you received the Isrock Disease medicine that we asked your big brother Yun Feng to give to you?”

“Meng Xin, I know you blame us for the things from before, but we didn’t really want to abandon you. When you were infected with the Isrock Disease, your father couldn’t sleep for many nights, and he cried every day… afterwards, when a medicine that could cure Isrock Disease was developed, your father became delirious with joy… you’re our Yun family’s daughter, and our Yun family will never abandon you, nor can you forget the Yun family.”

“Meng Xin, your grandpa has fallen ill, and he has been wanting to see you. He’s extremely sick this time, and if you don’t return home, you might not be able to see your grandpa, Meng Xin…”

Yun Zheng Fan and Yun Zheng Hao were desperately yelling in front of the Lady’s residence. They now completely regretted abandoning Yun Meng Xin when she had been infected with the Isrock Disease, but since what was done was done, how could they make up for it so easily? During this period of time, Li Xiao Xue, who had become famous across the world, had financially punished the Yun family severely for treating Yun Meng Xin so mercilessly before.

Back then, when the Li family had been the richest financial group with the Yun family in second place, the Li family might have still acted reservedly towards the Yun family. However, now that the Li family had developed a cure for the Isrock Disease and had futuristic technology, their influence had increased by thousands of times, and now, toying with the Yun family was like toying with a child. In just half a month, they had destroyed many of the Yun family’s finances, causing them to suffer a devastating decline. Even the ones that had once tried to curry favour with them now avoided them like the plague… what a joke, now that the Li family financial group was taking action against them, anyone who dared to help them would be asking to be kicked out of the Chinese market. The Yun family was indeed quite powerful, but in front of the Li family, who could now cause the world to tremble by stomping, they were simply nothing.

The only one who could save the Yun family was Yun Meng Xin. Yun Zheng Fan and Yun Zheng Hai could only thicken their faces and come here to plead to see Yun Meng Xin every day, because if Yun Meng Xin refused to help, then the Yun family was doomed.

Ling Chen watched on like he was watching monkeys perform, and he coldly laughed. He did not feel a trace of favourability towards the Yun family, and he even felt a hint of hatred towards them. This was because after Yun Meng Xin had become the Lady of the City, she had silently given much help to the Yun family, and she had even reluctantly returned home to celebrate Yun Ba Fang’s 70th birthday… because of that time, she had been infected with the Isrock Disease. However, in her time of desperate need, when she needed her family the most, she was mercilessly cast away by them.

Ling Chen knew that even though Yun Meng Xin was quite kind, she was also very stubborn, and she was very clear about what she liked and disliked. She would no longer meet with the Yun family that had raised her… at most, she would ask Li Xiao Xue to show some mercy. The Yun family had only given her memories that she did not want to think about, so that was the limit to what she would do.