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Chapter 780: ‘Crazy’ Decision

‘Crazy’ Decision

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen came out from Qi Yue’s room and went into the living room.

“Oh? Smith?” Qi Yue, who had followed Ling Chen out, looked at the TV screen, a look of interest on her face.

“The Cosmos Corporation’s Director is a genius and madman in the realm of virtual gaming. At the same time, he’s the creator of Mystic Moon.” Speaking to there, Ling Chen raised his eyebrows. He had long since stopped thinking of the Mystic Moon world as purely a virtual game, so how had the ‘father of Mystic Moon’ created a game that wasn’t a game? What was hiding behind all of this?

On the screen, Smith was quite well-dressed, and he looked quite calm. However, looking closely, one would see a weariness in the depths of his eyes. He smiled and slowly said, “Mystic Moon has been released for more than 1 year, and it has been praised by countless sources and created numerous records. Mystic Moon’s success is my pride and joy, and is the result of all of your passion. I would like to first thank all of you sincerely…

“In 1 month, it will be the Cosmos Corporation’s 99th anniversary, and it will also be my birthday. On that special day, I would like to thank all players… in 1 month, from 12am, all EXP gained, including EXP from battling and Trade Professions, will be 10 times the normal amount. At the same time, the drop rates will be increased by 10 times! That’s right, you heard correctly, a whole 10 times… indeed, this is a crazy decision – that day will be a day of mad rejoicing because only in that day will you receive 10 times the rewards… let us all wait for that day expectantly… I hope that we’ll be able to create a record that will never be broken on that 10x day…”

“Wow!! My god, 10x EXP and drop rates… 10x!!” Xiao Qi cried out as her eyes widened. She was so excited about Smith’s announcement that she stood up. “If it wasn’t for Mr Smith saying it himself, I wouldn’t dare to believe it… I can’t even start to imagine how many people will be logged on in 1 month… will the whole earth fall into silence?!”

“It’s indeed quite crazy.” Ling Chen tapped his chin, feeling quite confused. He remembered that the Cosmos Corporation had done double EXP and double drop rate events in the past on their 50th and 80th anniversaries. However, the 10x EXP and 10x drop rate was a bit too crazy. This was a massively pleasant surprise to players, but it was also a great shock.

“Aiya, he’s already so old, and yet he’s making such crazy decisions. What a madman.” Qi Yue narrowed her eyes and smiled, but in the depths of her eyes, there was a surprised light.

Ling Chen slightly frowned and said with confusion, “Smith became renowned around the world when he was less than 30 years old, and he has always had revolutionary ideas. However, he is an extremely careful and steady person, so it’s quite surprising that he would make such a crazy decision… is he really trying to use Mystic Moon’s popularity to create a record that can’t ever be broken?”

“That should be it.” Xiao Qi nodded, then excitedly ran around as she said, “I’m going to tell big sister Meng Xin and the others; in 1 month, I’ll definitely spend the entire day online. Usually, missing 1 day means I’ll fall 1 day behind, but on that day, I’ll be falling 10 days behind! I can already imagine how crazy it’s going to be that day!”

After saying this, Xiao Qi impatiently ran towards Yun Meng Xin’s room… in actuality, there was no need to tell Yun Meng Xin – in less than 2 days, the announcement would travel across the entire world. However, only Ling Chen was not very excited about it: 10x EXP and 10x drop rate meant nothing to him. At most, he felt some surprise towards Smith’s decision.

“Alright, let’s go,” Ling Chen said to Qi Yue as he extended his hand.

“… Are you that impatient to bring me back into the game? After going back, unless little master brings me out, I won’t be able to serve little master on that bed, bathroom, and balcony. I though little master wouldn’t be willing to send me off so quickly.” Qi Yue slowly put her snow-white hand into Ling Chen’s hand as she said with mock-displeasure.

“At least this house will be much quieter,” Ling Chen said with frustration. Ever since Fey had brought Yola here, just as he had expected, Fey had felt quite hostile towards Qi Yue… and this hostility was not small at all. To make a terrifying woman like Fey feel hostility, the consequences were not small at all.

This hostility partially came from the sense of danger Fey felt from Qi Yue, but it also came partially from the envy she felt from Qi Yue’s beauty surpassing hers… Qi Yue, this extremely beautiful but seductive demoness was right by her man’s side, causing even Fey, someone who had always felt incredibly confident in herself, to feel unsettled. Moreover, as she ‘clashed’ with Qi Yue on various areas, she experienced Qi Yue’s fearsomeness more and more, causing her hostility to grow. Whenever they bumped into each other, one would have a bright smile while the other would have an elegant smile, but anyone who came close could feel a body-numbing pressure.

Ling Chen grasped Qi Yue’s hand, laid down on the sofa, closed his eyes, and entered into the Mystic Moon world.

However, Qi Yue remained where she was, and she did not disappear the instant that Ling Chen entered the game. When Ling Chen’s mind entered the Mystic Moon world, Qi Yue pulled her hand out from within Ling Chen’s and then held Ling Chen’s hand, gently placing it on Ling Chen’s chest. She then rose up, the smile on her face gone as she looked at the TV screen.

“1 month… why would the Mad Scientist bring the time forwards by so much? What happened on their side?” Qi Yue frowned as she muttered to herself, “If that’s the case, I need to make a move as well… I need to obtain the Shura’s tear as soon as possible!” After muttering to herself, Qi Yue closed her eyes as a strange black light surfaced on her body, following which she disappeared like fog.

The instant Qi Yue disappeared, one of the doors on the second floor opened, revealing a small, white figure. She looked towards where Qi Yue disappeared, and an expression that did not match her young looks appeared on her face. Following this, she glanced at the TV screen and looked down as she said in a low voice, “This time, I definitely won’t let you all succeed…”


“Ding… welcome to the Mystic Moon, we hope you enjoy your stay.”

After returning to the Mystic Moon world, Ling Chen did not see Qi Yue by his side, and after feeling quite confused for a moment, he called out, “Qi Yue, come out.”

After calling her, he did not receive a response. Only when he called out a third time did Qi Yue’s figure slowly appear before him. She stretched as she said charmingly, “I’m finally back… hmm, this illusory body doesn’t feel nice at all; it’s much better in little master’s home. However, if it’s to help little master, I’m willing to endure it here.”

“… Just tell me if you have any ways of finding the Sun God Orb,” Ling Chen directly asked. Even though Qi Yue was quite sure that the Sun God Orb had not been destroyed and that it was still in the Mystic Moon world, with how vast this world was, finding an orb would be even more difficult than finding a needle in a sea.

“This… of course there’s not. However,” Qi Yue gave a slight smile as she looked at Ling Chen with a clear gaze, “even though I was in the real world, I’m still the Lunar Scourge’s item soul. Whenever there are any changes in the Lunar Scourge, I’ll detect them immediately. It only took little master 1 year to retrieve 14 of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs, which was thousands of times faster than I expected. This miracle means that little master is filled with good luck, and no matter what he does, he’ll be blessed by the heavens. Even after becoming a Shura, you’re not followed by divine tribulations, so I believe that little master won’t have to search hard for it. Rather, the Sun God Orb will be like the other orbs and will appear right in front of little master.”

Ling Chen did not say anything; Qi Yue’s answer was pretty much not an answer at all. However, thinking back to the process of collecting the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs, Ling Chen couldn’t help but admit that what Qi Yue had said was somewhat true: apart from the first orb, the Gemini Orb, all of the other orbs had taken a certain degree of luck to obtain. For some, the luck and coincidence involved was simply incomprehensible to him. Of course, this luck most likely came from Xiao Hui. With Xiao Hui by his side, perhaps the Sun God Orb really would appear in front of him.

“Right now, the Lunar Scourge is only missing the final Sun God Orb, and you’ve already obtained the Moon God Orb and Star God Orb. Right now, out of the 4 key ingredients, the thing you’re missing is the Shura’s tear – something that should have been incredibly difficult to obtain, but is now incredibly simple. Well, how about we take the Shura’s tear now,” Qi Yue said softly as she gazed at Ling Chen.

“Right now?” Ling Chen glanced over at Qi Yue.

“That’s right, because it’s the best time right now,” Qi Yue said as she smiled. “Out of the 4 key ingredients, because the Demon Emperor’s soul is an evil soul, its existence is quite unstable. Even the Lunar Scourge cannot fully seal it. As time passes, it will grow weaker and weaker, and the chances of it dissipating will grow. If that happens, the resurrection will be affected. In actuality, the Demon Emperor’s soul should only be obtained after the other 3 ingredients are obtained. It was just that I wasn’t with little master during that time, and I never thought that little master would have collected the 10 Demon Jade Hooks so quickly. Otherwise, I would have stopped little master. However, since little master has already obtained the Demon Emperor’s soul, the best thing to do is to fuse it with the Moon Goddesses’ blood, Shura’s tear, and Lunar Scourge’s power as soon as possible. If we want to do that, all we’re missing is a Shura’s tear from little master.”