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Chapter 779: Omen

Chapter 779 – Omen

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Ling Chen was not worried about how Yun Meng Xin would face the Yun family because he was sure that Yun Meng Xin would do it well and not let herself down. Just as he was about to leave, a white light flashed as Fey appeared in front of him, giving him a smileless smile, saying, “The Moon God Clan actually stopped hunting you down. I’m very curious to know how you dealt with those 3 Moon Goddesses.”

“Of course it was with my peerless charm,” Ling Chen chuckled.

Fey rolled her eyes at him before glancing at the Lunar Scourge on his wrist. “You’ve obtained the Star God Orb as well?”

“Mm… Hmm? How did you know?” A look of shock appeared on Ling Chen’s face.

“Just a feeling… the only ones who could return you to the Novice Village to obtain the Star God Orb so quickly are the Moon Goddesses. Looks like you’ve completely ‘dealt’ with them... did you use the same means as when you dealt with the Forgotten God Representative?” Fey asked with a look of suspicion. This was because apart from that shameless skill, she simply could not think of how he could cause the 3 Moon Goddesses’ attitude towards him to change so much.

Fey’s instincts had always been quite terrifying, and this was not the first time that Ling Chen had experienced them. He did not deny it and he slyly smiled. “You guessed it. No matter who it is, anyone who’s affected by that skill will see me as the most important person in the world to them… Heheh, Fey, maybe even you’ve fallen for that skill.”

“Cheh.” Fey glared at Ling Chen before saying with a strange expression, “Surely you didn’t actually turn the 3 Moon Goddesses into what the Forgotten God Representative is like right?”

Just as Ling Chen was about to start proudly bragging about how he had conquered the Mystic Moon world’s powerful Moon Goddesses, Fey harrumphed and said, “I had thought that you used your charisma to conquer them; so you actually used such a despicable and underhanded means... as expected from you, Adam… hmm? Each of those 3 Moon Goddesses is an extraordinary beauty. Since a perverted demon like you used such despicable means, don’t tell me you did things to them that only a perverted demon would do…”

“Err… that…”

“In the Moon God Palace, from the Moon Ladies to the Moon God Representatives, all of them are exceptional beauties. Since you used such contemptible methods to conquer the 3 Moon Goddesses, you’ve essentially conquered the entire Moon God Palace. Aiyaya… there are thousands of beauties in the Moon God Palace, and now they’ve all become yours… do you become excited just from thinking about that?”

As the person who understood Ling Chen most in the world, none of Ling Chen’s thoughts could escape Fey’s eyes. Back in ‘hell’, Ling Chen had laid his hands on all of the pretty girls, and all of the women in the Moon God Palace were like celestial goddesses. Fey would rather believe in ghosts than believe that Ling Chen would not lay his hands on them. Facing Fey’s piercing gaze, Ling Chen felt cold sweat erupt on his back. “Ah… Ahem… the weather’s quite good today… haha… such good weather…”

“Hm? Are you sure the weather’s good today?” Fey looked at Ling Chen condescendingly before raising her head to look up at the sky as she frowned. “Do you know why I came to find you? Don’t you think the weather’s quite strange today?”

“Strange?” Ling Chen also looked up in surprise.

The sky was quite blue, and there were white clouds moving around. However, below the white clouds, there was a patch of dark clouds. It wasn’t very big, and it only silently floated there, blocking out some of the light from reaching the ground.

“Dark clouds? Is it going to rain?” Ling Chen said. Even though rain was rare in the Forgotten Continent, it was not something that was incredible. However, Ling Chen soon realised what Fey meant. “By strange, you meant… those dark clouds?”

Fey said with a serious expression, “The white clouds are moving, and indeed, we can feel the wind, but the dark clouds have not moved at all, which is quite strange. What’s more, the dark clouds are normally stratocumulus, cumulonimbus, or undulatus clouds, and because of how thick they are, the sunlight cannot pass through them, making them seem quite dark. Normally, dark clouds are darkest at the centre and lighter at the sides. However, the dark clouds in the sky are not in the shape that dark clouds should be in, and their colour is quite even; they’re definitely not normal dark clouds.”

Ling Chen looked at them for a while and could not deny what Fey had said. However, he did not take it to heart, and he said casually, “The elements in the Mystic Moon world are different to earth, so it’s not too strange that the clouds are different to those on earth; there’s no need to take them so seriously. At worst, there’ll just be a big storm, and it won’t really affect us.”

“……” Fey fell silent for a few moments before nodding. “I hope I’m just thinking too much. What are you planning to do now? Go to the Moon God Palace to enjoy~~ yourself~~? Do you want me to come with you to do some training with you?”

“”Ahh… err… no thanks,” Ling Chen hurriedly shook his head. “I have some things I need to do, so I’ll be logging off… let me know if you need anything.” After speaking, Ling Chen met Fey’s gaze, which contained a faint hint of killing intent, and he logged off as if he was desperately escaping. Even for Fey, it was impossible for her not to be jealous when facing the thousands of peerless beauties in the Moon God Palace,

Fey did not immediately leave after Ling Chen logged off. She once again looked up into the sky, staring at the unmoving dark clouds. After from a powerful mental defence and detection abilities, Ling Chen’s mental energy was skewed towards attacking. In extreme circumstances, he could unleash his ‘Eyes of Extermination’, which could tear through anything. On the other hand, while Fey’s mental energy also gave her mental defences and detection abilities, they gave her no attacking capabilities. Instead, it gave her a terrifying ‘instinct’. That was why Fey’s instincts had never just been a ‘woman’s instincts’ to Ling Chen.

When she saw the dark clouds in the sky, Fey’s instincts had told her that these dark clouds were definitely abnormal! As she stared at them, she began to feel more and more uneasy.


After Ling Chen logged off, he went straight to Qi Yue’s room and asked, “Qi Yue! The Moon Goddesses said that the Sun God Orb was destroyed by their ancestors long ago, and Su Su’s divination told her that the Sun God Orb isn’t in the Mystic Moon world. As the person who understands the Lunar Scourge the best, you should have known this since long ago, right? Does the Sun God Orb still exist?”

Qi Yue gracefully turned around, not seeming hurriedly at all. Instead, she gave Ling Chen an enchanting smile. “Not at all, it’s impossible for the Sun God Orb to be destroyed.”

“Impossible? What do you mean?” Ling Chen’s mind trembled.

“Because the Lunar Scourge’s power is condensed in the 15 orbs, the source of the 15 orbs is the Lunar Scourge’s main body. If the Lunar Scourge’s main body is not destroyed, it’s impossible for the 15 orbs to be destroyed. All in all, if someone wants to destroy one of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs, they’ll need to destroy the Lunar Scourge’s main body while destroying that orb. However, the reality is that the Lunar Scourge’s main body is being worn on little master’s wrist. As such, it’s impossible that the Sun God Orb was destroyed. Rather, it still exists and is perfectly fine. That was probably a laughable lie fabricated by the Moon Goddesses’ ancestors,” Qi Yue said calmly and slowly.

“Then why couldn’t Su Su detect the Sun God Orb with her Heaven’s Secrets power? I was only able to find the other orbs because of Su Su’s power, and she told me each time where they were incredibly accurately,” Ling Chen said seriously.

Qi Yue shook her head and replied, “Out of the 15 orbs, the 3 Saint Orbs are the sovereigns, and out of the 3 Saint Orbs, the Sun God Orb is the most powerful. Its power completely surpasses the Moon God Orb and Star God Orb and is at a level that the Mystic Moon world’s rules can’t understand. As such, even the mysterious and all-seeing Heaven’s Secrets power is unable to find the Sun God Orb. No matter how powerful one’s detection is, it is impossible to find any traces of the Sun God Orb. The result that little Su’Er received is quite normal.”

“Is it really like that?” Seeing how calm Qi Yue seemed, Ling Chen more or less believed her words, and he inwardly let out a sigh of relief… as long as the Sun God Orb was fine, even though Su’Er had not been able to find it with her Heaven’s Secrets power and finding it would be incredibly difficult, at least there was hope that Shui Ruo would not be missing any memories or sense when be revived her.

“Of course, the Lunar Scourge is related to my fate, so how could I joke around with little master?” Qi Yue replied with a slight smile. She stretched, seemingly unintentionally displaying her proud curves to Ling Chen before smiling. “Even though I’ve lived quite comfortably in little master’s home, I haven’t been able to go adventuring with little master for quite a while. I’ve felt quite guilty and sorry about making little master suffer by himself, so from tomorrow on, I’ll obediently go with little master into the Mystic Moon world again and look for the Sun God Orb with little master. Not only has the Sun God Orb not disappeared, but it’s also definitely somewhere in the Mystic Moon world. I’ll work hard with little master so that we can find the Sun God Orb as soon as possible. When the time comes, I’ll be able to have a complete body, and little master will be able to awaken lil sis Shui Ruo.”

Qi Yue’s words caused Ling Chen’s heart to quiver… indeed, he was only missing the final Sun God Orb. He was only a single step away from the goal that he yearned for even in his dreams.